Chathuragiri Hill

Chathuragiri Hill, Tamil Nadu

Chathuragiri Hill
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Madurai, India43 contributions
Feb 2020 • Friends
Visited during Shiv Ratri.
Highly adventurous and risky.
It's seen people of different age groups are coming here to have darshan.
Surprised to see ladies of age of 70 plus are climbing with bare foot.
Annadhanam is provided to all devotees.
Written February 23, 2020
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Chennai (Madras), India39 contributions
Dec 2014 • Friends
After planning for so many days, I and my friend ram fixed a date for the trip. We booked “Pothigai Express” for both ways from Chennai to Srivilliputhur and back. Boarded the train at 8.55 PM @ Chennai and reached Srivilliputhur by 7.30AM. Booked a hotel (Raja Hotel, near to bus stand – Rs.550 non ac for double occupancy) and refreshed ourselves. Took Breakfast at “Karpagam Hotel”, which just opposite to bus stand. Then took a bus straight to “Thaaniparai” – 35kms (goes via Vaathiraiiruppu) and reached in 50 minutes. Even if straight bus is not available, we can go to Vaathiraiiruppu and from there autos will be available to reach Thaaniparai.

Thaaniparai, which is the entrance of Chaturagiri Hills, devotees are offered with “Annadhanam”. Few shops are available, where devotees can buy essential like torch, biscuits, water bottles, etc. Before crossing the Gate a ticket counter is there, where Rs.2 ticket has to be obtained. One has to avoid pollute the area and hence it is suggested to bring back the plastics with us and put them in the dustbin used for that.

Your Journey starts then. Initially we will start with mud road, both sides covered by trees and greeny bushes. The journey starts with temples for Lord Ganehsa, Karuppannaswamy, etc . We have to climb a small rock and then the path is full of small, small rocks and stones. Then you can see Kuthiraiootru water crossing. One has to climb rocks most part of the journey.
On the way, there are several places where one can see water flowing. Most of the places, water/small falls are used by the devotees for bathing, washing, etc. Most people walk with bare foot (mostly local and nearby people) and other with shoes/chappels. With chappels, it is bit uncomfortable. Even when one walks with barefoot, a person can wet his legs with the chill water that flows throughout the journey. Think during heavy rains, it could be tougher to walk/cross places.

On the way, there is Gorakkar Gugai/cave (slight deviation from the route, small distance), where a lady offers Thiruneeru from the cave. Water flows down there and a painting of Linga is done on the mountain. Also there is a Theepam at half the way of that mountain (where linga paint is there), which is lit. (Till here could have covered 40 percent of the journey)
We continued the journey by praying Irattai/two lingam on the way. Throughout the way, both sides are greenish. Some places are narrow. Sometimes we climbed rocks. Sometimes, we crawled, some times ran, etc. Some places we crossed the water. Some places, it is completely covered by trees and hence there will be slight dark. Almost half of the hills one can see lightness and darkness all over the places.

Most places, we can see monkeys. They will take food from you. If they see you with food, they will grab it from you.

Devotees come every Amavaasai/No moon day and Pournami/Full moon day to the temples. Most people visit Amavaasai/no moon day, where crowd will be there. During Aadi Amavasai huge crowds throng here. Throughout the way at regular intervals, shops are available for these two days alone. Other days shops will be available only at the start and end point of the hills.

One of the facility offered here is free food/annadhanam from morning till night/evening. Even shelter is available, for those who wish to stay at the top. Even at the starting point food is offered free. People call and offer food, which is very good activity/rare one. One more thin, people give information about the hill in a polite manner.

Once you reach top, you see shops offering flowers and all other required things for pooja.
At the top, on the right we can go to Sundara Mahalingam temple and on the left Santhana mahalingam temple. Both statues will be leaning on the right. We have visited during the second day of Full moon day and hence very few people are there and hence there is no rush at all in the temple. We had a very calm dharshan. Near to Santhana mahalingam temple, there is a way to ‘Sapdur’, which is closed by the Forrest Dept. due to wild animals.
Information about 18 siddhars is available at the top, where one can learn about them.
To visit, the Big Mahalingam, which some 4kms away from Santhana mahalingam temple, one needs assistance from a guide, without whom people could be lost. We thought to visit the same for next time. We completed the upward journey (7.5 kms) around three hours, with very few stops, here and there. We had hot meals at Agasthiyar madam and took rest for half an hour. We also donated a small amount to the madam.

We had some one hour rest, at the footsteps of the Santhana Mahalingam temple. We started our downward journey at 3.40 pm. While coming down, we took photos at few places, slowed down to take chukku coffee, took raagi vada, sundal in between the journey. All the aforesaid are nice to have. We completed the downward journey less than 3 hours (reached around 6.30 pm). Took back bus to Srivilliputhur. We completed the journey comfortably, which is itself a good feeling.

Through the journey, the experience, climate and everything is enjoyable and likable. The journey makes you feel to visit one more time, if your are fit person. Although, those with fat persons/big bellies too hiked, they were tired soon and begin to take rest.
Just ignore when others say that the trip would be tough/hard. If you are fit, just go at one stretch; without stops, without sitting and most importantly, do not take eatables except water/little fruits. May be while downwards, we can have. If you are not fit, you can take rest and then continue. As a family trip, it will be a nice experience. People also use Bamboo sticks, to balance during the journey. Others, if they wish to visit, they need to be carried by people (which are not a pleasurable trip at all). Journey completed in day itself (i.e., during the day time itself) otherwise one can stay at top).

Please visit this place and you will hopefully get a good feeling, but try not to pollute with plastics.
Written December 8, 2014
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chennai2 contributions
I went to chaturagiri on June 29 2009 and returned back by June 30 2009.The place is very beautiful and took me to a distant world apart from my day to day work. I am a computer professional working in a busy city!!!

I was travelling with my sidha Guru - Maha sanyasi. We started our journey by around 4 in the evening and when we started walking through the hills a dog also joined us through out the journey and 1/4 the way through the journey we all became tired and sat down - then only this incident happened sidha Guru asked us to take a white stone and I gave it to him he turned the stone to a big sugar cube just by his touch and we all shared that and ate it which gave us strength for the remaining journey-

Then it became late in the evening where one more dog also joined us and then only I realised it is gaurding us through out the way without taking any food we gave. Sidha Guru mentioned that these dogs are bairavs and serve the sidhars and it guides anyone coming to this hill late in the evening.

We reached santhana Mahalingam and had food and the other major incident happened on the top of the hill only.
Sidha Guru told that this day all the 18 sidhars will come here and he mentioned that they are going to come and bless here and he asked us to watch in the direction - we are 13 people and we saw lights coming in front of us and wade away with heavy chandan fragrance- then a beeded garlad fell on sidha guru's neck from Air!!!!! we are all surprised to be with such a great person who is welcomed by the sidhars.

He took us to the 18 sidhar peetam in the santhana mahalingam and he placed his hand in the sidhar foot and he took boondi prasadam from the feet and he distributed every one and told this is the prasatham from sidhar and everyone here is blessed.We stayed in the temple overnight and received special siva deeksha from the sidhar for enlightment.
We are all very happy with these incidents happening in front of our eyes which has enlightened most of us through the journey.

There were lot more we witnessed throughout the journey and that too with a great saintly person with us the journey was unforgettable.

Considering this mystic potential, Myself and myfriend has developed a website for the interest of the people who would iike to explore spiritual world free of cost and one requirement is that the person seeking him should be sincere that is what he advice all the time. He has all within him and so he does not ask anything and the service he does is remarkable.
my number is [--] if any one need any guidance of this place.
with the blessings of Srila Sri thavapala eshwar
Written July 9, 2009
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Chennai (Madras), India2 contributions
Jan 2012 • Couples
We started from Madurai via Srivilliputher reached Thaniparai the foot hill and started walking on 7th by 3 p.m and reached hill by 7 p.m.. My wife had severe back pain and had hired doli. Two persons will carry you in a cradle like bed sheet tied to a 8 foot long bamboo stick. The person should lie down and cannot see anything outside. Just wrapped up. It is better to walk the route to reach the hill top, if one could venture. The luggage is also carried by coolie. A person like us used with city life in chennai found it extreamly tough to walk bare foot. People opt to walk with shoes it is choice. The path is so beautiful and could not be just explained by words . Every one should experience by going their atleast once in life time. The best time is Pournami as we will have moon light. One should stay their for atleast a night to experience the climate as well. Sundara Moorthi, Sundara Mahalingam and Santhana Mahalingam temples are there. There is a Annadhanam choultry and food is given with love and affection. On 8th Jan 2011 Siddar pooja was done excellently with abhishekam at santhana mahalingam temple. Climbing down is doubly tough as going up. You will come across small streams, sand, raw cut stones, steep pathway etc, etc. If we chose to go on Ammavasya then light has to be carried. There is no electricity on the top hill. We get generator powered lighting but it closes by 10 p.m and starts at 5 a.m. There are no washroom facilities on top except some arrangements thro Office. The cell phone coverage is almost nil except in a very few places bsnl coverage is available.The pathway is almost 4 ft only throughout and if lot of crowed is there then we have to Q up. Overtaking will be difficult and not possible also. We saw lot of varieties of monkeys enroute. the localites say they saw cheeta, bear and elephant. The animals may not approach the pathways as many people keep moving. Enroute we saw rettai (2) lingam, Vana Durga, Pilavadi Karuppu, pacharisi medu, naval oothu. Lot of medicinal plants are there and wonderfull water streams, water falls. In total it is a wonderful place one should never miss out in life. It is advertourous.
Written January 9, 2012
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Madurai4 contributions
Once at Kailash, Lord Siva and Parvathi were worshipped by several saints, ganas, siddhars and sanyasis. When everybody made pradakshinam to both one Maharishi called "Bringi" made pradakshinam to Lord Siva only, ignoring Parvathi. When Parvathi asked Lord Siva as to why Bringi Maharishi did not pay his tributes to her, Lord Siva explained that those who have left everything and think only about "Moksha House" will perform duties that way and at the end they will join me and those who wish to enjoy "Ishta Kamya Moksha" will worship her and enjoy everything in life. Since everybody wanted to enjoy "Ishta Kamya Moksha" in life they paid their tributes to both and this Bringi wanted only "Moksha", he paid tributes only to Lord Siva. On hearing this Parvathi Devi cursed Bringi Maharishi and he lost all flesh from his body since flesh is sakthi form. Bringi Maharishi was unable to stand without sakthi and fell down. On seeing this Lord Siva, to protect his devoted/realised disciple, threw a stick with which, the Maharishi walked away.

On seeing this, Parvathi decided that if only she become "Ardha Nari " on left side of Siva, she will be able to achieve her goals and thought to do a pooja/thavam/penance to appease Lord Siva to grant her the position. Parvathi Devi left Lord Siva and went to find a suitable place and on reaching the hill she sat under the shades of "Kallala Tree" and started her meditation. The tree was near to "Sattanadha Muni Siddhar" cave. There was no rain for nearly 12 years in that place and on the presence of Goddess, the entire place flowered back with greenary. On seeing the Goddess, the Muni went and received her by paying tributes and enquired about her arrival at the place. On hearing the message, the Muni arranged everything and Parvathi Devi made a Prathishtanam of Linga with Sandalwood Paste. Goddess worshipped Lord Siva with flowers, mantras and meditation. On being appeased, Lord Siva appeared on his "Rishaba Vahana" and accepted the demand of Goddess. On their return Lord Siva proclaimed that since the Siva Lingam was worshipped by Parvathi Devi, it should be worshipped only by Maharishis only and those who wish for "Kamya Loka" should not do pooja to the lingam. And if they do so, they may stand to hate "Ishta Kamya Loka" and will become "Moksha Desired" person and ultimately join him. Lord Siva blessed everybody and went away. After that, Satta Natha Muni worshipped the "Santhana Lingam" and "Chanangi Muni" followed suit.

It is also said in Siva Puranam that the four Vedas joined together and formed this mountain and that is why it is called Chathur(ved)agiri.
Written April 8, 2008
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Madurai, India80 contributions
Jan 2015 • Friends
I would rate this place as one of moderate - hard trekking experience as base of hills will be muddy as like beach mud and we have heard in the past that floods happened and hills were closed.
Pair of Shoes is highly recommended over slippers as slippers very uncomfortable.Some Prefers bare foot, it's actually good while climbing up but while climbing down it's quite strep without proper grip some might end up twisting the angle or toe muscle.upward journey is roughly about 7.5 - 8 km to Sundara lingam then you need to have another 0.2 km journey toward santhana lingam which has roughly about 100 strep steps and you need mus visit.Legend says sithar's and devars come and visit here every day before sun rise as the lingam is supposedly made of sandal.

The actual chathuragiri hill is in between four beautiful mountain.The views are breathtaking.This place is not commercialised yet and lot of dogs are there & ofcourse monkeys who is keen to get your food items.It's always better to go to this place during weekend or govt holidays as you can see good crowd and it's better to travel with crowd coz this place is full of bushy green mountain and silent.

The property is taken care of Tamil nadu hindu religious & charitable endowment dept where is mere basic facilities are there. I pity Women traveller as they cannot use any toilet on the way and as indian mens can leak away anywhere at their comfort.There is no HOTELS available on the top or down the hills so one has only ONE options to stay in charitable madam which they offer good basic food typically south indian ONLY.Interesting they call people and offer them food and they also provide accomodation as well.There are bathroom, toilet available not in best condition for both men and women only on TOP of the hills nothing down.

This place is primarily used by people of Tamil nadu alone.I didnt see a foreigner or other state people here.Lot of places totally unexplored and legend says there is tavasi parai where another lingam there but the paths are closed due to unseen dangerous by forest department and on top of it you have mahalingam which is not explored by any mens where lot of present day sithar wander around.

Have a sleeping bag, moquito replent, sun glass & cream, shoes.For energy have redbull, tata glucose drink and water.Have less food and take rest now and then and raincoat as weather totally unpredictable.

As far as food option you can have South indian food alone in the charitable madam so you can carry you food like chapathi, bread roll, food in your backpack and please dont pollute environment with plastics.

You can also carry camping bag, choose good place to camp and have bonfire at nights.IT actually so beautiful to see the sunrise in the early morning in between four mountain.

This is must visit place for every hindu who wants to have mooksha and get blessing of LORD SHIVA.
Written January 26, 2015
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Chennai (Madras), India36 contributions
"Chaduragiri Dharshan" "OM NAMACHIVAYA"

On 11th April 2015, I had the opportunity to go to Chaduragiri along with three of my friends. It was an unforgettable experience. We went to Madurai by train from Chennai and from there we reached the foothills, called Thaanipaarai via Thirumangalam and Vathrayeruppu by road. We were informed that the route to the temple may be 14 kms and it will be a tough one. Taking a stick from the forest officials, we started claiming the hill. There is no proper road or steps for climbing to the top hill. It was really very difficult task to climb up. Highly risky, slippery, sharp, steep and dangerous route and also very tiresome. It has taken nearly six hours for me to reach the top. I am 61 years old. On the top Sundara Mahalingam Temple is there. Still further on the opposite side, within half km distance Santhana Mahalingam Temple is located. Both temples close by 06.00 pm. Santhana Mahalingam Temple open at 03.00 am and Sundara Mahalingam Temple at 06.00 am for abhishegam and other poojas. Sundara Mahalingam's lingam is leaning on the right side and nobody explained us the reason for that. It was informed that the siddhars stayed there in the hills and because of that this place is considered to be very scared. There is no electricity or telephone connection. No hotel or lodge available for food or stay. Why, there is no shop available to sell any eatables or water. But some madams/choultries are available, where food is offered free of cost on all days at all times and we can also stay there freely. On Ammavasai (new moon day) and Pournammi (full moon day ) it seems heavy crowd will be there and many more madams will offer Annadhanam. Since we went on Saturday, on our way to the top we have seen one or two vendors selling water, soda and lime and these vendors were available on our return on Sunday also. Apart from these two temples, if you go still further, we can reach big Mahalingam and still beyond Thavasi caves can be seen. For going to these places, we require permission from Forest Dept and assistance from the local people. While going up, on our way we can come across Twin Lingams, Vana Durga, Pilavadi Karuppu Temples. Through out our journey, we have noticed lot of medicinal plants, water streams and small small water falls. While coming down, I noticed that it was still difficult and risky than claiming up. I have noticed Doli services are available at special requests at reasonable rates. Even cooly services are available to bring our luggage. Though we were informed that wild animals like bear, cheetah etc are available in the forest, we have seen only two varieties of monkeys on our way.
On the whole it was a thrilling experience for me and I enjoyed thoroughly. Those who suffer from BP or Heart Disease or leg problems better take some expert advise before venturing this yatra. Everyone says after making the Chaduragiri Yatra not only very many good things happen in anyone 's life but also their health will improve because of existence of the medicinal plants.
Written April 21, 2015
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Madurai, India148 contributions
Sep 2014 • Solo
Sathuragiri is not a Tourist location and not a place for trekking. It is a place for spirituality. Distance from Thaaniparai to Mahalingam temple is around 10 plus KM and entire track is totally steep. This Hill has lot of herbs and these herbs can be identified by those who are experienced in knowledge about medicines with spirituality. It is believed that lot of sidhdhas (saints)were still living in this hills and they will not be visible to Human Eyes. Never go this place for trekking and always go with spiritual mind. Through Shiva blessings you will have a change in your life after praying Lord Shiva at Sathuragiri.
Written August 26, 2015
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Murali J
15 contributions
Jan 2018 • Family
sathuragiri 18 siddhars and lord sivan temple place. it is very good miracle place. This Hill has lot of herbs and these herbs can be identified by those who are experienced in knowledge about medicines with spirituality. It is believed that lot of sidhdhas (saints)were still living in this hills and they will not be visible to Human Eyes. Monthly "Sivarathri" , "Pournami (Full moon)" and "Amavasai(No moon)" are the three days when public are allowed inside.
Written January 16, 2018
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22 contributions
Aug 2017
Went to Chaturagiri along with couple of my brothers, the moment you reach the base at Thaniparai and look at the divine mountain you know this is going to be a divine experience. It was indeed, the route 10k (approx) one way was indeed challenging, thrilling, soothing all put in one. You feel humble when you look at folks carrying heavy weights and climb the hill. Karupaswamy, vanadurgai, iratai lingam, kamadenu kulammbadi, korakkar cave, pilavadi karuppu temple are different deities one need to cross before reaching the top. At the top there are 2 temples one Sundara Mahalingam & Santhana Mahalingam (this temple houses Sattanathar cave, siddha temple, ganapathi, muruga and santhana devi deities). One can trek more if time and God permits to more forested area towards thavasi medu and in the mmiddle of forests lies a massive suyambu lingam. An experience one cannot forget. Devotees get free food on top (provided by some good hearted souls who do this as voluntary service)
Written August 31, 2017
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