Mitra Hermitage Ayurvedic- Day Packages

Mitra Hermitage Ayurvedic- Day Packages

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Raul T
Lisbon, Portugal13 contributions
Sep 2019 • Family
When we came to Mitra three years ago, we wrote an excellent review of the place. We have come back for treatment three years in a row and we could “copy/paste” that first review and even add more compliments to it. If you are looking for an authentic Ayurvedic treatment with highly competitive staff and prices, peaceful comfortable surrounding and good food, this is the place. Stop wasting your time comparing on internet; this has been already done for you by us and other recidivist numerous guests at Mitra.
Written January 27, 2020
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We are blessed to have gotten the opportunity to offer you the healing touch of Ayurveda for three years. To know that you have merely compliments about the health and supporting services provided by our team at Mitra, and that we have helped in improving your health, brings us absolute contentment. We eagerly await your next visit, and thank you for writing an exceptional review about us on TA, it will be a great help for other people, to make the decision to choose us, to start their journey into Ayurveda.
Written February 15, 2020
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Muscat, Oman1 contribution
Aug 2021
Reasons to visit Mitra Hermitage: A perfect retreat from sound to silence just 15 minutes from Trivandrum airport, one can enjoy staying in cozy cottage nestled admist bamboo trees, ponds and overlooking a gently flowing river with natural sounds of birds. The main highlight is holistic treatment rendered by absolutely dedicated and genuine Dr. Mahesh and his team. The support of the enthusiastic staff helps the patient to go through the treatment with ease.
In modern times food is indeed medicine. Tasty vegetarian food cooked by trained chefs is also an integral part of the treatment. Herbal massages with medicinal plants growing within the resort helps in rejuvenation.
My personal experience was very rewarding. My husband had a chronic pain around his shoulder and he got great relief after the treatment as a gynecologist I would suggest patient with PCOS and endometriosis leading to infertility for to go through a detox ayurvedic treatment and follow it up with further Allopathic treatment if required this will definitely increase the success of the treatment.
Our best wishes to Dr. Mahesh Dr Anitha and all staff at Mitra Hermitage.
A life changing experience worth a trial
~Dr Beena K
Written September 20, 2021
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Portland, OR35 contributions
Feb 2015 • Solo
I spent three weeks at end of January into early February, 2015, experiencing ayurvedic treatments and diet at Mitra Hermitage. The staff was friendly and caring, the therapists were excellent, and the treatments, tailored to individual needs, helped me to feel so much better than when I'd first arrived.

That said, those who have not experienced Ayurvedic treatments before should educate themselves about what it is exactly. Not everyone would like the different massages, especially for us from the west who may not be comfortable being completely naked and having two people (of the same gender as you) massaging your body and then bathing you afterward. I particularly liked the 'stemple' massage (If I'm spelling it correctly) with the hot bags of herbs, which had been soaking in hot oil, used on my body. The meals were of the perfect portion for me and all beautifully prepared. The food was not overly spicy at all, and very tasty. It's not super-gourmet but perfect for the surroundings. Give up your coffee and chai for the time you are here. Get used to eating three meals a day and one afternoon tea and cookies. Most people, when I arrived, were eating their meals alone in their rooms, but I and a few other guests started sharing our meal time together (at dinner usually) in the common area. It was a wonderful group of people that I met here and have made some new friendships with people from around the world. I highly recommend Mitra Hermitage, Drs. Mahesh, Anita and Lakshmi. And the cooks, they are fantastic!!!! The people who clean our rooms and who do the massages and other treatments, all are wonderful. There is Yoga, too, and for me, a novice still, I found the stretching an excellent relief each morning that I joined in. I cannot speak to the teacher's expertise. As far as rooms, I had booked my stay just a few days before I arrived so that the only room available was in the main building overlooking the little road. I really liked this room and the balcony where I had my breakfast and lunches. I liked that the room was bright with natural light and had good internet access. Partway through my stay I moved over to the middle building and the room was fine as well, though not nearly as bright. The bathroom water was sometimes too hot, sometimes not hot, sometimes no water if someone in another room had left their tap turned the wrong way. All easily remedied. However if I go again which I hope to do, I will forgo the chance to stay at one of the cottages on the river or one of the middle building rooms and stay at the room I first stayed in. I Found that the most suitable for me. Further, please note that this is about 5km from Kovalam. So now and then you can take an auto for about 350 rupees round trip to the beach. We also took a few hours of a boat ride on the river right there, with local fishermen, for 600 rupees each, and that was wonderful. This is a retreat from the madness of everyday living! I highly recommend Mitra Hermitage.
Written March 12, 2015
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Thank you for posting your review about your stay and treatments at Mitra Hermitage. we enjoyed having you with us and we hope to have you with us in future,
Written March 26, 2015
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Olga P
Milan, Lombardia, Italy207 contributions
Dec 2017 • Solo
Inclined to experiments, when I heard about pancakrama, I immediately decided that this is exactly what I need. After reviewing the feed backs on the Trip Advisor, I chose Mitra Hermitage, where I decided to start with the Health Week for the beginning. A year later, I returned to Mitra for a 28-day panchakarma program, forseening 5 days more in case something goes wrong. Everything went smoothly: ghee, virechna, vasti, yoga sessions and here in the last and the most pleasant phase (rejuvenating massages, shirodara ...), I got cold during a treatment in a cold room on a cold table (it was raining and a strong wind was blowing) - two days later, on the December 4, the first signs of flu appeared - chills, hot spots all over the body… Till the end of my pancakarma program there were 5 days left. I was given the medicines to increase immunity and antifever, the shirodara was substitued by nasal medications and steam bath. Despite all the efforts, the cold turned out to be serious (it must be remembered that during the pancakarma the body is weakened) and the recovery was slow: throat ache, puffy eyes, leaking nose, deep congestion... On December 9 during the evening round I was visited by three doctors and announced that my program is over. The next morning I had a treatment to reduse the heat and then I was left without further medical help, without medicines (which I would naturally have paid for) with just the salt from the kitchen for gargling! What happened was surreal - no doctor, if he, of course, is not a charlatan, would leave the patient without help and I HAD 5 DAYS MORE FOR BEING CURED! 15 December morning I left Mitra and in the evening of the same day I was in Kannur. Despite all the precautions taken during the trip, the infection that struck me in the so-called "hospital" developed and went over to my ears. The local doctor prescribed me medicines worth 3 Euros, which helped me and as for Dr. Mahesh (owner and chief doctor of Mitra), he just washed his hands, blaming the air conditioning in the train. Let's leave it on his conscience. By the way, he gives the impression of a very serious person, but as they say, something extraordinary must happen to understand the true essence of man.
The advices I give to everyone who wants to go through the panchakarma treatment:
1) you must be sure (especially if you are over 50) that you are in good physical condition, because panchakarma is a rather delicate procedure which involves and moves important ammounts of inner energy; sometimes, it can give rise to your childhood chronic illnesses or accelerate the maturation of the new ones;
2) bring a detailed blood test with you;
3) require that the attending physician check your pulse every morning - in Mitra they checked it only on the first interview, after the vasti and before your leaving, all other days they just measure the pressure and if you are over 50, this is not enough, because the risk of complications increases with age. For example, with one of the patients, a stroke occurred, after she has just finished her treatments. Probably, the doctors did not monitorised her general condition properly and did not warn her about possible risks (she was playing on the beach when it happened).
As for the medical team of Mitra I just want to advice them to think in terms of healing and not in terms of "packages" and look at us as a patients and not as a clients.
By the way, nobody even gave me an apology for the flu I’ve got due to the negligence of the therapists nor for abandoning me for 5 days without medical assistanse when I was ill.
Written January 14, 2018
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Thank you for posting your feedback. I am Dr. Mahesh Sreedharan chief physician at Mitra hermitage, and we are absolutely stunned and saddened by the unfortunate comments about our institution and personally against me; none of which is factual and contradicts what you said during your stay here. Some of your comments are misleading and incorrect so I would like to reply to your comments. Unlike many Ayurveda resorts and treatment centres in India, Mitra Hermitage is first and foremost a place for authentic ayurvedic treatments. We are not a resort, we are an ayurvedic hospital offering the best possible Ayurvedic treatments with the sole aim of providing cure and relief for patients with a vast number of conditions where there is no better treatment in modern medicine. We have been ayurveda Physicians for many generations and we have (experience, heritage, exposure…) … and this is the reason why we believe we can offer the best authentic Ayurvedic treatments. First of all, let me clarify why we have some strict rules and guidelines that must be followed by all patients during the course of the treatment. Panchakarma treatments can usually be availed by any body between 8 and 80 years. It is a deep invasive treatment and has an overhauling effect on the mind and body. Each person reactsdifferently to the treatments. People undergoing panchakarma treatments are advised to follow the dietand regimen instructions carefully as they go through a very vulnerable phase. During this phase, we strongly advice to take rest, follow a diet and restrict from any activities that might interfere with or worse impact with the treatments and curing process. I’ve reviewed your medical logs and you were strongly advised against any travel outside the hospital as your immune system was weakened and avoid contact with many bugs which is common during the winter season. Your stay was during the time when cyclone Oakhi hit Trivandrum cost resulting in heavy rainfall for a week. This puts further emphasis on patient safety and we adviced all our patients to take extra care and not to do any thing that would risk catching any sort of unwanted infections. Despite all our efforts, you still left the safety of our hospital to venture outside in heavy rain and I have a note saying that you caught the cold the next day after one of your trips outside during the harsh weather. There were no other reports of cold/flu from any of the staff or patients during this period so I strongly believe it was due to your travels outside. Now this cold you caught disrupted your original treatment plan and we had to make necessarychanges in the treatment to contain the infection. The best plan for common cold is to take rest and let the infection run its course and your condition was well supported with our medicines and treatments which we did. The medical team also discussed and monitored your condition all along the way. Yes, we could have given you medicines and charged you extra money which would not do anything to your illness except mask some symptoms, but as we are doctors and not businessmen, we never do so. What I can guarantee to all my patients is that we do whatever is the best medically, even though it might not appear that way to non-medical experts. Now the day you left Mitra, you went on a 13 hour train journey in an aircon carriage in a tropical country which could blow up any small infection you had and this is what happened, I believe. We, all the doctors and the support staff at Mitra Hermitage put our 100% commitment into every patient we come across. If anybody dosent, they won’t be here at Mitra. This is the reason why hundreds of patients from all over the world choose Mitra Hermitage to cure their illnesses, because of the highest quality of diagnosis, treatments and individual care we provide to each and all of our patients. We certainly believe we are the best authentic ayurvedic treatment centre. However, we also expect a commitment from the patients, some patients do not realise that this is for their own good. I also take this opportunity to ask you to kindly refrain from any misleading and incorrect information. This might not just beinconvenient, but potentially harmful to others (e.g. a patient not deciding to take up ayurvedic treatment due to your incorrect comments about the need for a good physical condition). We certainly believe that you’ll realize the benefits of the treatments you had and would be back to us in future. I absolutely I have a clear conscience and I can’t let anybody question my integrity.
Written February 1, 2018
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Vienna, Austria224 contributions
Sep 2018 • Solo

If you feel like booking a wellness holiday near the beach with a bit of Ayurvedic massages to relax before you have your sundowner at the pool, don’t go to Mitra Hermitage Ayurvedic Hospital.

As the name says, Mitra Hermitage is a hospital. Dr. Mahesh and his clinic are known for the high quality of Ayurvedic treatments they offer. Hence you would mainly go there to treat a health condition. Every treatment is based on profound ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine and Ayurvedic pharmacology. I have been recommended by a dear friend who comes here every year throughout the last 15 years.

Before coming here, I had been in touch with Dr. Mahesh, sending over medical test results, discussing when and for how long I should come. We decided for 22 days of Panchakarma cure. Before even arriving here, I felt very welcome and was pleased with the friendliness and the reliability of communication. Everything went smooth, including the pickup from the airport late at night.

A stay at Mitra is structured by treatments (at least 2, sometimes up to 3 to 4 per day) and mealtimes. If you are undergoing a Panchakarma cure, you are meant to relax and rest a lot. In case your health allows, your day starts with a gentle and relaxing yoga session from the second week of treatment onwards. During the first week of treatment, you should not be leaving the clinic except for small walks in the immediate neighborhood. Later on, you can make smaller excursions now and then as far as it fits into your treatment schedule. Five doctors and about 12 to 15 therapists plus two cooks take good care of you.

The 12 guest rooms are simple (some of them are in nice cottages close to the river) yet very clean. There is no AC but an efficient fen in each room. Every room has an individual bathroom with hot water shower. Windows, doors and verandas are well protected with nets against mosquitos.
The garden of Mitra Hermitage is full of beautiful flowers and birds and, at the shore of the river that goes by the estate, you can observe wild birds and sometimes even turtles.

I have never ever been treated in a clinic with so much kindness and individual care. Not only that every single meal, every medicine and treatment you get is customized and adjusted to your inborn body&mind type, your present energetic imbalances but also to how your body reacts to what had been administered so far. Every morning and afternoon, a doctor will take your blood pressure and will interview you about the quality of your sleep, your digestion and general state of energy. On ‘critical’ days with more challenging treatments, a doctor would call or come for an extra visit to your room to assure that all is well with you. If you are used to allopathic western medicine, where you might feel like an object of studies, at Mitra you are always treated as a human. If you are having a bad day, they will comfort you, if you are having a good day, they will laugh with you. One of the most touching experiences has been that the therapists come and pick you up at your room, always with a smile in their face. After the treatment, they would wash your body and hair with medicated warm water and bring you back to your room. I felt like a young child again. In the past, I have been to highly rated Ayurvedic places in Austria and Germany. My experience at Mitra is far beyond what I have ever met before.

Nutrition is an important therapeutic element in Ayurvedic medicine. The cooks at Mitra Hermitage are just wonderful. Their food is incredibly delicious, all is freshly made (three times a day) and looks beautiful. Meals too are individually customized. If you sit with three other patients at a table, it is quite likely that everyone will have different food on their plate. It is all vegetarian, mostly vegan and just divine !

The atmosphere is family-like. You meet your fellow patients at lunch or dinner time, can share your experiences and make friends. I met great people from all over the world and feel that the friendly atmosphere definitely contributes to wellbeing and healing.

I came here with a chronic eczema on both of my hands. In Vienna, I have been to at least 5 dermatologists during the past 8 years. Now, on day 22 of my treatment, it has become invisible.
I am looking forward to flying back home tomorrow. Yet I will miss the wonderful people, the beautiful tropical garden and last but not least the fantastic food.

Like in most parts of the world, there are environment problems in India, too. At Mitra, you will see that great efforts are made towards more sustainable and ecologically conscious management: hot water is produced with solar energy, tap water comes from their own well and is filtered several times. Compost is processed into biogas which is used for cooking. Plastic ist collected separately.

I can highly recommend Mitra Hermitage and will hopefully be back next year !
Written September 16, 2018
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Thank you very much for this elaborate experience sharing on TA. As you have put it, Mitra Hermitage is a small ayurveda hospital were we try to blend Swiss hygiene, German organisation with traditional Indian values and individualise medical care. We also hope that the results from the 22 days of treatments get stabilise in the coming months. Thanking you once again.
Written September 19, 2018
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Axel D
3 contributions
Jan 2015 • Couples
I spent four weeks at Mitra Hermitage between January and February 2015 with Panchakarma treatment. It was the best decision I made for my health in the last ten years.
A very competent and friendly staff, excellent food and very effective treatments made me feel younger, energized and rebooted. Besides I lost some weight which made me feel more comfortable and agile.
I valued the high medical standard of the doctors and the helpfulness of the management. I was looking for the authentic Panchakarma treatment and found a dedicated, experienced medical team with a three generation ayurvedic tradition.
If you are not looking for beach holidays, nightlife and adventure but for restoring your physical, mental and psychic health then you are definitely at the right place.
I will come back and integrate ayurvedic treatments into my yearly schedule.
Written April 27, 2015
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Thank you very much for your valuable reviews about us. The Mitra team is happy that we could improve your life quality during your stay with us and we hope to have you with us in future.
Written May 27, 2015
This response is the subjective opinion of the management representative and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

roberto b
Marbella, Spain15 contributions
Nov 2012 • Solo
i have been many times in india when young, it was a dream land
.my dream unfortunatly has been corrupted by the occidental way of life . money money and more money.
so much so that even in india kerala,trivandrum health has became money .
you just need to go around in this city or in the resorts next door to find aryuvedic clinics by the dozens.
you have luxury one, middle luxury or torurist traps but to my humble opinion is that if i go to a clinic you go to get better and seen what i have seen i cannot get better in a place where the only coniderations are the wiew the luxury room the food and the fat bill at the end .
in mitra i was in the middle of indian housing in front of the river even not in a luxury room (even if spotlessly clean ) BUT I HAVE BEEN TREATED BY REAL PROFESSIONALS DEDICATED TO THE HEALTH OF THE PATIENT AND GUESS WHAT I HAVE BEN CURED I FEEL NEW I HAD SHED 10 YEARS OF AGE FROM MY SHOULDER !!!! i have lost 5 kilos i have been fed only vegetarian food i could not even get out during the first week and only late afternoon after that
but the cleaning and cleansing has been radical and effective and i am only grateful to the doctors there!!!!!!try it and you will thank me
Written February 8, 2013
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
Thank you for posting your valuable comments about the service at Mitra Hermitage. We are happy to know that you have benefited from the cure.
Written February 11, 2013
This response is the subjective opinion of the management representative and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

tracey c
denpasar1 contribution
Mar 2018 • Solo
Feeling very burnt out after moving house and looking after my sick sister, I googled the net and found Mitra hermitage Hospital.
I was so impressed with the reveiwes, I knew in my Heart this was the place for me to finally do something for myself and rejuvenate this tired body.

I was greeted at the train station by Rajtheesh the very friendly english speaking manager and arrived at Mitra, shown to my clean room with western bathroom and toilet and hotwater showers!
The entire place is spotless!

The outlook is lovely over the garden area and I was then fed a delicious breakfast even though breakfast had finished....
Already I am being looked after!

When I met Doctor Mahesh for the first time I could feel this man was THE REAL DEAL.. and knew Ayuvedic medicine like its flowing through his blood.
I was so impressed with the iniital thorough consulation and from there it was BEYOND AMAZING!!!!

The treatments that were specifically prescribed for me made significant changes within 24hours(thats how depleted and stressed I was)
The therapists are total professionals and cannot do enough for you to make you feel at home and that you are in safe hands.They are so friendly and helpful.

Then the organic delicious meals that are made with love and the whole VIBE of the place is LOVE PEACE and deep HEALING.

Honestly I know there are tons of different Ayuvedic places in india but I found the very BEST without a doubt!!!
They have government creditation and have creditation from Holland which makes them a cut above the rest.

I left Mitra after a week feeling like I had regained my SOUL!!
Doctor Mahesh explained to me that when you are prescribed treatments with the correct medicines and focused experienced therapists,.... then the shifts in a person are profound and for me they certainly were.

Mitra Hermitage Hospital is second to NONE and I call it my second home.
I feel incredibly blessed to have found the place and like I said DR Mahesh is a 4th Generation Ayuvedic doctor, who lives and breathes his work.
Accompanied by his lovely wife and 2 other wonderful female doctors the whole week is so reasonably priced for what you get I couldnt believe it!

So look no further and contact me if you need to discuss anything else.

Thank you so much Doctor Mahesh and to your wonderfulteam of doctors and professional staff,

I will be back again and again !!!!!!!

With deep Gratitude
Tracey Courtney
Written April 14, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
Thank you for making your experience at Mitra Hermitage public on TA and the Mitra Team is very happy to know about the positive effects you achieved from the treatments. We hope to have you with us again when you wish to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul with the ancient science of Ayurveda.
Written April 17, 2018
This response is the subjective opinion of the management representative and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

London, UK58 contributions
Mar 2016 • Solo
I stayed at Mitra Hermitage for 3 weeks in March'16 and sorry it took me so long to provide my feedback. I've been very impressed with the outcome of my stay, booking process with Dr. Mahesh and Ratheesh Kumar (manager), amazing therapists and chefs at Mitra Hermitage. As a result of my stay, I felt long lasting health benefits and improvements with my chronic health condition (Chron's disease) and overall wellbeing.

During the initial email discussions Dr. Mahesh paid a lot of attention to every detail of my health background, answered all my queries and showed a high level professional approach to my situation with Chron's disease and specifics of having some of the Ayurvedic treatments in my case. He really stood out from all other Ayurvedic doctors I was liaising with prior to making my choice with the Ayurvedic hospital in Kerala and I am very happy with making that decision!

As mentioned in other reviews, this place is not a typical holiday resort, nor a short stop Ayurvedic massage place. It is definitely not a mass production commercial 'conveyer belt' type resort! In order to get the best benefits of this ancient medicine, it is highly advisable to stay for a minimum of 3 weeks. Mitra Heritage is a compact and cosy hospital/resort with various types of accommodation spread across a few buildings. The place is clean, green and cosy. Extremely friendly and smiley staff are always around and happy to help with any requests from the guests.

The food is freshly cooked and very healthy. Dr. Mahesh will advise on the specific foods that are suitable for each individual and kitchen staff will always make sure that you are getting exactly what has been recommended by the doctor. You also get a pot of herbal tea (with biscuits! :-)) twice day delivered to your room and a jug of herbal water to stay hydrated through the day.

All treatments are specifically altered for each individual and absolutely brilliant. All therapists have many years of experience in Ayurvedic medicine and provide a high level daily treatments.

I'm extremely grateful to Dr.Mahesh, his family and all staff at Mitra Hermitage and will definitely consider coming back soon! Thank you and sorry for taking so long to post my feedback!
Written January 18, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
Thank you for making your experience at Mitra Hermitage public and we are happy to know that we could make changes in your health condition. Your review gives an in depth view of what is going on at Mitra Hermitage and it will also help other people segregate between their options and choose what you need. The Mitra team thanks you from the heart.
Written January 20, 2017
This response is the subjective opinion of the management representative and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Sunrise C
San Diego, CA1 contribution
Sep 2016 • Couples
I can’t say enough good things about Mitra. My husband and I just got back from a three week panchakarma treatment with the crew here and it was life changing. We were both dealing with some depression, a few health things and difficulty managing our emotions.

After a few days we already started to feel better and now that we’ve completed the PK, we’re both totally rejuvenated, have a clear mind and feeling great. Our body stuff has cleared up and we both feel strong and capable of dealing with challenges as they arrive.

The team at Mitra is totally pro. Everyone is so friendly, kind and ready to help anyway they can. The doctors know their stuff and the treatments are wonderful.

I had a difficult time choosing where to go as there are so many places to choose from. I finally decide on Mitra for a few reasons. For one, they’re certified by the Kerala Government with an Olive Leaf certification which is difficult to get. They are also certified with a German agency (I forget which one - it’s on their site I think) which deals with quality control and cleanliness standards. This I think is really impressive and it took them two years to get this. To me that show’s dedication and a real care to make people’s experience exceptional.

I also really appreciated the ease of communication with them. I would get quick responses via email and all my questions were answered in excellent english. This was helpful for me because I tried to call a few places to ask questions, but wasn’t able to understand the receptionists accent and that was very frustrating.

There aren’t a lot of photos on their website, but take my word for it that the grounds are beautiful. There are tons of birds, flowers and butterflies everywhere. The accommodations are really nice too. I suggest the cottages if you want to be set away by yourself like we did. But the rooms are beautiful, bright and welcoming as well.

I recommend them 100%! If you have any doubts just email Ratheesh, the manager there and ask some questions.
Written September 30, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
Thank you very much for making your thoughts and impressions about Mitra Hermitage public on TA. The Mitra team is happy to know that all the time and money spend by you and us came up with a fruitful result. Hope you can go forward with advises given at the last consultations so that the good effects of PK lasts longer.
Written October 3, 2016
This response is the subjective opinion of the management representative and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

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