Zanskar Valley

Zanskar Valley, Ladakh: Address, Zanskar Valley Reviews: 4.5/5

Zanskar Valley
This region is almost totally cut-off from the rest of the world for 9 months a year.
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Gurgaon587 contributions
Beauty of Leh
Jul 2021
One of most beautiful valley, I have seen. While going from Leh to river sangam, you will experience the beauty of Leh in form of Zanskar valley. There are many photo point created in between to capture teh beauty. The shades of valley changes along with Sun
Written August 19, 2021
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Pranay D
1 contribution
Chadar Trek- The Breathtaking & Wonderful Trek Experience by Thrillophilia!!
Jan 2021
Taking a solo vacation has always been at the top of my list of things to do. So when I noticed the Thrillophilia Chadar Trek reviews, I did a bit more research and discovered that the Thrillophilia package offered everything that I was looking for so I Booked my Trek from Thrillophilia and they truly made my first solo trip a safe and incredible one. It was everything I had dreamt of.

The trip to Leh included a lot of staring out the window at the beautiful snow-capped mountains. As soon as we touched down at Leh airport, the temperature seemed to drop out of nowhere. Luckily, I came prepared. I put on my gloves and warm clothes and headed to the hotel which was located on the outskirts of Leh. I spent the night trying to warm myself up with hot drinks and the fire, trying my best to get accustomed to the cold weather.

The second day was the acclimation day according to the Government rules which stated that the visitors of Zanskar river trek are required to stay at least two days in Leh to let the body get habituated to the local weather.
Day 3 just had the medical checkup. I was cleared by the officer and was given several permits, including a wildlife permit.

On Day 4, the real fun began. I, along with my fellow travellers, headed to Shingra Koma, which was the starting point of the trek. The entire drive, which was about 90 minutes long, was beautiful with such splendid views throughout the journey. We even saw many sites such as Magnetic hill and the Zanskar-Indus confluence along the way. After that, the real trekking started. With gumboots on, it was a little tough to get hang of the trek, but with time it became easier. Really grateful to the guides who helped us throughout the journey. We reached the Gyalpo's basecamp. This was my first time camping in below-freezing weather, surrounded by mountains on all sides.

On day 5, I was fortunate enough to wake up to a warm breakfast given by the Thrillophilia guides. That day, we set out to the Tibb Caves. The beautiful frozen waterfalls and clear Zanskar river made me feel like I am in paradise.
I was most excited for Day 6 as the itinerary suggested that this was the day we were going to see the famous Chadar river trek. The beautiful frozen waterfall was a natural wonder on its own. We trekked our way to Naerak and it was freezing cold! Even after all the layers of warm clothes, I was still somehow cold.

Thankfully, the night passed and the morning of Day 7 marked the journey of us going back to the base camp. On the way, we saw some monks and children of the Naerak village and it really made me wonder how indifferent they are to the cold.
Day 8 found us back in the Tibb Caves where we headed back to the Gyalpo.
We were even lucky enough to see a rare snow leopard and it was majestic! Then we arrived at our warm guesthouse and I thanked my gods for the warm fire in the hotel lobby.

The next morning, after being dropped to the airport, I took the flight home, thus ending my first solo trip. Thanks Thrillophiilia for such beautiful experience and looking forward to more such trek experiences with you!!
Written July 29, 2021
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Varun S
1 contribution
Chadar trek, Amazing experience by Thrillophillia
Jan 2021
I planned a trip to the Chadar River with my office colleagues a few months ago. The trek was difficult because it was on a frozen river, so we needed to find a travel package that was both affordable and safe in order to take all necessary precautions in case of an emergency or accident.... We discovered thrillophilia while looking for suitable packages at an affordable price. We decided to book their package after reading a number of positive Thrillophilia chadar trek reviews. It was a 9-day, 8-night package, and the experience was incredible and well worth it, thanks to thrillophilia.

When we arrived at the airport we were warmly greeted by our tour guide before checking in the hotel..... After completing the check-in formalities, we enjoyed a hearty meal prepared by thrillophilia and then went to bed early in order to wake up early the next day to enjoy the journey for the trek. The next day, we had breakfast and made some jokes before departing with our guide for our destination. We were introduced to our trek leader at the trekking location, who was very professional and instructed us on all of the necessary precautions to be taken during the trek.
We began our trek at the appointed time, and thrillophilia had reserved a camping spot for us for the night. They also provided clean and sanitised restrooms, as well as quality mattresses, cushions, and tents with the option of double or triple sharing. Thrillophilia also took care of the food supply throughout the journey. We arrived at the top on the final day of our journey, and the view was breathtaking.
Our journey was meticulously planned, and the experience was unforgettable, thanks to thrillophilia. I wholeheartedly Recommend To BOOK FROM Thrillophilia to anyone looking to plan an unforgettable trip with their family and friends.
Written July 26, 2021
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Priti Kumari
Bengaluru, India1 contribution
Thanks a lot "Thrillophilia" for this Wonderful Trek
Feb 2021
I’ve always been an avid trekker, but had unfortunately never tried winter trekking before. Luckily, this Chadar trek from Thrillophilia paved the way for my first one. I learnt about the trip from some Thrillophilia Chadar trek reviews online, and decided to go for it. I went along with some of my friends, who were first timers in the sport of winter trekking as well. We were all quite nervous as to how the trip would pan out, but as it turns out, all our anxieties were absolutely in vain.
Excellently organized and executed, our Chadar trek with Thrillophilia turned out to be one of the best experiences of our lives. The booking process was extremely easy to begin with, and we faced absolutely no hassle with the verification and confirmation processes. We were also always supported throughout our 9 Day trip to the mountains, and never kept wanting anything.
We took the trek in January of this year. Due to the extremely low temperatures here, all trekkers are mandated to spend two days in Leh before participating in the Chadar trek in order to get themselves acclimatized to the climate here. We spent the first two days exploring the city on foot, visiting some temples and markets. We also took the Flavour of Winter Ladakh tour offered by Thrillophilia, which proved to be a great way to explore the local cuisine here. On our fourth morning in the city, we went for a mandatory medical check up and received the green flag to move forward with the tour. From hereon began our adventure in earnest.
Rising early in the morning, we drove along the Zanskar to the starting point of our trek in Chilling. We were greeted by some excellent views, such as the magnificent Gurudwara Pathar Sahib and the Zanskar-Indus confluence. We also drove across the enigmatic Magnetic hill, where cars appear to climb uphill on their own! Finally, we embarked at Chilling and started our trek to Chadar Lake.
The trek upriver was a tricky one. Equipped with our heavy coats and boots, we had to tread softly along the frozen river so as not to disturb the ice there. Navigating our way was difficult, but our expert guide made sure that nobody in the group faced any significant trouble. Our first stop overnight was at Gyalpo. We pitched our tents amidst the snow-packed peaks and started a bonfire to relieve the cold. The next day, we started our trek to Tibb Caves. This trek lasted for about 5-6 hours. We were greeted by some exquisite views of frozen waterfalls along the way, which remains till date some of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever encountered. After a fair bit of trekking, we reached a dry sand area near Tibb Caves, where we pitched our tent for the night.
The following day, we made our way to Naerek. We were told that the frozen waterfall near Naerek was one of the highlights of the tour, and were not disappointed. With its icy waters suspended as though frozen in time, the Naerek waterfall was quite a treat to witness. We also got to visit the nearby village, where we got to interact with the local villagers and try some food. Camping at Naerek was quite an adventure- the temperature went down to as low as -30, and we had to put on several layers of clothing to keep warm!
Having reached Naerek, we then made our way back down to Leh in a three-stop journey. While tracing our way back to the Tibb Caves, we realized that the Zanskar Chadar had shifted and changed its form completely, and had quite an adventure re-learning its ebb and flow again. From Tibb, we made our way back to Gyalpo and headed towards Shingra Yokma. The towering cliffs, rising like sheer white walls around us, were striking as they shone under the glittering morning sun. We spotted some animals as we trekked through. We were also asked to keep our eye trained for a snow-leopard, but unfortunately did not get to see one.
Having descended back to Leh, we spent a full day recuperating from the hectic trek. Although quite eventful, the Chadar trek remains one of the most unique and memorable trips of my life. True to the Thrillophilia Chadar trek reviews, the tour itinerary was not wanting for anything. Besides, all of the tour was quite expertly handled as well. We had an expert trekking guide through us at all times, who never hesitated to offer insightful and interesting information about the attractions we passed. A whole team of support staff accompanied us as well, to make sure that everybody in the group remained comfortable and healthy. Although a rugged adventure, the accommodations here were top-class; while at Leh we stayed at clean and well equipped guest houses, at the trek we got to share spacious tents. Sleeping backs and good quality thick mattresses were offered as well.
The Chadar trek package offered by Thrillophilia comes with the added complimentary Flavours of Winter Ladakh tour. The tour was kept open for the first five trekkers who opted for it, and my friend and I got the chance to take part in it. I’m glad that I decided to choose this particular trek as my first winter trekking adventure, and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who’s looking to escape to the mountains!
Written July 5, 2021
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kamal a p
Alappuzha, India793 contributions
Chadar trek was superb but leh hotel was notorious
Feb 2020 • Solo
As told leh hotel was horrible, not at all cooperative charging for everything
But chadar trek even though we couldnt complete, gone for first leg ending at shingra koma 10kms from the start was an amazing trip with our guide dodo nd team did a wonderful job
Will try to be back with full josh
Written February 18, 2020
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Amritsar, India2,078 contributions
Good rough terrain
Jun 2019 • Family
Visited this place with teenagers and my wife. Very rough road from Kargil but the scenic beauty is beyond description.
Written November 23, 2019
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Chander Sharma
Toronto, Canada12 contributions
Don't have words to describe the beauty of this place.
Sep 2018
I visited Zanskar Valley, Ladakh in Sep 2018 with my family on a road trip. It is so beautiful that I really have to find words to describe the aswesomeness of this place. I mean I can't really explain the valley, mother nature has blessed this place. everything was so wonderful, the river, valley itself, the mountain, WOW AND JUST WOW!

I felt like I am in heven :)
Written August 16, 2019
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Aliena Louis
Northern Poland, Poland1 contribution
An amazing walk to Zanskar Valley
Jul 2019 • Solo
It was an amazing experience. Thank you for such an amazing trip to zanskar valley. Being Solo i enjoyed alot and it was an adventurous experience. I'm looking forward for more such experiences.
Written August 1, 2019
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Rakesh S
Bengaluru, India6 contributions
Most Adventurous Trek In India
Jan 2019
Trek on the frozen lake for a life-changing experience. Make sure you already have trekking experience as this will seem really difficult for the 1st timers. Consult your doctor before visiting Zanskar Valley.
Written March 13, 2019
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McLeod Ganj, India592 contributions
Most beautiful valley of Ladakh
Sep 2018 • Friends
Nothing can surely match the beauty and splendour of Zanskar Which is the remotest valley of Ladakh . It borders Lahul Himachal Paddar Kishtwar and neighbouring Ladakh .
Written March 12, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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