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Divya Jain
1 contribution
Hain holy site - Steep climb of bliss
Jun 2021 • Family
Magnificent Jain temples. Girnar ji is one of the greatest holy sites for Jains. It is a long climb but worth it. Bhagwan Neminath temples all over the mountain are blissful.
Written August 30, 2021
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New Delhi, India131 contributions
Girnar ropeway (udankhatola) and temples
Jun 2021 • Couples
We had a mesmerising experience at the girnar temple and ropeway trip.
We couldn’t book the tickets online as we were not sure of our plan and the time of arrival. But I highly recommend to book the tickets online. It saves a lot of time, especially on weekends. Although, if you don’t wanna, no worries tickets are easily available at the counter.
Price -
Roundway -700/psn

You get discounts if your are a localite (Junagadh)

It’s a 8-10mins ride one way and it has a breathtaking view. Magnificent. We were lucky to go on a rainy day. we were literally in the clouds.

The first peak is topped by the Temple of Amba Mata, where we can reach by the ropeway easily.

Beyond here there is quite a lot of down as well as up to reach the other four peaks and further temples.
The Temple of Gorakhnath is perched on Gujarat’s highest peak at 1117m.
The steep peak Dattatraya is topped by a shrine to a three-faced incarnation of Vishnu. It is around 4000 steps further up.
Kalika is a shrine to the goddess Kali on the final peak.

Jain temples -
The largest and oldest is the 12th-century Temple of Neminath is about 1000steps down from the ambaji mandir.
To take the ropeway back, we must climb up again 1000 steps from neminath bhagwan temple.
The temple is very beautiful and quiet.

While going down online booking doesn’t help in anyway as every one has the ticket and must get in the queue.

For refreshments, there are small tapris all the way on the hill so you can enjoy the snacks.
Else, there is a food court at the foothills

Please wear good sport shoes for walking up and down the peak.

The stairs are fine so you won’t feel very tired. Anyways doli is also available at a reasonable price form 300-700 depending on your weight and your bargaining ability.
Written July 19, 2021
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New Delhi, India24 contributions
Tough climb but worth it!!!
Feb 2020 • Friends
There are several temples on the mountains of Girnar (climb starts from Junagadh) We were there a day after Shivaratri so were fortunate to escape the crowd of a million people which had gathered at the base of the mountain for the festival. We started the climb of 9999 steps leading to the Datta temple atop the mountain at around 3 pm. There is also the Ambaji temple which is at approx 8000 steps.One must remember to pick a walking stick (usually of bamboo) available at shops at the base on rent. The climb is stiff but there are shops on the way which sell water and lemon juice and a few snacks for those who get exhausted. We carried Electrol packets with us which we had intermittently to get our energy back. We also carried some chocolates and energy bars; can't eat too much as it makes the climb difficult. Devotees climb and descend the mountain almost 24 ×7 ,and there is nothing to fear. Of course carry a small tor torch during night time as it is necessary both for ascent and discent. The climb is tough but we came across men and women in their 70s also completing the journey safely. A reasonably comfortable speed would complete the darshan and back to base in 8 to 10 hours.
Written February 28, 2020
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India23 contributions
Energetic vibrations
Jan 2020 • Friends
I would like to say just,
It's very special for everyone those who like meditate with higher energetic place, must visit here, it's also belongs to Jain and Hindu both religion,
Have a joyful time whenever you'll be in Girnar.
Written January 1, 2020
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Vadnagar, India258 contributions
Nice place
Dec 2019 • Friends
Firnar temple is tallest point in gujarat and 10000 stepp tall,place is nice and beautiful,wonderful nature,many temple in this place.
Written December 28, 2019
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Hiren S
Panvel, India20 contributions
Mesmerising Experience
Jan 2019
I had gone to Girnar Temples in January 2019. Its in Junagadh. It was my first solo spiritual trip, I can say. I had stayed at Swaminarayan temple nearby. I started at 8 in the morning and returned back by 6. The experience was great. there are several temples on the way. The main ones are Jain Neminath temple, Ambe Mata Temple, and Shree Datt Mandir. The journey from Ambe temple 5000 steps to Datta mandir 9999 steps was awesome with such a great view of Girnar Jungle from the top. The steps beyond this point were bit narrow but manageable. The best experience was having darshan of Shree Datta Guru Bhagwan at the top. You feel like going every year. It was so peaceful, but the temple is very small and security does not allow to take pictures and to sit inside. You need to move out immediately. While returning, after getting few steps down, there was mahaprasad at another temple. They served food very nicely and did not compulse for any donation.
Written November 6, 2019
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Chetan S
Mumbai, India151 contributions
It is worth the effort!
Oct 2016 • Friends
Junagadh is a city located at the base of Great Girnar mountain. As the name suggests JUNA- OLD & Gadh- Fort, the town is a masterpiece of heritage sites. The people are slow but they have a rough tone of speaking, that’s natural- Don’t misunderstand them. The city is a mix of Hindu, Jain & Islam followers. Best food – Katiyawadi lunch/dinner at Indra restaurant 100 rs per plate all inclusive (authentic) If you are non-veg lover go to the market and you would be delighted with major joints run by Muslims offering wonderful non veg options. Stay can be arranged at Click Hotels as it is bang next to railway station. I work for SUBA group of hotels and this is our latest hotel- yes I would try and get the best discounts possible.
The moment I arrived at junagadh railway station, first thing I noticed was The Great Girnar- 3672 feet high lush green, the lifeline of Junagadh. It’s a 10,000 steps trek to the summit –The Dattatray temple. The temple that first comes are located at 7000 steps 5 temples of Jainism. There is one more exit below on the last 3000 steps that goes to nange baba (we didn’t plan a visit their- the summit is more important as you would not like to miss the sunrise. It’s a moment for lifetime- You will overcome all the pain once you see the sky line while the sunrise.

I started planning and arranging things for my trek at Girnar. My total expense was: 2400 INR including to and fro tuk tuk fare.
1. A pair of shoe as I didn’t carry one as it was a official visit- any sports shoe would do I would suggest power by bata for 1699/-
2. 1 Torch- As I wanted to reach the summit before sunrise- 100rs
3. Some snacks- 100 rs
4. Water bottle ( there are many shops on the way selling bottled water- I would suggest carry at least 1 liter with you)- if you buy on the way to trek the cost would start from 25 rs & eventually increase the higher you go.
5. Shop for leg bandage for safety (one for Knee & one for ankles- Its super cold on the top your legs would be all heated due to the continuous climb, the outside temperature would give you very bad leg pain. Cold is bearable no need to carry warm clothes)- total 400rs
6. Buy support stick for 20rs from the base point. (It will be a great decision once you are on top)
7. Buy Iodex apply if needed- Don’t apply unless it’s an emergency.- 28 rs
8. Carry Glucon-D take sips at regular interval (make sure your heart beat is near to normal when you sip)- 50rs
9. A good camera- I had none so used my cell phone.
10. An eye gear on the way back can be useful- not compulsory, it’s a choice.

• Some important tips:
1. Make sure you listen to some music when you walk that will keep you distracted from the pain of climbing the steps (It is possible for anyone to trek Girnar I have seen people of all ages climbing without any footwear, however they have their goal set, they would end their trek at 7000 steps- only 10% of people would make it to the summit- Dattatray temple) - Its worth.
2. Prepare yourself mentally as it is a dream of many.
3. Maintain your heartbeat don’t stress much – You can do it but with proper planning & breaks ( Take breaks but not too much)
4. Start the Journey by 2 am best time as it would take you minimum 5 hrs. to reach the summit. (Don’t worry about the Lion or any other wild animal, there would be a lot of people commencing the trek at that time. Lion will not take the trek, cats are lazy )
5. You can get a tuk tuk night charge can go up to 150 rs maximum to the base of girnar.
6. When you climb steps don’t lean forward- make sure your back is in right posture to avoid back pain later- I Didn’t had any after the trek.
7. When you come down through steps watch the doli carrying people- follow the same way it’s simple and quick.
8. Make sure you have a good sleep before you start your trek.
9. After 7000 steps there are no shops- if you need anything that’s your pit stop to refill.
10. Avoid the month of Jan & Feb- Due to Bhavnath Fair (Not a good time to visit too crowded)
11. If you like to watch stars. Plan your trek accordingly on top bhairavnath temple the second last peak take out some time to gaze the stars ( You will definitely see at least 2 shooting stars. Beautiful and breathtaking view as it’s the sky and you- enjoy the moment)
12. Its worth👌
Written November 8, 2017
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Bangalore1,058 contributions
Bhavnath Mahadev Temple Girnar
Nov 2016 • Family
Girnar or Revatak Parvata is a group of mountains in the Junagadh District of Gujarat. It is said to be older than the Himalayas. This mountain range has many pilgrimage sites for Hindus and Jains.

The Bhavnath Mahadev Temple is located on the hills of Girnar and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Shiva linga here is said to have emerged on its own.

The five day Bhavnath Mahadev Fair held during the festival of Maha Shivratri is the most important fair attracting many tourists. There is a small water tank which would be flocked by Naga sadhus during Maha Shivarathri.
Written October 28, 2017
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Gopal K
59 contributions
Bhavnath Temple
Aug 2017 • Family
The oldest temple @ oldest mountain of india. the devine experience i felt @ feet of lord shiva. Shivratri mela organised here. Baaraat of lord shiva started from bhavnath temple. divine mrugi kund also in this campus.
Written September 6, 2017
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Sivakumar V
Bengaluru, India1,464 contributions
Nearby Mt Girnar Bavanath Shiva Temple
Dec 2016 • Solo
Shri Bhavanath Shiva temple at the foothills of the Mt Girnar , is a small but beautiful one. The calm and serene atmosphere inside the temple is very pleasant. The deities are beautifully decorated and there is a small tank inside to add beauty to the location.
We can take snaps inside the temple too except in the sanctum sanctorum.
The temples at the top of the hills can be viewed clearly using the telescopes, for a nominal fee, kept for this purpose, by some enterprising persons.
A good Dharsan is ensured.
Written March 21, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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