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Samegypt tours

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Hurghada, Egypt
About Samegypt tours
It is not just a Trip but it is a different Travel Experience of all times!! Constantly we work on offering comprehensive and wide selections of holiday packages, complete supporting personally and via phone or social media saving costs of many elements and getting the most competitive rates. license No, 2024 from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism plus IATA membership No, 90229801
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Tours and Tickets by Samegypt tours

Cairo Trip from Hurghada (Pyramids, Sphinx, Museum & Lunch)

Cairo is the capital of Egypt with a massive number of population about 20 million that hard to find in many cities in the world. Such a Day Trip to Cairo will enable you to visit the Museum with its massive amount of antiquities especially the treasure room of the king Tutankhamun, the pyramids, Valley temple with the great Sphinx. What an experience to have and keep in mind back home, nothing can capture the attention more than standing in front of the pyramid and getting closer to touch it. Any Egyptologist will never stop taking about the glory of ancient Egypt but must be seen even once in life.
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17 to 19 hours
from $97.15

Luxor Trip from Hurghada (Valley of the kings,Karnak temple,Hatshepsut's temple)

Luxor one Day Trip is such a trip will be kept in memories forever. Luxor city owns more than 30% of the world monuments and 75% of Egypt's monuments and treasures. To be in a small or big group with such professional Academic Egyptologist is worthy for money. To be in Hurghada there will be a perfect option to enjoy that Day Trip. With us it is not just a Trip but it is a Travel Experience of all Times.Safety is our priority, satisfaction is our target, honesty is a principal and our reputation is so important for us. Finally we are a group of highly educated Egyptologists who run everything.
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14 to 16 hours
from $120.93

Luxor & Dendera Day Trip from Hurghada

A Day Trip to Luxor & Dendera Temple is a combination between to cities ( Qena and Luxor) that makes two trips in one. The trip starts from Hurghada, Red Sea to Qena city in a journey of approximately three hours even less. We drive strait to the Temple of Hathor, goddess of love, joy and music. The temple is unique in its style and pillars. Later we drive to Luxor which takes about one hour and half, starting with the Karnak temple, the biggest religious complex on this planet then crossing the Nile with a motor boat to have Lunch. The visit to the valley of the kings and the colossi of Memnon will be in the west bank of the Nile then drive back home to Hurghada. We get back around 07:30 pm
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12 to 18 hours
from $185.06

Dendera Trip from Hurghada

The trip Dendera temple is a half day visit to Qena City which is about 210 km southwest of Hurghada or two hours and 20 minutes drive. There we visit the awesome Dendera temple or The temple of the goddess Hathor, goddess of love, joy and music in ancient Egypt. it is one of the best well preserved temple in Egypt with its Greco-Roman touch. it is so remarkable with its style, pillars, crypts, paintings, chambers and ceilings. The view of the life in Upper Egypt and along the Nile River is fabulous and a little boat trip in the Nile will make this trip unforgettable.
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7 to 9 hours
from $102.57

Hurghada City Tour

There’s more to the coastal city of Hurghada than its beaches and diving sites. Take a small-group sightseeing tour and discover the cultural and historic landmarks of this city and learn more from your tour guide. Visit the old market, Grand Mosque, Coptic Church, and the marina over the course of a few hours. This tour is ideal for first-time visitors to Hurghada.
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4 to 5 hours
from $32.83

Super Desert Safari (4WD, Quad Bike, Camel Ride, BBQ Dinner & Drinks)

The eastern desert or the Arabic desert extends from the red sea to the Nile river which covers an area of about 220,000 square km. It is a mountainous and rocky part. It is rich with its landscape, wild life and nature. With Super Safari enjoy our clients such adventure tour. The trip starts in the afternoon till the evening that takes around 6 hours. The drive in the desert and between the mountains is so enjoyable to get to the Bedouin village.
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5 to 7 hours
from $53.40

Luxor Trip Private from Hurghada, Elite Trip

There is no place in the world must be seen as Luxor, a guided day trip from Hurghada to Luxor should be on top of everyone’s priority. We start from Hurghada up to Luxor in a journey of 4 hours. Pick up from hotels around 05:30 am. There will be a stop if needed for breakfast,

drinks and toilets. This Elite Trip is a tailor made option. In the east side of the Nile our customers can choose between Karnak temple Or Luxor temple. In the west side customers can choose between the Valley of kings Or the Valley of Queens then the last choice between the temple of queen Hatshepsut Or the temple of king Ramsses III (Madinat Habu). We start our visit with Karnak or Luxor temples then the boat trip in Nile for lunch in the west side. Visits to the Valley of the Kings or queens depends on our client's choice and the beautiful temple of the queen Hatshepsut or the awesome temple of Ramsses III (Madinat Habu) plus the two colossal statues of Memnon. It is such a trip will be in memories for ever.
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11 to 14 hours
from $180.92

Cairo Trip Private from Hurghada. Elite Trip

No trip to Egypt is complete without a visit to the capital. During this private tour, journey from Hurghada to Cairo and see the best that the city has to offer with an Egyptologist guide. See the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, stroll through Old Cairo, and take a guided tour of the Egyptian Museum, home to King Tutankhamen’s golden funerary mask.
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16 to 18 hours
from $175.56

Luxor day trip mini from Hurghada, private tour

Visit a few of the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Luxor during this private sightseeing tour from Hurghada. Explore the grand Luxor Temple, visit the final resting places for former queens and children at the Valley of the Queens, see the well-preserved Madinat Habu, and more. This tour also includes a refreshing boat trip across the Nile River and a delicious local lunch.
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12 to 15 hours
from $165.02

Quad Bikes Tour with Dinner and Sun Set

It is time to get and make you way to the absolute Bedouin traditional atmosphere with your own quad bike. It is a self drive automatic machine will give you the awesome impression of the red sea desert and the Mountain View. Enjoy such an incredible trip with camel ride, Shisha corner (water pipe smoking), sun set and lovely BBQ dinner.

After hotel pick up, customers will be driven to the quad station to test their quad bikes and get their helmets plus all they need from info about the tour from the guide.

Start your fantastic trip in sand and dunes for about 30 Km to the Bedouin village. Start with your welcome drink as Tea then visit the village to know all about their live and traditions. Ride a camel will be such an experience for everybody, watch the sun set from the mountain will be a romantic time. A very tasty BBQ dinner with drinks will be waiting for you before heading back to the hotel.
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6 to 7 hours
from $45.77

Nile Cruise Luxor - Aswan 4 Nights 5 Days full board with sightseeing

Sail along the world’s longest river over the course of 4 days aboard this Nile River cruise from Luxor to Aswan. Board your boat, complete with your own cabin and ensuite, and sail toward the southern Egyptian city of Aswan. Stop along the way for private sightseeing tours at Karnak Temple, the Necropolis of Thebes, the Komombo Temple, and much more.
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5 days
from $702.57

Hurghada Airport Transfer

 Welcome to Hurghada Airport
• We do arrange high quality of A/C Cars and professional Drivers understand the high priority of safety.
• We do handle all special requests with super services.
• The price above is just for Hurghada Down Town Hotels per Car or a minvan
• The price above is for one way from Hurghada Airport to the Hotel or from the hotel to the airport.
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30 to 45 minutes
from $37.98

Fantasia 1001 Nights Show, Alf Leila Wa Leila Show

It is time to immerse yourself and to enjoy a beautiful show in the hotel Alf Leila Wa Leila with dinner or without. It is about one hour and half showing belly dancers with acrobats, cultural display with horses, Bedouin and Tannura show plus fabulous traditional folklore with enjoyable acrobats. The Show is available on Sunday, Monday , Wednesday and Friday from 20:00 till 22:30.
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2 to 3 hours
from $65.39

Day Trip to the Pyramids from Hurghada plus Sea Scope semi Submarine

It is such an unique mix or combination between two different trips with such a price of one and the most recommended tours from Hurghada. It is such an offer just for a while and not for long.The day trip to Cairo to visit the Egyptian Museum, Pyramids, Giza plateau, the awesome Sphinx. This trip is the most common from Hurghada. The Sea Scope semi Submarine is very enjoyable to watch the fishes and corals of the Red Sea.
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18 to 19 hours
from $112.57

Day Trip to valley of the kings from Hurghada plus Sea Scope Semi Submarine

This is an unique combination and mix between two different trips with a price of one trip. The historical day trip to the valley of the kings or the place of truth as it used to be in ancient Egypt. It is the most burial location in the world where the kings of the three royal families were buried. It is a guided day trip from Hurghada to visit the karnak temple which is the biggest religious complex in the world with no equal, Lunch as buffet, visit the beautiful temple of the queen Hatshepsut plus the colossi of Memnon. The Sea Scope semi Submarine will be in the next day to enjoy the beauty of the red sea and its marine life from large panoramic windows and watch the wonders of the marine life.
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17 to 18 hours
from $112.83

Day Trip to valley of the kings and Luxor Temple with Lunch from Hurghada

A Day trip to valley of the kings and Luxor temple with lunch is so unique because very few programs give the clients the chance to visit Luxor temple which was one of the most important religious monuments in ancient Egypt. It was built by the great king Imenhotep III, the grand father of the boy king Tutankhamun then more additions were made by Ramses II. Another chance to be in the Nile on a motor boat is a great opportunity to enjoy the Nile view. Visit the valley of the kings where the resting location of the three royal dynasties.
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14 to 15 hours
from $108.03

Cairo Alexandria 5 Days 4 Nights (Egypt Short Break)

Egypt short break is a five days package combines to the capitals of Egypt, Cairo & Alexandria. In both of them we put the important attractions and a full historical tour that is impossible to be found in any other place on this planet. So customers who did it with us were very proud of it. You need just to read the itinerary to feed the spirit with the essential info from the past.
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5 days
from $650.00

Luxor Overnight private from Hurghada

Overnight trip to Luxor is the most recommended to have more time in Luxor, see more sites, get the chance to live the evening atmosphere of Upper Egypt, availability to attend the sound and light show, avoid the hot weather in the summer time, be away from the busy time, feed your soul with ancient history of the Nile, hear the silence of the past and more that we need books to mention. Luxor was the capital of ancient Egypt for more than 5 centuries, it was known as Waset. It has more than 75% of Egypt monuments or 30% of the world monuments. it is the UNESCO Heritage Site and the ancient future of Egypt.
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2 days
from $381.42

Luxor Aswan Nile Cruise 5 Days 4 Nights

Luxor Aswan Nile Cruise 5 Days 4 Nights is the top option to enjoy the real beauty of Upper Egypt, the glory of the past and virgin nature of the south. In this tour we give the chance to everyone to choose what he wants to see after a welcome info with the Egyptologist. It is such a unique way to decide what is the best for yourself. We offered this tour without sightseeing included but we made it as option to be purchased. With this option the price will be much cheaper than the normal package.
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5 days
from $384.68

Half day tour to queens valley, Habu temple and colossi of Memnon

A guided tour visiting the west bank, 

The Valley of the Queens, also known as 

Wadi el-Melikat, where wives of Pharaohs were buried in ancient times, more than 90 tombs are stylish and lavishly decorated. An example is the resting place carved out of the rock for Queen Nefertari (QV66) of the 19th Dynasty wife and favorite queen of Ramses II. The reliefs in her tomb are still intact and it is the largest and most spectacular in the valley of the queens. The temple of 

Medinat Habu which is one of the largest memorial temples in Egypt. It measures 320 m in length (east to west) and about 200 m in width (north to south). It was built to commemorate Ramses III who considered the last great pharaoh of Egypt. His mortuary temple is covered with reliefs of his conquests. The memorial temple has 

7,000 square meters of well-preserved decorated surfaces.
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4 to 5 hours
from $69.75

Private full day guided tour to east & west bank of Luxor

Luxor, the capital of ancient Egypt is remarkable with its two banks east and west

 samegypt tours provide a full day guided tour to enable our customers to enjoy the marvel of the both sides of the Nile as we used to.

Egyptologist guide will pick up our clients from the hotel, the airport, station or Nile Cruise to visit Luxor temple and Karnak temples then cross the Nile with motor boat to have the Lunch with oriental taste as a part of our tourism responsibility. Continue to visit the awesome burial place of the Egyptian kings, the Valley of the Kings to get the impression of the glory of the past. Proceed to visit the temple of the queen Hatshepsut with its unique terraces and style then the two colossi of Memnon. Back to your hotel, airport or the Nile cruise.
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5 to 6 hours
from $119.88

Egypt Essential Tour

In this multi day tour our esteemed customers will enjoy the visits of the most important sightseeing in Cairo, Giza and Luxor. It is a package of four days will cover the main two big historical cities in the world. Cairo the capital of modern Egypt, the mother of the world and the safe home for all the Arabs. Overnight in Luxor, the UNESCO heritage site and the capital of ancient Egypt. It is the city that owns 75% of Egypt's monuments and the source of treasures of all times. This package is designed according to our clients who stayed in Hurghada and wished to get overnight in Cairo and Luxor.
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4 days
from $990.00

Hurghada Shopping Tour with Dinner

It is an evening shopping tour with dinner. You will enjoy the evening atmosphere of Hurghada downtown, visit the old part, explore Hurghada aquarium, do shopping in Hurghada City Center, visit the marina, enjoy a tasty dinner in such oriental restaurant or McDonald, KFC or Pizza hut plus the perfume and essence factory.
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4 to 5 hours
from $51.29

Luxor trip for families from Hurghada, private tour

This tour is dedicated for families with kids as private and to be customized as well. The trip is very suitable for kids and easy. We travel in an air-conditioned mini bus or a van.
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15 to 16 hours
from $112.52
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Wael wrote a review Feb 2021
28 contributions15 helpful votes
V good.i spent very good day and i had enjoy very well with all day details.i want say thanks from my heart.you made me very happy
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Date of experience: October 2020
2 Helpful votes
Response from hamadamokhadam, Manager at Samegypt tours
Responded Mar 8, 2021
Dear Mr.Mickel Thank you for your feedback and the review. We hope you enjoyed your trip to Luxor. It was such an honor to be us. We are looking forward to see you again in Egypt. With Our Best Regards
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privat tour luxor wrote a review Jan 2021
4 contributions4 helpful votes
Amazing experience with samegypt tours. We contacted samrgypt and booked luxor private. Pick up time was at 5 am morning. was safe drive to luxor and back we enjoyed the view of desert and mountains. We had great time in Karnak temple, Hatshepsut temple and valley of kings. Tour guide Sam was perfect told us everything needed in perfect way. Lunch was tasty and Nile cruise awesome. Thanks all stuff of samegypt. We love you all. High recommend
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Date of experience: January 2021
2 Helpful votes
Response from hamadamokhadam, Manager at Samegypt tours
Responded Feb 1, 2021
Our Dear Customer Thank you so much for this wonderful review, it is for sure inspiring other clients to visit Luxor even under these circumstances. We wish you safe and healthy life. Best Regards
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akramy salam wrote a review Jan 2021
34 contributions14 helpful votes
We had great time and a wonderful day in Luxor. Like all times many thanks to Samegypt and stuff.they were on time and bus was new very comfortable. Tour guide was perfect and polite. we have seen a lot of new places like luxor temple, valley of queens, valley of kings and two statues of memnon. Lunch was nice tasty. Nile cruise was great we love it. High recommended. Thanks a lot Samegypt
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Date of experience: December 2020
2 Helpful votes
Response from hamadamokhadam, Manager at Samegypt tours
Responded Jan 27, 2021
Dear Mr. Akramy Thank you for your review, it was pleasure to meet you for the second time which is a great trust that we do appreciate. We are looking forward to see you again in Egypt. We hope you are safe at home now. With our kind regards
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Exploration86992 wrote a review Feb 2020
1 contribution3 helpful votes
We were very impressed with this private trip to Luxor. Our guide and driver were very professional. We felt very relaxed all day, and our guide was full of knowledge, and very helpful. We had a beautiful lunch in Luxor, after crossing the Nile. We highly recommend this private trip for that personal feel. We will definitely book another trip when we return to this wonderful country.
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Date of experience: February 2020
5 Helpful votes
Response from hamadamokhadam, Manager at Samegypt tours
Responded Feb 8, 2020
Thanks so much for your kind Review, We are so glad to hear from you and the feedback. We will be waiting for your next the trip and visit to Egypt. With Our Kind Regards
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Simon&Xiu wrote a review Jan 2020
1 contribution1 helpful vote
Just like to say had a great week in Egypt we booked our excursions through local agents SamEgypt Tours. All arrangements were well planned with pickup from our hotel in Hurghada. We booked a private tour to Cairo ,Luxor and Hurghada and our guide Osama was extremely knowledgable. The trips were long but we travelled in comfort in large luxurious 12 seater mini-van with plenty of leg room and reclining seats so could catch up on sleep during the 5hr drive. Overall would recommend a private tour through Sam Egypt Tours no fighting to find good seats in bus, loud annoying passengers and stopping every 30mins to souvenir vendors along the route. Pick what you want to see and Sam Egypt Tours will make it all happen without any stress.
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Date of experience: January 2020
4 Helpful votes
Response from hamadamokhadam, Manager at Samegypt tours
Responded Jan 23, 2020
Dear Mr Simon Thank you for this awesome review and your valuable feedback about your experience. We are happy of being able in handling your requests of visiting both Cairo and Luxor from Hurghada then City tour plus sea scope semi submarine together in a trip of 4 hours. We do appreciate your recommendation. Thanks a million for choosing our services, With our kind Regards.
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