Volcan de Lodo El Totumo (Mud Volcano)

Volcan de Lodo El Totumo (Mud Volcano)

Volcan de Lodo El Totumo (Mud Volcano)
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Take a slippery staircase up a small hill to reach the pit of this active mud volcano and float in the viscous volcanic mud said to have healing properties. Get some great photos taken of you, enjoy a massage, and you’ll get all the help you need to clean the mud off at the end. Prepare small notes as you are expected to tip. Wear a bathing suit and footwear that you’re happy to get dirty, as the mud can stain and may impart a lingering and unpleasant smell. Most people visit as part of a day tour or by taxi from Cartagena. – Tripadvisor
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Very good

Elaine M
7 contributions
Feb 2020 • Solo
The mud volcano is so cool! I went on my own (had my hotel front desk arrange a driver - not expensive) which was way better than with a tour as there weren't very many people there. The mud pit is very small. It feels like you're suspended in pudding, super wild. When you get there, leave everything in the car, including your shoes and towel, except your phone/camera. Otherwise someone will want a tip for watching your shoes while you're in the mud pit. You'll go up the stairs to the mud pit, get massaged and hang out, then go into the lake where a lady will wash you off. You will be expected to tip this lady and your guide - about $2 each, per person. (Don't worry about bringing money to the lake/mud pit, they'll come find you after you dry off.) There are changing stalls for afterwards. If you go on your own bring money for the entrance fee. They also sell snacks and beers etc there.
Written April 13, 2020
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Vickie W
3 contributions
Mar 2023 • Couples
We went by ourselves instead of a tour group. There was no one else there, which was good as we didn't have to wait, but bad because everybody came at us to "help us" with our adventure. It is a "nickel and dime"place, and they will do anything to separate your from your money, so if you are on a tight budget, you may think twice about going.
The mud was very low, and we had to climb down some very slippery steps to get into and out of the mud. My shoulder is still a little sore from the pulling up to get out.
My recommendation is to go with a group, but then you will have to wait to get into the mud. Bring a towel and a change of clothes. You can opt for a shower(for a price, of course), which is what we did instead of the lagoon
Written March 19, 2023
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Vina del Mar, Chile2 contributions
Mar 2022 • Couples
This is absolutely amazing. Great place to visit for a couple of hours. *you need to make sure if the tour has Mansanillo beach included*

The only cons is that people there is way too insistent on askig for tips. *you need to give tips separately to the picture taker guy, to the mud massage guy, to the body cleansing lady and even the boy that takea your shoos from one spot to another*
Written March 14, 2022
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27 contributions
Feb 2020
It's just a tourist trap for non-Colombians. You spend an hour getting there, then waiting in the baking sun for another hour to get to the top of the mud volcano, only to spend about 5-10 minutes inside the mud packed in with other people. Then another hour to wash off in the lake. You get charged at every step of the process...to give you a "massage" in the mud, which is pointless, then for someone to guard your slippers, and then for someone to wash you off. There are no therapeutic benefits to any of this. Nobody is in control at the top of the volcano, so if you get a group of self-centered people (like the Mexicans who were there on the day I went), they'll take half an hour in the mud and think nothing of it while 100 other people are waiting on line for their turn. Take my advice...skip it.
Written February 18, 2020
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Canadians at large
Halifax, Canada23 contributions
Feb 2020 • Friends
We have a car and drove to the pink sea first.
We arrived at the site and immediately had someone directing us. The cost to get in the mud was 10000 each but be prepared to pay alot more. At the end we had paid 25000 each
I had no problem paying g but some of the money should go to repair the steps leading down and the ladder into the pit . Its unsafe ,slippery and in need of TLC.
Written February 12, 2020
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Michael S
Ruther Glen, VA48 contributions
Jan 2020
This adventure is about 45 minutes out of town. You climb up steps and then get into this mud volcano where you cannot sink along with 40 of your now closest friends since you land up entwining limbs with people you never knew before. The mud is pretty much body temperature and feels very nice. There are locals who make their livings there by taking your photos, massaging you with the mud, and then cleaning you off afterwards in the river. I am glad we did it once, but don't think that I would do it again.
Written January 30, 2020
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Baltimore, MD26 contributions
Nov 2019
I loved this experience. Me and my friends climb the steps and got the best mud bath I ever had. The locals were very nice and carried all our belongings and took pictures for us. Once I got in the mud, I got a massage and it was heaven. After we got out we went down to the river and got washed off. It was an experience I will never forget and if you visit Cartagena. You have to take this tour.
Written March 2, 2020
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Chicago, IL48 contributions
Feb 2015 • Friends
It is NOT in Cartegena. It took us about 45 minutes - hour to drive there (a local drove us from old town Cartegena to this location on the way to Baranquilla). We pulled in, there is about 20 locals that run a mini shanty town of local eats and places to sit... just people hangin' about, doing nothing but waiting for tourists. Make sure you have small bills and coins for tips and to eat Arepa and get coffee.

We went on a Friday afternoon, around 12:30pm and there was no wait. There was a very small wait when we left, but again, we expected drones of tourists to be there and we were alone when we arrived. I based this solely on internet pictures and others comments of the place.

It cost about $5.00 for each of us, plus a few extra $$ for tips for the guys in the mud pit, as well as the ladies who clean you off, and feed you. There is coffee (whats new) available also.

The bathrooms are rustic...more or less a small hut.. you wash your hands in a metal bowl and a bucket when you are done.

You change out of your clothing and they do not allow you to bring anything with you except yourself and a bathing suit and shoes. The pictures we saw did not give justice to how: 1-tall the volcano was 2- deep the volcano was. The pictures I saw during my research looked like the mud was closer to the top.. maybe there is some natural or man made reason for this, but I put pictures up to show the drop a little. DEF not somewhere you want to be if you have height issues :)

You climb up wooden steps and it was a little bit nerve wrecking, but the way down was much more wet and difficult, requiring upper and lower body strength to hold on to railings - I went backwards down back the volcano because I was scared, but the girls in front/back of me walked down normal and were fine. The ladder in and out of the mud is the same thing, but at least there is a big goop of mud to fall instead of sliding down a wet rocky mud mountain.

You give them your sandles. You walk backwards down a wet mud ladder about 8 feet, and there you are..... floating in a big old pile of stinky stank gooey mud. You do not sink in the mud, you float. There are 3-4 working men in there that will man handle you, tell you to lay back, which is completely against natural movement. I had to force myself to arch my back and lay back and try my best to get comfortable. Once I was flat on my back, The man grabs your ankles and pulls you into a line with others who are laying parallel to each other... all getting rubbed down by men. Oh, and as I learned several times over in Colombia - no shame in the naked game! They will rub everything and most likely, even in your off limit zones. At least that was our experience... they will then flip you over onto your stomach and you are almost face down in the mud, you hold on to the sides of the volcano, which has slimy wood planks. This was the most unpleasant part for me, because the mud smells. It smells like mud. Mud that has been rolled around in by tourists from all over the world, and then probably pissed in a few hundred times.... that's what it smelled like to me.... but maybe I am sensitive. This didn't take away from the experience one bit though LOL (not sure what that says about me...)

When they are down rubbing you up and down, flipping you all over the place, they put you back on your back, and float you over to the "waiting area" ... I went with a group of friends so they were there waiting, making mud fart jokes (don't judge, what else are you supposed to do in a pool full of crap smelling mud?) and just hanging out and having a good time. There were 6 of us, 4 rubbing Colombian men, and maybe 2-3 other people in the mud volcano at the same time. Not much room... the locals loom around the top staring.... and will take pictures for you for a tip. They are all very helpful and guide you to and from where you need to be.

Exiting the volcano, again, was a little nerve wrecking. Slippery and slimy all the way up, hold on tight! You walk down the volcano (see above) and your shoes are waiting for you at the bottom of the volcano. You put them on and they guide you down a path, and into the ocean..... where there are ladies (see picture) wash you for a small fee, you better pay them or they will find you. You go in the ocean deep enough where they feel that it is okay to rip off your top and bottom and wipe and wash you everywhere & in between... no permission of course, they just do it, that's not the Colombian way! I saw what was happening to my friends around me so I held on to my bottoms for dear life, there was a great non-verbal struggle between her and I, and I was barely triumphant in maintaining my bottoms on for me to deal with at a later time. She yanked the hair tie out of my hair and dumped buckets of water over my head and I dramatically pretended like I was drowning so she would ease up on the water boarding.... didn't phase her. I almost felt like I should have got a butt slap and a handshake at the end of it all. After you are done with this, you do not leave feeling muddy as you would think ...... even though you might have some slime lingering in your cracks and holes TBDiscovered later....

Was a great experience, with great friends, will never forget it and I posted pictures! Good Luck!
Written February 20, 2015
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NY52 contributions
Ok, I write this with the disclaimer that this is not for everyone. Again, this is my for everyone. If you don't like mud, dirt, are a germaphobe, don't want people touching you, néed luxury bathrooms, can't ignore what would likely be structural violations in Any other country, and can't deal with dirty water this IS NOT for you. Again, this is not for you.
If you're open to new experiences, can ignore all of the above go ahead and try this.
I read about this in multiple postings and thought it would be an interesting thing to try. I was thinking this will be messy but if I'm going to drop 150 at a spa for someone to wrap me in mud this is cheaper and even better, possibly.
First, there is no way this was a volcano. This is a man made mud pit. This is how the locals make money and that I respect. This is an experience and you have to ignore all of the normal constructs of life and just go with it. The walk up to the top is slippery, the walk down the ladder makes you think you're nuts and possibly stupid.l, but yore going with this bc you're in Colombia and on vacation. You get to the bottom of the pit to join a mess of people floating around trying to stay upright. A strange man will come out of nowhere and add mud to you and massage your shoulders - that part is a tad creepy but just go with it. Climbing out of this mess up the rickety ladder makes you wish you lost those 20lbs and had an elevator to lift you out. You'll curse a lot and pray a little as you exit so someone can take an unflattering photo and climb down the mound backwards so you don't slip and fall.
Wait, there's more. Every crevice is now covered in mud and you need to wash off. There are no fancy showers so your one shot is down to the river. Your feet will hurt walk on rocks. The water is dirty. Let's be clear, the water is dirty. You'll wonder if this is what it is like washing in the Ganges but you can't skip it. If you let them a woman will come help them. Hold on to your tops ladies bc they're fast and will take it off to wash it out. Well intentioned but you'll wonder if your Dr was so personal on your last physical.
Once you're rinsed (bc this ain't clean) you'll wiggle your way into some sort of clothing. You may borrow a bathroom of one of the rest stops. It will be gross. Again, this is gross, but at least you're not covered in mud.
Or will take 2-3 showers when you're back at your hotel to smell normal again, esp your hair. You'll. curse the friend that did not realize all of this and talked you into it (btw I was said friend to my friends. I expect to hear about this thru 2016), but in the end you'll have an awesome experience and story to tell about the time you voluntarily went into mud pit.
Now folks, we won't think about where the mud comes from.
If this sounds like fun to you, go, if not go have another mojito in Cartagena and enjoy the rest of your vacation.
Written November 2, 2014
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Toronto, Canada149 contributions
Mar 2012 • Couples
I have never experience anything like it. It was amazing. Before going there I asked a friend who lives in Cartagena about her own experience and to see if it was worth it. She described a horrible ordeal where her and her son went to a not so impressive little grey mountain and where she felt she was inappropriately touched by huge men followed by women who ripped their bathing suits off while bathing them in the lagoon. She told me not to it and that the feeling of being covered by mud was very disgusting. I write this because I want to show that what one person might find awful another might find amazing. Despite my friends comments I decided to plan a trip to the mud volcano and I am glad I did.

There are many ways of getting there, you can book a tour (as we did) or you can rent a car and drive (very easy to get there just take the route that leads to Bucaramanga and 45 min later you will see it). Please be careful because some taxi drivers take advantage of the tourists and offer to take you there and back for $100US.

We booked a tour with a local tour company and paid about $15US per person and that includes transportation there and back and a fruit and coffee snack after the volcano. I think this price is very good considering the volcano is located about 45 minutes by car from Cartagena and there is a toll on the way there that they take care of. The tour companies offer a morning tour (a bit more expensive) that leaves around 9 am and that includes lunch and a beach stop as well as the visit to the volcano but if you choose this one the volcano might be more crowded as this tour is more popular. I recommend you choose the afternoon one that doesn’t include lunch or beach but is less crowded.

The tour company picked us up from out hotel in Bocagrande in a very comfortable air conditioned bus.

I recommend that you do not take a nice bathing suit as the mud might stain your clothes.
When you get off the bus you cannot take any personal belongings with you aside from your camera. (Do not take towels, cover ups, keys, nice earrings, hats, or anything that you don’t want covered in mud).

The process is simple: you leave your sandals at the bottom of the volcano, you climb the volcano by using some rudimentary stairs (might hurt your feet a bit), then at the top you will have a wonderful view of the lagoon, you then give your camera to a man who will take as many pictures of you as you want, then one man will help you to get into the mud and he will offer to give you a massage (they say the mud is very healthy for skin) but you can decline the massage if you want, he will help you to your spot, you can then enjoy the sensation as long as you want, then a man will help you out and he will help you take the excess mud off of you, then you will go down some other stairs and your shoes will be waiting there for you, then you walk into a beautiful lagoon with warm water and two ladies with buckets will help you to bathe you, then you go to the main house where they have rudimentary change rooms where you can put on some dry clothes and finally they have coffee and fruit.

At the end the man that took pictures for you, the man that gives the massage and the lady that bathed you, ask for $3000 pesos each for their services. I have read some people complaining about these fees and it makes me mad that people are so cheap! That is the equivalent to $1.50US and these people work really hard. The guy taking the pictures has like 20 cameras in his arms and I don’t know how he knows but he knows exactly what camera belongs to who and if you tell him to take a million pictures of you doing all the crazy things you want he will be your personal photographer. We got at least 20 pictures, it was great. Then the guys that massage you, if you don’t want a massage you just say “no gracias” and they will leave you alone and you will not have to pay him the $1.50, but if you do and you like it he can easily give you a 30 minutes massage for $1.50! Where in the world can you get a massage for that price? Finally, the ladies that bathe you do a very good job as taking off all the mud is not easy. Most importantly, these people live in the only town that is close by the volcano. This town is extremely poor and the only source of income is this volcano so really $5 dollars to help sustain a village is really not that much.

Also, there are multiple tiendas where you can buy beer and local typical foods and snacks. I recommend the arepa de huevo (corn tortilla filled with fried egg) and aguila beer.
Written July 10, 2012
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