1-Day Chengdu Homemade Cooking Adventure

1-Day Chengdu Homemade Cooking Adventure: Address, Phone Number, 1-Day Chengdu Homemade Cooking Adventure Reviews: 5/5

1-Day Chengdu Homemade Cooking Adventure

1-Day Chengdu Homemade Cooking Adventure
Where better than a Chengdu home kitchen to take an authentic Szechuan cooking class? We offer the one and only homestyle cooking class in Chengdu. You will spend half a day with a local host family who will take you step-by-step through the process of cooking a traditional Szechuan meal. You will learn three local dishes from scratch. Prepared to be amazed at the gems at the local farmer’s market and learn the secrets of Szechuan kitchen while enjoying your chit-chat with the locals. All local host families are located in the 1st Ring Road area of Chengdu and easy to find. If there's any particular dish you would like to learn how to cook, don't hesitate to let us know.
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12 reviews
Very good

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Sep 2017 • Couples
Highly recommended experience for any traveler in Chengdu!
We corresponded with Ed by emails before arriving to China, he was very patient and very responsive (even emailed us before to make sure we remember the details).
We met Ed near a subway station downtown and then Lingdang (the brilliant chef) arrived with her sweet dog, Dollie, and we walked to the local market.
Lingdang bought the ingredients and explained about every product we were interested in. She also asked questions regarding products we have in Israel and Ed was very helpful, translating everything.
We then arrived to Lingdang's home, where we also met her husband, Tall guy! Overall we had a great time cooking with Lingdang as she knew why every step was necessary in the cooking process.
After preparing the 3 dishes we all sat to eat - and then came the beers and liquor (and some extra snacks she prepared)! We had a really nice evening, talking about everything and eating delicious food. Finally, I would say that cooking and eating was just an excuse to get to know these great people we wouldn't get the chance to meet, otherwise.
We met Ed at 16:30 and left to the hotel at about 21:30.
In terms of price, it is not cheap (probably not for a low-budget traveler) but we feel like it was worth it!
Written October 21, 2017
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Sorring, Denmark1 contribution
Of the beaten track
Aug 2016 • Couples
This experience was awesome. It was a great opportunity to meet the locals and having an authentic evening with them.
Written July 24, 2017
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Bill L
Everett, WA29 contributions
Great time with Chef Lingdang
May 2016 • Friends
My parents and I attended the Chegdu Cooking Class with Chef Lingdang and had a wonderful evening cooking and visiting in her home. She was a wonderful host and readily accommodated our food requests. She is a vegetarian but cooks all foods. Have never seen a vegetarian cook spareribs like she did!
First we went to the local market and watched her purchase all the ingredients we would use and then accompanied her back to her home to begin the cooking class. It was loads of fun and after eating our prepared dishes we sat and visited with each other over (many) beers! She was a delight to meet.
Written June 7, 2016
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Mumbai, India12 contributions
Intimate, authentic and informal cooking in our hotel kitchen!
Oct 2015 • Business
A group of 20 of us were in Chengdu for an experiential learning journey organised by Leaders' Quest, the social enterprise that I work with. It was the first time most of us were meeting each other and on the our first evening, we organised with Dragon Expeditions, a home cooking evening for the full group. Turns out, they hadn't had such a big group before and the home that we were going to use was not ideal for a business-group. We decided two days before the event to change the venue to Buddha Zen hotel where we stayed which worked wonderfully. Amy from Dragon Expeditions and Ling Dao the main chef along with the whole team was fantastic. They worked tirelessly with me to create a wonderful, professionally executed, high quality, very tasty meal for the group. After a short trip to a nearby local food market, we split up into four stations where the home-cooking team took great care of us. The food was very tasty and really set the bar for the rest of the week. Huge shout out to the whole team who were fantastic, always smiling and really came together to create such a joyful evening for us. HUGE thanks to Amy and the team for such a special evening! I highly recommend them.
Written November 10, 2015
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Julie R
4 contributions
Intimate and Joyful cooking experience
Oct 2015 • Friends
What a treat! We were invited into a private home and after learning about traditional tea ceremonies we visited a fresh food market and then got to work in the kitchen, cooking up an amazing feast! Spending time with the family and their friends, as well as the tour guides led to much laughter, great memories and very satisfied bellies. Highly recommended!
Written October 6, 2015
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Brussels, Belgium2 contributions
Delicious dumplings
Aug 2015 • Friends
Cindy organized a cooking lesson for us including shopping on a local market. The market alone already was a worthy experience. There we have seen (and tasted) things one could never get on any European market. Ling Dang also brought us to a local stall were we could buy the best Sichuan pepper in town. So we were able to bring some home (yummie)
We were allowed to choose a broad selection of dishes. Additionally we had the special wish to learn making dumplings, what Cindy made possible for us.
We learn a lot from our host Ling Dang. Both ladies were extremely helpful, pleasant and we highly enjoyed our time with them.
We already cooked the dishes again at home with great success so we would always recommend them.
Written September 21, 2015
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Manchester, UK5 contributions
An insider's guide to Sichuan food.
May 2015 • Friends
Sichuan food is one of the great attractions of Chengdu but it isn't always accessible for tourists given the difficulties of reading or understanding Mandarin.
This tour was fun and informative - we started off in the Market where I had the opportunity to discuss what was on sale and suggest a few extra ingredients - I wanted to try the 1000 year old preserved eggs! Anyway, once done in the market, we went for a short walk to a local appartment, where we spent the remainder of the morning drinking tea, and cooking while my hosts assisted with the preparation, kept me topped up with tea, answered my questions and took lots of photos. Finally, we had lunch along with a few beers.
Written May 24, 2015
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moon s
1 contribution
An eye-opening culinary and cultural experience - highly recommended / ホストファミリーに四川料理を教わる、アットホームな楽しいクラス
Jul 2014 • Solo
I had just half a day of free time at the end of a business trip, and so signed up for this home cooking class. Liked that the organizers accommodated my request for vegetarian Sichuan dishes. The actual experience far exceeded my expectations, though. It was much more than a cooking class - instead it was more like a host family / cultural exchange program. Both the teacher (host) and the guide could not be more hospitable. The guide drove me from the hotel to the teacher's house. Upon arrival, I was treated to the best aged pu-erh tea I've ever had, served in beautiful antique tea cups. (The teacher even gave me some tea as a souvenir!) We then walked to the local market to peruse and to shop. I got to buy some sichuan pepper and the like to take home with me, which was a lot of fun. Back at the house we then cooked 3 dishes - a yellow chive salad (a hot and seasoned oil is poured over the chives and the chives get cooked somewhat on the plate), a long-stir-fried scrumptious maitake mushrooms (very satisfying), and a dish with loofah squash and special sea vegetable (supposed to be rich in collagen and good for vegetarians), along with rice and an additional soup that the teacher made. I learned that there are at least 3 different kinds of cooking methods that all get (mis)translated as "stir fry" in English. (I'm hoping that the kind guide will send me the translations of the recipes in English soon, so I can remind myself what those 3 methods are called!! Chauncey, I'm waiting for those recipes :)) Everything was delicious, and was made even more delicious because of the herby, refreshing tea (have not seen this kind before) that the teacher served at the end of the meal. The whole experience opened my eyes to the home Chinese cooking as quite distinct from restaurant Chinese food and a welcome addition to my cooking repertoire. The teacher spoke no English, but the guide speaks English very well, and the conversations were easy and relaxed.
親日派の息子さんのいらっしゃるこの先生は、文化的造詣が深く、またチベットや山にも詳しそうで、日本人の方でこのクッキングクラスに興味のある方には特におすすめします(ただし、ベジタリアンなので、それでもいい方のみになりますが)。 他のホストファミリーの方もきっといい方だと思います。ガイドさんが際立って性格の良い方なので、その点もお勧めできます。 
Written August 20, 2014
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Oegstgeest, The Netherlands2 contributions
A lovely day out! Definitely recommended
Aug 2013 • Couples
We subscribed to the cooking class without tremendous expectations, but it turned out to be the highlight of our experience of Chengdu. Sichuan's cuisine being rightfully famous, we thought we'd give it a try although I hadn't done this kind of experience before.

The organizers were very professional as well as friendly, which sparked some interesting talks while feeling like we were doing and learning something. We went to right outside the city (20min car), to a zone called Lotus Pond Moonlight, a scenic area with a concentration of artists. It was pleasant to get out of the city.

There we were welcomed by the host family's house, that spoked only chinese but our organizer translated. In fact, the balance between the structure provided by organizers contrasting with the genuine chinese house, kitchen and the trip to a local farmers market (where we were told we were the first foreigners to come :-p) was what made it so good.

The class itself was facilitated by the pre-slicing and dicing of meat and vegetables we had just got from the market. We learned to cook Mapu Dofu, meat balls and simple cucumber and another veggie salad. It was great to use that blazing wok adequately and to see how simple these recipes can be. Also great was to see that loads of oil and artificial taste aren't required to get these dazzling tastes.

Another 3-4 dishes were done by the cooks to save some time, I am sure we could've watched and learn more but we opted for beer. The meal was one of the best I had in China, so fresh and varied (which is not so much the case in Sichuan, cuisine is great ok, but often things can taste the same).

The precious tips distilled made me feel confident about trying to cook more chinese food at home.

Great activity!
Written September 1, 2013
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