Beijiushui River Laoshan

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Beijiushui River Laoshan
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Edmonton, Canada1,597 contributions
Well Shaded Hike of Laoshan
Jul 2021 • Couples
This was a great part of Laoshan National Park but was a little out of the way from the rest of the park. We misunderstood and thought we could take a bus from the Laoshan Tourist Service Center but you actually have to take a seperate bus near Beijiushiu metro station to get up here. The hike was about intermediate and there were plenty of places to stop for breaks and refreshments.

We loved this section for the amount of shade throughout and the crystal clear water. It made for a very pleasant morning.

When we got to the fork near the entrance we decided to go left to avoid the crowds and our gamble paid off as the path was less inclined going this way. We find the path the other way was quite steep and we prefer to walk down from the heights.

Cost of a ticket into Laoshan is 210 yuan for three days to access all areas but you can also spend around 90 to get to specific ones. We think two days in Laoshan is perfect. There are cable cars in many of the sections and it is worthwhile asking attendants which ones are open if you need them. This section does not have a cable car. Plan to spend around 4 to 5 hours for this section including the busses to and from this area. I would recommend a good pair of shoes too. You may also want to bring a little bit of cash in case you need to buy refreshments mid snack as I could not got my WeChat pay working in some areas.

As a side note there were quite a few friendly feral cats in the area when we went in July 2021 including some kittens.
Written July 13, 2021
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white j
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia5,624 contributions
Must visit Laoshan
Sep 2019
Long time before I went to visit Laoshan for very famous Taoists there,but later I was attracted by the nice view of the mountain, and more the broken but well placed stone blocks, looks unstable and dangerous, but always staying there steadily. In autumn we could see colorful view of the stones with plants of red leaves. Water always there for nice view together with stones. If lucky still can see some colorful birds. So when go to qingdao you must try to visit Laoshan
Written October 29, 2019
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Brisbane, Australia16 contributions
A peaceful and tranquil place in a big city
May 2018 • Solo
Bei Jui Shui Is fantastic and a very peaceful especially if you do not visit on busy days. I visited after the May Day holiday and we had the park almost to ourselves or it felt like that. The paths are very well marked and the scenery is peaceful. Many times we just stood and enjoyed the views. A shandong local was kind enough to take me there and make my visit memorable.

It is quiet peaceful and the waterfalls and rock outcrops are really something unique to this special part of China.
Written February 3, 2019
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nyc75 contributions
The place for local people
Sep 2018 • Friends
Laoshan mountain is famous for its Dao religion. Tourists mostly visit its South part. This time local people took us to its North. We walked to the top follow the water. There is a fall on the top.
It is very convenient to take subway there from Qingdao city.
Written October 22, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Houston, TX96 contributions
Gorgeous place!
Jul 2015 • Family
We went when the water was low, but this was still a place worth seeing. I loved the nature. I loved the walk. I loved the water and the falls. The name means 8 falls/pools because there are 8 waterfalls. We didn't do a tour. We just went with an expat friend who was familiar with the place and my husband and four kids. The kids stopped in several places along the way to climb huge boulders in the river and to swim and wade through the water looking for beautiful rocks or creatures. We stayed nearly all day. There are vendors there, but you may want to pack a meal just in case you want to stay there all day like we did. There is an entry fee and it's a little pricey by local standards. We know someone who climbs with locals up the back way to avoid paying the entrance fee. Regardless of how you get there, it's worth your time.
Written June 25, 2016
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Tauranga, New Zealand256 contributions
Great walk to see the waterfall
Jun 2016 • Business
This walk is moderately difficult but is well paved all the way and has many little drinks/snack shops, resting seats, toilets and eating places along the way. there is even a cafe at the top. The path winds across the stream (depending on rainfall it is a dribble, a stream or a small river) and there are steps which can be quite hard, but not too many before a flat part for resting and caching your breath. I went with a class of children and teachers aged from 28 to 60 years old. I saw small children walking and being carried and some very elderly people as well. You can go as far as you like and turn around or keep going to the waterfall ( a gentle stroll to the top takes about two hours with lots of stops, sack breaks and toilet stops and then you wander back the same way) We stopped at the pools by the big round 'floating rock' to eat our picnic lunch and the children played in the water for about an hour. Take plenty of money if you want to shop - there are food/drink stalls and souvenirs all the way dotted along. the toilets are well placed and clean. We went in June and people were also selling locally grown apricots, nectarines, almonds, cherries and berries. You travel by taxi or private car up Song Ling Lu and then turn off and drive to the Laoshan Mountain gate. then you buy a 96RMB ticket and catch their bus (they go about every half an hour) up to the beginning of the walk. There are beautiful views of the characteristic Laoshan rock formations and plenty of photo opportunities. Lots of shade from the trees along the way. A great day out for the whole family (as long as you are prepared to carry the little ones parts of the way) or for children from about 6 years and up on their own. take your time and enjoy the day out.
Written June 7, 2016
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thomas a
Clermont, FL7 contributions
wise to get an exclusive trip.
May 2015 • Solo
Hit up some of the tour guides near zhongshan pier for the laoshan trip. If you attempt solo theres a chance youll get stranded, and miss a lot of the sights. taxis dont generally run from the mountain. If you get car sick. be sure to find a female driver as they dont take the mountain turns so harshly. Its about a 30 minute drive around winding mountains, and a thousand stairs to top. be prepared.
Written January 13, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Peerasut I
60 contributions
Nice view
Jul 2015 • Family
A Good place to see nature of Qingdao, but we went there during summer so there is no much water. It still be good place for relax.
Written July 22, 2015
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Robert R
Chiang Mai, Thailand363 contributions
Beautiful deep valley with waterfalls, scenic views, and rushing rivers
Apr 2015 • Friends
Laoshan can be a touch confusing. It is the eastern suburb of Qingdao, it is a mountain area encompassing 446 square kilometers (172 square miles), and a beer brewed by the Tsing Tao brewery. I see a few reviews that indicate persons who have visited the various attractions in the Laoshan mountain range are a bit confused about which attraction they actually visited.
The Laoshan Scenic Area (the one bordering the coast) can be reached by City Bus routes 104 and 304 with connections at the Tourist service area which is clearly marked in English and Mandarin.

Beijiushui River is reached by City Bus routes 110 and 311, all of the buses for both areas have many stations along the downtown part of Hong Kong road. For Beijiushui, the buses last stop is the point where you can buy tickets and board bus 369 for the trip on up to the park. It is about 20 miles northeast of Qingdao. Your bus to either attraction will be going east (toward the sunrise) on HK Road when you board. Both areas require a significant amount of stair climbing to reach the scenic areas. Athletic or hiking shoes are strongly advised.
There will be private individuals who may approach you offering rides to the park, possibly offering the ablity to get you into these park free. Caution is advised, these persons often will sneak you into the park over a hazardous foot trail that may require stepping over concertina wire (the wire used in prison facilities.)
There is a village with restaurants and gift shops at the point Bus 369 drops off at the attraction. There are also vendors lining the route to the park selling snack items and beverages. The restaurants sell beer but, in the village, I saw none of the sidewalk vendors selling beer. After one enters the attraction, there are trail-side vendors who also have snack items and beer.
The Beijuishui River forms a deep canyon with huge boulders in the riverbed. I was advised that October affords the best water levels for the river. Winter and spring are the dry season in Qingdao and the river had a very small volume when I was there in late April of 2005. Never the less, there are still many great views. I saw numerous persons drinking river water and filling containers with the river water to take home.
The park pathway is made from stone with irregular step heights, unless you are in very good physical condition, the walk around the loop to see the waterfalls and the pagoda at the top will be challanging and leave you sore the following day. This is not a sprint event, take your time and rest when appropriate.
Qingdao is a city of 8.71 million (the size of Chicago) and a populalr China tourist attraction. Weekends and hoildays during the warm months are going to attract big crowds, weekdays will be less crowded.

Count on investing most of your day at Beijiushui, between the amount of time spent getting there and the time required to walk the entire loop route, you won't have much time to do anything else. The last buses back to Qingdao are at 4:40 pm. I would not depend on finding a taxi at the small town the Tourist Service facility is located.
Written April 28, 2015
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Doncaster, UK307 contributions
How to get there by public transport
Apr 2015 • Solo
Last time I visited the Beijiushui area I was lucky enough to have a Chinese friend to take me. This time I decided to do it myself. The bus 511 runs from the station along Hong Kong Road. I thought about doing it on the Tombsweeping day holiday, but by the time the bus got to my stop, the conductress was trying to push people on and off, so I gave it a miss and tried next day. I would definitely recommend midweek. The problem is the 511 only runs five times a day, and unless you are an early bird, the best one is the one leaving the station at 0830.
Anyway, these buses have conductresses and if you say 'Beijiushui ' and wave kuai notes, they will take the right amount. Mine cost Y5 from Hong Kong Middle Road (confusingly Y6 back). It takes about an hour and drops you at the visitors centre.

Entry is Y 95 and the tour bus drives a few kilometres to the car park. Then you pass some tourist stalls and a riverside path to the main entrance ( you could also cross a bridge to a village if you want facilities). The route is excellent and after a straight section there is a circular route via bridges, waterfalls and a nunnery to a peak about 650m above sea level. Trainers are fine, though it can get breezy. On the way down there are two really good waterfalls, don't miss the one with a lion sculpture on top, it is really amazing.

The convenient bus back is a 311 at 1500. It was packed, and I had to stand for an hour. There is an exceptional 110 bus at 1530 back to town and the last one is a 311 at 1640. A 112 bus seemed to operate from the visitor centre more frequently, but I couldn't work out where it went!

A really great day on Lao Shan again, one of the magic places of China.
Written April 24, 2015
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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