Guaipo Tiger Park

Guaipo Tiger Park, Shenyang: Tickets, Tours, Address, Phone Number, Guaipo Tiger Park Reviews: 3.5/5

Guaipo Tiger Park
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9 reviews
Very good

Shenyang, China342 contributions
Excellent Siberian Tiger Park
Jun 2019 • Friends
Went with some friends to Guaipo Siberian Tiger Park about an hour from Shenyang. You can board the buses for a long tour or short tour. We did the short tour which was ok but afterwards we wish we had done the long bus tour. The longer bus tour had much longer lines and was rather expensive though. For 60 Kui you could feed a live chicken to the tigers and for 1,500 you could throw in a live goat. We opted out of this but the bus driver did stop in the middle of the tour to give a sells pitch for a feeding.
All in all it was a good experience. Lovely beasts!
Written June 29, 2019
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Singapore, Singapore15 contributions
Awful place, no animal welfare
Mar 2017 • Family
Was appalled at the conditions the animals were kept in. Many tigers and exotic cats were kept in tiny enclosures and displayed distressed behaviour, including signs of zoochosis such as swaying from side to side and pacing back and forth.
Written June 3, 2017
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Shenyang, China9 contributions
Guaipo park
Feb 2017 • Friends
Definitely a great place to visit, if you are in Shenyang...
But for me I think it's a nice place to visit during the summer, autumn or spring seasons but not during the winter due to the cold.. people tend to rash through the place because it's very cold they forget to enjoy the place to the fullest
Written February 10, 2017
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Western Australia, Australia385 contributions
Magnificent beasts
Dec 2016 • Family
Venue doesn't look like much from the outside. Reception as well. But the animals looked well cared for and the zoo facilities are a good standard as well - with lions and tigers (including white lions and tigers), bears, and a magnificent liger. You can pay to feed the bears.

The zoo section is rather small - clearly the highlight of the place are the Siberian tigers that you view safari style, i.e. a bus/van (protected by bars) drive around the tiger enclosure.

Worth a visit if you're in Shenyang.
Written December 26, 2016
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Singapore, Singapore4,182 contributions
Thrilling Chase
Sep 2016 • Friends
The most interesting part about the visit is to see how a bunch of tigers hunt a duck. Others spoke about chickens (RMB80) but the duck is actually the most thrilling one. the duck is thrown into a green algae pond. Here a number of tigers will go after the duck. as the tigers pounce on the duck (RMB120), it will dive underwater to escape. There have been ducks that the tigers could not catch and they have to learn to coexist peacefully. there are a number of other animals.
There are also a number of other very cute animals there, conditions are reasonably maintained.
Written October 7, 2016
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Crows Nest, Australia217 contributions
Great zoo experience, and there's so much more!
May 2016 • Couples
Great for solo and families. A must do!

Options to get there.
1. One day tours. I couldn't find any English speaking guides, but if you have a mandarin speaking friend they can find these tours offered to Chinese tourists on baidu. These cost about 110 rmb/person and include park entry (which is normally 80rmb for the tiger park and 20rmb for the strange/magic slope area).
2. There's no train, even though it's close to the train line that goes to Harbin.
3. A taxi will cost you at least 300 rmb, as it about 40klms and an hour drive, and that's without park entry.
4. Using busses is complicated (even for a local), it involves 3 hours travel, no guarantee of air conditioning or a seat.  You'll need to walk between bus stops to catch the next bus,  as well as understand enough mandarin /using baidu to make sure you get off at the right stop to catch the next bus.
5. Find a friend with a car to drive you. But that will cost at least 150 rmb in petrol and an extra 30rmb park entry.

We took the first option and got picked up from shifu square at 9am on a hot Saturday.  It was an air conditioned minibus,  comfortable and with lots of places to sit. It took an hour to get there and stays about 4 hours. (which is enough time to see the whole area).

The tiger park itself is easy to find,  as there are statutes of Tigers everywhere. If you didn't use a tour group, you'll have to buy a ticket for 80 rmb. Once you go inside there are 2 lines, one for the air conditioned, glass enclosed bus ; and one for the "thrilling" cage bus.

The cage bus is safe as the metal is the type used for reinforcing concrete on building sites. Also the seats on the cage bus face to the sides and not the front like a normal bus. It seats about 40 people but there's plenty of room. You are then driven through a couple of enclosed paddocks with "free range" Tigers.  Some were born in captivity and have been there 20 years.  Others were caught in the wild. They all have tags in their ears. Males have tags in the left ear.

On the bus, they stop at a few Tigers lying close to the road. You can all put in money to feed it a live chicken, about 6 yuan each. Then a chicken is thrown at the tiger who pounces on it and eats it. A piece of meat may also be fed to it by the bus driver. In this case, the tiger jumps up to the cage. The thrilling ride costs an extra 10rmb, but it's worth it .

After the ride there are quite a few different animals in enclosures and cages. These include lions, ligers, black jaguars, a rare white lion and a rare white Tiger. There are asiatic bears that do tricks for apples (which you can buy to feed them). One of the bears has no paw, so we guess it was rescued from a restaurant. There is a small red bear as well. There are squirrels, peacocks, llamas and even an Emu.

If there is a baby tiger you can pay 50rmb to hold it and take your own photo. It is very sad to hear the baby cry when it is obviously stressed out by being mishandled and almost dropped by lots of little kids. But without the money it brings in, I suppose it and the other tigers would've been killed for Tiger balm a long time ago.

There's a lot of information about tiger populations over time in different countries as well as the Chinese laws protecting the Tigers and key events in their enforcement. But none of it is in English. No one at the park speaks English either.

All up ,it takes about 1-2 hours to enjoy the tiger park. In summary, it reminds me of private zoos outside of capital cities about 35 years ago. It's not the best zoo, but it is very good and definitely worth going to see and experience.

After the Tiger park, walk up the slope to strange /magic slope. The magic slopes tourist area has a few attractions. As you walk up, there's a reptile park, a water park for kids, a BBQ area that includes paintball (I think), a very short bike ride, statutes of 12 animals, a display of terracotta warriors buried in the earth, 5 huge Buddha statutes (part of a monastery, but accessible to the public), a monastery tower, a lookout, a descent to a water recreation area of 518 steps and grass skiing. We didn't visit /try them all. But I've set out what we did.

There is a very short bike ride included in the 100rmb entrance fee. Anyone (even beginners) can do the ride up and down a 'strange slope'. This is how strange slope got its name.  They say it's easier going uphill that downhill on bicycle. This is the result of an optical illusion.  I couldn't tell the difference however. So, that's a bit of a tourist trap, so don't bother paying for it if you didn't pay the 100rmb entry /take a tour.

There are also statutes of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac.  Many locals find the statue for the animal for the their birth year and take a selfie.

The Terracotta warriors display is worth it and costs 20rmb. It reproduces part of what they found at Xian in the 1970s. There's a lot of information, but none translated into English. From what I'm told it explains that the first Chinese emporer, Ing Jung, buried loads of terracotta warriors with him when he died about 2200 years ago. He had three specialized and professional armies (archers,  horse, foot) to protect him and his city.  He was the one who started a lot of 'firsts' for china. He started the Chin dynasty.  He was the first to unite six countries into one China. When he was in complete control be invented a new word for himself, "emporer".  He was also the first one to bring law to china by making punishment for undesirable behaviors consistent . However, he was very corrupt and cruel. He was the one who started to build the great Wall and damaged society to do so. He had over 10%of the population building the wall and more building his palace and tomb. The workers were all young men who were farmers. So no one could grow enough crops. The dynasty only lasted 50 years because his son was very backward and the peasants went on strike. Interestingly, Mao modeled himself on this emporer by doing similar things such as burning all books.

The Buddha statutes are magnificent and would be an attraction in their own right without any Tigers.

If you continue on up the slope past the Buddha statutes on the left, you'll come to a road on the right which goes to the tower. At the time we went, you couldn't enter the tower as it was undergoing repairs. However to the left are stairs which take you to the highest point in the area. It's easy to make the ascent as the stairs are low and there's only about 100 of them. At the top is a lookout point with a pergola. This is a great place to stop and take in the view while having a picnic. You can continue on to do grass skiing, but we ran out of time. To get back to the tiger park entrance from here is about a 20 minute walk downhill.

All up it cost 140rmb each and took 6 hours including travel time. We were back by 3pm. Well worth the effort to go.
Written May 21, 2016
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Oriental tiger park or guaipo hu yuan
May 2014 • Friends
This has to be seen to be believed. Real tigers in an open field in china... Yep its true. You can catch the dangerous bus - wire mesh enclosed and when the driver chucks a chicken piece out -- omg. Plenty of other animals as well in this chinese style zoo. Best thing - bears who can open drink bottles thrown to them. Theyhave a preference for sweet drinks and leave water til last. It was interesting and fun to say the least. Recommended by skeggles as a must do if in shenyang
Written June 6, 2014
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