Sun Island (Tai Yang Dao)

Sun Island (Tai Yang Dao), Harbin: Hours, Address, Sun Island (Tai Yang Dao) Reviews: 4.5/5

Sun Island (Tai Yang Dao)
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Very good

Amy L
Hangzhou, China533 contributions
I was a little surprised that this place was a lot more expensive than the famous ice festival entrance fee. Despite being overpriced, it’s worth visiting to see the spectacular snow sculptures. These are true works of art, unlike the ice buildings at the main ice festival. It only took a little over an hour to walk through, but you could stay a lot longer if you want to do the ice slides and skating, etc.
Written December 27, 2020
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8 contributions
Have you got some warm undies? Have you already bought shoe warmers, really solid cap, perhps a ski mask? If so you are ready for Tai Yang Dao because it will take you some time there. The price for an adult is 260 rmb, you may think a bit steep but it's worth it as there is a chance you haven't seen anything like this before (and you can always see ice sculptures in Zhaolin Park for free and have the best of both worlds). Some sculptures are say smaller, person size and more "interactive" like a car with Peppa the Pig where you can stick your head to accompany her. Some others are just huge like a six storey building and very artistic. Some depict something existing like the Kremlin (I guess). Some others are just the vision of the snow artist. Can't leave Harbin without this experience. If you freeze completely at some point of your walk through the park there is a minibus which at the expense of 20 rmb will take you to the exit.
Written January 4, 2020
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Carnarvon, Australia27 contributions
This event is spectacular, we went with our 12 year old son. He was equally amazed ,apart from the various structures there was numerous slopes for tobogganing and other means of getting down the slope. We arraigned through our concierge tickets and transport so for us getting there and back was easy. Be aware though the temp when we were there was -20C , so you must be dressed with layers or it will be an early night. However many photos you see or show of this event , they will not convey just how spectacular this event is.
Written January 19, 2020
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Los Angeles, CA40 contributions
I was in Harbin for 1 week and there are many places that offer to see snow sculptures. But if you really want to see some cool designs and huge impressive snow sculptures then you have to come here. I would consider this place a small amusement park/Snow sculpture museum. Had some slides and ice skating toys. It's farely quick to see everything and there are some impressive snow sculptures to see but for the price paid I think it was only worth 3 out of 5 In my opinion especially when most things were not completed yet..

I visited during non peak times during the week and it took less than half a day maybe 2-3 hours to see and do everything. I have added a picture of the map but it seems most is only accessible during non Winter times as only maybe 25% of the snow area on the map was accessible.
Written January 16, 2022
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australia85 contributions
We went during the day with three kids 10/12/14 and wish we had spent more time here. The snow was awesome and there were ice slides of varying kinds and free things to play with in the snow. Very quiet and peaceful with food available. More stuff to do than at the ice festival.
Written January 15, 2020
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Edinburgh, UK10 contributions
omg, so much fun! it was actually not that cold when we went, around -15C compared to it being -28 the day before haha. we had so much fun here, the people working here where friendly too. it's definitely a unique experience, some of the exhibitions are just amazing. I went here in Jan 2020 after being in Japan for a week, and I enjoyed Harbin the most! It's just such a unique experience, I have such fond memories of the time me and my friends spent here and the people we met here :) I will definitely come back the next time I can!

the tip I'd have is to make sure you bring some food with you, because there's not many places to get proper food. me and my friend forgot to do that and were eating lots of crisps in one of the igloos, but I wish we brought some food with us.

make sure you bring warm clothes! if you buy some heat warmer pads, some for your shoes and some for around your stomach and thighs, you actually won't need to wear many layers of clothes! I definitely recommend buying some, I got some before I went but apparently you can buy them in Harbin too, although I didn't see where.
Written November 30, 2020
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10 contributions
Snow sculptures were big and beautiful. There’s a place to warm up and get snacks and warm drinks near the biggest sculptures. Can walk through all of it in one hour, but if you stop and take your time, could maybe make it 2. Would recommend doing it the morning and then going to the ice world in the evening.
Written December 30, 2020
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Washington15,584 contributions
A great visit to Harbin’s Sun Island on 30 December 2020. The cold did not dampen our spirits as this place is BEAUTIFUL. The snow sculptures were breathtaking. I loved the slide that they built right on a frozen lake. So much fun. The ice sculptors are just amazing artists and craftsmen. A must visit for all who pay Harbin a visit during winter.
Written January 2, 2021
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jetaus@ g
Sunshine Coast, Australia11 contributions
There wasn't a lot of reviews or information on how to get your own way to Sun Island.

You can take the cable car (not my thing) ; get a taxi; organise a private car / tour or walk there across the frozen lake.

If you want to walk, it saves some money and is a bit of a novelty and takes no time at all. Your not held captive to taxi driver rates and the inevitable frustrating debate about meter on and correct change.

If you want to walk, head up to the lake - we walked up the main shopping mall street ZhongYang St. When you get to the lake, there are plenty of touts for photos, tours and probably the best purchase we've every made - cheap disposable snow / ice crampons!

The crampons are around CNY30 ($5-6) for a pair and are made of stretchy rubber and metal that go on the bottom of your shoe. They grip the ice and snow and make walking on the lake so much easier and the same for around the park.

You can haggle for a better price but don't wait until you get half way across and you're slipping and sliding. Prices become strangely more expensive when your in the middle of a frozen lake and sitting on your tush from yet another fall.

Once you've walked onto the lake you can either follow the cable car path that is overhead or just walk directly across to where the cable car arrives. It's around a 30 min walk if you are fast on your feet but may take you more or less time depending on you and your group.

On arrival near the cable car building, walk past it and go straight ahead to Entry Point 2. It's a bit of a walk and not really sign posted much in English. But the road is literally behind the cable car building so you can't miss it.

Head down to the Gate. Tickets are sold on the right hand side and were pricey at around CNY $330-360 (approx).

Enter the gate and then you get a small bus which is either waiting or isn't far away abd you get driven to the main attraction.

Keep your tickets out until you get on the bus as they are checked a few times and IMPORTANTLY keep your ticket as you need this for the bus back to the exit.

We spent 3 hours wandering around on the ice and snow looking at sculptures, so the cheap crampons were a dream (although they are looking well worn and are breaking now) and as it's fairly exposed be prepared to wear lots of layers and decent snow boots and gloves.

If you head here later in the morning at around 1100 and stay for 3 hours you can then go over to Harbin Ice & Snow World to catch the ice sculptures in daylight and then dusk.

To get there you need to head to the main entrance of Sun Island and grab a taxi. It's too far to walk but the taxi ride is quite short do a few taxis didn't want the fare or wanted to charge their own rate. One taxi wanted to charge CNY 30. The meter fare was CNY 8, so don't be fooled.

Written January 31, 2018
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Priambudi D
Jakarta, Indonesia157 contributions
Sun island is probably main attraction during winter in Harbin. It is not literally an island, it is just an area in the northern part of Harbin (north of Song Hua river). People usually come to see giant ice and snow sculptures on the playground on a frozen lake. I am just wondering what it will look like during summer when there are no ice and snow sculptures. Here are some additional tips to visit Sun Island based on my visit on January 5, 2019:

1. What To Prepare.
Winter clothes - many reviews have emphasized the importance of three or four-layer clothes (depends on the body condition) to ensure our bodies warm. The average temperature can reach -20 degree Celsius. Body and feet warmers can be useful, simply apply them to the inner clothes and enjoy the warmth.

Try to arrange the visit to Sun Island after visiting other places in Harbin downtown (Central road or Stalin park for example), this will make our bodies adapt the cold weather.

Cash - the ticket price for foreigner is CNY330 per person. There is also special half price but I failed to get that special price during my visit. Some articles say that the special price is for morning visit (from 09:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.). I arrived at the ticketing office around 10:00 a.m. but yet still hard to argue with the staff who do not know English. Usually I use my smartphone to translate during communicating but it was so cold and I wanted to save the battery of my gadgets. Well, perhaps that is the way they conduct the business.

Hot beverages - use thermal bottle to bring hot water. I myself brought ginger drink and was good to keep my body warm whenever I need. There is also a cafe inside the park: Art Space. They sell some snacks and hot beverages. The room inside the cafe is warm and comfortable. I bought a pocket of chicken popcorn and french fries (CNY15 each) and re-filled my thermal bottle with hot water for free.

Batteries for the gadgets - if it is possible bring more than one gadgets and batteries. Cover them with thermal bag.

2. How To Get There.
The most relaxing and efficient way to reach sun island during winter is by cable car or some people call it Harbin rope way. The station which look like a castle in a fairy tale can be found easily near Song Hua river. We can walk for about five to ten minutes to the west from Stalin park or Central road - the main attraction at Song Hua river bank. Inside the station there are many shops selling warm food, beverages, and souvenirs. They also sell winter hats, gloves, and shoes.

The ticket price is CNY50 (one-way) or CNY80 (two-way). The cable cars operate daily from 09:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. No need to queue even in the peak season. The ride is about ten minutes and the cabin which can accommodate up to five or six people is quite warm inside. During the ride we can enjoy the scenery of frozen Song Hua river with some playgrounds in the bank. It makes me wondering why there are some people risking their lives walking across the frozen river to reach Sun Island.

Before I finally decided to take the cable car, I had already asked about taxi cost from my hotel (Ibis Sophia Hotel) to Sun Island. The driver offered CNY450 for one-day-ride and he promised cheaper entrance fee to Snow World at Sun Island. I was not disappointed with my decision, by walking to the station I could enjoy many beautiful spots along the way and I could stop when and where ever I wanted and the cable car ride was a nice experience.

3. How To Get Around.
We can walk and take a ride of free shuttle. Simply show the Sun Island tickets to the driver and we can enjoy the ride. Just try to remember the station you first take the shuttle car in case we get lost and want to go back. Or simply take a picture of landmark near the station and show it to the driver. The route of the shuttle is actually a loop so we will not really get lost.

4. What To See.
The main attraction is enjoying giant ice and snow sculptures in the Snow World. On the playground near the main giant sculpture, visitors of all ages can enjoy many activities on ice: ice biking, skating, sliding etc. There are also other theme parks inside Sun Island: Russian Village, Siberian Tiger Park and Polar Bear Park. I only visited Snow World (giant ice and snow sculptures) and Russian Village.

The Russian Village is next to the cable car station on Sun Island part. The entrance fee is CNY20 per person, the tickets are in the form of passports. The Russian Village is an area with Russian traditional buildings which mostly function as shops that sell many Russian products and souvenirs. I recommend to do short visit here after Snow World and before taking a cable car back to Song Hua river.

5. When And What Time To Visit.
The exhibition of giant ice and snow sculptures usually takes place from late December to February every year. The best time to visit in my opinion is January, when most sculptures are finished. During my visit, there were still some sculptures on progress to finish.

February may also be the best month to visit since the weather is not too cold anymore but do pay attention to the Chinese New Year date. There may be so many local people while many shops and facilities may be closed during the festive days. We need to remember that February is usually the end of winter so some sculptures may melt and the ice playground on the lake may not be safe anymore.

We can visit the park from 09:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m. The best time to visit for families with young children is in the morning when the wind is not so strong and and the sun is still warm. For photo hunters sunset or evening may be the best time with wonderful colors of the sky and the lighting of the sculptures. When ever the time, please always check the weather and the transportation availability.
Written January 8, 2019
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