Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

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Chimelong Ocean Kingdom
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10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Changlong ocean Kingdom located in Zhuhai Hengqin Changlong Ocean International Resort, Changlong group use the accumulated 20 years of experience, the world's top design company, absorb the essence of the global theme park, the use of high-tech and long unique creativity, the full integration of rare marine animal and polar animal, top amusement equipment large entertainment and novelty, to build and build Chinese developed with independent intellectual property rights of the world's top theme park, is the most abundant, the largest and the world's top amusement facilities is also the most imaginative force of the ocean kingdom. Changlong ocean Kingdom has eight theme area, here, we provide you carefully set up a rare animal hall, dynamic recreational facilities, large theater performances, a number of specialty restaurants, theme malls, kiosk and the wonderful parade, Hengqin sea (Lake Center) performing other outdoor performances. Changlong ocean Kingdom won by the themed Entertainment Association (TEA) issued by
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The Sacrilicious
Shenzhen, China224 contributions
Mar 2021 • Couples
This was our first visit and we are still blown away by how much fun we had. The park caters for everyone from thrillseekers to animal lovers and little kids.
The Ocean Aquarium is one of the largest in the world and I could have spent all day there just watching the majestic whale sharks. There is a cafe that has direct viewing windows into the aquarium, providing the most amazing photo opportunities having a coffee watching rays, sharks and schools of trevally swim past.

We loved watching the playful seals and Walruses and you can buy a cup of sardines to throw them a fishy.

There are plenty of entertaining rides like the splashdown boat ride at Mt Walrus, the Parrot Jungle Vertical coaster and the Polar bear express coaster. There are also kid friendly attractions for the little ones.

The bear enclosures could use an upgrade and perhaps more real decor instead of painted murals. There seem to be way a lot more fish in the Amazaon tanks than what should be considered reasonable allocated swimming space. Ditto the bear enclosure,

The park has a very successful captivity breeding program for Beluga Whales. But its a little sad making them perform 3 shows daily. Just watching these gorgeous animals should be the enjoyment enough.

When sun goes down, stick around for the spectacular light and fireworks display on the main lake. There's flyboards, drone displays, fireworks launched from Jetskis and lasers projected onto the giant Whale Shark statue.
I think this expense is where the bulk of your entrance fee goes with the cost of putting this show on every night. It is pretty loud with a sensory overload.

This place is definitely worth a visit, and it also features 2 hotels in the theme park sp getting home to bed is a lot easier than fighting the crowds. We look forward to coming back for another full day of fun.
Written March 21, 2021
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Andrew V
Zhuhai, China34 contributions
May 2019 • Family
Met my match here - a terrifying roller coaster that has kept me on terra firma ever since. The kids couldn’t get enough of it though! Very impressive aquarium. Though we went during a holiday, we never felt that we were waiting too long for anything. Bring your own snacks!
Written April 16, 2020
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Metro Manila, Philippines149 contributions
Dec 2016 • Family
Going to Chimelong Zhuhai (an option I tried this December 2016)
1. go to THE BEVERLY PLAZA Hotel located at Macau City proper (very near GRAND LISBOA)
2. inside Beverly go to the CHINA TRAVEL SERVICE counter stall First Floor
3. buy your ONE WAY ticket to Chimelong Hengqin (30 MOP), select your desired time
4. board the bus in front of Hotel Beverly
5. bus ride towards Lotus Border Gate will take approx 20 minutes including STOPOVER at Taipa Ferry Terminal.
6. alight the bus at Lotus Border Gate for Macau Departure documentations
7. ride again that same bus waiting at the other side of Border Gate after you EXIT Macau
8. bus will bring you to HengQin Port for China Arrival documentations
9. ride again that same bus waiting at the other side of HengQin Port after your China entry
10. bus ride approximately 27 minutes to HengQin Bay Hotel
YOU HAVE ARRIVED at ChimeLong Complex...use the different free shuttles to navigate through the 3 hotels:
HengQin Bay Hotel(Dolphin), Circus Hotel(Clowns) near CIRCUS TENT, Penguin Hotel (nearest to the CHIMELONG PARK)
Written December 28, 2016
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Jo Z
Melbourne, Australia2 contributions
Jul 2014 • Family
I visited this "Ocean Kingdom" last summer and it was awfully disappointing. By the end of the trip I had lost faith in the human race and it absolutely disgusts me to see how highly rated this establishment is rated on Trip Advisor.

As I mentioned before, I went during summer. It was a sweltering, unbelievably humid, 30 degree Celsius day. The polar bear "habitat" was nothing but rooms with what looked like plastic fake snow. The animals were understandably, and unsurprisingly, laid out and lifeless. Chimelong's widely boasted about "largest glass aquarium"? An absolute farce. The coral is made out of cement. There was actually a scuba diver scrubbing fish excrement off the fake, dull, grey corals. The fish in the tank were no better. It was pretty much your typical Chinese restaurant fish tank, only supersized with a few baby whale sharks thrown in.

If you're hoping to learn anything about the captive animals you've seen; bad luck. Apart from a signs with large, childish fonts with general knowledge like "Jellyfish are made up of 95% water!", there are no English descriptions. And the Chinese signage fairs no better.

The most aggravating part of the trip was the outdoor brown bear torture enclosure. Adapted to icy, cool climates, these bears were left out in the humid ZhuHai summer with no means of cooling themselves. Not even an ice block. The poor animals were even showing signs of decaying mental health and stereotypy. A man passing by laughed at one of the bear's repetitive head-shaking and told his young daughter in chinese "Ha ha, that bear keeps saying no!". It seemed to me only the uneducated could enjoy this "kingdom". Not to mention this place is advertised as an ocean themed park, the Brown Bears are absolutely unnecessary to this theme, and there wasn't even adequate facilities to house these creatures.

We spent the whole day at Chimelong, and only went on one of the rides due to the outrageous lines. We spent 30 min in line for a rocking boat ride.

Although Chimelong may be big, and have six Guinness world records, it all means nothing when the establishment itself lacks care, passion, and genuine interest towards to animals that they exhibit. And unfortunately, Chimelong lacks just that. They treat their animals like inanimate money magnets. It works, but it also shows.
Written May 7, 2015
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Huda Ali
Singapore, Singapore47 contributions
Sep 2018
This is for all theme park lovers out there. I would suggest to spend the whole day here. Most rides requires a min height of 1.2m. There are a few rides for kids below the height limit. Best time to visit is in November. September is scorching hot and you might not enjoy the heat.
Written September 11, 2018
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Ganesh C
Puchong, Malaysia8 contributions
Oct 2014 • Family
i got lots to write but it will just make things confusing.. i did a lot of prep work, spoke nor read no chinese..

in short.. this place is a must go place.. the thing is transportation to this place sucks.. either u take a car, a tour or a few public buses.. i doubt taxis are going to be a two way option or its going to be cheap.. the location is kinda remote and tucked in a quiet area.

my wife, my 4yr daugther and myself used the public bus and it was not that difficult as long u do your homework.. there are a few ways to go from hongkong, macau and china..

we came from guangzhou, using the highspeed intercity railway, we stopped at the last stop, zhuhai station. Zhuhai station is also beside the gongbei port which leads to macau.

Infront of gongbei port towards china, there is an underground port plaza which has an underground bus stop. We took the K10 bus and headed towards the last stop, changlong bus station. The correct direction is when u ask the bus driver. Just say Chang Long. The other opposite wrong direction is Ji Da as its last stop. ChimeLong Ocean Kingdom is a.k.a ChangLong Ocean Kingdom.

The last stop stops exactly inside the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. No need to walk far. We went during off peak season because I read the bus can get crazy loaded with people.

The next tip is to go early and leave early to avoid huge crowd. Go early to get the early shows as well, dolphin show and beluga shows are good. We cant bring water/food in, but try to avoid the restaurants, we tried them, the food are not that great and they are really expensive. I would suggest to get the chicken burgers selling from the stalls all around the place. Avoid the ice cones as they are too sweet. Water bottles are not expensive from the stalls, you can also get ice creams and soft drinks.

You will need to walk alot. Bring a hat/cap if you fear the heat or a tan. Wear light. Be prepared for tour groups rushing around. We got really tired and skipped the last exhibit. We took the bus back around 4.30 and got a seating seat. Its about an hour back as well to the gongbei port.

There were polar bears, walruses, dolphin, brown bears, belugas, whale sharks, rays.. etc.. all well kept clean and happy.

good luck
Written October 19, 2014
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Hong Kong, China196 contributions
May 2014 • Business
The entrance of the park is impressive with a huge screen overhead. However once you keep on walking through the park its less impressive. The stingray space was tiny. The largest glass aquarium was impressive but then you see the bears which is awful. The brown bears had a tiny space right in front of the polar bears behind glass. As said not to go if you love animals
Written July 7, 2014
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12 contributions
Aug 2014 • Friends
We went to the Ocean Kingdom by taxi. The park was amazing and we enjoyed. However, the nightmare was coming when we left. After the firework at 8:30, we walked with the thousands crowds for an hour before we reached the bus stop. When the bus came, hundreds of people rushed to stop the bus before it reached the bus stop. The mob squeezed into the bus, pushed each other, screamed.... one even climbed through the window. The bus was overloaded, the door was blocked but people did not get off..... We waited... but we were afraid that we were left in that remote area, therefore we took a deep breath and followed the mob to squeezed into the bus. Our bodies were pressed and we could not breath. The bus took 1.5 hour to reach the city centre as there were so many cars on the road. We arrived the hotel after 12:00. Felt like a survior of a disaster. Goodness me! The joy was covered with the nightmare.
Tips: Either join the tour or drive your car. Don't wish a luck for catching a taxi or a bus. Or you may come to Hong Kong Ocean Park instead. It's smaller but the transportation is good.
Written August 19, 2014
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

The Hague, The Netherlands2 contributions
Aug 2019
After hearing so much about Chimelong we decided to go and check it out. There were many many problems.
1. The amount of people. We had to wait in line for hours just to go on a ride (regardless if it was small or big) and also for the animal exhibits.
2. The poor, poor animals. Those animals were living in concrete painted to look like its habitat rooms. No ice/snow for the arctic animals. All the animals were going crazy walking back and forth because their enclosures were tiny. Their nails were over grown and because of the concrete floors they had trouble walking. All animals looked malnourished. Just disgusting treatment for the beautiful creatures.
3. The park isn’t big. There aren’t a lot of rides for a price similar to a bigger amusement park like Ocean Park or Disney Land.

If you want to have fun and not feel bad about the animals go to Hong Kong’s Disney Land or Ocean park. Worth the money and time.

Chimelong is generating so much money, they just choose to not take care of their animals.
Written August 18, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Lotte Y
7 contributions
Apr 2017 • Couples
I was supposed to give 4 stars to Ocean Kingdom, until I saw the brown bears, polar bears and the polars foxes who were all suffering and looked very sad, they seems having anxiety disorder or emotional disease that didn't have enough space to move and expose to the public. I have checked on the internet that one of the polar bear had walked from and to a 4meters route for a few years many hours a day. It was pretty sad that they don't even have anything to play. I still feel regret travelling there tho the trip finished a dew days ago.
Written April 17, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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