Humen Naval Museum

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Humen Naval Museum
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Very good

Douglas M
Guangzhou, China1,973 contributions
Still Excellent
Jul 2020
Before visiting this museum, we had visited WeiYuan Fort which is a short walk away in the same park. How SWMBO and I got to and into the park is in that review.
Suffice to say that hopefully the travel and the park entrance procedures will simplify, especially for foreigners, over the next few months.

There’s so much to see in this museum. It’s not just about naval battles, it’s a rather detailed history of military and social affairs from the late 1700’s to the beginning of the PRC in 1949. Then add in displays about the English Civil War (labelled as The British Bourgeois Revolution), the English monarchy, The French Revolution, The Industrial Revolution, scientific developments, navigation developments. Now add displays about nearly every battle in and around Humen with maps, of course there’s mention of the Opium Wars. Then add in the effects of the French, Russian, Americans, Japanese in China and especially the British. Even the transportation of convicts to Australia is there to show how nasty we Brits were. I mustn’t forget the failings of the Qing’s are also given a good airing. Lots of photographs, paintings, memorabilia and ephemera to keep your interest. All signage is in both Chinese and English.

There’s a nice gift shop but unfortunately nothing specific to the Naval Museum or WeiYuan Fort just the usual tourist trinkets which was rather a pity.

There’s no café in the museum and toilets are outside. There are places to sit and rest weary legs. I’d say at least two hours for a quick gander at the museum, or half-a-day if you’re a history buff but by then you’ll be overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of information presented. Even on my second visit I saw exhibits that I’d overlooked the first time.

A visit will certainly give you some understanding of how many Chinese view their history and the present world.

At 5 o’clock we took our leave and wandered out of the park. A leisurely stroll along the promenade to see the ships anchored in the distance waiting to unload at NanSha port. Then we jumped on the No. 238 bus and after a 30-minute journey were at the HuMen Bus Station.

We had to wait another hour to get the 7 o’clock and last coach back to GuangZhou which took another hour and a quarter, and then a taxi home.
The lady who was ushering us onto the coach to GuangZhou reckoned that this coach service will be axed by the end of the year as there’s just not enough passengers to justify a service. A couple of years ago there were four or five coaches a day both ways, now it’s just two.

Next time I think we’ll take a train to DongGuan Railway Station, then the Donguan Rail Transit all the way to the Humen Railway Station, and then a No. 229 bus to the park. Alternatively get off at HuMen GaoTie station and get the No. 212 bus. Now that’s another journey to look forward to!
Written July 2, 2020
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Douglas M
Guangzhou, China1,973 contributions
The Sea Battle Museum is its other name
Oct 2018 • Couples
A couple or three weeks ago, SWMBO and I ventured to the Opium War Museum (TA reviewed) which is also in HuMen. Once we’d experienced the delight of the one hour twenty-minute coach trip from the modernish GuangZhou’s Coach Station to the decrepit one at HuMen, we couldn’t wait to do it again.

On this particular Thursday, GZ’s coach station was heaving. No idea why, but then again, most places in the city heave with people. We joined one of the many long queues for bus tickets and eventually SWMBO got two for the one o’clock bus to HuMen, don’t forget your passport is required as your name appears on the tickets. They were 45 Yuan each.

Note: When buying rail or bus tickets if you can’t speak Chinese, and even if you can utter a few words, have the name of destination’s coach or train station (some places have more than one) written down in Chinese characters on paper. Show it to the girl (they usually are girls) as they don’t have time to mess around especially trying to understand foreigners.

We passed quickly through the security scan, and at a quarter-to-one we joined the queue for the coach. It was a couple of minutes late which wasn’t appreciated by the locals.

Note: In China trains and buses depart and usually arrive at the expected times.

Anecdote: Many years ago, at GZ East Station SWMBO and I were standing waiting for the train to ChangSha, a very brave lady with a megaphone announced it was going to be twenty minutes late. Immediately an old chap sprung out of his seat and offered it to me, at the same time shouting at her this was a national disgrace, especially when a foreigner was travelling!

Anyway, at twenty-past two we arrived at HuMen’s coach/bus terminal. Now the fun started! SWMBO approached the line of waiting taxis and was accosted by various touts offering all sorts of unbeatable deals on travel and accommodation. She shouts Naval Museum, 50 Yuan they chorus. SWMBO laughs and tells them what she thinks of them and their mothers. They laugh and come down to 45 Yuan, she stands by a taxi and again shouts Naval Museum. A guy sitting on the boot of the taxi, says 40 Yuan and adds all foreigners are rich. In my best Mandarin Chinese, I tell them all ‘I’m very poor.’ Laughs all round. The taxi driver takes pity on me and yells 35, he’s got two passengers and we jump in.

A twenty-minute ride through downtown HuMen ensues. The more I see of this town the more I like with its lots of little shops and restaurants. SWMBO is not impressed as nothing can compare with GZ! We’re dumped outside the park in which the museum and WeiYuan Fort are situated.

No entrance fee, but you need your passport.

As we strolled to the museum, we got a great view of the Bocca Tigris (the old name British name for this part of the river) and the amazing HuMen bridge stretching over to NanSha.

Naval cadets in their smart white uniforms milled around outside the museum. Obviously, a visit is part of their curriculum.

The museum is modern, and it shows in the layout, lighting and exhibits. It’s called both the Naval Museum and the Sea Battle Museum, but really it’s a continuation of the Opium War Museum. To put it bluntly, the Opium War Museum is about the lead-up to the First Opium War, while this museum is about the First and Second wars but tending towards the fighting at sea or near the sea, especially in the Bocca Tigris and Pearl River.

The displays generally have Qing dynasty on one side of the room while the foreigners (mostly British) on the other side. There is so much to see, and all signage has good English translations.

I confess to be a bit of a history buff especially about the Industrial Revolution and the Opium Wars, but this museum surpasses my knowledge. The more I saw the more impressed I became. I’ve no idea where they’ve got all the stuff, mainly British, French and of course Qing Chinese from, but it’s amazing.

It just goes on and on, display after display, then the First morphs in the second Opium War and then into the French-Simo war, and finally into the various wars with Japan and Russia. I think there’s more to see but by then it was five o’clock and we were ushered very politely outside.

Be aware, there are no toilets in the museum. They’re in the park. Also there’s no snacks sold in the park.

Be also aware that some explanations aren’t complimentary about the British but they’re expressing the opinion of the time and not now.

I wanted to wander off to the WeiYuan Fort but it was not to be. SWMBO and I were again politely ushered towards the park’s entrance as it closes at five-thirty.
Getting back to the coach station was easy! Amazingly, the #16 bus departs from outside the main gate which actually stops in the coach station. The fare was 1 Yaun each. No change is given on buses, however there’s plenty of snack bars and tourist tat shops by the main gate where a large denomination note can be used to purchase a snack or a trinket. I enjoyed the bus ride, a lot better than a taxi as you see so much more from higher up, mind you it wasn’t that much slower!

At the coach/bus station we purchased tickets to GZ coach terminal and went to stand ‘C’ which seems to be the usual one for GZ.

This is definitely a must go again place, but next time we’ll get there much earlier so I (SWMBO isn’t into history) can see more. A walk to WeiYun Fort is also a must. All-in-all a brilliant museum.
Written October 19, 2018
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Kylie M
Victoria74 contributions
Museum Walks
Sep 2018 • Business
This musuem has changed and improved from when I first went a few years back. Interesting relics and a good accompanment for the Lin Zexu Musuem and War Fort vist.

Very easy to navigate.
Written September 10, 2018
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Arnold Chn
San Francisco, CA70 contributions
A great nautical
Jun 2018 • Friends
The museum depicts a great historical perspective concerning the nautical history of Dongguan. A lesser known maritime history than Guangzhou but pivotal in Defense of the Pearl River Delta.
Written July 15, 2018
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Edgar S
Hong Kong, China1,432 contributions
A real treat and wonderful museum experience
Sep 2017 • Couples
The museum is full of wonderful surprises. The exhibition halls (many of them) are so well and professionally executed, that one forgets the time spent. The place does not only shows the Opium Wars between the British and the Chinese but includes many other evolutions and changes since the wars. Well described in details both in Chinese and English and not to mention all the interaction halls, where one travels back in time, to see 3D shows and feel in person how it was in the past. A really awesome place to be. Take at least 2 or more hours to visit the museum but you won't be disappointed at all. The museum and park feature too, the place where the Chinese burned the opium taken from the British and a real fortress where the Chinese cannons stood against their invaders coming in from the Pearl River delta. Do visit, you won't be disappointed.
Written September 22, 2017
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Michael Sherlock
Dili, East Timor3,439 contributions
Feb 2017 • Business
They have a lot of exhibits about the British and the Opium Wars - this is some more is you want to understand and see of the original items
Written May 6, 2017
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Paris, France188 contributions
When this reopens,
May 2016 • Solo
do visit. The exhibits are generally interesting and reasonably presented. Do be aware the information presented therein is from a Chinese historical viewpoint which is neither precise nor historically accurate. This said, it is their museum and one of the better ones in the Province.
Written June 18, 2016
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Zipaquira, Colombia85 contributions
Closed for renovation
Jan 2016 • Solo
Unfortunately now (Jan 1, 2016) closed for renovation. No information on reopening. However the other attractions at this location are still open and certainly worth visiting
Written January 3, 2016
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Los Angeles, CA52 contributions
A lot to learn!!!
Aug 2015 • Solo
The entrance to the museum is FREE!!! and the grounds are beautifully maintained. I'm surprised that there's no crowd in August 2015. There's a lot to learn .... Guangdong history, Opium War, Hongkong takeover by the British, etc. You'll find English captions on most items. You can also see the famous Humen Bridge & The Fort outside the museum.
Written September 10, 2015
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Wollongong, Australia149 contributions
Excellent - an important reminder to see many sides of history
Jan 2013 • Couples
Excellent!! See other review of opium museum, as they are now together .... I wish more high school "kids" could visit these. ....
Written January 27, 2013
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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