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An unrivalled entertainment destination, 360° encapsulates the cosmopolitan modernity of new Dubai – an iconic, energetic and trendy party capital for residents and visitors alike. Nestled at the end of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel walkway, 360° boasts the best views in Dubai – nowhere else in the city offers panoramas of the luxurious Burj Al Arab and the sweeping waters of the Arabian Gulf. Promising the best night out for everyone, 360° features leading local and international DJs playing an eclectic mix of dance, house, hip-hop and R&B on its stunning deck and an indoor restaurant lounge and nightclub, The NineZero. With an à la carte menu of theatrical Pan-Asian seafood available at The NineZero and lounge-style deck, Dubai’s trendiest and best-dressed urbanites also feast and drink in style every Thursday night at the venue’s popular evening brunch concept, 180°. The best place in Dubai for a magical, once-in-a-lifetime sunset experience, the 360° team counts award winning, world-class mixologists and bartenders curating a cocktail menu of popular favourites and homegrown creations that make 360° Dubai’s unrivalled evening destination. All visitors must be 21 years or above and must have an original ID, Passport, or Driver license to present upon arrival.
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970 reviews
Very good

Dan Pontarlier
Paris, France130 contributions
One of the best clubs in Dubai with amazing views, in the middle of the sea. The ambiance is great, with nice music and drinks access through the Jumeirah hotel nearby.
In case of flying back to Dubaï, i'll be there again for sure!
Written November 16, 2014
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London, UK105 contributions
This bar has the wow factor! You can take a buggy or just walk to the end of the pier if your near the Jumeirah Beach hotel. One of the best bars I have been too! Didn't get to try the food just went for drinks. Great cocktails though they can be pricey, music was good, you can chill until late in the night. Highlight is the view, amazing panoramic views! Also bring ID as the security are strict. Overall a must visit.
Written September 20, 2015
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Washington DC, DC1 contribution
Jun 2014 • Solo
First off, let me say that the food in the restaurant portion downstairs was fantastic. The Sashimi was delicious, the presentation unique, and the fish very fresh. The wasabi was a bit crumbly and not quite as malleable as what you would receive in Japan. Also, there was no ginger to cleanse the palate but fresh sliced cucumber instead. For dessert the chocolate mousse was amazing.

The downside to my lovely dinner was this: I am a woman, who was dining alone, and treated very differently than any other guests in the restaurant. I should preface this with the fact that I am in my early thirties, blonde, and Caucasian. I was dressed appropriately for the region, long dress that covered to my ankles and a bolero over my shoulders and upper arms. That did not stop the hostesses from asking several questions about where I came from and where I was staying. At my table I was then asked to write down my personal information, including address and phone number. I saw no other guests were required to do this, no one else questioned on where they were staying… they were treated like normal guests. I was treated like a prostitute.

I am aware the blonde young women are commonly mistaken for Russian prostitutes in Dubai, my husband had warned me that this might happen… but I certainly did not expect for it to happen at such a well-known location; especially considering the price point of that restaurant.

Since I returned home to Doha, the expats here have gotten a good laugh out of it. I laughed it off too… but if you are a woman traveling alone, as I was, and you want to enjoy a fine dining experience with out the entire restaurant watching you be pressured into sharing your private details and singling you out, chose another restaurant.

I won’t be going back.
Written July 4, 2014
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Dubai1 contribution
360 degrees is rated as one of the best pubs in the whole world. What one does not know is that this 'best' pub have employed staff who do not know how to treat their guests. Being in Dubai myself, I have been to the pub a couple of times in the past. But just last week when a couple of friends had come to Dubai for vacation, I took them to this place..where we were stopped by an Asian bouncer, he was so rude and made us feel like dirt, only cos we had no reservations to enter the pub. Thats not all, when we had just started walking away, we noticed the bouncer let a British couple walk in, although they had no reservations. When he was questioned by us, he got so nasty and said a lot of cheap things.
Even the hotel manager (Mr. Kirti) was not helpful. The least the Manager could do was ask the bouncer to apologize. But we were literally asked to leave! It was one of the worst experience ever.
Well I guess Jumeriah Beach Hotel do not follow the traditional "Customer is King" policy.
If you want to experience racism in Dubai... 360 is the best place to go to!
Written April 7, 2010
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Bengaluru, India24 contributions
Maybe a beautiful hotel but we had the worst experience ever. As we tried to enter 360 degrees along with my husband and our friends, another couple; we were told that we cannot enter without a reservation or being on the guest list. Fair enough. There was another couple *sorry to be saying this; but they were a white couple* who also tried to enter and was told to wait on the side. We waited for a bit along with them and then as we walked away, the American/European couple was allowed to enter. There was no phone call from any one *which is what the hotel staff claim*. We of course went back and raised a complaint. This was the least of our problems. Then comes a Manager there in a black suit and red tie, who yelled rudely at our friend's wife. The four of us of course had an arguement with him and when I asked him particularly, how he could yell at a guest; his exact words were "A woman cannot point a finger at me!" I think he was from the Stone Age era or something even more primitive than that. He seemed awfully surprised that our husbands were still angry with him; since according to him thats the way of life. The woman cannot say anything or raise her voice with him. Upon demanding to see the manager and wanting to lodge an official complaint, he refused to divulge his name. We do know that the manager at 360 is Dileep/Dilip. But I do not know exactly if this person was Dilip. We went to Kirti Anchan, the duty manager at Jumeirah. But as we walked away, we saw our man make a phone call. Kirti tells us that this man said that we used abusive language with him. We in fact hadn't; though we now think we perhaps should have! We spoke calmly to Kirti and he, while being politically correct, responded that he will have to investigate this since its our word against "our stone age man's" word and said a half empty sorry and basically got us to leave. They even had their security guards ready to throw us out if need be! We were all decently dressed; absolutely sober; and only looking for a good time on our holiday, and certainly not for a fight! He has given us his email id, and I have sent him an email. Now I'd like to see what he has to say. I would genuinely like an apology and would love to see that man fired as a matter of principle more than anything else. While the property may or may not be brilliant; being in this industry, they sure as heck need to learn more than a thing or two about hospitality. We should have called the cops, but we didn't. That was our mistake.
Written April 5, 2010
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Stockholm County, Sweden9 contributions
May 2014 • Solo
If you like to party, get drunk, get crazy and have fun. than 360 is not it, 360 is just a bar with a nice view in the ocean, typical funk music and 30 + classy people no crazyness happens in this bar.
Written February 10, 2015
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Edinburgh, UK147 contributions
This place is completley overpriced & the staff are the rudest I have ever come across, namely, John, Mary Ann & Andrii. They have no idea how to speak to customers which is surprising when you're in Dubai and most places have excellent customer service. The views are great, security staff are friendly & the toilets are spotless but the prices are simply not worth it. Definitely wouldn't reccomend this place, if the staff were polite I would have changed my review to average.
Written February 5, 2017
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London, UK49 contributions
I came here with 4 other girls and I was the only black girl whilst all my friends are white. After stamping all my friends, the guy with the stamp REFUSED to stamp me because and I qoute "don't you work here? Employee's don't get stamped". I asked him to repeat himself and when he did, I asked if he was crazy?

This is the first time I've been to 360 and this employee wanted to achieve nothing but try to deter me off entering by embarrassing me. What he didn't count on was my friends shouting at him and asking to speak to a manager. As a working professional, never in my life have I ever had to ARGUE about whether I work somewhere or not.

He finally backed down and tried to stamp me but at this point I didn't want to go in anymore. Now my friends ended up convincing me to not let him ruin our night and go inside when we'd travelled so far to reach it. To be fair the view and music was great. However we won't be going back. please don't give this establishment your money until they get rid of their racist door staff!
Written April 19, 2017
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Hawalli, Kuwait5 contributions
This review is about the 360 bar:
Last Friday night my colleagues and I went to celebrate my farewell party in 360 as I am leaving my GRM position for another 5* hotel in the city. My boss had taken care of the booking but unfortunately the arrogant lady at the door was not able to find our booking. Not that she was really trying because even when my boss handed over his phone with your own Chief Concierge on the line she was not willing to take it. After waiting for 30-45 minutes outside and being ignored and embarrased we were able to get in. Of course we did not get an apology for the way we were treated, (I was accompanied by a very multi cultural group of people which was obviously not the kind of crowd you were trying to attract) and from that moment onwards it was getting worse and worse.

We arrived at the pier with our wristbands and our reservation, but still we were not allowed to get in for some reason. We patiently waited and waited and after 10 min we asked to speak to a manager, who never showed up. At a certain point, someone decided that we could go in to enjoy one last drink outside on the terrace as it was already 1.30 AM. After 30 minutes everyone was asked to go inside for one more hour and that is were we continued our party until 3:00 AM. Just after we had ordered our last round of drinks 2 bouncers came to our table to kick us out, there was no discussion possible and no time to finish the overpriced drinks we just bought, because we were litteraly pushed out of the club. Now, none of us was really drunk or did disturb any other person, we were just enjoying the music while chatting at a table, but still this was a reason for the bouncers to treat us like animals and kick us out like that (trust me, I know the policies as I am working as a manager in a hotel myself but I also understand how to explain to a guest that it is time to leave) The people working in your bar should not wear the Jumeirah name badge as they are not worth it.

When we went outside, one of my colleagues wanted to give some comments to the manager about our experience so a guy in a suit appeared who I think is just hired to stand there for the drunk people to talk to, but we were not drunk only frustrated. He listened to our comments but instead of apologising he involved some more bouncers which was really overreacting as we were still not causing any problem. The only thing the guy in the suit had to say was: we are closing it is time to go. Everytime we asked to speak to a manager, we were forwarded from one monkey to the next. By the end of the night we still did not speak to a manager and we were still not taken seriously by your staff.

This whole experience was just embarrasing for us. As hoteliers we know how to deal with guests and this is not the way. It was obvious that there was a discrimination going on in your place, and although we were all dressed up according to your standards we were treated like animals by your staff.
Written January 19, 2014
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Bedfordshire9 contributions
Apr 2013 • Friends
Shocking service! Rude staff and even ruder guests.

I'd put my name and three others down on guest list. The lady on the door refused to check if our names were on the list, insisting that if I had put our names down we surely would have printed out the confirmation. All this being said while a huge queue of people in front went through without a reservation. So why it even mattered who knows! After some time arguing with the lady, she finally decided to check the list and told me my name wasn’t down. My friend peered over at the iPad and spotted my name at the very top of the list. After some more attitude we were let through.

Eventually we went in and decided to leave straight away as the attitude of the people in the bar matched the lady’s working at the entrance. 360 is definitely not what I remember it to be. What a shame!

Not worth the headache and pretentiousness, far better bars in Dubai.
Written April 24, 2013
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