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Dubai Safaris Tour is well known working in Middle East serving its customers from all of over the world. Apart from issuance of Visa, we excel into designing tailor made customer packages which includes Desert Safari, Dhow Cruise, City tour, trip to entire city of Abu Dhabi,the great Ferrari World and much more for our valued customers according to the time duration and budget for our customers here in Dubai because we believe to prosper in tourism industry by entertaining our customers. Come and have the experience of the World’s largest building, Gold Cars, Flying Board and things that are not available in any part of the World. Allow us to take care of your Vacations in a way that your Vacations become memorable
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates4 contributions
Good experience to visit the points of interest of Abu Dhabi and drive around the emirate. Zaid, the tour guide, was very friendly!
Written March 9, 2023
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Singapore, Singapore550 contributions
Sep 2022
We are speechless to say the least!!! This is ultimately a one of a kind, unique experience for us coming from a Tropical place without a desert. Growing up, we only see and read about the Arabian Deserts and Nights from TV shows, Movies, Books, and of course the Internet. The latest I've seen an actual sand dune was during a layover in Dubai airport outside on my way to Amsterdam in 2013. Since then, my plan to actually visit one of the Arabian cities and experience what an actual Desert look like has been postponed so many times. Fast track 2022, just after the intense Covid-19 pandemic lockdown when most of my usual go to places are still closed like Japan and far away places like Europe and US are way off our budget. We decided to look somewhere in the middle ground and open and most of all affordable. There's one place that's checked in all our list and its Dubai!!! Finally its happening and indeed we were there standing in the Deserts of Sharjah just an hours drive from our hotel in Downtown Dubai. The pictures, video and texts I've read and seen all through out my life is finally becoming a reality. We embarked on a weeklong trip to Dubai and visiting its Desert and try its tons of activities and adventures is our planned agenda on my birthday on the 9th of September. It is a must visit especially on our first trip to one of the most highly rated places on the planet and one of the must do when you visit Dubai or the UAE is to do the Desert Safari. We came in middle of Sept 2022 and it was still near the end of Summer meaning the days will be Super Hot well into their 40s especially at the peak times. But this is also the best time to go to Dubai if you’e looking for a cheap flight and accomodations it will be half of the price during Dubai’s winter. Since were accustomed in living in the Tropics - Singapore, Bangkok and Manila we are used to hot weather so we can bear with it. We booked Dubai Safar tour for a Sunset Safari which includes ATV Quad, Dune Bashing, Falcon photos, Camel ride and BBQ Buffet Dinner with Live Shows. I booked them via Wassup for 2 people and it only costs us 40 SGD each with pick-up and drop-off service at our hotel - nothing could get better than this deal. Just FYI, if you would like to try the activites prices are not included in the trip only the short Camel ride and Dinner/Live shows are included. They picked us around 3 PM just after our lunch on our way to the Desert outskirts of Dubai but in my Google maps it is showing as Sharjah, another Emirati in the UAE. We joined a group in a Toyota Fortuner which can seat around 8 people including the driver. Little did we know this will be the same vehicle we will use in the Dune Bashing - the most thrilling and unforgettable experience I ever had. The ride to the deserts were smooth and no traffic and the views are scenic and panoramic. From the tall skyscrapers in Downtown Dubai it has transformed into a rustic Desert scene with Caramel Brown sand dunes, desert sands, and Date Palm trees surrounding us on each sides. It was my first ever Desert scenery and experience and glad we made it. We arrived just before an hour on our first itenerary - ATV Quad Biking and since its not part of what we paid for the trip, you will need to pay upfront if you would like to try. We decided to opt out of it and just sat in the park surrounding the sand dunes and watched them ride it. It was already the peak of afternoon heat so we were dripping wet with sweat but luckily its a bit windy sometimes so it alleviates the humidity but the air is still incredibly dry. The area was also packed with many tourists each has their own set of agendas. I also noticed some Ghutra or Emirate Heeaddress being sold, photo ops with Falcon, the cultural icons of UAE and many more. It was also our first time see the Arabian Camels resting just near the parking area - what a moment to start our Desert Safari seeing those majestic brown Arabian Camels of different sizes and postures. We spent almost 2 hours in the place as supposed to a short 30 mins because many of our group decided to try it and it took them a while. It’s almost 6 in the evening when we left Sharjah Rafadah on to our next activity - Dune Bashing. The lengthy 2 hours we spent here was due to the fact that our vehicles tires got flat and needs to be replaced and the long time our groupmates did the ATV. At the same time, the driver asked us to seat at the back from the center which is a bit uncomfortable especially with its very flat seat cushions. We have no idea that time that Dune Bashing is next since the driver didn’t tell us and we were quite in shock really. Regardless, we made our way to Great Mighty Dunes of Sharjah with the perfect sunset just over the horizon and almost twilight. The 20 mins ride along the high and massive Dunes was for us the most intense experience we had in our lives - similar to a scary air turbulence or crushing waves in the sea this is another out of the world experience. Mind you that we need to buckle up and the driver did warn us, make sure all your items are in the bag and secure your things in place because everything will fall and be in haywire. To add to this craziness, we were placed at the back of Toyota were the bump are the highest and strongest. All I could see are the never ending sand dunes up and down, hazy orange skies, other 4x4s mostly Toyota and lots of sands. Everything was so fast that I could barely react and my iPhone is just capturing whatever it can, my butt is a bit stressed with all the bumps maybe a hundred of them I’ve experience. I did my best to capture in photos and videos of my iPhone while my left hand is holding the grab handle on top. There were some seconds where we hit flat sands but all around us is just up and down. Luckily my phone is safe and secure and only my backpack fell on the car floor but nothing fragile inside it. The penulminate part of our Dune Bashings sends us on a high sand dune with an ample space on top to walk for many people. Our 4x4 was just parked below a massive sand dune on a flat area, we walked up a bit on top of the sand and from here we got the best view of the Sunset in the Middle East - my first even in this part of the world. It was breath taking and we were speechless - its the perfect time of the day to be here. The perfect sunset and timing where the sun is now settling in giving in to Twilight before the night takes over. The shades of sky blue skies, Orange Sunset and Caramel Brown sands of the Desert is what I’ve envisioned and seen in books, photos, videos and the internet. And finally it happened, but wait there’s more this is also the spot were you could get that perfect photo with the Falcon which is what I’ve been eyeing for. I thought I’ve missed taking photos with the Falcon in the ATV area but this one tops it all off. The Greyish Falcon with Black and White spots is almost 3/4 of my arms length with its body size not counting when it stretches its wing where it could reach up to 3 feet or 91 cm in mh estimates. The huge round black eyes and sharp beaks gives its reputation as a Bird of Prey suited for hunting and a symbol of strength and power - no wonder its an icon of the UAE. I have to take my photos and videos with this mighty bird but must pay around 20 dirhams for the quick photo op and I did it without any hesitations. I asked a member of our group to help me take those lovely photos and videos and he did it cinematically - it was one of the best videos I ever had with an animal!!! It was beautiful, raw, natural, a masterpiece!!! I will never ever forget this video and the person who did it for me - if you’re reading my review yes you did it for me and Thank you!!! At this place, I also touched for the first time the Desert sands and much to my surprise it was a bt thicker and rougher than Beach sands and so now I know the difference between them. Just after half past 6 in the evening we headed off to our next destination - the Camel Ride and BBQ Buffet Dinner with Live Shows. The ride going to Bilaydah, the driver took the more flat sands and low sand dunes which is a bit less bumpy as compared half an hour ago. We arrived at the place just past 7 in the evening and the surroundings just turned 360 degrees differently. Fom the hazy sunset scenery it became a total darkness with clear skies and a Full Moon that gives light to the darkness of the desert. Yes, even though we should arrive here at sunset we were still glad to experience a different desert scenery which is at night with a surprise Full Moon right above us giving lights to the desert. We have the option to get straight right into the Huge Camp with a stage at the middle and just enjoy the night with drinks and snacks before the Buffet Dinner which starts at 8:30 PM or go with a Camel Ride first just outside the camp. Much to our surprise, our whole group who also didn’t take photos with the Falcon didn’t try the Camel Rides as well. There is a free ride part of our trip which the Camel will make a quick round about for about 1 min not including the preparations. Or you could pay 50 dirhams to take a full lengthy ride for about 10 mins around the front of the camp area. It is my dream to ride a Camel since we don’t have it in Tropical countries but little did I know that some of the Camels have temper. The guide gave me the one with bad temper on my short ride and keeps growling. The moment I was trying to sit he is already growling and I was still adjusting my seat when he stood up right away much to me and my guides surprise. Luckily I wasn’t holding my phone that time and one of my hands in holding the handle. When he stood up he proceeded to walk and luckily my guide was able to stop him and he lied down while growling non-stop. I immediately got out of his back and raised my concerns. The guide then decided to give me another tamer Camel which I assumed is a female and took the short ride calmly. This time I was able to take a short video and some photos of my 1 min ride and the Camel is not growling. Just to be aware, the Camels back seat is similar to Horses but their more bony and uneven. The seat is also hard and made of wood covered with Red silky shoal which makes it hard and slippery as compared to the leather seats of the Horses - so be extra careful. The Arabian Camel or Dromedary is also way much taller and higher than Horses and when standing can go up to more than 7 ft or 2.5 m tall. So There is one hump on Dromedaries so mostly 2 people can sit at the same time in between the hump. When the Camel stands up or lies down, the front legs will raise first followed by the back legs. So the person seating in front will feel most of the effect of going high or down just like in a See Saw. And its me in the front who really felt it. After the short ride with the Full moon following us I really felt the need to take the long ride after all this is once in a lifetime experience. So I decided to take the Long ride as well and pay around 50 dirhams for it. It was one of the best experience I had in my lifetime and glad that we did it!!! We took a different Camel and guide this time but with my condition not to give us the Grumpy Camel. I took again the front seat and my partner behind me and off we go Gently, Slowly but Surely in the midst of the Dark Arabian Desert but the Full Moon in full glory gives us the shining light that guides us and gives this dark night a whole new vibes - vivid at least to say. As we ride our way clockwise away from the Camp on Easterly direction, the weather has tamed a bit it is now comfortably hot like a Tropical weather where we used to be in the low 30’s. The wind blowing that night gives it an even cooler vibes least to say it was surreal, calm and tad romantic. The Full Moon which magically appeared the night really sealed the deal. The camel which we ride on was also very tame, calm and cool. As we near the end of our route, the guides took us a lot fo memorable photos and videos together - solo, couple, riding, alight, standing, Camel lying down, etc.. And just like that in just over 20 mins we have checked one of our buckets list - to experience riding a Camel in the Arabian Desert of Sharjah just outside Dubai in the UAE. We finished just around 8 in the evening and as we entered again the Camp that’s when we realized how big it is. At the right side is the Photo and Souvenir desk where we purchased our Camel ride photo memorabilia for a hefty price of 50 dirhams which I have to haggle and luckily that’s the only cash I have left for the night. The layout of the open camp is that there is a big square stage at the center surrounded by lots of low tables with pillows clothed in intricate and beautiful Arabian design. At the backend of the stage there are special seating even some open private spaces for VIPs that gives them more privacy and Bird’s Eye view of the stage from behind. Some tables especially on the right side of the stage have Shisha’s placed for them to enjoy and experience smoking this one of kind instruments popular especially here in the Middle East. The Buffet table is located way farther at the back of the camp. There is complimentary coffee/tea table provided near the entrance as well as snacks before the main dinner. For the snacks we have some Fried chunks of Chicken, Water and Pepsi. The show started with a bang of a beautiful Belly Dancer dressed in glittery blue skirt and top. She did a marvelous job for about 20 mins and our first time to see an actual Belly Dance performing right in front of our eyes. The lively Arabian music in the background added more dazzle and glitter to the overall superb performance. before the dinner kicked in. We were not in the mood of eating that night because of the too many crowds gathering at the buffet table but I waited for them to settle down before I tried some Chicken BBQ seasoned with Arabian spices which were pretty good for me. Whilst having dinner the show has transitioned into a more energetic show of Fire Dancing. At first, the lights at the stage went off then a big sign of Dubai over the horizon on top of sand dune lit with fire. Then a shirtless guy with Red leggings came into the stage showing his masterful acrobatic skills in Fire Dancing together with a really loud and vibrant music on the background. For me, it was even livelier than the Belly dancing performance. To cap off the night, a very colorful and unqiue presentation came right into our eyes for the first time - a Tanoura dancer, originally a traditional Egyptian folklore dance, the male dancer is dressed in colorful huge skirt which is also LED light covered and could expand in a huge round skirt the moment the dancer intensifies his fast rotation. He is also holding a round type drum and a round cap. His costumer is dazzling with array of colours - Green, Purple, Red, White and Yellow alltogether creates one of the most colorful dance routine I’ve ever seen with such an iconic and unique echoing and revealing Arabic background music. I was quite speechless during the performance which lasted for about 10 mins. It’s the first time we’ve seen a Tanoura performance which is very unique, creative, dramatic, colorful and incredible to sum it all up. Glad that we don’t know this dance routine yet which gives us an even a bigger impact and element of surprise and excitement while watching his performance. To finish off this dazzling show, the lights went of the stage once more and the Tanour dancer’s skirt lit up majestically with LED lights giving the show a glowing, glittering, dazzling after effect that will surely awaken all your senses. It was for sure a perfect way to end this exciting, wonderful and exceptional show that showcases the arts, culture and creativity of the Arabian Peninsula. We had so much smile in ou faces, we were indeed happy, delighted, satisfied and glad that we did this on my Birthday which all ends very very well. We went back to Downtown Dubai a quarter before 10 in the evening and along the way, we saw on our right side one fo the most beautiful and majestic Mosque I’ve seen in my life - Sharjah Mosque in Al Badaia. The bright lightings give the Mosque a very Elegant and Breathtaking effect that will really catch your attention. And just like that a quarter past 10 in the evening we have reached our hotel in Rove Downtown with a smile in our faces because we had one of the best experiences in our lifetime that we will surely never forget. So there, visiting the deserts of Dubai and Sharjah is a must and highly recommended if you’re looking for that magical experience in the Arabian Deserts of the UAE. I can’t wait to come back again and this time try the Sunrise Desert Safari as well as overnight camping to immerse myself and experience the heart and beauty of the Arabian Desert!!! :=)
Written January 21, 2023
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amanda b
Birmingham, UK186 contributions
Sep 2022 • Couples
Booked the Desert Safari with TUI.

They advertised sand boarding within the tour. this did not happen !

The meal on the evening was disgusting. Ants crawling on the salad and the chicken kebab was not cooked.
It was in fact completely raw.

Would I recommend this tour to others not a chance !
Written October 9, 2022
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Jackie H
1 contribution
Thanks to Kashif for a wonderful day out at our desert safari experience. He was attentive from he picked us up to dropped us off. Ensuring we experienced everything in our package. The dune bashing was exciting amd had us laughing with the boumcing around. Kashif made it even more special by taking excellent photos for us to ensure we take our memories home. Would definitely recommend this experience and Kashif
Written July 10, 2022
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2 contributions
Jul 2022 • Couples
The desert safari was just another level of best experience i have ever had
Mr kashif our was gives us next level experience he was so kind and gentle and had experience of many years and its gives us so knowledge and more fun thank you mr kashif for making this trip amazing
And he has very good photography skils.
Written July 9, 2022
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Lokendra A
1 contribution
Jun 2022 • Family
Kashif Safari guide was excellent.He gave us very good service.I highly recommend to friends and families when you booked safari tour in Dubai.
Written June 30, 2022
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Aakanksha A
1 contribution
Jun 2022 • Family
Excellent experience , we thoroughly enjoyed and the Safari guide Kashif was amazing. He guided us very well .
Written June 20, 2022
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Juan P
1 contribution
Jun 2022 • Couples
Kashif, our guide, was amazing! Very reassuring and motivating of all of the activities we did. His photographs of us were beautiful and very well thought of!! He made this tour very fun and made us feel safe throughout it. Thank you Kashif!!!
Written June 15, 2022
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Suren K
1 contribution
Jun 2022 • Couples
The Drive was fun and food was also great.
kashif was our travel guide and the driver for the safari he was so polite and gentle .
Best experience!
Written June 12, 2022
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Malaysia1 contribution
best experience in desert. the tour guide also driver is very friendly and helpful. ATV ride, safari drive and sands broading are amazing experice, but unfortunately missed the camel ride. will do it next trip
Written June 3, 2022
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