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We offer Scenic Tours, Day Trips and Resort Transfers. Our low-flying seaplane scenic tours departing out of Nadi, Denarau, Malolo Islands, Castaway, Mana Island and Turtle Island allows you to explore your surroundings, discovering those hidden gems, reaching those unreachable places, and appreciating the landscape that will nurture you over the course of your holiday. For $240 per person, you too can make those memories that last a lifetime. In addition to scenic tours, we offer a variety of Day Trips to the Yasawa Islands, allowing our passengers to see and experience more of Fiji. Options are available on our website. For those interested in Resort transfers, we also have anywhere between 3-7 flights per day between Nadi and the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands. With these many flights, you are sure to catch that convenient connection you were looking for, whilst also allowing for a faster and more comfortable transfer to your Resort. It's all part of the adventure! Book your seat today.
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424 reviews
Very good

Laguna Beach, CA13 contributions
Dec 2016 • Couples
Adam Christie was our pilot, who transferred us to and from Nadi to Turtle Island Paradise and another island hopping trip in between.
Cool, calm & collected-everything you want in a pilot. Guiding us round a tropical storm with such confidence we didn't notice the complexity of what he had to do to glide us into the dock with perfection. The best bit- he is such a lovely bloke! Thank you Adam-safest hands and bare feet in the Fijian sky!
Written December 1, 2016
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Suffolk, UK394 contributions
Jan 2015 • Couples
I booked a one way fare with a turtle airways. I was pick up at Turtle Island a 20 minute boat ride from Blue Lagoon Resort.
The pilot was very friendly and I got to be the co-pilot. I was very excited even though I did no do anything.
The flight was scenic, smooth and on time.
Upon arrival we were led to a VIP area while we wait for our luggage and had a drink.
Ground staff efficient and friendly, got us a taxi.
Highly recommended.
Written January 4, 2015
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2 contributions
Oct 2014

My partner and I flew Turtle Airways from Nadi to Mana Island.

The staff were friendly and helpful. The departure lounge is comfortable, air conditioned, and has free wifi. We received a complimentary coffee while we waited for our seaplane to arrive.

The seaplane base in Nadi was a little difficult to find, so make sure you have an address and/or map with you.

The 10-15 minute flight to Mana was spectacular. Well worth paying extra to fly in comparison to the much slower ferry service.

Written November 13, 2014
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World Traveler
Seattle, WA6 contributions
Nov 2019 • Couples
Avoid this airline. Most expensive boat ride I have ever had. I have been trying to get a refund from them for months and have finally given up. We had a flight transfer paid for months in advance. Day of trip they tell us they need to work on plane for 5min, then 30min, hours later they put us on a cargo boat they had already arranged to haul out luggage that day. We would have just taken the Yasawa flier if they had been upfront about plane issues. They told us we would receive a refund via our booking agent. When working with the agent they refused to refund and told the agent a different story. There were many other travelers that suffered the same fate that day.

Also, the website is dishonest. They only have one plane and it is not the one on the website.

I’m not too pleased with Fiji Vacations handling of this mess either.

We booked with Pacific Island Air for our return and everything was great.
Written February 13, 2020
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Vidar F
Jorpeland, Norway410 contributions
Jul 2017 • Family
Our family of four had booked transfer from Paradise Cove to Nadi. On the flight was also a German couple.
The waves were relatively high on the day of departure and the pilot wanted to drift a bit backwards towards more sheltered waters before taking off. (He should have landed further back, as other planes usually did, and then this would not have been as issue).
Note that the 'landing strip' for seaplanes at Paradise Cove is partly in a channel/sound between two island.
However, the current went in opposite direction to the waves and was also stronger resulting in us drifting 'the wrong way'. The pilot informed us that the wave height was too large to turn the plane around and taxi further back.
In the end he gave up and said we would take off from where we were and warned us that it would be bumpy.
For some reason his take-off path took us diagonally across the sound and gradually closer to the cliffs of the island. We got very close before the plane started to get airborne and we 'jumped' on the waves a few times.
To make matters worse jas we got really close to the cliffs one of the pontoons hit a wave and threw us laterally towards the cliff.
I estimate we were perhaps 10-20 meters from crashing and killing all aboard.

The pilot apologized afterwards and admitted that it was too close...
When asked he estimated the distance to the cliff to be maybe 200 feet, but when all passengers voiced that it must have been much closer he did not argue the point...

To sum it up I believe the pilot made a series of bad calls thereby almost causing a fatal accident.
I would be very hesitant to use their services again...

Both myself and one of our German co-passengers shot video of the take-off so the event is well documented. However, Tripadvisor does not allow video uploads (or linking to them).
I have therefore uploaded a series of still shots form the video and this should give a fair impression of what happened.
If anyone is interested in watching the video(s) just send me a message and I will send you a link.
The pics are from filming from the left side window of the plane.
Written July 19, 2017
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California39 contributions
Jan 2017 • Solo
Do not use this "airline" if you have a schedule you need to keep. My daughter had a flight out of Nadi, so she booked a flight on Turtle to get from the island she was staying on back to the international airport. She booked it well in advance, with plenty of lead time.

Unfortunately, Turtle did not care about her plans. They showed up hours late to pick her up. When she informed them that this was going to be a problem- they told her she could pay for the other seats in the plane (about $1000) and they'd fly her straight to Nadi. She didn't have that money (and shouldn't have to) so she had to go with them as they hopped island to island picking up other passengers. They simply didn't care that they delivered her after her flight home had already taken off. Now she has to pay a change fee and a huge fare increase. I am extremely upset at Turtle and plan to pursue a remedy or do everything I can to let people know that these people are liars and can't be trusted.
Written January 8, 2017
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Scamander, Australia2 contributions
Nov 2015 • Family
We were not impressed with the antics of our bare footed French Canadian pilot, who (in my opinion) flew the plane far too close to another plane en route to the Yasawa Islands. We seemed to be less than 20 metres to the the left of, and then behind, another light plane whilst travelling at over 100 knots and several hundred metres above the water. I think the pilot was trying to impress us or something, but my wife and I felt extremely uncomfortable. Behave as you want on your own, but not when you have my family in your plane.
Written November 28, 2015
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Hi Benny260, Firstly, thank you for sending us this feedback. We pride ourselves on being the safest and longest serving seaplane company in Fiji, and we are very concerned by your review. I cannot remember a time that we have received comments of this nature, and rest assured that our pilots are constantly reminded about the type of experience we are trying to deliver to our passengers. In reading over your email, we strongly believe that you might have confused our organization for another. Some of the details provided in your review do not seem in line with characteristics of our operation, for example the aircraft speed, specific pilot characteristics you've outlined, as well as I have tried to run a search of your name and city in our database, and haven't been able to locate your file. It is a possibility that your reservation could have been made under a different name. For this reason we kindly ask if you could send me an email to richard@turtleairways.com . Please include your travel dates, the name of the pilot (if you remember it), the resort you were traveling to or from, and how many passenger seats were on the aircraft. We are saddened that you had such an experience, and you can be rest assured that we treat such matters very seriously. I have already contacted our team of pilots advising them of this review, and once I receive more details from you, we will move promptly to address the incident outlined in your review. Should you have confused our organization for another, I will gladly put you in touch with the appropriate person.
Written November 30, 2015
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Tammie J
Somerset, UK9 contributions
Sep 2016 • Friends
In September 2016 I embarked on a dive trip with 8 others to beautiful Fiji, we had been planning and saving for this trip for months. Our trip was almost ruined and ended up costing us almost us extra due to what I consider Turtle Airways completely incompetent and downright dishonest staff.

We booked a seaplane from Mantaray Resort weeks in advance to pick us up following 4days of diving in the amazing Yasawa Islands. As all certified divers we knew, and Turtle Airways policy specified divers must have at least 24hrs on land prior to flying following diving. Given diving was our primary activity, which Turtle Airways was informed of with the initial booking, we meticulously organised diving times and flying times to ensure our own safety.

We booked and paid a deposit for 2 planes to take 9 of us back to Nadi to continue onto pacific harbour for more diving. We asked for a plane from 3pm on Thursday and once this was re-confirmed with Turtle Airways directly by phone call on the Tuesday prior (40hours prior to flying) we planned to finish our last dive by 10am Wednesday morning which would provide us more than a 24hour window till we flew, just to be extra safe.

On Thursday morning we were still under the impression the plane would pick us up at 3pm so we went to a local village to provide gifts to the children and further understand Fiji culture. We were due back at the resort by 11.30am which would provide us more than enough time to wait for the plane to arrive at 3pm. While we were at the village, the plane showed up at 9am. There was no attempt to contact our group directly at this point, even though we had our cellphone with reception and the Turtle Airways staff had our contact details. Turtle Airways continue to state that they "made every attempt to advise us of our flight time the day before" and then try to say "we were in a remote area where sometimes internet is not easily accessible. This is a blatant lie, we always had reception and were always contactable, the fact is the staff never bothered to try contact us direct. Instead, they propose that they contacted the resort direct (who had nothing to do with the flight booking or management prior) and said "please make sure customers are ready early for flight". Note, no time specified and the resort have no track record of this message.

The contact we did get was an email send at 10.30am (finally direct to our email) to advise that our plane had left and would not return, that was it. We were then charged full price of approximately $3000.00 FJD ($2,000 NZD) and left stranded on the island with no accommodation, as we had checked out of the resort by this point. We then spent hours frantically calling businesses and trying to get transport for the 9 of us back to Nadi to get to our transfer in time to try and keep our dive trip and holiday on track. Luckily Pacific Airways came to our rescue with one plane for 9 of us and a extremely competent by pilot and empathetic staff. We are so greatful to Pacific Airways for saving us.

We did receive a partial refund of about $1322 FJD ($800 NZD) from Turtle Airways. This is a disappointing outcome. However, what worries me more about this incident is the calibre of the staff employed by Turtle Airways and the continued denial by the owner as to their staff's incompetence. This is a business that advertises how they are so awesome at scheduling flights on a daily basis to transport 40-80 people around the Fijian Islands and that they provide a "safe, reliable, convenient and fast" service.

In this specific booking the staff at Turtle Airways were informed, per Turtle Airways own policy, that the paying customers were diving prior to the booked seaplane trip and as a result agreed they must wait 24hours before flying from the last dive trip. I really struggle to understand how the staff at Turtle Airways can confirm acknowledgement and acceptance of the booking for a dive group well in advance of the flight time and date but then justify changing this flight time with less than 24hours notice on the Wednesday night and without making every attempt to contact the customer directly. Again, this is with full knowledge all passengers had been diving already that Wednesday morning and the potential health issues associated with flying after diving. They are in breach of their own policy!

The staff knew that the 9 guests (of 40-80 guests who booked Turtle Airways service that day) were in fact definitely diving the day before flying, then why were they unable to manage the schedule to ensure the safety of the paying customers?! How was this not able to be factored into the schedule at all? Even if we had been advised directly of the flight change (which we were not) we could have negotiated to fly by 10am at the earliest because we had allowed more than the 24hour window required following the dive. I know for a fact a plane was sent by Turtle Airways at 12.30pm to pick up guests from Mantaray resort, the guests could have left earlier that day and had definitely not been diving at all.

Per Turtle Airways policy it is known that the potential health issues flying within 24hours of diving are life threatening. The staff knew for a fact this was a dive group (there was no confusion in this at any time). Why did they not make more than the normal effort to contact and inform the paying guests directly??? After weeks of direct contact, paying customers lives were at risk in this instance. Minimal effort was made by Turtle Airways staff. This is a business that deals with people's lives and safety. The actions we have experienced from Turtle Airways staff are honestly incompetent. What kind of operation is being run here?

It is also disappointing that Turtle Airways are so quick to blame Mantaray resort and the paying customers for their staff's lack of competence, Turtle Airways have refused to take any responsibility for this terrible and completely unprofessional incidence. Shows a major lack of support for their fellow Fiji tourism businesses and Fijian tourists. I am seriously concerned for Fiji tourism and tourist safety if this is the standard of air operation services Turtle Airways offer. #fiji #fijitourism #fijiexperience #turtleairways #fijisun #mantarayisland #ryanirvine
Written September 18, 2016
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Jane H
Herndon, VA13 contributions
Feb 2018 • Couples
I don't like to write negative reviews but I am so disturbed about my experience I wanted to be sure our experience does not happen to anyone else. After take off our pilot permitted a passenger (not a pilot) to fly the plane. The pilot, was distracted and busy taking pictures on his ipad while the passenger was manning the plane. Because of the plane noise (and broken headphones with microphones) we were unable to voice our concerns. We didn't know how long the passenger would be flying the plane and were panicked that he might be landing it as well --fortunately that did not happen. The whole thing was terrifying and Turtle Airways should be aware.
Written February 28, 2018
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Tatiana I
7 contributions
Dec 2016 • Solo
The pick up and drop of service either at the airport or the resort you're staying is of great standard. The flight, however, is a different story - very old planes, the pilot (Mint) didn't explain the safety procedures (just quickly pointed at the emergency exits without explaining how to open them and said we should 'tap him on the shoulder' of we needed anything), there were 6 passengers in a seaplane and I was told by someone else they should only carry 4!! Mint and their senior pilot kept chatting and joking between themselves without paying attention to what was happening in the sky - this didn't make me and other guests safe and comments were made after we jumped off the plane. I won't fly with them again if I can help it.
Written December 12, 2016
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