Food Walking Tour Peru
Food Walking Tour Peru
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Get off the car, come to walk, come to the fun ;) Design by travelers for travelers Backpackers prices, 20usd to 30usd in all versions of our food walking tours. Unlike every other tour in the country, that limits you to cooking lessons and a meal in a fancy restaurant, we want to take you for a "off the beaten path"-walk and having fun while stopping by 6 up to 8 different, small, and hidden family-run, local restaurants . We present you a "behind the scenes" perspective of Peruvian life through the best way of becoming intimate with the character of a nation: ITS FOOD!!! We have 5 different tours in the 3 principal neighborhoods of Lima: Barranco,Miraflores and Downtown. All of them include: * 6 up to 8 exclusive stops for food and drinks * Organic Peruvian hot chocolate prepared the traditional MAYA way and learning about the cacao history from the chef * Visit to a local market and tasting the exotic peruvian fruits & local products * All foods and drinks served during the trip - 6 up to 8 depending of the tour - including Cebiche and others. * Food Walking Tour Peru- Professional guides available in english, portuguese and spanish * Pick up from the hotel if arranged in advance We are waiting for you ;)
Lima, Peru

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287 reviews
Very good

Adelaide, Australia8 contributions
Apr 2019 • Couples
We had a great time walking around Barranco with our tour guide Luz. We enjoyed the food and very much the company as Luz was very keen to share her knowledge of peru and peruvians. We couldn't finish all the food on offer. I would recommend this tour and ask for Luz!
Written April 18, 2019
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Kevin C
Medellin, Colombia4 contributions
Mar 2019 • Friends
Kae was awesome! He took us to all the spot we would’ve never found ourselves. We tried many fruits, appetizers, plenty of main dishes and had chocolate ice cream dessert at the end. Gracias Kae!
Written March 5, 2019
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Aberdeen, UK50 contributions
May 2018 • Friends
From start to finish the tour was informative and interesting. Hari was an excellent guide and informed us on everything Lima and not just the food.

The food was delicious of course (especially the cerviche!)

Highly recommend this tour.
Written May 23, 2018
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Brooklyn, NY25 contributions
Jun 2015 • Friends
I am so sad to have to write this review. These walking tours are what I was looking forward to most in Lima. Our communication was strained with Hari over the different platforms, he wouldnt let us have the tour we wanted Friday because he said we didnt reserve, I had noted interested then confirmed via FB (which he seemed to prefer) at 7am when I asked him why he didnt honor that and he said "I wasnt awake that early"....

When we finally met up on Saturday for a Centro tour it was a strained vibe from the get go. We told him all we cared about was trying local food yet he insisted on walking through a church, arguing with street protestors and commenting on town plazas.

Throughout the tour he threw out many offhandedly racist comments about Chinese people ( we are Chinese and he knew that) and every time he would laugh and act like it was all a joke. We were there with a friend who is a volunteer living in Peru who has lived here for 1 year already. When she suggested we could find a product somewhere else cheaper he got defensive and grouchy. He was inflexible when we asked if we could look around a market & buy some asian grocery staples that they dont sell where I currently live.

Finally we came to the crown jewel, an asian restaurant where he was excited to show us what he had chosen. It was a nest of dried noodles with meat & veggies in sauce...basically a very common chinese type dish that we can get at any corner chinese joint in the Bay Area where we are from. Then he accidentally ordered chifa (dry fried rice) with eggs and threw a temper-tantrum because he is vegan but he "isnt bothered that we were eating meat in front of him"

Ill wrap this up and say, he paid probably a total of 6 soles for us to try snacks from local street vendors and then sat us down at a below average Chinese food place.
He was snippy with us after the Chinese food (another 90 minutes) and then gleefully charged us the $30 per person at a 3.16 rate.

You can do this tour yourself with a pocket of 1 sol coins and save your self 80 soles!

I wish so badly this could have worked out and I was tempted to ask to schedule another tour w Fancisco who people rave about.
Written June 9, 2015
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Dear Alexandra, Thanks for taking the time and writing this review. You gave us some useful hints on how to improve our service. We tried to communicate with you right after reading your review but we never got any answer. We are very sorry that you were somewhat disappointed with the tour and want to give you a short feedback on some of the points mentioned in your comment: As we understand it, there has been a mix up with your reservations and confirmations: As it is indicated on our website the reservations go through our scheduler activated by the bottom "BOOK NOW" and we never got any reservation from you but couple messages in facebook showing interest and asking discounts, last minute reservations (for the same day) are only accepted via phone. This is for us – a small company in the process of growing - the most practical and flexible way to meet customer’s needs on short notice. But since you didn't know about that, we take it, that we need to point out that fact more clearly to avoid miscommunications in the future. -We have relocated, enlarged and distinguish this information in red letters in the details descriptions of each of our tours. It is sad to hear that you felt a “strained vibe”, since you´ve certainly booked the tour to have a great time. On the other hand our guide, Hari, asked your group if you guys wanted to check out I bit of the historical center or go straight to the first food stop. Here you chose the walk through the center and later, after being asked if you wanted to enter, you again chose to go inside the church. That might have had something to do with the fact that you were already full of food when starting the tour (a food tour) and you wanted to buy some time until you were able to eat again. As a side note: the “protester on the street” was a religious fanatic promoting violence against women who dress in a "provoking way", every human being has the right (if not the duty) to intervene in such a case. But the main problem seemed to be the differences in mutual interests, and for that we want to thank you again! We will rethink our concept to better adjust to clients who rather like to explore on their own. We will not comment on this absurd accusation of racism (that doesn't mean that we haven’t given it a lot of thought!), since we are a tourist agency and our clients are to 90% foreigners: our business is based on international visitors and we love our job! To be fair, Hari has a strange sense of humor, but to call him a racist is beyond exaggeration. You can read the great comments from other asian guests about him, before and after the day of your tour. And also your last point, in which you mention the actual cost of the tour was about 6 Soles, made us thinking on how to avoid that kind of misconception in the future. We will work on our tour information in terms of transparency, which includes the detailed charges (a guide for 4 h, 8 dishes that are usually consumed by people with an empty stomach, publicity, administration costs and so on). We think that basically one of the worst impressions a client could have, is the feeling of being “ripped off”. We offer an affordable service in which we've put all our heart in order to share the rich culture of Peru with everyone from around the globe. So we´re definitely going to point out the costs on our webpage in a clearer way and we will also mention that Peru may have a lower price level as the so-called “Western Countries”, but that doesn't imply that people here work for free. We really hope you guys enjoyed the rest of your stay despite this unfortunate rocky start. All the best!
Written August 27, 2015
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Santa Fe, NM121 contributions
Apr 2017 • Couples
Bottom Line:
Bikes and Bites Tour seems like a great tour concept plagued by execution/growing pains (notice how almost half of recent reviews note poor execution)


My Personal Tale of Woe:

Utter disappointment is how I feel in thinking about the missed opportunity that was my wife and my only tour to see and taste Lima (probably for our entire lives).

The failures with the Bites and Bikes tour began immediately when my wife and I showed up to the office only to find that the people working there had little idea of what tour we were on (but that our guide might be arriving shortly). Being patient people (and having heard about 'Peru Time'), we mingled with a group of 12 other people (who we soon realized were all on different tours - one tour was food focused, one was bohemian art focused, and one was a strenuous adventure tour). After waiting for almost 30 minutes, a guy showed up wearing headphones who (after speaking to the other employees in hurried Spanish) informed the group that there were no bicycles for our food tour group and that we would have to take taxis (driven in the aggressive style of South America) to search for some bikes. The good news is that it only took one bike shop (who sure seemed surprised that we were there) to get us all outfitted...the bad news is that it took another almost 30 minutes to get back to the original start.

Losing an hour to organizational incompetence is annoying, but we were on holiday and were determined to have a good time. However, then most aggravating thing happened as (without any warning or discussion) we all set off as one big group and it became increasingly clear that all 14 of us would be going on the same tour (despite each group being promised it would have no more than 8 people). Lead by a woman who spoke limited English and seemed to have rarely ever ridden a bike before (and another woman who professed to speak no English though she had at least mastered the finer points of bicycle operation), we very slowly made our way through the very beautiful Miraflores and Barranco neighborhoods (but with very short stops - and no food other than a gross 'breakfast bar' that tasted like cat food). At stop after stop, our group of 6 on the 'food' tour asked when we would be fed (since the online description begged people not to eat breakfast before hand due to all the food that we would be eating - we sure longed for the nice (and free) breakfast spread we passed up at our hotel). Our 'English speaking' guide seemed bewildered but told us to just keep moving on since there would at least be a lunch (we even crossed a wishing bridge where all our group did was wish for food). And while we were occupied with the wishing bridge, the other guide went and got herself a delicious looking gelato. (Quick aside: we later went back to the gelato shop...and it was delicious).

Alas, by 12:30, it was clear that there would be no lunch anytime soon (but that there would be something to eat if we just peddled another 30 minutes uphill - then carried our heavy cruiser bikes up a long set of stairs) we made an executive decision to leave the tour (with a lovely group of 4 from London) to seek out food nearby before we passed out from hunger. (note: I have never walked off a tour before)

After a tasty lunch in Barranco (located via TripAdvisor) and returning to our hotel, I received an email from the owner sort of apologizing for the delayed start and tried to pass of the days events as how a food tour works, if only we had given it more time (note to owner: I have been on food tours in 10+ countries and all I can say is that if you tell people to come hungry, then not feed them until almost 3 hours into a bike tour, you have designed the worst itinerary ever). In a follow up email, the owner did say that he was truly sorry and would learn from our group's terrible experience (but other reviewers have noted this as well and execution is clearly not yet where it needs to be).

The good news is that we didn't pay a dime in advance for the tour. (However, we will never get our day in Lima back and I did book the last flight to Cusco at a $200 premium to accommodate what had promised to be an awesome food tour...but at least we have a story to tell)

Note: this tour was Good Friday, so maybe chalk it up to bad, holiday related problems of an otherwise excellently reviewed tour...but buyer beware - and at least eat a small breakfast.
Written April 16, 2017
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Helen R
Boston, MA31 contributions
Nov 2016 • Solo
I was scheduled for a food walking tour and got a call on my cell about the cancellation while walking to the meeting spot. At first I didn't pick up because I didn't recognize the number and international calls are expensive. When that number called again I picked up and was told that the guide had an accident. They don't collect payment before the tour, so no money was lost, but the experience was very disappointing. I was offered to join a biking tour later in the day in another part of Lima. I don't bike, so couldn't do that. I did get an e-mail with the names of restaurants where they were planning to take us. I didn't try those places because by the time I got the e-mail I already went to an excellent place I found through my own research.

I understand that accidents happen. But some risk management would be nice. The person I talked to wasn't the guide. I would appreciate it if he could substitute in this case. I said I'd be willing to wait, but he said there was no way anyone could do the tour that morning.
Written November 30, 2016
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Kamal C
Boston, MA419 contributions
Apr 2016 • Couples
We had booked the Miraflores tour. Daniel was 20 minutes late. It would be good idea if the tour guide wore a t-shirt or a jacket to be easily recognizable. Daniel took us to the area of surquillo, adn we started the tour by tasting ceviche at a small restaurant named Huascar. The ceviche was nice and the portion were right, but what made me uncomfortable was the fact that Daniel did not eat with us. It felt awkward eating while the person sitting across is not. Daniel told us that Huascar was a very old restaurant that had been in the same location for over 20 years. Per the restaurant's facebook page the restaurant opened 4 years ago. Daniel's english was very good so I don't think it was a language issue.The next stop was an restaurant Exotic which served amazonian cuisines. We them went to the Mercado central to try out fruits , juices. The last stop on the tour was the chocolate museum. The tour offers a lots of food in a short span of time. Between each stop there was not much walking so no time to digest. A good idea would be either to have the restaurants offer smaller portion or increase the walking between the stops.
Daniel was very sympathetic but surprisingly he did not have much knowledge about Lima. We asked him were we could find a Dessert we saw at the Gastronomy museum of Lima and he had never heard of either the dessert or that Lima had a gastronomy museum. We asked him if he had some information on a Shamanic stone in the square next to the Plaza des Amas, but he had never heard or seen that stone. He told us he was from Cusco so we asked if there were any villages close to Cusco similar to those in the sacred valley were locals do ceramics or weaving. He did not know that in the sacred valley there were such villages.
Written June 6, 2016
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Portland, OR129 contributions
May 2018 • Couples
This tour is a joke and I would not recommend it to anyone. The guide, Juliano, was very unprofessional, did not introduce himself, and hardly talked. We started the tour by watching him order two alcoholic drinks and chug them. He did not explain anything about the restaurants, or cuisines. Portions are small and shared between the whole group. Water was not included, making us each pay for our own bottle of water. We tried three small dishes, a taster of beer from Barranco brewing and a small donut desert. The guide lacked any interest, clearly was not a foodie and was likely stoned or on some other drugs. I understand now why all the other food tours in Lima are double the price.
Written May 6, 2018
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Philadelphia, PA28 contributions
Sep 2017 • Couples
We did the Miraflores food tour in Lima the first day of our trip. It was a great way to see the area at the onset of our trip. The food was all amazing. Every stop had great food and this tour was worth the money paid. The guide was friendly and knowledgeable and shared a lot about Peru / Lima's culture. Would recommend to anyone going to Lima to take part in this.
Written September 15, 2017
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Thank you for your great review. We are happy you enjoyed your time with us.
Written December 21, 2017
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Camila V
18 contributions
Mar 2017 • Couples
My husband and I wait for more than 20 minutes after the arranged time and nobody showed up. They call us to say that the guide would be 10 min late. We wait more 15 min and nothing. We didn't have lunch and book anything else because of the tour. It was very disrespectful and we don't recommend. // Mi marido y yo esperamos más de 20 minutos y los guías no apareceram. Fue muy decepcionante. Ya hicimos food tours en otros países y nunca habia pasado algo como eso. Un desrespeto y por eso no recomendo.
Written March 7, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
Hi Camila, thank you for your review. We are very sorry for this inconvenient, we take your review very seriously. This day indeed, our guide Luz was catched by a street demonstration while in the Metropolitano bus -they don't allow you to get off the bus until they reach their stop- in her way to the meeting point. We have taken measures to ensure this possibility won't happen again. We have decided to book our guides depending on how close to the tours meeting points they live instead of their squeduled working times as we did until now. It is giving results and we thank you for your time to write us. Have a great day ;)
Written April 24, 2017
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