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Very good

Hollywood, FL4 contributions
Excellent milk chocolate
Sep 2015 • Solo
I am a foodie and chocolate lover. I am partial to milk chocolate. I tried her milk chocolate and thought it was excellent. I brought some home for my brother to try and he agreed. Most of what she sells is dark chocolate. I sampled a piece or two of the dark and thought it was OK but not for me. Prices are a bit high for Lima but still erasable by US standards. Location is near the park in Miraflores.
Written January 14, 2016
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21 contributions
Delicious Bonbons!
Nov 2015 • Solo
Scrumptious truffles and bonbons in this place, with my favorites being the fruit-based ones. I got a box of 25, and there was this bright fresh flavor in all of the fruit-inspired truffles, so those + the dessert one (cloves and cinnamon in white chocolate) were my top picks. Enjoy your trip there, if you do decide to go!
Written December 1, 2015
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Honolulu, HI1,109 contributions
Distinctlvely delicious chocolate
Sep 2015 • Friends
Sept 12
Our group planned a stop here to sample the chocolate specialities. The interior is darkly chic and a bit intimidating. We did not reserve time for a demonstration or sampling.
I was the only one to purchase chocolate pieces for my wife and I and one for our guide Sonia. I am so glad I did. Since our visit was at the beginning of our 3-week tour, I did not feel inclined to buy some as gifts; otherwise, I would have.
Written October 4, 2015
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Columbia, CT430 contributions
Yum! World-class chocolates!
Sep 2015 • Couples
We were fortunate to meet Giovanna, the shop owner, who speaks excellent English, and is very, very friendly. She helped us to navigate through the various chocolate options and select some treasures to take home! We were asked to taste the hot chocolate (very thick, delicious and sweet) and to sample some bars of local origin chocolates in order to decide the ones we liked the best. The flavours of each were quite unique. The handmade chocolates themselves are like little jewels, displayed in glass cases in the walls of the small shop. We bought a box of 16, filled with unusual flavours like pisco and local fruits. I regularly buy chocolate at great shops in New York City, and these were definitely comparable. Go for it, you won't regret it!
Written September 7, 2015
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Dallas, Texas679 contributions
Way Over Priced
Apr 2015 • Couples
The chocolate might be delicious, experimental and innovative, the presentation nice but we were not impressed with the price tag. We have purchased chocolate from all over the world, expensive chocolate and specifically sought out this store only to decide against making any major purchases. The lady did not speak a bit of English so that was a road block for us too. We had high hopes for this shop only to be turned off by the price tag that did not fit the bill. They might be chocolate "treasures" but it is NOT GOLD, such a shame.
Written May 7, 2015
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San Antonio, TX3 contributions
Best chocolates ever!
Nov 2014 • Friends
A very good friend of mine Fatima gave me a box of this chocolates when I was visiting Lima. They are delicious, my husband Carlos cannot stop eating them. Keep saying "que delicia". Next time I have to get at least 2 boxes. I'm so very proud of the excellent quality of xocolatl chocolates, a Peruvian Treasure!
Written November 23, 2014
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Julio H
Orlando, FL122 contributions
Great Chocolate Tour of Peru
Mar 2014 • Family
A current trend in Peruvian restaurants is the gastronomic tour. Many eateries are serving regional tours of food staples according to altitude, geography, ethnicity, etc. Xocolatl follows this approach, and not only do they do it well, but they do it with chocolate. If I had to give them a rating based on presentation only, the five stars would be handed out immediately. But that is not all this chocolate shop, next to the Kennedy Park, offers.

As many know, chocolate in Peru is a booming industry, the same as coffee. Chocolate is abundant in Peru, except no shop has taken a gourmet approach to making chocolate. Xocolatl uses the more exotic ingredients from Peru and puts them in these sweet delicacies. They have chocolate bars, truffles, ballotins, liqueurs, pisco, and cocoa among other things, so this is a great one stop for some chocolate decadence, as well as gifts.

As far as quality goes, these are gourmet chocolates. When it comes to taste, you have to keep in mind that this is not Belgian chocolate, so it is not as smooth and sweet. Instead, Peruvian chocolate is smooth and a bit acidic because it's more like a dark chocolate than a milk chocolate. Also, it doesn't melt as easily, it takes a little more work, but it is not grainy like lesser quality chocolate, and you cannot taste sugar grains either.

But really, the experience here is to sample as many pieces as you can, since they have many flavors that are extremely rare. Only someone with a high gastronomic knowledge of Peruvian food and culture would be able to identify all the flavors, it is that complex. For the commoners, like myself, there are many basic flavors among the dozens of items, like pisco, key lime pie, picarones, algarrobina, caramel, etc, and all obviously using the best ingredients available. My favorite: the caramel with Maras salt.

If you are into chocolate, this is the one stop you must make. Nothing compares to it anywhere. They are not very popular yet, but they will be soon. Your best bet is to pick up a box of 16 items and enjoy them back home or at your hotel. What better way to share your experiences about Peru than with a box of gourmet chocolates filled with exotic Peruvian flavors?

PS: Examples of the more strange flavors are ranfañote, guinda, wasabi, camotillo, etc.
Written April 15, 2014
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Newport, Oregon392 contributions
Best Chocolates West of Belgium
Oct 2013 • Couples
If you love chocolate you likely know that Peru produces some of the world’s finest cacao. You might not know, however, that it is not only exported raw but also made by at least one company into some of the world’s finest truffles. That shop is Xocolatl located just off Park Kennedy in Miraflores, Lima.
I am an unadulterated dark chocolate junkie and rarely go in for more elaborate candies. Until now only a couple of Belgian chocolatiers had hooked me. But their wares were so extravagantly wonderful that over the years we had boxes shipped overnight on a few special occasions.
Giovanna Maggiolo who owns Xocolatl trained in Belgium and learned extremely well. She produces chocolates with all the nuanced complexity of the best from Brussels but in many cases is able to include flavors that are unique to Peru. What is “ganache of bitter chocolate with aguaymanto and pisco”? What can “ganache of bitter chocolate with paste of strawberry and camu camu” possibly taste like? Xocolatl is where you can find out.
Unfortunately their web site does not yet identify what each creation looks like and explain in any language what they are. To keep track of what we were tasting I took photos of all the samples with Spanish descriptions kept in display cases at the shop, matched them with the chocolates we bought and translated the descriptions. The effort was worth it.
And as the included photo of the assortment we bought demonstrates they are visually stunning as well.
I am already wondering if I can persuade them to ship internationally….
At least for special occasions.
Written December 30, 2013
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