Parque Zoologico Huachipa

Parque Zoologico Huachipa, Lima: Address, Phone Number, Parque Zoologico Huachipa Reviews: 3.5/5

Parque Zoologico Huachipa
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Very good

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Great spot!
Feb 2019 • Couples
We had a great time here! Big shout out to Martine that made our experience that much better! We came to see the Perezoso(Sloth) and he was a great help!
Written February 26, 2019
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Steve P
118 contributions
Must see
Sep 2018 • Couples
Take your time, we had only 3 hours, not enough. It is a huge place we only saw half of it. Take a map, we ended up at the wrong exit. Animals well taken care of, everybody have huge space, with lots of toys. Like their habitat, they feel like home I am sure. Beautifully designed every sight. You could spend the whole day, glad we went, sad was not enough time
Written October 7, 2018
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Yannick W
Lima, Peru38 contributions
Not very nice for a lot of reasons
Jul 2018 • Family
Note: I don't enjoy zoos in general but I do appreciate the educational value of showing live animals to young children. I just wish zoos could show an overall higher level of care for the animals in question. The comments below do make an abstraction of this personal opinion, though.

I would not recommend the visit for foreign tourists, for the following reasons:
- difficult to get to
- in a bad/unsafe looking area of Lima outskirts
- "unsafe food" (you can easily get stomach pain from overpriced food served at the restaurants)
- extra fee for some activities inside (dinosaurs area, playground, at least)
- visibly hurt or badly fed animals (kangaroo leg + skinny puma)
- people selling street food through the fences (because internal food so overpriced)
- birds cages small (e.g. 4 large-size "purple" eagles in an igloo-sized cage)
- too little control, leaving some visitors giving junk food to some animals

On the bright side:
- relatively large total area (feels well distributed and not overcrowded despite a huge amount of people visiting on a Sunday)
- relatively clean (as compared to the surroundings)
- friendly staff
Written July 30, 2018
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Lima, Peru81 contributions
The park needs a lot of upgrading
Aug 2017 • Family
When I first purchased the tickets, I was already concerned. You can't see the person and you can barely hear them either. The pricing on the board is different from what you actually end up getting. I paid more at the ticket window so that I could enter the aquarium, but there was no pricing for the aquarium at the window. And when you go to the aquarium no one checks your tickets, so you're just paying more.

When we entered there is a lake area with kick boats and some ducks and geese. Unfortunately, the lake had massive algae blooms as you can see in the picture that I included. There was a wagon train next to the lake area that my children immediately wanted to go on. This was another thing that you had to pay for. It's not a lot and none of the stuff in the zoo is that expensive, but it's just one more thing to pay for.

The pens for the animals are small and the animals seem bored. The windows weren't clean and some were hard to see through at all. There was one jaguar that just looked decrepit. Maybe it was old, but it moved around like it had arthritis. Without any comment or prompting from me, my 5 year old said that the animals looked sad. But this is kind of how zoos are for the most part.

You have to pay to enter the dinosaur museum area and that is just filled with animatronic dinosaurs that need some cleaning.

There is a flock of flamingos that are all held in a small pen with netting overhead. The bird sanctuary is pretty large and probably one of the better areas.

The bathrooms aren't so clean and lacked soap.

There are a few places to get food, but not much for vegetarians (we are a vegetarian family) but that is to be expected and the so we brought our own food. Luckily, the park lets you bring your own food.

There is a large park area for kids to play at so kids will enjoy that probably more than seeing the animals. The equipment isn't bad, but like many things there gets a lot of traffic and needs constant maintenance.

Don't think we'd return, sadly.
Written August 30, 2017
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Carolyn W
River Forest, IL28 contributions
Big park for walking
Jun 2017 • Solo
There were children that day, but not overly crowded so it was nice, almost empty when I went when it first opened. It just finished raining as well so everything was nice and fresh. The Zoo is mostly animals to the region meaning llamas and guinea pigs. Quite a lot of exhibits were closed, and it is really a huge zoo. What I really was fascinated with was the archaeological digs going on at the same time inside the zoo. They I believe are uncovering homes or a section of a city. The cotton candy was extremely expensive and the other food even if it was in Sols.. It is mostly strolling and few animals but really enjoyed it.
Written August 13, 2017
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Angelica G
17 contributions
Huachipa zoo
Aug 2016 • Family
I arrived at Huachipa's zoo at 10:00am on a quiet Monday moring. Animals are in a pretty good condition. It's a perfect place for people who don't know Andean species. The zoo offers three restaurants and food is good. But little shops only accept cash (Soles).
Written August 22, 2016
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Miryam J
The Netherlands27 contributions
Nice but not recommended during the local school holidays
Aug 2016 • Family
We went there because some friends in Lima recommended it and we had already seen the other one and had quite a good time then.

The access is supposed to be easy (although it is quite far from Lima) but the horrible traffic makes an adventure out of it, both on the way up and back to the city.

It is smaller than the other but big enough to be able to spend a few hours in it. Unfortunately the animals' enclosures are quite small and we thought it was a little sad for the animals.

We had bad timing since it was really busy and full of people. We found out later that children were still on holidays and due to the cheap prices (18 soles per adult and 11 per child) a lot of people decided to spend their day there.

We had a huge line in order to access the aquarium and were constantly pushed overall the place.

We liked that the andes part had a replica of the andean houses of Peru and had the peruvian camelids. The aviary was also quite nice as well as farm animals.

We also liked the fact that the restaurants are open then and the food is ok.

One thing that we did not enjoy is that you had to pay for the dinos, the train, some games at the play area and more. Isn't it better to sell a big combo that includes these options?

One bad thing is that many visitors just can take their food in pans and the gardens become a gigant picnic area, so big that you don't smell the animals anymore but all kinds of foods together. I feel for the dead grass and all the garbage that most of the people leave after their picnic.
Written August 9, 2016
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Montreal, Canada7 contributions
A Nice afternoon if you are travelling with children
Jul 2015 • Family
A nice Zoo; of course the City of Lima has limited financial resources to upgrade the place but then again... The entrance fee is very low ($6.00 USD per person) and it is quite big... I was lucky because my wife has relatives in Lima so we had one of her cousin who drove us to the zoo... Again like most other tourist attractions in Lima; the main problem is to get there as the city as a serious traffic problem... But all in all; we all enjoyed our day at the zoo.

PS we were there on Saturday 18 July 2015 and the Siberian/White tigers were beautiful....
Written February 22, 2016
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Pennsylvania2,721 contributions
Good intentions but need improvement
Nov 2015 • Couples
Location: This zoo is located away from the city, so you will need private transportation if you are not familiar with this place.
Price: Entrance fee for adults is S/. 6.00 soles, parking is S/. 6 soles.
You get no map of the zoo.
Zoo: It took us 2 hours to visit it; however, you can easily be here for 4 hours. There are 2 entrances each with parking. We arrived as soon as it opened and the activity board only had one activity going on for the day. Many enclosures are dirty, glass is old and needs to be replaced. Not many signs indicating where you are. I like the aviary and the section dedicated to the rainforest. The Africa section is very small. Aquarium was under construction. There is a train that takes you from one place to the other but there is a small fee. The dinosaur center is extra adults S/. 6 and children S/. 4 soles. I saw a fire extinguisher box without a fire extinguisher.
Eating: There are many restaurants and offering different food. I did not eat.
Bathrooms: There are bathrooms in 4 locations. I used the one by the pirate ship. Women's had 8 stalls, one of them accessible. The toilet paper is not inside the stall but on the wall right next to the entrance of the bathroom. The bathrooms did not flush. The bathroom had no soap. The diaper change station was very dirty.
The men's bathroom had 6 stalls, one of them accessible. They must have expanded the women's bathroom because in one building there are 3 entrances, 2 of them marked women and one men. I entered both of the women's and one of them had urinals. I asked a staff member if that was the women's or the men's bathroom (sign read women); he said that it was women's.
My male companion entered the men's bathroom and he said it was clean.
Overall, this zoo must work on their infrastructure, cleanliness and maintenance. Many of their enclosures were big and looked clean.
Written December 22, 2015
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Kissimmee16 contributions
The best zoo!
I've been to many zoo's in NY, FL, PR, and had never seen some of the animals I saw at this one!!! And very close too! Not the typical far away enclosed animals! You can pet the sheeps, vicuñas, the camels are super close, I saw so many monkeys I've never even thought existed! Also a few different owls, lions, white tigers!, penguins, so many birds! It takes at least 3 hours to see it all. And who you can beat the price! Adults s/.13 which is $4.69 american dollars! Kids up to 12yrs and senior citizens are s/.6 which is $2.16! YOU CANT BEAT THAT! It was awesome! My 14 year old teenage son loved it! So it had to be great!
Written August 2, 2014
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