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Nature's Hospital
Nature & Wildlife Areas
We are a plant medicine center in a lush, jungle retreat center. Indigenous Shipibo Healer Alfredo Cairuna offers plant medicine tours through our virgen forest, shares stories of healing serious illnesses with the plants, and offers workshops on how to responsibly use the plants as medicine.
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8 reviews
Very good

Bob E
Lake Lure, NC5 contributions
Review revision
Aug 2013 • Solo
A lot has changed with Natures Hospital. They lost some key people and forced out the Jr partner who kept things running smoothly and kept Alfredo from taking advantage of guests.
Please ignore my past review in 2012
Written July 17, 2014
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Milan K
1 contribution
You'll find your answers
May 2014
Don't believe any of the badmouthing about Don Alfredo written on those reviews here.

He is deeply connected spirit that helped me to find what I was looking for in my spiritual growth. If your spirit trully looks for answers you will get them and he is the most amazing chanel for it. He has a lovely, hospitable friendly and loving family. I am looking forward going back. It's a trip to Amazon jungle so don't expect Four Seasons and that's the beauty of it.

Food was delicious and other healing ceremonies like the flower or herb bath are fantastic and refreshing.

Can't wait to go back sometimes soon.

Milan, Toronto Canada
Written May 15, 2014
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Munich, Germany98 contributions
If you want to stay healthy, you stay away from this place!
Dec 2013 • Solo
He is well theatrical (best sign not to be a true shaman).
He charges you with the help of his son (35 years old, student of law) for things you never receive, perhaps more so when you are a woman(?).

I have obviously made the mistake to point this out, also when it was deliberately done in a gentle way: “Since it is Christmas, it is my Christmas gift to you that you do not need to give to me all the things, who were said to me that I would get here.” This I did give at the moment they all wanted with me already leave the place.
“Oh, you want your flower-plant-bath”, Don Alfredo stated. “If I do get it, of course”, was my answer.

In spite of having heard me coughing quite heavy (from 3 nights on the boat on the Amazon) during the ayahuasca ceremony, he poured me early in the rainy-cool morning lots of cold water from head to toe. At the first moment my lungs stopped completely to breath. I toughened myself within my body, still thinking I would be with a shaman who knows what he is doing.

He did not: I ended up with a heavy pneumonia what kept me in bed already for more than 12 days, and to be able to travel back into my country in 2 ½ weeks having to work intensively again I have now to take a high doses of antibiotics.

Do NOT believe in all the good sounding human words his son who connects with you in Iquitos is telling you. He is the best one to twist the words to get your confidence, but the actions you receive are completely contrary to the words. I.e. my ayahuasca ceremony, for which I paid more than US$100 (considering the Christmas eve) started simply an hour later, since the family had to speak a lot about completely other things in their native language Shipibo, what they called “taking me into their family” while I only had the chance to pick some words in Spanish, a language I speak completely well.

This “shaman” is like a visitor on the land he practices. Coming from Pucallpa he bought the land 7 years ago from an Australian woman. He has no root-connection to the land. I have been in Peru with 2 shamans on their chakras, I have been connected with many shamans in Mexico and in Guatemala (because of my professional see, but I have never seen anywhere such a superficial connection of the shaman with the land he is on like in this case. I have also never seen a shaman pouring a 15 to 20litres cold bath over any client. Never, ever.

So it is not a surprise that this man has put on the way into the jungle on a tree the big sign in English: “WELCOME to the jungle”.
I can imagine that Alfredo was once truthful, but by now it plays a show and is in search of money.
Written January 6, 2014
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1 contribution
Do not go here!!!
This place is not what it used to be. I heard great things about this place. This is why I went there. Huge mistake. The partnership split up. You're not taken care of there. The rooms are full of mold and the beds are damp. They don't have enough food to feed you. I don't understand why not. They charge a fortune for you to stay there. It's a rip off. I do have to say that the shaman is fantastic. Hopefully, he can find a new partner and be able to help people again. As of now, he is going thru a transition there. If you need to heal, I would wait before going there or go somewhere else. I would hate for anyone to go thru what I did there. I went there to heal and got caught up in all their drama.
Written January 10, 2013
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Bob E
Lake Lure, NC5 contributions
Very good!
Aug 2012 • Friends
Great trip. Very nice staff, simple but great food. Deep in the jungle but didn't have wildlife or bug issues as other parts of the Amazon. Best part of the stay was the Shaman. It is rare to find a Shaman as good, and as authentic as Alfredo.

There were also plenty of other activities when not in a Ceremony. I will come back.
Written September 2, 2012
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Jake S
Iquitos, Peru1 contribution
Wonderful shaman and retreat in the middle of the rainforest
May 2012 • Friends
Being about an hourish outside of Iquitos, Peru, this center is right smack in the Amazonian rainforest. Now, although the jungle here, itself, is not as filled with wildlife like many other parts of Peru, that does not take away from the beauty and majestic quality of the area. The center is nestled in the rainforest unlike many other centers where teh canopy overtakes you while one is staying overnight for healing for participating in an ayahuasca ceramony. Alfredo, teh shaman, had 40 years of experience behind him and his expressive quality of speaking and gentle demeanor is so soothing. It is very relaxed and peaceful during the stay. During ayahuasca, Alfredo guides you with the icaros spoken from his native tongue (Shipibo) and entrances you as you experience the plant medicine. I alwasy felt safe and comfortable with him. The food, if one is staying for a retreat or longer period of time, has been simple (as they follow the strict diet) but wonderful. It was certainly an experience I would never forget and highly suggest to anyone interested in visiting the area. Nature}s hospital and, specifically Aldrefo, is teh way to go.
Written May 16, 2012
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
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