Chachani, Arequipa: Hours, Address, Chachani Reviews: 4.5/5

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
This large extinct volcano, 6,057 meters in height, rises above Arequipa in southern Peru and is a popular site for climbers.
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Very good

Michael W
Redding, CT885 contributions
Chachani with Waiky Adventours - beware re the guide
Jul 2020 • Solo
I need to split this review into three parts - firstly the booking process and gear, then the journey to and from the transport to base camp and food and finally the climb itself.

Booking was no problem and the lady who sorted out all our gear was very pleasant. The gear (snow pants, jacket, sleeping bag, tent etc) whilst not brand new, was certainly adequate for the job in hand and we had no issues with it during the trip.

Secondly, getting to and from base camp. I have to admit that our guide - I don’t like to use names so let’s just call him ‘Roy’- helped me carry one of my backpacks to and from the van, as the hike (of over an hour) was quite a bit tougher than I expected and involved climbing over and round a lot of large rocks and boulders. This was especially relevant and appreciated on the way back, since that hike was the last thing I needed having just come down off the volcano with legs like jelly. ‘Roy’ also did a good job with our food.

OK, now on to the climb itself. We were a party of two and were the first ones to climb Chachani after the first main lockdown of 2020, so we had the guide to ourselves. My friend started the climb but lasted less than an hour as he felt sick, however I wasn’t aware that he had turned around and gone back to base camp until I asked some time later. I guess ‘Roy’ didn’t think it worth telling me.

I’ll be the first to admit that I found the climb quite difficult. (I climbed Kilimanjaro the year before and Chachani was far more taxing.) I had to ask ‘Roy’ to stop and let me get my breath on several occasions, as I was just not used to the altitude. I didn’t have any sickness but the air is so thin that, if you’re not accustomed to it, it’s tough. While it was still dark (we began the climb around 1am), ‘Roy’ stayed with me but as soon as it started to get light, ‘Roy’ would just go on ahead and then wait until I caught up. He was well over 100 yards ahead before he would stop and wait for me. When I reached him he would set off again right away, while I had to stop and rest for a few minutes. This went on right until the summit and he even had the gall to castigate me (from a distance) for not following his exact path across the ice field near the top. When I shouted back that it wouldn’t happen if he walked at a pace I could keep up with, the point seemed to be totally lost on him.

After a few minutes and photos at the summit, we started our descent and....guess what....’Roy’ was off on his own again, clearly unhappy with my pace. Coming down the steep incline through the ash and trying to rush, it’s easy to lose one’s footing. ‘Roy’ was aware that this happened to me several times, but that didn’t slow him down. Once when he looked back and saw me fall, he just shook his head as if to say ‘This guy’s useless’. In the end, ‘Roy’ didn’t even wait for me to catch him at all and went straight down to base camp to start packing up. All I can say is thank heavens that I didn’t suffer any serious falls, as it might have really messed up ‘Roy’s’ schedule......if he’d bothered to come back to help me, which is by no means guaranteed.

So, if you do use this company, my suggestion is that you get some assurances/guarantees regarding the guide before you hand over any money.
Written February 16, 2021
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Thibaut A
Lausanne, Switzerland9 contributions
Chachani with Naturaleza Activa
Aug 2019 • Friends
Very nice 2-day trekking organized by Naturaleza Activa. Chachani volcano is a nice climbing adventure, which required to be well acclimated. The view from the top is breathtaking. One recommendation would be to bring warm clothes (2/3 socks and good mountain gloves).

Thibaut, Quentin
Written September 6, 2019
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Dawid K
17 contributions
Waiky Adventures Chachani volcano
Jun 2019 • Couples
Excellent service I've got to say. The equipment we've hired was in good condition and served us well. Those warm jackets saved us .
Our guides Gary Llamoca and Brendesi were one of the best guides we ever had. Excellent attention. Huge knowledge of the mountains and various treks from other parts of Peru. They have prepared for us a delicious dinner. Soup as starter and chicken fillets with rice and vegetables. There was vegetarian options too.
During our climb out guides kept motivating us to find a bit more energy to get to the summit. They were also checking on out health situation. Very professional.
Written June 7, 2019
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yucânia cruz
10 contributions
Be careful with Waiky Adventurous
Apr 2019 • Solo
I've chosen Waiky because was the only company that I spoke with the owner, Jennifer! She is a lovely person and she was ok while I speaking about my insecurity and the fact that I never used crampons and don't have snow experience.
Unfortunately, her employees are not to dedicated to people.
We were are group of 8 people and the two guides, Alain and Roy.
The first one, was with the me during the first part of Chachani. He helped me but he got nervous when I needed to make some stops he even would say: don't stop so much, you are making me tired.
Yes, but you are being paid for that. Don't forget the reason you are working.
In our group just one guy couldn't make it to the top and he was feeling so good but we were on the middle of the way. And if didn't ask a lot, he would be going to the camp alone! Alone! I know that they say that can happen but still, he was dark, he wasn't feeling ok....

But the worst is: I didn't know that I only paid for guides to go up... while going down nobody was with me and I asked for help, twice or three times. But nobody was there.
Why? Because it was Easter Day and the day before both guides were talking about the cars and the hour that they would return to Arequipa.
And the other thing that got me mad, I arrived to the base camp and Alain said: you have 1hour, we will be leaving the tents, etc. for the other group and we will be leaving in hour. Ok...\but after this we were waiting 2 hours in the meeting point, while it was sunny, cloud, windy because now we would say: If a group was to come it would take more. No way! We left all the gear behind for the new group and now you are lying to my face?! I know, I can be very rude but they weren't doing a team work, nothing!

But still, Jennifer is a lovely person and the Chachani will blow your mind!
Written May 2, 2019
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Witse V
3 contributions
Climbing El misti
Nov 2018 • Solo
My experience with Waiki tours was horrible. I climbed volcano El misti with this tour operator. The equipment was unacceptable. They told me to leave my own equipment in the hostel because it was not Suited for the job. When I arrived in basecamp they gave me a sleepingbag for temperatures+15°c! In basecamp it's minus 5°c at night. You get a once in a lifetime chance to climb this volcano and because of them didn't make it to the top. The tent in basecamp was horrible as well
Written December 1, 2018
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New Delhi, India147 contributions
Must visit in Peru - absolutely stunning views
Sep 2018 • Solo
Would highly recommend this mountain over El Misti - it is easier to climb and has much better views. It takes 2 days and is an experience for a lifetime - comparable and probably better than Machu Picchu!! You need to have basic fitness and the ability to walk non-stop for 9 hours. It doesn't ask for more athletic abilities or mountaineering experience!! The Volcano in the background makes this definitely the most rewarding climb
Written October 31, 2018
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Rotterdam19 contributions
Dirt road, nothing special
Aug 2018 • Couples
Nothing more then a downhill trip on a dirt road. We would not recommend it. When you do decide to do it, then do not book it with Kusi travel. We had a negative experience with them. They put us on a jeep with an other couple who didn't book the mountain bike trip but wanted to see a lake. So we were forced to go there as well. The mountainbikes were in terrible condition, helmets only in one size and bad quality handgloves.
Written August 25, 2018
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Bob H
Mississauga, Canada17,315 contributions
Chachani, Arequipa
May 2018 • Couples
We had a great view of Chanchini from Mirador Carmen Alto location. Chanchini is a old volcano with a height of 6,057 m / 19,872 ft. Quite spectacular to see.
Written August 21, 2018
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Tim v
Amsterdam, The Netherlands4 contributions
Jul 2018 • Solo
If you want to survive, do not go with Quechua. We decided to cancel our trip with them and change agencies after we tried out the stuff. We asked to check out all the material the day before, because we wanted to be sure everything was going to be allright. The night before our hike we went to their office and were welcomed by a guy named Ivan and a lovely women Veronice. From the moment we stepped inside the office Ivan immediately was very hostile and very unfriendly. We told him that the pants did not fit and that we needed to have other ones. He became very angry and was constantly telling us that he knew our kind of people, the ones that were always complaining about the stuff. After a long and tiring argument Ivan just left. We were so amased by how unfriendly and unreasonable this guy was. So we focused on the women sitting behind the counter. She actually did an internship and started two weeks ago. To not give up our good spirits we took the checklist and started to go through the stuff. In summary, they did not have anything that would fit us and all the stuff was of very (and I mean very) poor quality. The sleeping bags for example dated from 1990 and were not warm at all. The jackets were all broken (they had only 4), and the pants were very thin (had only 3). Veronica helped us very well, but she started only two weeks ago and did not know a lot of course. So after trying to call Ivan he ignored us. That was the point we decided to not go over 6000 m with this company. After looking in to the company I have read some awful stories of people who actually went up with the company and it was terrible. PLEASE, PLEASE do not go with them. If you book with an agency, please ask with which company you are going and if you can see and try out the stuff first.
Written July 27, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Liz L
San Jose, CA8 contributions
2-day Trek up Chachani
Aug 2017 • Friends
The only trek I had ever done before this was the 5-day Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu a few days before deciding to try this one out. We booked this through our hostel (Arequipay Backpackers) for 280 soles through Waiky tours. They provide food, tents, sleeping bags, extra pants and jackets (because it was very cold), and gloves. It was probably the most difficult thing I have ever done only because I don't really hike or trek that much, especially at high altitudes. The first day is just driving a few hours and walking to our base camp at around 15,000 ft. We would wake up the next morning around 3 am to begin the trek up the volcano. It was a 6 hr trek all the way up and the guides were very supportive and helpful and go very slow at first on purpose to pace the group. I almost made it to the top and had about 45 min left of making it to the top but couldn't finish it because I was just so exhausted. It only takes about half an hour to get down from the top because it's all dirt and ashes so you just slide down. A majority of the group did finish it though! I would say if you're athletic and you like a challenge, try it!!
Written July 23, 2018
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