Campo Antilco
Campo Antilco
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temporarily closed. Get to know the northern Patagonian Andes and its people the most natural way: on horseback. Not just following your guide: riding your horse is the aim. Our well trained and sure stepping Criollo horses, together with the professional bilingual guides make it possible. On rides from 2 hours to 11 days, whether beginner or expert: everyone can experience his own personal freedom on horseback. Come and share the experience of being out in the mountains!
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5.0 of 5 bubbles123 reviews
Very good

Christina M
1 contribution
5.0 of 5 bubbles
Nov 2023 • Solo
I can highly recommend this beautiful place with it's really lovely, uncomplicated hosts and the great cabañas in which I felt like home. I had a great time while learning Spanish, doing some horseback riding, making some shorter trips in the area and just relax at this beautiful place. Thank you so much!
Written November 20, 2023
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Leslie C
Cleveland Heights, Ohio, United States17 contributions
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Nov 2012 • Couples
I cannot speak highly enough of Antilco. My boyfriend and I visited Chile in November, 2011 for 5 days. I am an avid horse back rider with over 20 years of experience riding and training in the US. I love riding in other countries, but I am a stickler for safety, good horsemanship, and EXCELLENT horse care. I will not hesitate to walk out of an establishment that is lax about safety or the well being of their mounts. Antilco was FANTASTIC. Way beyond my expectations.

When we arrived, I was happy to see a string of very well cared for Chilean horses (healthy well trimmed hooves, clean shiny well groomed coats, appropriate weight, and excellent muscle tone on ALL their horses) hanging out calmly in a clean shaded paddock with access to hay and water.

Further, none of the horses had that "dead- eyed" look of being overworked. They were all alert and interactive with their humans, seemed to enjoy their jobs, and moved out easily away from the barn with no hint of the "barn sour"-ness that unfortunately happens to so many overworked trail horses.

The healthy horses were followed by a neatly arranged tack room with well conditioned bridles and saddles in good repair and (much to my joy as I didn't have any gear with me)... half chaps! Another good sign: nearly all the bridles have gentle snaffle bits or hackamores, indicating very well trained horses with happy mouths! :)

It was pouring rain the day we rode, but they provided rain ponchos as well, in part to keep the riders happy and in part to help keep the 30- some layers of wool in their incredible saddles dry (more on the saddles to follow). Antilco also provides ASTM approved helmets to anyone who wants one.

Our guide was extremely friendly and a very knowledgeable and accomplished horseman (I believe he was German?, but spoke impeccable English and Spanish). He spoke with everyone briefly and easily matched up the guests to appropriate horses. My boyfriend has ridden a grand total of 4 times in his life, so when we travel, it is imperative for me to find a trekking company that will provide him with a safe mount, not only so he doesn't get hurt, but also so I can keep him happy enough to continue riding with me on our vacations :P

Our guide at Antilco did an excellent job assigning horses. After a brief warmup walk on the trail, our guide announced we were going to canter up the hill on the road. I panicked thinking "there is NO WAY my boyfriend can canter! He barely knows how to steer or stop!" But my fears were quickly allayed when his horse slowly and carefully picked up a gentle rolling lope and followed the others up the hill without so much as coming close to unbalancing my boyfriend and totally unaffected by my boyfriend bouncing awkwardly a bit on his back. I wish I could remember the name of his horse, because that fantastic animal deserves some kind of medal or at least a few extra carrots :)

My horse was lively and moved forward easily, but was also very calm with excellent response to all my aids, something I really did not expect in a career trail horse, who, in the US at least, typically walk nose to tail and ignore anything the rider asks for. He was really a pleasure to ride.

Another helpful thing for beginner riders (or anyone going on a long, multiday trek): the Chilean saddles are like COUCHES! I'm an eventing rider and used to shallow seated English saddles. These were the exact opposite. I'm pretty sure it would be impossible to fall off of one. It felt like I would literally have to dive off the side of my horse to come loose. They are WAY deeper seated and more secure even than any Western style American saddle I've ever sat in. Although this was a really strange feeling for me, the saddles are extremely comfortable and PERFECT for an inexperienced rider who needs a really secure saddle to handle some of the tougher terrain encountered on the trail. They were comfortable enough that my boyfriend, who is usually sore and tired after a couple hours, was able to ride for 4 hours with little complaint.

We rode for about 2 hours on trails and back roads, through the woods, the mountains, and several traditional villages. The ride is not simply a "nose to tail" follow along on a flat road (nor was it too difficult for beginners). There was plenty of trotting and cantering and lots of varying terrain. There were also 2 challenging, rocky creek crossings that those amazing little Chilean horses handled beautifully. They are SO surefooted and fit!

We stopped in a sheep field, tied the horses to some trees, and had a lovely lunch provided by Antilco (vegetarian options available!). Then we remounted and headed back by a different route that included a nice (optional!) gallop on a volcanic sand beach.

And finally, the scenery is AMAZING. The small taste of Patagonia we got on this half day trail, and the excellent experience with Antilco, has made me think very seriously about returning for a week long trek. I really cannot say enough good things about their guides and their horses. Such a fantastic experience!
Written January 7, 2013
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14 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
Feb 2015 • Couples
We completed the Andean Lakes tour with Antilco and our experience was exceptional. Our guides Sammy and Louis were extremely patient with our lack of experience. We found the ride both challenging and rewarding. Campsites were beautiful. The food - rustic, yummy and filling. We enjoyed chipping in and giving a hand where we could and developing a relationship with our beautiful horses.

Antilco provided you with everything necessary (chaps, saddle pack etc.); and whilst not legally required in Chile, a helmet when requested. The horses are well cared for and have wonderful personalities.

We shared two homely dinners with Mathias and Karin (the owners), their family and guides at the start and end of our trip.

Accommodation at their farm was also lovely (we wish we could have stayed longer).

We cannot speak more highly of the wonderful service offered by this company.
Written August 7, 2015
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Seattle, WA39 contributions
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Apr 2013 • Friends
I contacted Antilco nearly eight months prior to the date of the four day Rio Blanc horse trek.  I booked approximately six months beforehand.  Before and after booking - we were in good periodic communication.

After arriving on the ranch we sat for a quick breakfast and a briefing on the day's ride.  At breakfast - I found Mathias to be warm and genial.  The crew - Carmen and Anna made us feel welcomed.

There were 7 of us plus two horsewomen to accompany the ride.  After perhaps over three hour ride - we returned to the ranch for a hearty lunch.

After finishing up lunch we (my riding buddy) and I were summoned into the office.

The first thing out of Mathias' mouth was - "We have a problem".

Turns out Mathias apparently became jittery over the fact of our deafness.  Mathias wanted us to pay an additional $580 dollars (CH$275,000) to get an additional rider to accompany us plus to cover the apparent additional expense of another vehicle and other equipment.

We didn't see this train coming and sat there momentarily trying to absorb the enormity of the prejudice and discrimimnation that just struck us.

Mathias felt our deafness was a medical condition and a physical limitation upon the ride.  [Deafness is neither a medical condition nor a physical limitation to riding a horse].  His attempt to "accommodate" felt like an attempt to extract additional funds against a supposedly vulnerable population as well as supposedly trapped customers having invested and traveled thus far from the States and likely to cough up the additional funds to preserve the "investment".

Mathias may suffer from a greater mental limitation of prejudice towards the physically disabled.  Be forewarned - if you're obese; if you got a prosthesis leg; or if you're wearing a pacemaker - any apparent medical or handicap - you're more likely to be asked to pay more to cover his imagined expenses.

There was no indication of any real sustained difficulty with communication with the crew on the shakedown ride.

I now realize the initial ride isn't only to help with matching the horse to the rider but may be a ploy used to screen customers in an attempt to find justifications for additional monies under the guise of safety and responsibility. 

I explained to Mathias that I'm fully informed of the various riding conditions - having read numerous horse trekking blogs as well as TripAdvisor reviews of numerous horse trekking outfits.  I complied with his policy to obtain travel insurance and we also signed his waiver form prior to the ride. 

Mathias labeled both of us as inept riders.  I'd ridden horses over the course of my life.  I'm not an expert rider and neither am I a newbie.  (Nearly half of his riders appeared to be newbies according to several
TripAdvisor reviews - and went off without any apparent hitch).  Mathias pointed out my buddy's bad knee (isn't 'bad knee' one of the most common malady?) as the other reason for additional crew.  With a little assistance he could mount and dismount just fine.  That was a lame attempt to deflect away from the deafness and not wanting to do the effort to communicate.

Both of us received encouragement and positive feedback during the ride.  After the ride we each unsaddled our horses.  We brushed our horses - which none of the other riders done.

I explained that this is treating us more differently and costing unreasonably more.  I used an analogy describing a scenario -- if you had four pairs of riders (each from a different country) where none of the pairs spoke neither English or Spanish - are you going to charge each pair nearly $600usd more to bring along a "communication" escort for each pair?  If you had a rider with a pacemaker - are you going to charge him/her $600usd more to provide him/her with an escort rider because you may feel its too much responsibility?

We had the feeling that Mathias did not want to do more work at communication than necessary.  In the previous analogy - it will require more effort into communication - period.  You're in the business of serving travelers from the world over!!
My buddy flew all the way from Los Angeles for this highlight ride.

This was a major body blow.  It was totally unexpected coming from Antilco --  in a town like Pucon - where attitudes seemed a "can do" and inclusiveness rules the day.  I expected it in a more backward country like perhaps Bolivia (which welcomed me with wide open arms).  This treatment is reprehensible (disability or not) - we demanded (despite his no refund policy) and received our money back.
Written April 17, 2013
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Mark H.and Mark D. booked a ride with us starting on April 4 2013. The ride was a 4 day pack trip into the Andes, overnight in tent camps. In our application form under : "Are there any medical conditions or physical limitations that the guides should be aware of?" both stated “no”. On arrival we noticed that both where deaf and Mark D. of 235 lbs had a (permanent) knee problem that made it impossible for him to get on or off his horse on his own. Me and the guides decided to give it a try and started our first day program with Mark and 5 other participants, a 4 hours ride we habitually have before a several day trek to find out which horse suits the rider, so we can make sure that every rider has an adequate horse on the trail in the mountains. After this initial ride, previous consulting with the 2 guides that accompanied the group, I decided not to take Mark H. and Mark D. on the trail into the Andes as with the impossibility of quick communication and the impossibility of Mark D. in case necessary to get off and on his horse without help we could not guarantee their safety on the ride in demanding terrain. At this point both where offered full refund of their payment although they had already 2 meals with us and participated in the half day ride. As they insisted to complete the 4 days I offered the possibility of taking an additional guide that could always stay with them at additional expense which they denied. So I fully refunded their payments and they left. As summary: One can talk a lot about what he can and is capable of, in the end it’s us that we know the trail and the requisites for riding it safely and it’s our responsibility and decision what requisites are needed for this. On a side note: on this (what Mark thinks to be an easy) ride, for safety reasons we had regularly scheduled 3 guides for 7 riders. Having known upfront about the deafness and the knee problem (not conceal it in the application form) I would not have accepted them on this ride but offered a ride in a less demanding terrain and could have provided any extras necessary at a much lower cost than hiring a freelance guide at last minute. Being as greedy as Mark thinks I am and describes me, I would have made us of the general terms and conditions: The tour leader has the right to disqualify anyone, at any time during the tour if he feels the tour member is physically incapable and/or if the continued participation will be detrimental to the individual involved or to the group. Refunds are not given under such circumstances. Instead I preferred to stick to my safety and moral standards and to lose 560, - USD each. In spite of what Mark writes above: Both guides on the half day felt incapable of guiding Mark H.and Mark D. and the other 5 riders through the next 3 days of the trail and asked for not accepting them (though they were ok with the help of an additional guide). In addition, all other participants expressed their relief about our decision as they felt that Mark and Mark had required almost 100% of the guides’ attention on the half day ride. There was no struggle about payback the price of the ride, right from the start I offered 100% refund, the only struggle: I refused to pay the hotel bills for the next 3 days as they requested.
Written May 22, 2013
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Berkeley, CA9 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
Nov 2011 • Solo
On a whim I visited this farm and inquired about trekking. I joined a 5 day / 4 night trip that was headed out the following day. I've ridden all my life, so expectations for the riding were low - I mean how much can you expect from a string of rental horses? I was far more interested in getting into the back country and small townships.

Wow. The horses were AMAZING. The guides were AMAZING. The scenery was amazing (except for the first day of relentless rain - fortunately, rain gear was provided). The first day we spent the night in a ranchers barn to escape the rain, and we got to witness the birth of a calf! I was pretty sure the trip was already worth the money! The rest of the trip exceeded my expectations. This was a real ride - many hours in the saddle (chilean saddles are extremely comfortable, I even bought one from their saddle maker to bring home!). These were not nose to tail horses. We were allowed to ride on our own, gallop on the beach, we even had to jump little logs and cross large rivers, lifting our legs to keep them from getting wet! And the FOOD! Authentic Asados, in some cases even beer and wine with dinner. I've ridden a breeds of horses, but after this trip I've come to the conclusion that those little chilean horses are perhaps the most impressive in the world. If you're even thinking of this trip - DO IT. You will not regret it!
Written October 24, 2012
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Anke S
Utrecht, The Netherlands4 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
Jan 2019 • Couples
The two of us did a four day tracking together with another tourist. It was an amazing experience. The first day we did a four hour ride to get to know the horses and to check the choice of the horse per person. After that we left for three days through beautiful nature, woods, mountains, lakes. We had three very competent and nice guides; Marina from Hawaï, US (it looked like she was born on a horse), Martha from Poland (very experienced allround outdoor guide) and Luis from Chile (nothing would get him off track).
We had good food, and the trip was very well organized by the staff of Antilco.
If you go to Chili this is a ‘must-do’!
Anke&Frank (Netherlands)
Written January 20, 2019
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Elk Ca13 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
Dec 2016 • Couples
We just completed a nine day ride from Pucon to Argentina. We are experienced endurance horseback riders and I would say it was the most fun, challenging, beautiful ride we have ever been on. The horses were wonderful. Our trip leader Carmen was amazing. She did it all with grace and great humor. The owner Mathias has taken great care in creating a unique experience. It is rigorous but so worth the effort.
Written January 14, 2017
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Charlotte, NC33 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
Mar 2014 • Solo
I am a horse lover and have ridden regularly or 20+ years, done trail rides all over the Americas, and worked as a wrangler at a couple of American dude ranches, so my praise doesn't come easily. From the start Mathias, the owner, was quick to answer all my questions and help me organize my ride. Upon arrival to the ranch, Mathias and the guides welcomed me like family and treated me and another couple to a delicious breakfast. I thought I might lose a little bit of weight in the back-country but I was so well fed throughout that I think I actually gained some! After that I met my horse, a lovely mare named Auca. I have ridden a lot of horses over rough terrain and have never found one so sure footed. She was amazing! All of the horses on the farm are very well cared for. The guides deserve a special thanks - Frauke and Luis were both expert horse people and very gentle with the horses, not to mention a lot of fun! They really made the experience. The scenery was amazing, I think the best way to describe it was a cross between Colorado and Jurassic Park. I was weary of doing this ride due to a poor experience horseback riding in Torres del Paine (among other disappointments in Latin America), but Antilco did a fantastic job all around.
Written March 21, 2014
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Kate B
london169 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
Dec 2012 • Family
Our family has just had a fabulous experience riding with Carmen and Luis, staying overnight in a cabin in the high meadows of the Termas Rio Blanco, with our very own private thermal pool! The only way to get here was to walk or ride so the location was specacularly remote and beautiful.
We are a family of 5; me and my teenage children are experienced riders and my very tall husband is a novice. Nothwithstanding this mixed ability, we were each assigned excellent horses. My horse Palomo was a Criollo Chilenos crossed with Arab who had beautiful manners and lots of keen energy to tackle the most challenging rocky and precipitious slopes. My children's horses were equally fun and well mannered and my husband had a sturdy, calm horse who was a great confidence giver. The western saddles are so comfortable that my husband didnt even notice the 7 hours each day in the saddle!
The ride itself was tough and quite unlike any terrain we had ever come across in the UK. We crossed fast mountain rivers (getting our feet wet at times), climbed up through rocky mountain river courses, passed through dense monkey puzzle mountain-top woods as well as scenic upland meadows. So the scenery and voilcanic backdrops were stunning and the horses were great fun to ride, even for experienced riders.
But what made the trip so memorable was the astonishing care taken by our guides to ensure we were happy, fully fed and watered at all times. While we were resting after our long day, Carmen and Luis somehow laid on a classic chilean asado at the top of the mountain, washed down with wine and pisco sours. Breakfast was equally extravagant and tasty. Mathias hosted us with his family before and after the rides and we felt very privileged to have met them all.
I couldnt recommend more highly and suggest people explore the longer rides as these offer so much! enjoy
Written December 26, 2012
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Crowborough, UK12 contributions
5.0 of 5 bubbles
We have just returned from a two day/one night trek as a family of 5 and the whole experience was amazing. We were looked after so well, from the allocation of which horse to which rider (we ranged from a 9 year old with no experience to adults with far more). Wonderful horses, incredible scenery, but most importantly the guides - Carmen and Hannah - were superb, talking us through each part of the trek, watching out for our safety all the time and producing the most wonderful food from their saddlebags. Camping was under canvas (good quality tents and warm clean sleeping bags provided) looking at the stars in the most beautiful location, in sight of the Villarica volcano. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of the Lake district far from the madding crowd with the fun of riding exceptional horses.
Written December 24, 2011
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