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Very good

Jason S
Melbourne, Australia1,284 contributions
On orchard road it’s probably one of the more affordable malls on the strip with no real top end retail outlets in the mall.

It’s not as clean as most other malls and I think had one of the worse food courts among the malls on Orchard road.

I wouldn’t recommend this mall to visit with better options available close by.
Written January 25, 2020
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Lausanne, Switzerland3,065 contributions
Lucky Plaza is a shopping centre located in Orchard Road (easy access with MRT, red line, station Orchard).
Opened every day, the Lucky plaza is different of all the luxurious shopping mall established in Orchard and make the charm of the place,
There is many different type of shops like gift, electronics, perfume and cosmetics, shoes and sports goods, plus gold shops too. Lot of restaurants, a food courts, The place is very diversified and it's funny to chill in this place trying to find something interesting.
Even you like luxurious brands or you need something not too expensive, this area is the place to go.
Written January 12, 2020
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Sydney, Australia112 contributions
Lucky Plaza sells an assortment of products including electronics and souvenirs, however you have to be very careful as some retailers can try and 'con' you into buying something that may not be what it seems. J Star Mobile Electronic at Lucky Plaza B1-87 is one such store. Please be very wary when buying from here especially when you buy a sim card from their store. They do not follow the correct and legal procedure in registering you as the owner of the phone number they allocate to you. This then means that your Sim card will expire 14 days from purchase and additionally if you have any problems with the Sim card the phone company that the card is from (eg Singtel) will not be able to assist you as you are not the registered owner of the Sim Card. The store assistants here are also very rude, overbearing and can get intimidating if you decide you do not want to go ahead with your purchase. Please don't hand over your money until you are absolutely sure that you want to purchase from this store. My advice is to stay away from this store and be cautious when purchasing from Lucky Plaza, especially for tourists.
Written November 30, 2012
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Stoneville, Australia51 contributions
A very enjoyable experience today in Lucky Plaza. Lots of walking and looking over the entirety of all floors. My 9 year old daughter was very happy to collect lots of Japanese style plush, clothing, little toys and bags etc. Myself personally as an avid op shopper (thrifter) I was excited to explore the top floor where you could find all a pretty large array if thrift stores. These stores are LARGE and require ample time and much patience to explore and hunt for items. The treasure is there though and at 3 items for $10 (SGD) it is worth the hunt). My daughter was not so patient otherwise I would have spent hours in there looking and searching for pre-loved bargains. We found all shop keepers in this building to be welcoming and very friendly, happy to be seeing tourists. I didn’t haggle at any of the stores as I found all the prices very fair. One shop I walked away with a lovely top and skirt combo for $30, beautiful quality. Will definitely be back on my next trip to Singapore.
Written July 8, 2022
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11 contributions
I don’t like the food court in lucky plaza.It is the worse food court in Singapore that I don’t recommend anyone go there.The cleaner just anyhow took and throw my stuff when i went to buy food nearby.She found my item but my gift box was gone.Her attitude just don’t make me feel like going there anymore
Written January 12, 2020
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Leeds, UK196 contributions
Great 'cheaper' stores (even a fire sale shop). as there are lots of expensie shops in Singapore this place makes a change. Macdonalds in the basement floor and lots of different stores to choose from. Change money at 3 different points (reasonable rates).
Written February 20, 2020
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Sydney, Australia10 contributions
Multi story affordable shopping and window shopping. i got 1 hour glasses on ground floor, with a fantastic optomotrist. I like this place. It's an adventure. Totally unpretentious. Yes it's old but who cares. It has character. if you're a pretentious snob, this place is not for you.
Written June 4, 2022
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Singapore, Singapore1 contribution
Have my hair rebond in Nelia's Parlor. It's terrible! I was complaining why it's so itchy and painful while having the rebond, they only say, my scalp is too sensitive but will be alright later. I got a lot of bruise in my head. I can't even comb my hair. The chemicals they used is soooo strong. I am looking for an agency to investigate this parlor and all the parlor in lucky plaza. I had too many rebonding experienced before but this is the worse. My hair doesn't look like It was rebonded. Hard to comb but the worse of them all is, It is still painful even after a week. Thinking to complain. Anybody knows where can I report this parlor?
Written April 28, 2010
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Kanika P
Bengaluru, India3 contributions
I recently visited Singapore with my family. We were in Singapore for 2 days only and happened to visit Lucky Plaza on one of the days. It was not on our itinerary, but after spending the morning at the Botanical Gardens and then at the ION Orchard Mall, we crossed the road to look for some restaurants for lunch. Unfortunately, we ended up the Lucky Plaza (Orchard Road, Opposite ION Orchard mall). Most of the shops seemed to offer good discounts on shoes, purses, mementos etc. It’s an underground market so we were in the Basement when we came across an electronics shop (JW Connection PTE Ltd – B1, 111). My brother inquired about the price of iPod Nano. The girl said it’s for $180 but she’ll give it to us for $ 160. We told her we’d like to buy 2 and would there be a discount if we buy 2 instead of 1. She said no, the price will remain $ 160 per piece. She asked for the money and said she needs to get the 2 pieces from another shop. So we handed her $320 (mistake # 1) and she went out with the money. There was also a fat ugly man in the shop who sat playing games on his phone. She returned shortly with the two pieces and asked if we need International warranty on the two products. We asked her if there will be additional charges. She said yes. We asked her how much and what’s the validity of the warranty. She said its $ 19.9 for 1 year and same price for 2 years as well. I remember correctly I inquired again if it’s the same price for 2 years and she said yes. So we told her we’ll also take the international warranty for both pieces for 2 years. She asked for my brother’s passport to get a photocopy. She said she needed a copy to register the products in his name online. So we gave her the passport (mistake #2) and she returned with the photocopy and returned the passport to my brother. She went to a desktop hidden from our view and spent 5 minutes there. We were under the assumption that she is registering the products online for the warranty. She came to us and asked my brother to sign a receipt for $ 19.9 warranty and also another receipt of the total payable amount. She didn’t come to us but stopped a little away so that my brother had to go to her to sign the two receipts. This ensured that we didn’t read them and my brother signed them without carefully reading them (mistake #3). She disappeared behind the computers for a few minutes more and then returned. She said the products are registered and asked us to pay the remaining amount (which we assumed was $ 19.9 *2, since we had already paid $320). On the calculator she showed us a sum of $900 and something. I thought it was some mistake and asked her about it. She said that the warranty amount is $ 19.9 per month, so for 24 months it is$ 477.6 and for 2 products it is $955.2. We were shocked to hear this. At no time she had mentioned that the amount is per month and not the total amount for a 2 year warranty. In fact when I had asked her categorically if the warranty sum is same for 1 year and 2 years, she had said yes. I understood plainly that she is lying. The ugly man on the video game now turned his attention towards us and produced the receipts that my brother had signed. One of them said $19.9 and a small ‘per month’ had been added to it, probably after my brother signed it. The other one showed that we agree to pay the total amount of $1275.2 (320 + 955.2). The figure looked manipulated as the ‘1’ was very close to the $ sign and nowhere in the receipts were the figures mentioned in words. They had stapled these receipts with the copy of my brother’s passport. As the argument continued, another hefty man walked into the shop. He was heavily tattooed and clearly there to intimidate us. It was futile to argue. The ugly man kept insisting that we signed the receipt and agreed to pay the amount. The products are registered so we can’t go back on the sale. We didn’t even ask for our $320 back because we knew that’s not going to happen. I knew it was a scam and we’ll have to settle. The ugly man said that we’ll need to settle the issue by paying the money. We kept arguing. Why would we pay $955 as warranty for products worth only $320? Finally, the ugly man said that we can settle at $540 ($270 per piece). I made a counter offer by typing the figure of 400 on the calculator. He said $450 and let’s settle it. We were stuck. We paid the extra money ($130), checked our products, tore up the receipts of the inflated prices and got the hell out of there.
We got fleeced out of $130 and more than that it was a very unpleasant experience. After reading online I realized that the exact same thing has happened to many international tourists. Apparently, a lot of shops in Lucky Plaza are running this kind of scam. In fact, people who refused to pay up have been threatened with force. People who made big purchases have lost even 1000s of dollars. I’m posting a photo of the shop to warn tourists about this shop in particular. Avoid Lucky Plaza! Also read similar reports about Sim Lim Square, although I haven’t been there personally. I hope this post is able to help some people avoid this horrible place.
Written May 27, 2013
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Bishan4 contributions
My friend and I got a very bad experience with the shop ( Prestige Electronics Pte. Ltd. ), located in Basement 1, Unit 67 (#B1-67) of Lucky Plaza Shopping Mall in Singapore.

We are about to buy two 16gb iPhone 3G, what the chubby sales guy initially quoted for the price of the unlocked iPhones is SGD750. Once we agreed to buy the phones, he asked for our cards and work permits and immediately charged our cards with SGD833 each, according to him the additional SGD83 is for the GST which we can refund in the airport since we are foreigners.

After that, he asked that he will install applications, such as the 3.0 software for iPhone, and went somewhere upstairs. We waited about 45 mins and once we was back, he swiped again our cards, this time charging for SGD788 each for the applications, which he installed, and in which he DID NOT IN ANY WAY INFORM US ABOUT THE HIDDEN CHARGES. Also, when we asked the chubby guy why he’s swiping our cards again, he said it was for warranty purpose, which obviously not!

So total charges on the purchase amounts to SGD3,242! My friend and I argued that we were cheated but the two men in the shop (who both seem like Singaporean locals) were firm in the price they deviously quoted. Seemed like they really know how to argue in this kind of situations and really experts in cheating customers.

I took pictures of the shop, but the old uncle (who seems to be the owner of the shop) threatened me that he will break the phone I’m using in taking pictures.

I was only able to take 3 pictures out of fear for his threat and for the security of my friend and I.

Since I was trembling while taking picture, the only clear image is the name of the shop (Prestige Electonics Pte. Ltd), and the other two are blurry and the sellers even made it a point to hide their faces in the camera. Also, my friend and I took a picture of the actual receipt, which has lots of erasures and another proof of trickery.

Our BANK CARDS AND WORK PERMITS are with them, so in the end we just agreed to get one iphone amounting to SGD1,621! They said that they won’t issue any refund and won’t give our permits and cards, if we don’t proceed with buying even just the one iphone.

Imagine our horror paying SGD1621 for just one 16gb iPhone 3G! The money for all we care is our hard-earned money. It may be small for other people, but to us ,it’s a fruit of the sweat and the pain we endure of not seeing our families abroad that often, just to hardly work in Singapore.

These dealers in Lucky Plaza are really into tricking customers.

It’s ironic how my friend, who’s into Public Relations Company for Singapore Tourism Board (STB), has informed me that the STB would like to promote Singapore as the “Digital Hub of Asia”, when electronic dealers in Lucky Plaza are these devious to customers, especially foreigners.

They should be taught lessons and such shops should be closed as they ruin the image of Singapore in general.
Written July 21, 2009
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

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