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Oze National Park
National Parks
Oze National Park has a long history. It was rst designated as part of the Nikko National Park in 1934; however, the Oze area was divided from the Nikko National Park in 2007. It was then incorporated with surrounding areas such as Mt. Aizukoma, Mt. Tashiro, and Mt. Taishaku and designated as the 29th national park. The name, Oze is well-known for being sung in the Japanese traditional song, “Natsu-no-Omoide (Memories of Summer).” It features characteristic landscape consisting of Ozegahara Marsh, the largest high marsh on the main island (Honshu), Ozenuma Swamp, the volcanic lake created from Tadami River, and surrounding mountains such as Mt. Shibutsu, Mt. Hiuchi, Mt. Aizukoma, Mt. Tashiro, and Mt. Taishaku. In addition, Oze has been subjected to development crises repeatedly in the past; however, this invaluable nature is kept today by efforts of many people, and it is also known as “the origin of nature conservation” in Japan.
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Kimitaka S
Taichung, Taiwan11,151 contributions
Huge natural reserve
Aug 2019 • Couples
Oze is a huge natural reserve, which extends to four prefectures: Gunma, Niigata, Tochigi and Fukushima. The highlights of Oze are Ozegahara and Ozenuma. But both places are far away, and since driving a car is restricted in the area, you have to walk for a long distance when you visit the park. However it is absolutely worth visiting.
Written August 30, 2019
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千葉県299 contributions
Jun 2017 • Family
I went there begining of June to see Mizubasho flowers.Though it was June, snow was still remained on the path.Prepare trecking shoes and coat.It takes 5 hours on foot for sight seeing and round trip from the bus stop.
Oze is so famous that many people come on weekend.It is better to visit on weekday.
Written June 10, 2017
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299 contributions
A priceless experience!!!
Jun 2017 • Friends
The transport system in jp overwhelms me hence I am always looking for express bus services if possible. In the case of oze national park, I took an express bus from Shinjuku bus terminal(4100 yen,one way). The duration is around 4 hrs. The express bus brought me to the tokura bus stop. From there, transfer to a local bus(~980yen, one way) at the stop that u alighted from the express bus. It will take around 15 mins to get to the Hatomachitouge-pass(entrance)of the oze national part. I chose this entrance cos it is the shortest + it's recommended by chozo hut + there's much positive reviews on this route. The walking duration given is 3hrs but in my opinion, for those who are not used to trekking/hiking, especially those who can't from the city, give yourself another 20% time buffer. I took 4.5 hrs to get to chozo hut. Then again, I took my time to enjoy the scenary and air. You will be mesmerised by the oze national park. To date, apart from Hokkaido, this is my favourite spot in the whole of jp.
Written June 10, 2017
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Adam S
Hitachinaka-shi, Ibaraki, Japan51 contributions
I liked it a lot, but I am not about to join the "100 yen pee club".
Jun 2017 • Friends
Oze is an expansive park that spans parts of 4 prefectures. I went for a day trip to check out the Yamanohana (skunk cabbage blossoms) in early June. There was still snow on the ground on the approach from Hato Pass in Gunma. The juxtapositions of snow and flowers can be quite lovely. The nature in the park/preserve are quite beautiful in the Highland moor part that I toured. I can't say enough good things about it, so I will make a few critical observations. The park runs on "donations" but during the peak season you have to take a 1000 yen one-way minibus to the entrance or climb a mountain to get in. The bus drivers are drive like maniacs. I nearly got car sick on the way up and that is unusual for me. Second, the pristine nature of the park is maintained by requiring hikers to walk along the boardwalk. Unfortunately, the trade off for easy of hiking is that all fauna avoid the boardwalks like the plague. i am a birder and while I could hear cuckoos, and other birds I couldn't get anywhere near them. Third. The toilets are all "suggested donation 100 yen" toilets. I ran out of coins halfway through the day. Of course these are all very minor things, I intend to return many times in different seasons.
Written June 3, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Andrew LIM
Singapore, Singapore207 contributions
May 2017
Our group of 6 friends, mostly retirees wanted a trekking trip and was recommended Oze. Preparation started early which was challenging due to clarity and language but we all arrived gingerly on May 18th from Singapore via HoChiMinh City on Vietnam Airway. We too a rental car and journeyed to our 'base' hotel at Higashi. The experience at Higashi was great and memorable and is the subject of a separate review.
We were to trek for 3 days starting from Oshimizu to Ozenuma and staying the night at Chozo Hut for Day 1. Along the way we saw a van stuck in snow and 2 young Japanese men struggling to get it out. We lend a helping man. Day 1 gave us an insight into something that we were not prepared for. Plenty of snow from a bumper winter. It was already later May. We were not prepared. No proper shoes. A couple of walking sticks.
The first night at Chozo Hut was average except that there was no room heater. Thankful for 4 blankets. Trips to the wash room was walking a flight down in cold corridors at temperature of around 3 degree.

Day 2 was to trek from Ozenuma to Akatashiro including Sanjonotaki Falls. There was trouble and challenges brewing. This part of the country is still heavily covered in snow. Trekking was very challenging to say the least of soft snow and melting ice. We did contemplated of back trekking to Oshimizu and cancel the trek. Alas we push on and had two near accidents including stepping into deep snow and pulling ourselves out with bruises to remember. We were guided by pink ribbons tied to trees to show the path. Understandably sometime it was very difficult to find the ribbons. We came upon a ridge and had to be on all fours to crawl through with very cold fingers san gloves. We managed this ridge but any slippage would see us falling into the stream below.
Shortly we came to another ridge that need traversing. It was very tight and the first 2 made it through. The 3rd and 4th member were following and suddenly a slip gave way and saw my friends sliding down the slope. It was a good thing that he managed to grab some twigs. And just as sudden, the 4th member also slid and we saw him about 15 feet below. The snow help cushion the fall. Fortunately there was no injuries but the struggle was how to get back up to continue the journey. Further down was the Numajiri River with fast flowing water. Meanwhile our 5th member waited for next step. Our 6th member decided to go down the slope thinking there might be a better option to cross that ridge and get to better ground. Alas, the attempt to climb back up the trail was not easy. We have no ropes and ill prepared. It was already 12.30pm. Day light hours will slip away fast. The next stop was the Motoyu-sanso Lodge and still some distance away.
The first 2 members agreed to push on for help and leave the balance 4 members to try and make it up to the ridge and back on trail.
I must say that we were worried and moved as fast as we could to look for help. Some 2 hours later, we arrived at another lodge and through limited words and mostly hand gestures got our message for help. This was made easier because one of the young man understand some English. They kindly despatched a snow mobile to go look for our 4 mates. Some 45 minutes later we were informed that they have met and was 30 minutes from joining up with us. It could have gone very wrong. The consolation was that the 2nd night stay at Motoyu-sanso Lodge was pleasant with heaters in common areas.
Day 3 we trek out from Akatashiro to Yamanohana and on to Hatomachitoge before taking a shuttle bus to our hotel near Tokura.

Lessons learned.
1) I thought that huts and lodges that take bookings could have helped by providing more information about local conditions, especially to foreigners.
2) We could have been better prepared by buying snow spikes for our shoes.
3) We could have arranged for a guide.

Maybe the Japan Tourist Board can take note.

Sharing some photos.
Cheers Andrew
Written June 3, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Saptashwa B
Tokyo Prefecture, Japan29 contributions
Oze Hiking Guide for Foreigners ! Hidden Treasure
Oct 2016 • Solo
Well, where to start from...This place will offer you with all sorts of hiking experiences and most importantly you will definitely cherish each one of them for long long time...

Me being a foreigner and a solo hiker, to say the truth it's difficult to arrange everything at first. But these are my suggestions to make your journey and stay more easier and within considerable budget...

1> Many reviewers mentioned about going there by train. But, I believe best option is to go by bus. ...If you aren't so good in Japanese ask someone to help you out...Bus fare is cheap and once you're in it you will end up being in one of the main entrances of the Oze park, which are - Oshimizu (大清水), Hatomachitoge, Fujimishita(富士見下)。 Now You can start your walk, mostly it's climbing up and down the hills but reasonable and fairly easy. Then evening falls over and this leads to my next point...
2> Staying... When I booked the bus, there was option for booking a cottage with it. Now since I was travelling alone and hiking is primary, I never cared about the hut or room share or anything...The whole cost of travelling to Oze from shinjuku (south exit) or Yoyogi station and back and the staying was 18000 yen for me. This also included breakfast and dinner in the hut. I stayed a night and hiked around 36kms in 2 days. Even though I didn't care anything, I found myself at last to be in one of the most chill places --- it's called Chozo hut... .. . I stayed near ozenuma pond and the host of this house (Nakagawa san) is fluent in English. Extremely helpful and chill guy...
I emphasize again here on going by bus just because once you pay the money for your travel and staying cost together, all you are left to do is to let yourself fly in the splendid atmosphere of Oze park...

I cannot put any links here as it's against the tripadvisor policy...but if you search in youtube oze hiking guide, the first video you'll get (video made by GG! ) is possibly one of the best hiking guides out there...

Many mountains and of course the whole marshland are the main attractions, but during my long hike I felt rediscovering Yourself in the midst of the nature should be the best thing about the whole trip...
Hope You will enjoy ...
Last suggestion, wake up as early as possible and start your hike... Early Morning in oze can be one of the best things you'll ever encounter. Most importantly check the weather before going...If it's a clear night, you will find many unknown stars easily which you only get to see in your app...But this holds only for people like me who loves star gazing...
cheers !
Written March 30, 2017
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Kahului, HI381 contributions
A "Gaijin" (foreigner) guide for getting to / visiting this beautiful place!
Aug 2016 • Couples
First and foremost, this National Park is really special! Its great for hikers with challenges at any level. The vistas are beautiful, serene and memorable. Combined with overnight stays at the lodges provides an unique once in a lifetime experience...unless you go again as we did!

It seems the greatest challenge of this wonderful experience is getting to the different trailheads. However, planning and research makes it quite easy. It will take a few (3-4) hours but the rewards are definitely worth it! If you are not renting a car with GPS then the following may be helpful.

We used Numata JR station as our starting point, there are daily Kanetsu Kotsu buses that travels to / from Tokura (Hatomachitoge Trailhead) and Oshimizu (Trailhead). The bus stops (#1 currently) are immediately outside the station. You enter the bus from the back door and pull a numbered ticket from the meter. This will determine your fee when you exit and pay at the front door which has a change machine. The one way fee is appromately 2300 yen per person.

I believe the buses are conveniently timed with the shuttles and trains. The Tokura stop is about 80 minutes from Numata station. The shuttles to Hatomachitoge pass are easily accessed here and tickets may be purchased at the window (930 yen). The shuttle ride will take you another 20 minutes.

The Oshimizu trailhead and station is another 20 minutes away. Again tickets are easily purchased at the store adjacent to the bus stop.

Regardless, both trailheads are great access points to Oze National Park for 2 or 3 day visits. Both paths will require 3-5 hour hikes (depending on your interests) into the park and the lodges that provide a restful overnight stop, unbelievable local food, and comfortable rooms. We used Chozo Daini (Miharashi) and Chozo Hut (Ozenuma). Both were wonderful but Chozo Hut and their staff is pretty special! You can easily make reservations online. The 8000 yen fee includes dinner and breakfast and is well worth it! Both lodges provide additional beverages (beer, etc) as well as some snacks. There are very nice gift shops also.

The park is busy during National Holidays and seasonal blooming of flowers. We traveled during July and August, during "off season" and the park nearly all to ourselves! It was super!
Written October 16, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Sydney, Australia74 contributions
Just beautiful. Must see.
May 2016 • Couples
Spent 2 days, 1 night at Oze National Park and I have to say that it's been the best decision for this Japan trip.
The landscapes are one of the most beautiful I've ever seen in my life.

I hiked there in May so weather was amazing.
We stayed the night at Miharashi to split the hike up. It was a nice mid-point.

I cannot recommend it enough.
It's mainly flat as well so most individuals will be able to easily hike though the national park.
Written May 25, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Hawaii42 contributions
3 Days, 2 Nights in the Park - Loved It!
Oct 2015
Walked into the park via Hatomachi Toge (pass) and came out of the park via the Sanpei Toge as recommended by many websters. You can come via Sanpei Toge but walking in from that pass is quite steep where as the road goes all the way to Hatomachi Toge (shuttle van 900 yen, if I remember correctly) and then one walks downhill into the park. Wife and I walked from the Hatomachi Toge to Miharashi and stayed at the Daini Choze Hut for one night. We stayed there based on recommendations from Lahaina Barry via Trip Advisor and we heartedly agree that the Chozo Huts (we stayed at two) were well worth it. Anyway the 1st day's walking took about 6 hours of very slow walking with sightseeing, gift shop perusing and a lot of photo taking. All and all very easy walking. The next day we walked from the Ozegahara marsh area to the Lake Ozenuma region (5 hours and little bit more strenuous but not bad) and stayed at the main Ozenumahan Chozo Hut. This area had a lot of people hiking, camping day tripping and enroute to the top of Mt. Hiuchigatake. I believe that the reason for the large amount of people was that it was a Saturday.
Overall great efforts have been made to preserve the natural beauty of the park with walking allowed only on the boards (about 95% of the trails) with number 1 and 2 only allowed at the comfort stations (100 yen donation requested for using the comfort stations), which are very clean, modern and with flushing toilets (both western and Japanese style). We say a lot of people with small stoves and pots cooking along the trail and enjoying a meal surrounded by the great scenery. Of course, the cooking, viewing and resting areas were boarded with either benches or planking for seating. I plan to return with friends during a Spring. I've been told, however, that one should not go to Oze during a Japanese holiday period as the crowds would be very large.
We left the park early (around 6 AM) Sunday morning and walked over the Sanpei Toge (pass) to the start of the paved road near Oshimizu bus stop; about 3 km away and took a shuttle van to Oshimizu where we took the municipal bus to the Fukiware Falls and then to Jomokogen Shinkansen station.
Written November 6, 2015
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Ebina, Japan484 contributions
One of Japan's best kept secrets
May 2015 • Couples
Just a wonderful park. It's a must and you have to do it during the week. Lots of areas to walk here. They have small hotel you can stay over night inside the park.
Written July 22, 2015
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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