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Fitness First
6:00 AM - 10:30 PM
6:00 AM - 10:30 PM
6:00 AM - 10:30 PM
6:00 AM - 10:30 PM
6:00 AM - 10:30 PM
6:00 AM - 10:30 PM
6:00 AM - 9:30 PM
8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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2-3 hours
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Jakarta, Indonesia1 contribution
Dec 2019
Since stupid Google kept hiding my reviews for absolutely no reason at all and their customer service is complete trash, I'm just going to post my negative experience regarding Fitness First LOTTE SHOPPING AVE over here to have my voice out.

Something is terribly wrong with some people in the management team in the venue and I'd like to give a personal testimony so future visitors could have some heads-up regarding the place, and possibly avoid nasty experience if you're unlucky enough to stumble upon the same set of people I interacted at the time of my visit.

However, if you happen to have good experience, I hold nothing against you but my experience was nothing I could even consider decent. It was very bad and I felt cheated having paid so much for such terrible service I'd never expect from a premium gym membership like this one.

I joined FF membership many years ago (around 2018), but there was one incident that left a bitter taste in my mouth I am not even sure where to begin. Took me only several visits to realize some folks there are up to no good. I would give 2 stars solely because the place is fairly well kept and the locker room staffs were friendly, but don't get me started on the training and membership related services here.

The first red flag was their joint venture with another fitness center, which is rather known for dodgy practices. No surprise here, but first thing I noticed, they are not completely upfront about their member cancellation terms which requires you to spend at least 4 months into the membership for cancellation. This means that you cannot cancel the membership right away if you somehow change your mind, and although they could argue, "it is written there in the terms, you should read it before signing," but I thought sales reps have the responsibility to at least point it out? If that is not bad enough, after the 4mth commitment period, cancelling membership requires telling them 1mth in advance, which means if you happen to want to cancel your membership as early as start of the month, you could only cancel your membership in the next following month, and you are forced to have to pay full price membership for that current month and they will tell you that with a smile in the face. This is a nightmare scenario when all I want was having nothing to do with the business anymore at that point.

Now, just for the sake of fairness, my experience in the gym was decent at the beginning but took a harsh turn about the 4th time I visited the gym. The experience was so bizarre, I am not even sure what happened exactly, but that was despicably unprofessional.

I was assigned to a trainer who seems to have something against me for some reason, and this shows clearly on my 2nd and 3rd visit when he began to give funny look at me and go all whispery to his colleague as if he's trying to scheme something. Also, you would think that being a trainer, it is expected they will encourage and push members with good and positive vibe. But that was not my experience. Instead of word encouragement, I was getting putdowns like, "not sure if you can do this bro", or "you sure you can do this? You don't look so strong bro", which I found to be bizarrely rude and very atypical attitude of a personal trainer (I had a few before, just so you know). Funny enough however, he did not seem to demonstrate this behavior to other members, so there was definitely something off about how he trained me.

Lo and behold, on the 4th and my last visit, I got into what I can only call a nasty attempt to piss someone off. So basically what happened was, they got this one program where you are given series of tasks to measure your vitality and such. It was quite rigorous, and you got to complete these to set a physical starting point for future training, and after each task, they record your numbers on an iPad. All went quite well halfway through, but just right after my last task, me being all sweaty and gasping, so conveniently, the trainer told me the iPad went out of battery!! My progress was lost. And he told me in such a way as if he already knew that would happen, complete with schadenfreude tone and all, "wow bruh, the iPad turned off by itself!!"

At this point I'm not sure if I have to be all that surprised, because something told me early on they set this up, especially looking at how the iPad wasn’t exactly on full charge from the start and the screen brightness was set on full blast and was never locked between tasks, and the PT didn’t even bother to warn me about low battery or at least charge the darn thing if the battery was low.

Now they tried their best to make it as if it is an accident but that is not how it looked like. Being a premium gym with such a steep price, they have at least 3 units of iPads at the time I was there, but all of them was out of battery. I'm not sure where all that money went if they can't even get at least 1 equipment ready to use. When I confronted few of the receptionists at the time about it, they don't even feel there is anything wrong with it and no apology was given. Meanwhile the PT just kept on smirking all the way while telling me yeah this happened at times, you should just train again, blah blah, I was once in your position too yadda yadda. Seriously...? I didn't pay that much money for nonsense like this.

Overall, avoid!! Go support local gyms instead. There are plenty of good local gyms with more affordable prices without all the bells and whistles of corporate money machineries.
Written November 2, 2020
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3 contributions
Dec 2018 • Solo
They never handle my complaints!
And please do not trust what the people answering their official phone number told you.
Horrible Terrible!!
Written February 20, 2019
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