Old Peak Road

Old Peak Road, Hong Kong: Address, Old Peak Road Reviews: 4.5/5

Old Peak Road
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United Kingdom5,242 contributions
May 2020
This review is about the stretch of Old Peak Rd that makes up the walking trail up to the Peak. The walking trail section starts just behind the large Tregunter Towers residential complex. Follow Old Peak Rd around to the back of the towers and you will see a path that branches off to the right and heads sharply uphill. There is a clear sign post with several blue signs and arrows and one bright pink sign pointing uphill, marked ‘The Peak (30 min)’.
There are several other walking trails up/down the Peak (the Green Trail and the Morning Trail) but this trail is the fastest. It’s the fastest because it’s the steepest and its unrelentingly, punishingly steep. Unlike the Morning Trail which zig-zags up the mountainside, this trail just seems to go more or less vertically up. It’s not for the faint-hearted.
It is a challenging walk during the spring and summer months when it is very hot and humid.
The path itself is excellent. It’s paved and is wide and level the whole way. There are no rough or uneven parts and no cars or bicycles. I have only found it slippery if there has been a lot of rain and I’m going downhill. The main risk is a slippery leaf (look out for those big flat, yellowed ones) and there are a few random flat, metal drain covers that get slippery when wet.
You will most likely see a number of other people on the path. It’s not an isolated walk and is in fact a popular exercise track for locals.
There are some lovely vantage points where you get good views of Hong Kong, especially as you get closer to the top, but much of the path is closed in with dense greenery. The foliage is very typical of Hong Kong sub-tropical plant life and is quite lovely and jungle-like, with large ferns, draping aerial roots from Indian rubber trees, banyan trees and moss-covered branches. In recent years, there have been wild boars through the bush. You might see some signs warning people not to leave food for them. I have seen them perhaps twice only and whilst I am wary, they have not been threatening.

Take plenty of water because there are no spots to re-fill until you get to the top. Apart from that, take all the usual things like a hat, sunscreen and maybe some insect repellent and wear decent running shoes with grip.
Written October 5, 2020
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Ajax, Canada453 contributions
Jun 2019
The Peak Tram was closed for maintenance so I decided to walk to Victoria Peak from my hotel in Central. Left before 9:00 a.m. but it took about 90 minutes to get there. It got more hot and humid as the uphill climb continued and my two bottles of water were finished pretty fast. I would strongly recommend bringing more water than you think you might need and having some degree of physical fitness if you are going to attempt the trek. Stand down in Central or across the water and look at Victoria Peak. It is no small feat to get there on foot. The first part was along sidewalks and then eventually I got to Old Peak Road closed to motorized traffic. You usually have a rock wall with plants on one side of the road and a steep drop off the other with a small stone or concrete guardrail. It was quite steep for long stretches and although it was mostly shaded by the hillside or the abundance of trees it was quite hot and humid which really wore me down. It's all paved and there is no need for your climbing gear-it was just more steep than roads I'm used to back home-even driving! In the end I am glad I had the experience and appreciate the history of the road and the amazing views it provided as I went higher and higher.
Written May 6, 2020
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Hong Kong, China142,073 contributions
May 2020
The Old Peak Road is a historic road which weaves its way up to Victoria Peak from the Mid-levels. Originally called Peak Road, it was built in the 1920s and was once the only path up to the summit. It was renamed in the 1960's as newer roads rounding the Peak took on the name Peak Road.

Today, this is a fairly popular hiking trail linking the mid-levels area just north of the Hong Kong Zoological & Botanical Gardens to the Peak. The first stage of the path is still an active road with a steep incline. Walkers can use the footpaths alongside the street to avoid motor traffic. Around half way up, the Old Peak Road closes off to vehicular traffic and is left for hikers who continue upward through nicely wooded mountainside grounds before eventually popping out at the Peak.

Allow around 1 hour to hike upward and 30-45 minutes to walk back down if interested. Otherwise, you may prefer to take the iconic Peak Tram on the way down to try something different. Note, history buffs will be able to see one of the six City of Victoria Boundary Stones along Old Peak Road. This is something neat to keep your eyes peeled for on your way up or down the old road.
Written May 2, 2020
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Falling Waters, WV1,462 contributions
Jan 2020 • Couples
We walked this trail down from the peak to the city. Due to the steepness many muscles used in legs that are not normally used when descending rapidly. We walked at twilight in winter and surprised how many people were using this trail. Many runners in both directions. Many ex pats. There are great views at the top then you are in dense sub tropical forest.many switchbacks. There is a public toilet just under the peak tower then one more a bit further down. We did not see the other toilets towards the bottom that others write about. About half way down the trail merges with a service road for expensive skyscraper condo projects on both sides of the narrow road with a fair amount of traffic. At points no sidewalks. You are forced into the traffic. After a while this service road ends and you are forced to go left or right. We went left towards mid levels. At one point the road crosses a ravine and the sidewalk is tilted towards it. Not comfortable for those afraid of heights. Soon you are at mid level escalators lined with bars, restaurants and clubs. It's always happy hour there. You can stop for a cold one or two and later continue downwards towards Central.
Written April 5, 2020
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Hong Kong, China8,134 contributions
Feb 2020
This is one of the fastest way to get to the Peak on foot. Old Peak Road is a steep trail that links the Peak with the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Garden. Expect some serious uphill walk for around an hour.
Written February 29, 2020
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Truthful Reviews
London, UK7,376 contributions
Dec 2019 • Solo
It’s a great walk but very strenuous. Even if you stop or turn around half way up you will have to have strong legs in both directions.

Saying that it is a walk I take about 3 times per week and the views at the top and along the way are stunning. I’ve completed the walk in the day, dusk/sunset and in the dark (not recommended in the dark).

While walking up keep away from the edge as the majority of the walk has no barrier and the drop would be lethal. So if you have children please keep them close to you. Dogs too. People seem to think it’s ok to let their dogs off the leash which is wrong I think especially while high up without barriers.

Take plenty of water. No cars or bicycles on this route and plenty of greenery for healthy lungs!

A good tip is to put your phone away. I was checking pictures on my phone on the way down and almost walked over the edge into the abyss! Enjoy!
Written December 28, 2019
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Calgary, Canada1,246 contributions
Apr 2019
The reviews here are a bit confusing because some reviews are talking about the Old Peak Road, which goes from lower-level Hong Kong up to area of the peak tram terminus, and some reviews are talking about the loop that starts at the peak tram terminus and goes around the peak via Lugard Road/Harlech Road. Both are worthwhile, but the Old Peak Road has quite a bit of elevation gain or loss, whereas the Lugard Road/Harlech Road trail is quite level and suitable for anyone who can walk 3.5 km. Probably the Lugard Road/Harlech Road trail should have its own review site, but I don't feel ambitious enough to start one.

I particularly enjoyed the Lugard Road/Harlech Road loop because it gives great views of outlying Hong Kong (Lantau Island, Lamma Island, many other small islands) as you do the loop, as well as going by the famous Lugard Road lookout. Most of it the trail is shaded, and both times I did the loop it was uncrowded, unlike the area around the Peak Tram terminus. This is an active road, as there are a few residences along the road, but there is very little traffic so it is safe.

And, of course, both trails are free . . .
Written November 10, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

London, UK90 contributions
Sep 2019 • Couples
We walked from the bottom to the top, it’s so gorgeous and peaceful, covered by greenery, you would never know you’re in the city. Totally beautiful views all the way up and never very busy. Great exercise, very tiring at points and will have you covered in sweat in no time...

Worth noting that it really is a steep walk up, there are sections that are at a very steep incline and I wouldn’t recommend this for older/less fit people (though you can stop and there are benches along the way). You can always walk the flatter section at the top having got the tram/taxi up. There’s a public toilet about a third of the way up.
Written September 3, 2019
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Pat M
Galway, Ireland102 contributions
Jun 2019 • Couples
This walk is approx 3.5KM around The Peak. It starts and finishes beside the bus stop / tram station near the top of the Peak.
The pathway is level and well-maintained with several stop-off points (gardens,benches, gym equipment).
There are plenty of opportunities to get spectacular views of the island and City below.
Bring drinking water!!
Written July 6, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Oldham, UK1,199 contributions
Sep 2018 • Couples
We went round the walk whilst visiting the peak lookout. It starts to the right as you one out of the lookout building. The walk is relatively easy and flat. We made a separate detour to the masts at the top of the peak. It is circular and brings you back out near the lookout.
Written February 6, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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