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Popular day trip island to visit in the Sai Kung Port Shelter
Feb 2021
Sharp Island is a popular day trip location for swimming, snorkeling and island exploring. It is located in the Port Shelter, just a couple of kilometres from Sai Kung Village and is accessible by way of regular sampan and kaito boat transportation from the Sai Kung New Ferry Pier (9am to 6pm daily). Tickets can be purchased from the various operators that line the promenade to the main Sharp Island pier (HK$30 round trip) on the north end of the island or the Hap Mun (Half Moon) Bay pier (HK$40 round trip) in the south.

The island includes two main beaches, Kiu Tsui Beach in the north and the very popular Hap Mun Beach down south. This second beach is noted for the fine quality of sand, very clean waters and beautiful scenery. Both beaches have expected facilities including showers, changing rooms, lockers, lifeguards and kiosks. Do note that during the pandemic, these facilities, like all other beaches around Hong Kong are closed.

Another island attraction is the UNESCO Geo Trail found near the main ferry pier. Here visitors can walk a nearly 500 metre trail that crosses a tombolo (land bridge) to a tiny adjacent island. The tombolo is accessible during most of the day but slightly under water during the height of high tides (>1.4 metres).

Along the tombolo and the adjacent small island there are interesting geological features which date back 140 million years when the entire area of Sai Kung was believed to be part of a super volcano. Most interesting are the quartz monzonite, locally referred to as the 'pineapple bun' rocks given their resemblance to this important and popular local food speciality.

There is a nice trail between Kiu Tsui and Hap Mun that is around 1.6 km in distance. The trail crosses from north to south, covering attractive island landscape, climbing to an elevation of around 135 metres above sea level. What makes the trail nice is that it follows a ridge much of the way, providing views of the coastline, the sea as well as other outlying islands on both sides of Sharp Island. When sky conditions are favourable, the views are really nice in both directions.

At the south end of the island, there is a boulder beach that you can explore a bit but be ready for proper coasteering the further you go south as it because rather challenging the further you go. Near the southern tip of the island there is a popular sea cave but given the difficulty navigating on foot, this is mostly a place visited by those with kayaks.

You will notice, particularly on weekends and public holidays, quite a few people camping at both ends of the island, taking advantage of the public facilities found at the two beaches. There are a few BBQ pits and tables as well. The public beach facilities include simple kiosks for food and drink purchases. However, best to bring your own drinks & snacks that you can purchase back in Sai Kung before making your way to the island.
Written February 17, 2021
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Hong Kong, China3,893 contributions
Sean Bean’s Island...
Feb 2020 • Couples
...not really, obviously. Anyway, references to the greatest ever ‘swashbuckling period drama series about a British officer fighting during the Napoleonic Wars’ aside, this is a stunning island easily reachable from the Sai Kung piers. Beautiful views aplenty, especially from the low peaks on the trail, and perfectly clear water to swim in.
Written March 1, 2020
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Short winter walk to quite sandy beach
Nov 2019 • Couples
We caught a junk boat to Sharp island in November this year. The weather was sunny and dry and we enjoyed the short walk (45min) from the pontoon across to Half Moon Bay. The path was easy to find and led in one direction, and we saw one other person the whole time! It was beautiful, peaceful, and a safe path to follow.
Written November 28, 2019
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Melbourne, Australia323 contributions
Nice hike
Jun 2019 • Couples
It is easy to get to Sharp Island. Just take one of the many ferries at Sai Kung pier. The ferries all seem to be the same price and the trip doesn't take very long.

There are two places to be dropped off at Sharp Island. We took the ferry to Kui Tsui which is at the end of the island closest to Sai Kung. After buying an icecream at the kiosk we hiked across the island to the other swim area - Hap Mun Bay. Didn't enjoy that beach much as it was very small and incredibly crowded and so hiked back.
The hiking path is well marked and not difficult. After hiking back we stayed at Kui Tsui and swum in the roped off area. The beach there was very quiet, most people were around the corner at the Tombolo side. Water quality was quite clean.
Written July 13, 2019
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Hong Kong, China114 contributions
Preserved Geopark Site; Must Visit
Aug 2018 • Family
A must see site for all beach lovers, Sharp Island is a UNESCO world heritage site, a famous preserved Geopark, and is a tombolo. Some of the many seemingly identical to actual well-known features located here sculpted by erosion include the infamous Pineapple Bun eaten in many parts of Hong Kong.
Written December 30, 2018
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United Kingdom100 contributions
Cheap day out
Aug 2018 • Family
We walked around the Sao Kung pier to look at what the boat tour operators were offering and went with Llewelyn (Ho) which is the ‘Rainbow’ boat. The ticket master spoke some English and said it was a trip around several islands and that you can hop off and hop back on again, but need to be on the return boat by 6pm as that’s the time the tide comes in.

We wanted to get off at Yim Tin Tsai island and when we approached it, the skipper said no, but instead we were taken to see some caves and then after passing several islands, he allowed us off at Sharp Island. That’s when we realised there has been a misunderstanding about what the ticket master had said. We were only allowed to get off at Sharp Island and hop back on before 6pm (boat arrive every 30mins).

We were actually pleased with our tour, and even did the Geotour trail and went to see the viewpoint and walked along the tombolo.

We went on a Friday so not crowded at all. Though the beach was littered with washed up rubbish and significant amount of ‘printed money’ which were not burnt when the locals did their ‘Ghost day’ festivals. It just made the beach look uncared for.

But on the whole, it was 50HK$ for the boat trip per person which we thought was quite reasonable, esp if you wanted to stay on Sharp island for the whole day (take your own picnic, BBQ stuff). There are showers around from the pier, with a shop selling food and drinks. You can also swim in the sea by the pier bit, and they have a life guard there.
Written August 24, 2018
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Really Like It
Feb 2018 • Family
We were there during weekday so there wasn't many people there . Sharp Island is undergoing some restoration / redevelopment so some bits of it is a building site.

What I like about this island :
- I could see myself hanging out there all day to enjoy this island. I only managed to see one part of it as the tide was up I was unable to walk across to the other part of the island,which is connected. So, if you are planning a trip there ask the person who is selling you the tickets to go on the boat for an update on the tide situation. This would give you an idea what you could do there.

-There is shower and toilet on the island so no worries

- you could take a hike up to higher ground to get a view of the curve of the beach/'Sharp Island . Note, many stairs involves here.

What you might need to consider if taking your children there:

- flying a kite is not allowed
- flying disc is not allow
-There wasn't any food or drinks on sales so bring your own little picnic basket
-when I was there no shop selling any beach related items such as matt, beach ball etc so you need to prepare it yourself
-last boat out was at 17:00 ;depending on your boat you need to ask
- certain part of the beach is safe in my opinion, certain parts where the path was split in bits and loop sided, you would need to keep an weary eye cause it's dangerous

if you are planning for a hike do bring your mosquitoes repellent ; there is still mosquitoes about at this time of the year ; I was there is Feb 2018

I did not see the volcanic rock idea where it went.
Written February 19, 2018
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Kingston-upon-Hull, UK2,496 contributions
Lovely but not much to do
Dec 2017 • Couples
We paid to go on a boat ride to the island from Sai Kung pier - 30 HKD each. The boat ride was about 12 minutes going over but got a ‘speedboat’ on the return journey so was less than 5 minutes.

It was a lovely day with no clouds so took some nice photos of the surrounding islands from the boat. There isn’t really much to do when you get there but walk along a beach. The tide was in when we arrived so couldn’t walk to the neighbouring island which is accessible at low tide.

Views were great and glad we made the trip.
Written December 29, 2017
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Belfast, UK5 contributions
Sampan tour of Sai Kung with Kitty tours
Jul 2017 • Family
We had originally booked a tour with viator but they let us down. They cancelled the day before but we did not receive the email until we were at the pier. We were so disappointed as we had been looking forward so much to this trip. I had spent ages researching the best tour to take and we had made our way there ourselves via the MTR and mini bus which was really easy.
We had a phone number for Vaitor but could not get through. Eventually about 20 or more minutes after the tour was due a really kind lady from Kitty tours offered to phone the number for us and we were informed the trip had been cancelled. The person on the phone seemed very unconcerned and unapologetic.
The people on Kitty tours offered to take us to sharp island for 50HKG each – they even walked us round to the boat and were so lovely. So we had a brilliant time on Sharp island. The tide was out so we walked over to the smaller island and had a lovely time. Thank you so much Kitty tours!!!
It is a good idea to go earlier tand you want to do the tour as it is nice to have a look around all the piers and fishemen before you go.
Written July 15, 2017
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David Worthington
Toronto, Canada243 contributions
A lovely spot if the weather was also lovely
Feb 2017
We took a sampan over to Sharp Island...the weather was ok but they neglected to tell us the tide was in and you couldn't walk over the sand causeway to the observation island.
If you were in Sai Kung on a nice sunny day, there are lots of trails and beaches you could walk and spend a few hours on.
Written March 16, 2017
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