Tai Po Kau Special Area

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Tai Po Kau Special Area
12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
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12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
Tai Po Kau Special Area is a natural reserve in Hong Kong that is popular with those especially interested in nature, including naturalists and biologists, plus those who feel a need for quiet and unspoiled surroundings. It was originally called the Tai Po Kau plantation, describing the 440 hectares of forest on the steep catchment area of the stream you see near the car park area. The height above sea level extends from 50 metres to 650 metres at the top of Grassy Hill Other sources
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Very good

Hong Kong, China139,247 contributions
Brown & Yellow trails make for a quality 1/2 day hike
Oct 2021
We recently spent a morning hiking in the Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve. This is a rare sub-tropic rainforest in Hong Kong with heavy wooded lands and forest, situated around a stream and with extended mountainside with elevations over 600 metres. There are a range of colour coded trail routes you can take, depending on how much time you have and how much of a challenging hike you are interested in doing.

The Red (3.5 km) and Blue (4.5 km) trails are run around the the lower level grounds and the stream. They are shorter and take no more than a 1-2 hours depending on how many stops you make for picture taking. The Brown (7.8km) and Yellow (10.3 km) trails are considerably longer and make much higher ascends up the mountainside. These are much less trafficked if want to experience a more personal nature experience of Tai Po Kau. Particularly in the early mornings, you won't see many people on these two longer trails.

During our recent hike, we took on the first half of the Yellow before reconnecting with the Brown Trail around the midway point. Very much enjoyed the thick and rich vegetation along these routes. Some serious mushrooms seen along the paths. Had some lovely bird sightings, highlighted by spending around 20 minutes with a group of feeding Minivets, the scarlet coloured males and bright yellow females are so lovely to see.

Note: Do bring binoculars if you want to see the birdlife in Tai Po Kau up close. The park is one of the two finest locations in Hong Kong for birding and is particularly well-known for woodland species. Winter time visits are best as our resident birds are joined by numerous migratory visitors.

Note: Tai Po Kau is one of the outdoor areas in HK where macaques live. However, they are they are far fewer here compared to what can be found at Lion Rock, Kam Shan or Shing Mun Country Parks back in Kowloon.

Note: There are a few public toilet spots in the reserve but no shops or kiosks. Make sure to pickup whatever sufficient water and snacks before making your way there.

Overall, Tai Po Kau is a great nature reserve. This is the best rainforest like environs we have in Hong Kong, mature forests provide plenty of shade and chances are high of seeing some wildlife, be it birdlife or the macaques that call the reserve their home. And the hikes are great if you enjoy ecology, green and heavily forested scenery.
Written November 7, 2021
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Hong Kong, China139,247 contributions
Some of Hong Kong's best rainforest grounds with good hiking opportunities
Mar 2021
The Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve (Tai Po Special Area) is a protected area of 440 hectares of heavily wooded forest situated along a steep catchment of stream and mountainside with elevations extending from 40 to 647 metres above sea level. The area is popular for day hikers and forest bird watchers wanting to spend time in nature near Tai Po.

Historically, this area has been planted with a variety of tree species starting in 1926. It is now a mature, secondary rainforest that is home to over a 100 species of trees, numerous birds and wildlife. Hikers will find a short Nature Trail as well as five longer, colour coded circular trails covering a range of distance through and around the Reserve. Trails are well signed and easy to follow. You'll find maps throughout the Reserve as well so it is not critical to print trail maps or to download hiking trail apps to assist.

We recently spent several hours, leisurely hiking the Blue Trail, a 4 km trail that first follows the main stream into the Reserve before climbing some of the mountainside area through the forest before circling past the Tai Po Study Centre and back to the entrance. Lots of birds seen and heard along this trail, quite a few berries, ferns, some butterflies and very good rainforest scenery seen along this trail.

The Reserve is open 24 hours a day and has limited picnic areas and public toilet facilities. No camping or BBQs allowed however. There are no shops either so make sure to bring sufficient water and snacks before arriving. There is a small car park at the Reserve entrance along Tai Po Road and minibus 28K between Tai Po Market MTR and Sha Tin has drop off and pickup points in both directions near the entrance as well.

Overall, the Tai Po Nature Reserve is one of Hong Kong's best opportunities to spend time in a managed sub-tropic rainforest. It is particularly enjoyable on days with heavy fog and mist which helps create the eery jungle like environs that make rainforests nice to visit.
Written March 16, 2021
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Hong Kong, China842 contributions
Place of wonder
Apr 2020 • Couples
We had our walk in this area over ten times within a month, we went there repeatedly because of its wonderful nature. Our first visit was after rainy day, the entire area was lovely green with plants covered by new clothing. Also, those living mammals becoming vividly everywhere. Many birds choosing these area home, we heard their chatting every evening. The running water down the stream sounds like a mother nature for the forest. There were many walking trails to choose, we normally took the shorter ones, that is the red and blue, taking around two hours from Tai Po Road where you could easily get on a taxi, bus or parked your own car there. Trees were beautiful akin to a forest. Stream were strategically located along the tracks with water points, small group of monkey's family would distract your attention sometimes. The change of lights during the day admired by many photographers, topping with the birds watchers making this lovely place a paradise for us.
Written April 30, 2020
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Amsterdam, The Netherlands469 contributions
Beware of Monkeys
Dec 2018 • Family
A wonderfully relaxed stroll on a Sunday afternoon
Beautiful and interesting trail that travels into thick forest. You can get to see great variety of native trees here, best place to study woodland ecology.
Unlike any other country parks, this place has no barbecue area.
Do not recommend to bring any food as there are many monkeys and they can literally snatch it from you.
Can be exhausting for kids.
Bring a sun block, mosquito repellent, a hat, jacket (gets cooler in the evening), wear comfortable shoes and carry enough water to drink.
Don’t forget your mobile phone! (In case you are lost or need help)
Written December 3, 2018
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Super hiking
Jan 2018 • Friends
If you are an expert in hiking this this is the best place
They call it 7 goddess mountains
It takes nearly 10 hr to complete the hike and no turn back
Tuff job but great experience
Take enough water and food and proper head cover if u go in a sunny day
Don’t go with kids as it’s too exhausted or them
Start early so that you could complete by around 5pm
Don’t recommend to go on wet days as it can be slippery
Written September 19, 2018
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Bruce P
Sydney, Australia137 contributions
Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve
Sep 2017 • Solo
A place for family who like hiking / bush walking. Easy reach by
KMB bus
72 Cheung Sha Wan - Tai Wo
72A Tai Wai MTR Station - Tai Po Industrial Estate
73A Yu Chui Court - Wah Ming
74A - Kai Yip - Tai Wo

Maxi Cab / 14 seaters mini bus
28K Tai Po market MTR Station - Sha Tin (Pak Hok Ting Street, Circular Route)

Just get off at Tsung Tsai Yuen stop. 50M walk will reach the entrance.
You can also go there by car as it has a small car park.

There are 4 walking tracks (Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange) from 3Km to 11Km (1 to 3.5hrs walk). On the way, you may pass bamboo forest, creeks, picnic ground,...etc.
Wear comfortable walking shoes or sport shoes as there are slight uphill & downhill.

In summer and early autumn, you may be able to see fireflies at night.
When it starts to get dark, go along Red track. After a couple of hundred meteres walk, you will start to reach the first creek where you will see fireflies around the water. Sometimes, you will see them in the bush along the way. Quite interesting.
Written October 15, 2017
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den r
Los Angeles, CA278 contributions
Perfect for a hot summer day
Jun 2017 • Friends
Tai Po Kau is a large shady bamboo forest with a refreshing stream running through it. Featuring several well marked trails of varying lengths but the area is also a little maze like and you can spend hours making your own route. Bathroom and porta potties along the routes. It can get quite humid on a humid summer day but it's better than being directly exposed to the scorching sun. Also a nice area for bird watching and enjoying the different flora. I've seen several groups of seniors leisurely walking the paths so there is something for everyone. This is a Take Your Litter Home park so pack out whatever you bring in as rubbish bins are only found at the trailheads. You can enter trail by walking from the Tai Po Market MTR Station and end a couple of hours later at Tai Po Road to catch a bus to Tai Po or Shatin.
Written June 4, 2017
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Fish Hoek, South Africa211 contributions
In search of fireflies
Oct 2016 • Friends
Yes we were past the good season for firefly sightings but had a pleasant walk - mainly Nature Trail and Red Route. Other than the trickling water in the numerous streams, this is a peaceful walk. It is hilly and after dark a touch is essential. We heard some frogs and a few birds and saw three free-living dogs. What is the insect in the photo? It was the only bioluminescent creature that we came across.
Written October 1, 2016
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Hong Kong, China139,247 contributions
Heavily wooded nature reserve near Tai Po
May 2015 • Solo
The Tai Po Kau Special Area (free entry) is approximately 440 hectres nature reserve out near Tai Po in the New Territories. This is one of the most heavily wooded areas of HK for simple hikes.

There are a handful of colour coded trails ranging from <1 to 10 km in length. None are difficult but still best to carry at least at least a litre per hiker if doing one of the longer routes during warmer months. Much of the nature park is comprised of rather thick forest, about as dense as you are going to find here in Hong Kong. There is a nice stream which cuts through the nature park as well.

As for fauna, you encounter the occasional bird sightings and might spot a butterfly, or other insects if you look out for them. There are amphibians and snakes in the area as well but the are not that common and difficult to spot.

Overall, the Tai Po Kau nature area is a nice outdoor area but not as conveniently located or easy to find for visitors not familiar with this area or travelling with a local resident. There are much easier places to find for hiking on Hong Kong Island, Lantau Island, Lamma Island and out near Sai Kung.

Note: For transportation, you can take bus 28K from Tai Po Market, get off at Chueng Tsai Yuen bus stop. The entrance to the nature reserve is back up the road about 80-100 metres after you exit the bus.
Written January 7, 2016
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Singapore, Singapore97 contributions
Tai Po Kau Forest Trail
Oct 2015 • Friends
Absolutely beautiful forest with 4 trails to choose from. Saw a lot of families with kids and dog walkers too when I was there. The trails are not difficult and the forest is just one of the most nicest ones I've been to.

Didn't see any foreigners or tourists though. I guess it is not as popular or well known as compared to Geopark or Mai po etc.

We rode a public bus back to Tai Wai MTR after that, about 15mins. The security guard at the entrance is really helpful. I can't remember the exact MTR name cause they all sound similar.
Written October 31, 2015
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