Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
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This place is temporarily closed. The Heritage Museum houses exhibits covering art, history and culture. Guided tours and activities for children are offered.
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Hong Kong, China149,235 contributions
There is presently a very good special exhibition - Tsar of All Russia - Holiness and Splendour of Power that is being held at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum in Sha Tin until 29 Aug 2021. The exhibition features 170 sets of exquisite treasures from the Moscow Kremlin Museums that are well organised and displayed in 6 gallery rooms. Museum opening hours are 10am to 6pm (daily) but closed on Tuesdays.

The exhibition requires special ticket (HK$10 per person). Note the permanent exhibitions and other special exhibitions are free to the public to visit. Items include relics, ornamental pieces, original maps of the Kremlin and paintings of the Royal Tsars. They are unique and attractive and well described by English and Cantonese signage and information. There is also free wifi at the museum so you can access a mobile audio guide describing a handful of the exhibition highlights. Allow 30-45 minutes to browse this exhibition.

You can visit the Hong Kong Heritage Museum website to learn about the various permanent and temporary exhibitions before making your way. Note they also have a small eatery called The Alchemist on the ground floor for those who want a drink and/or snack and chance to take a rest in between exhibition visits at the museum.
Written August 15, 2021
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Hong Kong, China9,423 contributions
Hong Kong Heritage Museum is one of the rare artistic venues in Hong Kong. Recently it features a small seasonal exhibition on Tsarist Russian treasures. Due to spatial constraint, only some small exhibits between Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great were showcased. Anyway, it is still an enjoyable trip.
Written July 12, 2021
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Gloucester, UK55 contributions
We went on a Friday as found that Fridays are free was very happy. very nice place well kept and looked after. enjoyed the Bruce Lee parte of the Musem. worth a vist if staying nearby
Written January 11, 2020
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Sydney, Australia116 contributions
The museum is in a large building, and easy to get to via bus or train. Located in Shatin, along the river, different part of HK, and since it’s a bit further out, some planning could make it a fun day out. Eg rent bicycles nearby.

The museum has a few different elements. The pop exhibit I found meh, but if you’re into pop culture, or you grew up in HK, you’d like it. TV, music, movies. Etc.

The other part i enjoyed a lot more was the Chinese art. Nowhere near as big of a collection as, say, in Taiwan, but still fabulous.

The staff are friendly amd helpful, and the exhibitions done well. Aircon not too cold, and the kids’ area looked good.

Overall, a great free experience.
Written September 28, 2021
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Hong Kong, China149,235 contributions
We always send our visitors to the Hong Kong Heritage museum in Shatin during their visits to Hong Kong. Surprisingly to them (not to us), they usually find this one of their favorite visits while in Hong Kong. This museum can also be combined with a visit to the 10,000 buddha monastery.

I believe the entry fee is still just $10 HK dollars, silly price compared to Museums of this quality level anywhere else in the world. There is nothing amazing about this museum but it has plenty of interesting Chinese and Hong Kong artifacts, some up to 5000 years old, if you can believe that.

Don't pass up a chance to have traditional Chinese tea served to you in the tea shop on the ground floor. Our favorite is the the Jasmine and Green tea, both very good.
Written August 3, 2010
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Hong Kong, China149,235 contributions
The Heritage Museum is one of Hong Kong's best 'lesser known' attractions. It is located just southwest of Shatin Park in Sha Tin and provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about Hong Kong as well as regional Chinese culture and heritage. Opening hours are 10am to 6/7pm depending on the day of the week. Permanent Exhibits are now free to visit.

Here you will find a handful of permanent exhibits as well as changing temporary exhibitions spaced out over two floors of museum space. Galleries include precious artefacts and art, opera items and other interesting elements of local heritage and history. There is a children's discovery gallery with various play zones, making for a good way to for the little ones to spend time at the Heritage Museum.

There is a popular Bruce Lee temporary exhibition that has been running since 2013. It is scheduled to end next year in 2020. This is worth time to view if you are fan of the movie star and martial artist.

You'll find an expected gift shop, cafe & clean bathrooms. The museum website is up to date with temporary exhibitions that are slated for the upcoming future. That is worth checking out prior to intended visits.

Other interesting things to do nearby in Shatin include Shatin Park, The Racecourse (on race days), Che Kung and Man Fat Sze temples as well as the popular New Town Plaza shopping mall.
Written November 5, 2019
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perth, western australia53 contributions
Visited this place last year and spent a whole day there. For canto opera fans like myself there's a permanent expo section of past canto opera greats like famous duo Yam and Pak, Lum Kar Sing, etc. Black & white pics of days gone by, their involvement in the movie world , etc. You also get to admire the beautiful original handmade sequinned opera costumes worn by them. The museum is divided into different areas. Was there for Chinese New Year/2008, there were also exhibition of some Tibetan=related artifacts and scrolls (I think), chinese pottery, beautiful paintings by a famous chinese painter (flowers & animals). Top it all there's chinese opera appreciation, free for tourists (gotta show passport). If you book early they have small groups complete with English speaking guide to explain the basics of canto operas. Quenched my feed for 3 hours in the afternoon (heaven!!). Also a permanent section where they feature past great canto pop stars like my beloved Leslie Cheung, also Roman Tam, Anita Mui, the story of canto pop, etc. There's also a small shop on the ground floor offering chinese tea appreciation and you can shop there too. Only down bit is the bookshop. Yes it offers some memorabilia stuff which I found limited offerings , however did picked up a couple of opera dvds. As a feedback, I did mention they have to lift their game.

For a small entrance fee, it's worth every penny.
Written October 23, 2009
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Hong Kong, China149,235 contributions
We recently visited the HK Heritage Museum and had an enjoyable time here. The 5 permanent exhibits and 4 temporary collections were nicely spread out in 2 floors, and while that seemed a lot to go through, we did not feel overwhelmed. There was an optimal number of items on display, the galleries were spacious, and there were few visitors, providing an ideal environment for us to appreciate the artifacts and read their captions at a leisurely pace.

Of the permanent exhibits we liked the TT Tsui collection of Chinese art the most, the ancient and exquisite ceramics were laid out nicely and we took our time here, in fact the cushioned seats in the centre of the rooms encourage one to pause and just quietly enjoy the collection.

It would have been good if there were similar seats for viewing the paintings in the Chao Shao An gallery.

There is a Cantonese opera hall which is a smaller version of the one in the HK Museum of History, but equally photo-worthy.

The New Territories Heritage Hall provided some context in the development of this lesser known area of the HKSAR.

Lastly there is a Children's Discovery Gallery with fun learning play zones, a good insurance for when the kiddies get bored, but still interesting for adults with an HK toy story exhibit included. These are HK made toys from the late 19th century up to the 70s and 80s, and can be nostalgic to many.

The temporary exhibits were very interesting and visitor volume was concentrated here. The exhibits were contemporary in nature, with lots of interactive audio and video. The fashion exhibit and woodcut art galleries were very good!

We had excellent tea tasting in their tea room years ago but unfortunately the Tea House has been closed since 2010.

The entrance fee to the HK heritage museum is only HKD10, and although being similarly priced with HK Museum of History but limited in scale and space, it is still excellent value for money. It is not a prime museum to visit when in HK, but makes a very good addition to The 10,000 Buddhas Monastery, being walking distance from it, or a day trip to Shatin.
Written February 5, 2012
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Hong Kong, China149,235 contributions
The Hong Kong Heritage Museum was closed for nearly 3 months due to the 4th wave of the Covid-19 pandemic locally. Having recently reopened to the public we took opportunity to visit in order to view a couple of temporary exhibitions that were soon scheduled to be finished. The Heritage Museum is now open with Special Opening Arrangements which includes limiting which permanent galleries are available, limiting entry numbers and opening hours of 10am to 5pm daily (closed on Tuesdays). Museum entry is free to the public.

For starters, the permanent collections at the Heritage Museum are pretty good. We have always particularly enjoyed the 2/F T.T. Tsui Gallery of Chinese Art, a fine collection of over 700 pieces of antiquity representing various dynasties and time periods as far back as 3,000 years. You will see pottery, bronze, jade, celadon, ceramics all displayed very nicely for viewing. It is a very impressive collection, one that we are always happy to spend time viewing when at the museum. Allow 30-45 minutes for viewing, up to an hour or more if you have particular interest in antiquity.

On the occasion of this visit, we concentrated the majority of our time on several temporary exhibitions which are scheduled to end shortly.

The Hand-in-Hand for Benevolence – Tung Wah's Fundraising Culture and Social Development (until 7 March 2021) provided a nice timeline with visual representations of its 150 year history in Hong Kong. The exhibit begins with the origins and grassroots function of providing medical, educational and other social services to the local Chinese community from the late 19th century through the 20th century where it became more active in humanitarian efforts both locally and abroad. The end of the exhibition focuses on the Tung Wah's evolving into an important organiser of mass entertainment, in particular opera galas, as a means for creating charity drives. Overall, it is a nicely organised exhibition that should be particularly appealing to local residents in Hong Kong. Allow 15-30 minutes to cover this exhibition depending on your interest.

The 20/20 Hong Kong Print Art Exhibition (until 22 March 2021) is a neatly curated showcase centred around the 20 questions and answers about the world print art, complemented by works of local artists dating from the 1940s to recent times. We particularly liked the earlier relief prints and found visual illustrations informative and interesting. This exhibition will easily occupy 30-45 minutes of your time, potentially longer for art students and fan of art.

The Between the Lines - The Legends of Hong Kong Printing (until 22 March 2021) is an informative exhibition showcasing the under appreciated history of Hong Kong Type with particular focus on moveable type and lithography. Several historic print machines are showcased as well as early colonial era prints and poster works for visitors to enjoy. The highlight for me was seeing the extremely rare copy of the English World's first Dictionary of the Chinese Language (1815). This is the the works of historically important Englishman Robert Morrison who while living in Macau led the introduction of letterpress printing in southern China. Allow 15-45 minutes for this exhibition depending on your interest.

Overall, this was another rewarding visit to the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, a place that I find worth visiting each year to enjoy the permanent collections as well as the interesting array of temporary collections that pass through the museum's doors each year.
Written February 28, 2021
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Metro Manila53 contributions
I visited the Hong Kong Heritage Museum because my friend told me that there was an ongoing Studio Ghibli animation layout exhibit. Finding the museum is a bit tricky if you took the MTR and got off at the Sha Tin station since it's a bit of a walk. Aside from this, asking around for directions among locals is a bit difficult so it's best to come prepared knowing exactly where this museum is. I think the nearest station is Che Kung Temple station according to museum employees.

The museum building is rather sizable and modern. The queue for the tickets took me a maximum of ten minutes on a Sunday. For the Ghibli exhibit, I paid HKD20 for the ticket plus HKD10 for the audio guide.

The queue to the actual Ghibli exhibit took me an hour. :( At the first floor was a large room where you can take a picture of yourself on top of Totoro on the floor (at a certain angle it seems like you are on top of Totoro). The walls are lined with movie posters of various Ghibli films. The only drawback was that the museum attendants didn't really guide the people where to go. After this room, I didn't exactly know where to go next. Luckily, I saw a large wall sticker of Yubaba's bathhouse on the second floor, so that's where I went.

The actual exhibit on the second floor filled around 3 exhibit halls with sketches and layouts of the various films. It's a plus to have the audio guide to take you through the entire exhibit to explain the details of the animators' work. I especially liked the Spirited Away section because it was literally filled with sketches from floor to ceiling. There was also a chamber which looked like the entry to Yubaba's office.

There are also various standees of Ghibli characters (No Face and Chihiro, Ponyo, Howl's Moving Castle) that you can take pictures of outside the exhibit. Picture-taking inside the exhibit is strictly not allowed.

After the exhibit, I purchased some souvenirs from the Museum shop. I bought a Spirited Away art book, two music boxes, plus a few postcards. They carried a lot of other stuff that I could not find at Donguri Republic at Harbour City LCX.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience. The staff at the ground floor helped me find the nearest MTR which is right across a bridge. There was also WiFi access (I think it was government wifi) while I was in the museum. I also saw a restaurant at the ground floor.
Written August 10, 2014
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