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Dating back about one thousand years, these neighborhoods of narrow, twisting streets represent the "real life" of Beijing, where passageways connect to courtyards of traditional compact homes. Pedicab tours of the hutongs are popular tourist attractions that normally include the Drum Tower, courtyard neighborhoods and Prince Gong's mansion.
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  • Nanluoguxiang • 6 min walk
  • Shichahai • 8 min walk

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Very good

Jessica D
Saint Paul, MN27 contributions
May 2020 • Solo
Fabulous area but one review below says jianbing 25rmb. If you pay this there you are being RIPPED OFF. Jianbing should be about 7rmb, and never more than 10 unless adding an ‘extra’ like chicken strips, even then 15 max. Research real local prices before shopping there.
Written May 9, 2020
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Melbourne, Australia43 contributions
I have been around the Hutongs on a rickshaw twice. The first was part of an organised university tour. Because it was organised by the Beijing university we did not get hassled at all by our drivers, we were taken where we wanted, and we did not get pulled into any shops.

On my second time, I was with my Mum and we went off on our own to find a rickshaw (plenty around!). We finally found one that had the offical logo and everything on the back, we negotiated a price, and off we went. Although our driver was lovely he was intent on ripping us off. He kept taking us into his friend's shops hoping we would buy stuff (we did once), he thn took us to the Drum and Bell Towers and tried to get us to buy tickets from the "official drum and bell tower office" (which did look very official). I sensed something was wrong so told him in Mandarin (finally that degree is coming in handy!), that we did not want to buy from there. Lucky!!! The "official office" was charging 5 times the price at the door of the two towers. Do not buy from the office!

After this our driver tried to take us further. We explained that we had had enough, and he told us it would be an extra $20AUD. We asked why and his explanation was that he was tired. We had had enough by now, and offered him a smaller tip which he refused. We ended up walking away.

The hutongs are great, and the rickshaw rides fun. The best thing to do is just keep your wits about you, and don't feel pressured into paying for anything more than you should.
Written August 9, 2007
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Tampa, Florida151 contributions
I highly recommend the rickshaw ride or pedicab through the hutong area near the Ho Hai area. Ours was arranged by our guide so we did NOT get ripped off as has been mentioned by others. We saw the hutong and were taken into a rich person's courtyard home. This was fabulous but is not to be confused with how most people in the hutong live.
Written August 14, 2008
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Bayside, NY214 contributions
We were in Beijing in November 2006.
After spending the morning in the Forbidden City we ate at an outstanding Sichuan retaurant, Baguo buyi (one of the best meals I have ever had). This is on Dianmen Dongdaije, a wide avenue that runs east-west about 1km north of the north gate of the Forbidden City. It also forms the southern border of the hutong neighborhood that extends to the area around the Drum and Bell Towers.

We randomly strolled through these fascinating little streets and marveled at how "gentrified" they seem to be getting, with many small resturants, bars, and inns. There are nice shops and many rickshaw drivers in the courtyard south of the Bell Tower. From the top of the Bell Tower you can look down on the surrounding hutongs. The tea shop on the east side of the courtyard has very good prices for jasmine flower tea and lots of other teas. There is also a tea room underneath the Bell Tower to sit and have a cup (but bulk tea there is very expensive). You can certainly hop on a rickshaw hutong tour but you can also just wander. Note that there are free public bathrooms throughout the neighborhoods.

If I had more time in Beijing I would seek out other hutong areas, many of which are being bulldozed to build large shopping centers, etc. The area we wandered in seems to be marked for preservation but you never know in Beijing.

To the west of the towers (which are on the north-south axis of the Forbidden City) is Qianhai Lake, and on the west shore of this lake several nightclubs have set up shop in old picturesque houses. We saw an excellent Cuban band play Latin music at one.
Written April 4, 2007
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UK28 contributions
My opinion is that some people are pretending the Hutongs are a romantic view of "Old Beijing". They are actually crowded shabby slum streets and feel unsafe for unaccompanied tourists to visit. Would you go on a siteseeing tour of a rough area of London or Birmingham? My family was taken on an unexpected detour into the Hutongs by a pair of unscupulous rickshaw men who picked us up close to the Temple of Heaven. After initially agreeing a modest fee to take us directly to the entrance of the Temple, we were unexpectedly diverted into a scruffy and intimidating back street Hutong area. We thankfully emerged back onto the main road within sight of the Temple entrance but 100 metres away.. The drivers then stopped and demanded 300 Yuan ( about £30) and showed us a card claiming that they had given us an official tour of the Hutongs. We were in a vulnerable position and eventually offered 200 Yuan which was grudgingly accepted. The Hutongs I saw were dirty back streets with loads of people milling around and doing their cooking and washing on the street. It was definitely interesting but I also felt voyeuristic at gawping at the daily struggles of such poor people. I presume it is safe to visit if part of an organised tour but I think it is an uncomfotable experience that I can do without,.
Written July 26, 2009
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Greater London, UK2,364 contributions
We went on a pedicab ride (organised by CTS our tour company) through the hutongs (alleys) of old Beijing. It is like a bicycle pulling a little cart in which 2 people sit. It is like a Disneyland switchback ride, as he zooms around the corners! Great fun!

We then stopped at a little old lady's house, who gave us sweets. It was very basic - a tin bowl in the sink for all washing etc. She had a beautiful fluffy ginger kitten. I hope to do the ride again when we return to Beijing in the next couple of years - if only to see if the cat is still there! We all gave her a small amount of money to say thank you for seeing us, I think she was happy with this.
Written February 15, 2007
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Stockport, UK505 contributions
I visited Beijing twice in the space of two months. On the first occasion I was with my wife and we agreed a price with a rickshaw driver to take us around the Hutongs and told him we wanted to end up at the Drum Tower. His English was OK so we though it had all been agreed.

We enjoyed the trip very much, but when we emerged out on the main street running up to the Drum Tower he refused to take us all the way up there and insisted on getting paid. We could see the tower in the distance so it wasn't too much of a problem, but when we got the agreed amount out to pay him he put on the most impressing acting display.

First of all he claimed that we had misheard his prices. Then we refused to go along with that he showed us a printed card with a few route suggestions that he had showed us at the start of our discussions. But this time he held it differently so that we could see a completely different price than the one we had agreed printed up in the corner. He had obviously deliberately hidden this figure during our discussions. We reluctantly agreed to pay the higher amount, only to immediately be told that the price was per person! We simply gave him the amount originally agreed on and walked off. He shouted after us, but quickly gave up when he realised that we weren't going to come back.

During my second visit I arranged the trip via our tour operator. We saw more or less exactly the same things as durign our first trip, but also had a short visit to one of the local houses. And there was absolutely no hassle from the driver. My recommendation is to definitely take the rickshaw tour around the Hutongs. It is a great experience, but book the tour in advance through a reputable tour operator if you can.
Written September 10, 2008
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Bethlehem, GA224 contributions
Two people per pedicab so if there is an odd number in your group, someone is in a cab by themselves. BUT, the pedicab drivers are very willing to stop anywhere for photo ops. Don't expect someone to know much English but you can manage.
IF you want to see a genuine garden home, you have to pay the owner to have a peek. Not worth that. You can see plenty if you pay attention to your surroundings. A lot of construction going on and I fear this area will be updated and the traditional, simple, village will be modernized.
Written November 4, 2007
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

122 contributions
Mar 2018 • Couples
finally starting to check out the Beijing Hutongs. with so many to choose from and having zipped thru some too quickly already, i settled on Nan LuoGu Xiang as a place to restart my wanderings

was a great choice! the main street is a pedestrian-only mall, you have the occasional bike or 3 wheeler trying to weave its way thru the crowd(s). in old days, will have been a carriage or a horse. although touristy, it has off-shoots which are still residential. walking from one to the next, you see the commercialization/conservation while also getting a feel of where and how the Beijing 老百姓 live (local language meaning local folks).

thru Mao'er Hutong it leads to Qian Hai - an inland lake, easy to find and easy to imagine what it was like in the old days, that the locals could also go to the lakeside from their homes. nearer the lake, the pricier the real estate.

was a bit of a pity to see some of the noteworthy places - KeYuan Gardens and Empress Wan Rong’s childhood home closed with signs saying private property, by looking thru half-opened doors, and reconstructing from shops and restaurants some right next door, one can let the historian in you, imagine.

will come back again, Hutongs R Beijing!
Written March 25, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Phoenix, AZ11,667 contributions
Oct 2013 • Couples
Take metro Line 6 to the (Nanluoguxiang) station. The entrance to Nan Luogu Xiang street is directly across the street as you exit from the metro (either exit a or B, doesn't matter).
As you walk up Nan Luogu Xiang you will pass many Hutong side streets (take a stroll). Also on Nan Luogu Xiang you will see lots of shops, boutiques, restaurants, street food and souvenier shops.
If you want to see the Drum & Bell Towers, continue on Nan Luogu Xiang until Gulong Dong Dajie - which is a main street. Turn (Left) on Gulong Dong Dajie, which as many store fronts and restaurants.
From the Drum Tower, you can get good photos of the Hutong areas. FYI- the Drum & Bell Towers are not lit up at night like the towers in Xian.
The towers are very close to the Hou Hai lake are, with its bars.
The nearest metro from the towers is (Gulou Dajie), which can be accessed by walking up Jiugulou Dajie street.
Written December 13, 2013
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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