Cuandixia Village
Cuandixia Village
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Originally known as Cuan Di Xia, this is a hillside village of well-preserved Ming dynasty houses.
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149 reviews
Very good

East London, South Africa273 contributions
Oct 2020 • Couples
We stayed overnight for 1 night on our way to Lingshan Mountains. Lovely little local village with some interesting sights. Great area to stay to explore the surrounding mountains and villages. Many different dried fruits on offer.
Written October 7, 2020
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Michal B
Beijing, China7 contributions
Aug 2013 • Couples
In this review, I would mainly like to clarify and correct some information regarding how to gett to Cuandixia from Beijing via public transport:

1. Go to Pingouyan subway station (the western terminal of line 1)
2. Take bus 892 (not 929, this is not working on this route anymore) to the city called Zhaitang. The price for this journey costs 6 RMB with your subway card or 16 RMB when paying the cash to the driver.
3. In Zhaitang, take a taxi to Cuandixia. We were two and paid 20 RMB/one way. Do not pay more than 10 RMB per person.
4. When entering the village, you will have to pay 35 RMB/18RMB if you are adult/student, respectively.
4. The last bus back from Zhaitang goes at 5 pm.

About the place:
Cunadixia is a beatiful village settled in between mountains around. We spend around 4 hours going around. I would recommed you to check the houses, do not hesitate to go in, the people are very open and kind. Do hike around the place, just catch any path you see and go up. Do not miss the hike to the top of the highest hill around, a view from there is spectacular.

All in all, this is a great one-day trip which cost us 50 RMB in total and totally let us forget about polluted and crowded Beijing. Go there.
Written August 7, 2013
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Gonzalo M
Beijing, China1 contribution
Jul 2014 • Friends
For 2 days - 1 night you spend around 250 per person or less.

1. Go Pingguoyan subway station.
2. Go to Bus Stop for 892 or 929, ar both in the end of the main street but don't take the bus.
3. Look for drivers waiting there offering you to take you by car.
4. Bargain a 30-40 rmb per person trip (they will ask 100 rmb first but everybody pays 30-40)
5. During the trip, explain the driver you want to go back next day and exchange telephone numbers.
6. At arrival, they will charge you 10 rmb more for "entrance ticket"
7. All hotel double rooms there are 70-150 rmb.
8. Next day (or whenever you planned to go back) meet driver and go back, they wil drop you at bus station where they picked you up.

I don't recommend taking the bus, it's too full, too slow, car/van is much more confortable and you can ask driver to stop to go to the toilet, shopping, buy drinks, take a pic, etc.

Place is nice, a must. A bit too touristy specially Sundays, full of people.
Written July 2, 2014
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Edinburgh, UK1,293 contributions
Nov 2012 • Couples
Various websites said to take the bus "929 zhi" there, but we couldn't find that one-I asked over 20 people (including people working at the subway station and the bus station nearby) but nobody could tell me where "929 zhi" was. We only found the "929" bus stop a few minutes down the road from line 1's last stop (PingGuoYuan station). 929 goes the same direction for a while, but on the bus stop sign, it doesn't seem to actually go to Cuandixia. From the same bus stop, the bus 892 seems go to CuanDiXia CunKou (village entrance).

There are private taxis (well, they are people with their own car harassing you and shouting at you to get in) that can take you there. They will try to get 300 RMB from you, but will take you for 100 RMB (but they might continue to get money from you or try to pick up more people along the way, charging them 10 RMB each). The private minivan taxi we got was not in the best condition to be going up the mountain road (no seat belt, air conditioning, suspension...). It was only around an hour an a half drive from PingGuoYuan station.

The driver will try to get extra money from you to "get you tickets" for the village instead of buying it at the official entrance (35 RMB per person for entering the area of scenic historic villages). Basically it seemed like local people can just enter without paying so if you give the driver money to "get you tickets", it's just extra money for him so it depends on what you want to do. We bought official tickets but nobody checked them.

It's a beautiful old village. There were almost no tourists on a weekday in early November-a lot of the guesthouses/restaurants weren't even open. I asked around many places and it was about 60-100 RMB for a room (ones with those heatable brick beds [kang4] can sleep up to 5 people). Some have an ensuite bathroom/shower, but most have bathrooms outside (some are public ones with no individual stall doors). Most places will ask for 100 RMB for the room (either normal beds or kang4) and they all seemed to have some sort of heating anyway-our guesthouse guy said actually burning fire for kang4 will make the room smoky and uncomfortable. One place that looked very nice was asking for 780 RMB for a room. The rooms are very basic (it's essentially a room in someone's home) and keep in mind this is a farm village so don't expect too much. I thought it was nice to stay there for the night. Bring snacks and something to do.

We had 4 meals there. Food there was nice home cooking. Most menus have similar dishes from 15-128 RMB. To give an idea of prices, most places were charging 55 RMB for the mountain mushrooms and chicken dish (soup). Cold vegetable dishes are around 20 RMB and are pretty good. Breakfast with cabbage, porridge, and man2tou2 (steamed Chinese bun) was 10 RMB.

You can walk another 20 minutes down the road to see the YiXianTian gorge where they filmed some movies or another 40 minutes more to the next village BaiYu (about 4 km up the mountain from CuanDiXia). It was very scenic and not a difficult walk along the road. BaiYu village was very quiet. At first it didn't seem as nice, but if you walk up the steps and around, there are many cool unrestored old courtyards, some just in rubbles.
Written November 7, 2012
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Edward R C
Ottawa, Canada275 contributions
My companion/guide Susan Liu recommended Cuandixia as an antidote for oppressively hot, crowded, sticky July days in Beijing. It is, officially, a “Folk Village in Beijing.” Cuandixia is about 90 km West of Beijing. It took us 2½ hours by car each way, through narrow, winding mountain roads with some spectacular scenery along the way. But the driver told us we were lucky and he normally planned for 3 or even 4 hours. I recall that I paid RMB 800 for the car and driver.

Cuandixia is really two villages – an old, abandoned Ming Dynasty settlement (which is still worth a peek) and a more modern but still frozen in time Qing Dynasty village father along.

Cuandixia is still very underdeveloped. Almost every home is, now, an “Inn” (maybe one bedroom available) or a “Café” (with maybe two tables in the courtyard). But business was slow in July 2010 and there were few people there when we went on a weekday.

There are some lovely and not too challenging walks up into the hills that surround the village. One is rewarded, after the climb, with delightful little temples.

We had a pleasant, home cooked lunch in one of the many courtyard Cafés and we were able to look at the available room in a couple of the Inns – they appeared quite plain and simple but also very clean.

It was delightful day for us: the mountains were cool and breezy and the air was clean and fresh and the village was fascinating and delightful. It’s not a “must,” maybe not even a “should see,” but if you have the time and you are keen to get away from the bustling crowds then Cuandixia is for you.

See also: More here:…Cuandixia
Written September 8, 2010
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

San Diego, CA5,680 contributions
Jul 2015 • Couples
It took over 2 hours driving from Beijing, but we finally arrived at the Chuandixia village. The first surprise was that we had to buy tickets to enter. I had a bad feeling about it being very touristy, but in we went. The first thing we saw, once we parked and begin to walk in, is a large slab with a map and a description in both Chinese and English.

Since we just drove for several hours, let’s talk about bathrooms. The Chinese way for women is to squat, so the toilets are all squat toilets (for those that have never seen it, it is basically a porcelain hole in the ground, with spots to place your feet as you squat). Paper is sometimes available, but most often not. And you never throw it into the toilet, but rather into the bucket beside the toilet. Some bathrooms have one “western” toilet for those women that have a harder time squatting. In one bathroom, the western toilet was labeled, “Senior Citizen” with a picture of an old lady with a cane. Oh well. I’ll take them anyway I can get them.

Chuandixia village, 90km outside of Beijing, is considered "a cultural pearl of ancient villages," and is indeed an old but well-preserved mountain village filled with historical relics and the beautiful architecture of old. It was built during the Ming dynasty and Qing dynasty, about 600 years ago, and has the best preserved historic folk dwellings. The village faces the south and has Longtou (Dragon Head) Mountain as its axis, extending like fan around it. The village is surrounded by mountains covered in green pine trees and cypress trees. Since it is built on the side of the mountain, each home is reached by climbing old stone stairs. The layout is compact and picturesque. But to get that full view, you have climb the adjacent mountain.
The homes are all dynasty-style courtyard houses. There are 70 courtyards and 656 houses from that period. The families living there are now mostly working in the tourist industry in restaurants, shops and inns. Some families however are decedents of the original families. The oldest residence is 600 years old.
The first sight and smell that greeted us was someone on a truck roasting, and selling, corn on the cob. This seemed to be a repeated scene throughout the day. People selling corn. People walking around eating corn. People leaving corn cobs everywhere.

We climbed up the narrow steps to the first home. Like all the others, there was a large courtyard surrounded by a room totally filled by a bed where the entire family slept, a kitchen and living area. The larger the courtyard, the wealthier the family. This courtyard was filled with families with children painting pictures of leaves, with leaves all over serving as models. In each courtyard there were large (LARGE) pots with wood burning under them, filled with fish stew or corn soup, or other things which I could not identify, but smelled great.

We walked up and down the stairs, enjoying the views of the rooftops, watching the people and taking it all in. But then it was time to begin the serious climb to be able to look down at the village and see “the fan.” Luckily it was overcast so we did not have to deal with the sun beating down on us.

The path was covered in rocks, almost like tiles, so it was easy to walk on. But it was all uphill, lots and lots of stairs and, did I mention that we were in altitude? So I huffed and I puffed and I made it to the top. And it was worth it. The view of the village was magnificent. We stopped to take pictures, we took pictures for other visitors, they took pictures of us, we took some more pictures, and then we continued on the loop road, this time heading down.

The way down was much easier and we felt we had earned lunch. So we chose one of the many places we had passed and settled down to one of the best Chinese meals we have ever had. We ordered a whole fish (carp) which was served with a bowl of fish soup. We had steamed bottle gourd (which looked like a honeydew), some green vegetable, chicken in a soup, corn cakes and the local tea. We were each given a small orange bowl, chopsticks and a small plastic cup. And we set to eating. The fish took some work as it was a whole fish with lots of bones. But so worth it. We filled our bowl with soup, added chunks of fish and what a meal! The flavors were sublime.
Although out of town a bit, well worth the trip.
Written July 29, 2015
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Beijing, China47 contributions
This is my favorite place in Beijing. It is a two hour drive from the city and it is a must see. While many things are fake in Beijing this is authentic and cool. Whether you go for a day or spend the night you will not be disappointed. To find the village just type in Cuandixia on the apple maps or google maps.

Tip: kept driving past the village on the main road and you will come to the coolest caverns where the road goes right through it. I will post pics. Very cool.

Tip. For the best pictures of the village hike up the mountain across the road from the village.
Written June 29, 2014
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Sally F
Beijing, China29 contributions
Apr 2013 • Friends
Cuandixia Village
This stone village is one of the last stops on the ancient silk road into Beijing. Two and a half hour drive from Beijing, it is an easy one day tour, with plenty of time to visit a section of the stone paved silk road, and several other local villages along the way as well as driving through a strange and mystical lava tunnel. In these towns you can see the living history of China, locals chatting around teapot fires outside their homes. Cuandixia is a classic feng shui walled village, designed to keep out wandering spirits as well as marauding bandits. The charming courtyard homes layer up the side of the mountain linked by an intricate network of steps and lanes. Here you can dine on patio overlooking the river winding below. If you have time, well worth spending a night in one of the charming B&B to really feel the lifestyle of the past. Visit this town in the spring time, when the apricot and peach orchards flowering in April, and you will love driving through the Sea of Blossoms covering the hillsides. I recommend the private tour guide, Great Wall Peter, who took my partner and I on several day trips outside Beijing, avoiding the crowds and seeing a lot of the real China with the benefit of his local knowledge and easy, no rush approach. At 700RMB for the day, certainly well worth it for a rare and genuine experience of China.
Written October 11, 2013
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Peter C
Limekilns, UK159 contributions
Cuandixia is a day trip out from Beijing. It is up in the mountains and a pleasant place to wander round and see how a traditional Ming village was built etc. We did not sample the 'home' cooking in the village but did find some excellent reasonable crafts. Caucasian tourists are notable for their rarity however there are significant numbers of Chinese tourists and lots of people painting and drawing the sights. The clear mountain air is notably different from the dusty and polluted air in Beijing and plenty of local paths to enjoy the views. Others have been critical of the food quality but I am sure it would be unreasonable to expect Michelin starred cooking particularly at the prices charged. Do go.
Written October 19, 2012
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Martin B
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia1,999 contributions
Oct 2016 • Couples
The ancient, Ming Dynasty ??, village of Cuandixia is a 1 1/2 to 2 hour drive from the centre of Beijing. Once out of metropolitan Beijing you pass through some really nice hilly / mountainous scenery before arriving at the small village.

The village itself is built up the side of a hill in a steep sided valley surrounded by mountains. Firstly we climbed up the side of the opposite hill for some really good views of the village below from the wonderfully named "Golden Toad watching the Moon" viewpoint.

After descending back to the village had lunch in a small local restaurant, food (fish, chicken lamb and vegetables with ice cold beer) was delicious. Then had about 1-2 hours to wander around and explore the narrow alleyways of this small stone built village, finally made it up above the village to an old Chinese temple, again with great views of the village and surrounding countryside.

Although there were many quaint small inns within the village we seamed to have the place to ourselves. Contra to what one of the other reviewers said we saw no vendors selling Tourist Souvenirs apart from one close to the carpark at the bottom of the hill and that seamed to be selling mainly fresh / dried fruit and some locally made jewellery.

Note that a fair bit steep path walking is required, much of it in the form of steep steps. Definitely not wheel chair accessible. Best to go with a local guide to both describe the history and communicate with the locals as virtually no English is spoken by the villagers.

If you are looking for a day trip away from the Beijing hustle, bustle and pollution, this would be an excellent choice.

Went as part of a small group day tour from Beijing.
Written November 1, 2016
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