Ming Tombs (Ming Shishan Ling)

Ming Tombs (Ming Shishan Ling), Beijing

Ming Tombs (Ming Shishan Ling)

Ming Tombs (Ming Shishan Ling)
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The royal tombs are a short distance outside the city. Hundreds of small stone animals guard the road to the tombs.
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Beautiful quiet place
Oct 2020
The Ming Tombs are located about 50 kilometers from Beijing. Thirteen Ming dynasty emperors are buried in them, as well as 23 empresses, courtiers and court concubines. The site, on the southern slope of Tianshou Mountain , was chosen based on the principles of feng shui by the third Ming emperor, the Yongle Emperor. After the construction of the Imperial Palace (Forbidden City) in 1420, the Yongle Emperor selected his burial site and created his own mausoleum. The subsequent emperors placed their tombs in the same valley. It is actually a necropolis that covers an area of ​​over 40 km². The tombs were built in the years 1409–1609. In July 2000, it was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The tombs built as if they were palaces, according to the rules of construction marked with Feng Shui. More than 3,000 different items have been found in the tombs, many of which are for everyday use, such as silk dresses or ornaments made of gold, silver, or jade. Although each emperor was designing his own mausoleum, all tombs share common structural features. They consist of three separate parts: the first consists of buildings intended for sacrifice; on the tower of tombstones; finally a tomb, made underground and sealed after the funeral. Entry to the tombs is via a sacred path, a 6.4 km walk surrounded by 12 marble sculptures in the 16th century. These sculptures represent the honor guard of the emperor. From here, the Animal Avenue was viewed, where you can see figures of animals.
Written September 30, 2021
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Belfast, UK542 contributions
Very Cool History
Jul 2021
If you are not a history fanatic, don’t go to this place, there are plenty of temples and Monasteries inside BJ to get your fill of.

This place is a bit of a hike outside of BJ. ~50km from downtown. Getting here can be a challenge, if you take the BJ Metro, get off at Ming Tombs or even Changping Xishankou, on the Changping Line. Depending on where you want to start your Ming Tomb visit, you’ll still be 4-6km away from the Tombs. Outside the Ming Tomb station is desolate, you are no longer in Oz. Call a Didi. It will cost you about 22RMB from the Ming tomb Station to get to Dingling Tomb. We got a Didi ride straight away with no waiting. There will be guys outside the station willing to take you to the Tombs for 100RMB, ignore them, it’s just a scam.

There are 13 Ming Tombs and the Sacred Way, all over 80 square kilometers. Impossible to see it all, so don’t even try unless you have your own car and are willing to spend 2-3 days driving around.

I believe there are only 3-5 Tombs open to see.

The Sacred Way and each Tomb has its own ticket that you will need to purchase. So, expect this.

We went to two Tombs, the Dingling and the Changling, (which are actually right beside each other on the map, but are in no way within walking distance), and the Sacred Way. You can use the city busses, 314 or 872, they travel between the Tombs, we hopped on the 872 and had a 5-minute trip from Dingling to Changling, cost 1RMB. I think these busses even head down to some of the metro stations, but we didn’t want to drive around the countryside for 30 minutes to get there.

Only one Tomb has been excavated, back in 1956. This is the Dingling Tomb. They have opened it all up and you can see the Tomb itself, 27-meter underground, lots of moisture and condensation in the large burial chambers and assorted rooms. The other buildings on site are all quite cool, traditional Ming/Chinese style that you will have seen elsewhere, but still worth a see. There are a couple of buildings holding artifacts to have a look at. I think we spent 45 minutes total here.

The next Tomb in the Changling Tomb, this is the largest of the Tombs. The layout is very similar to the Dingling Tomb, but the place is unexcavated, so you get an idea of what they should look like. I liked this Tomb, it felt more…. authentic, too many things in China have been rebuilt or renovated, this place didn’t seem like it has been touched too much. We spent only about 30 minutes here.

From Changling we hopped onto the 314 bus and headed to the entrance of the Sacred Way, about 10 minutes away. The Sacred way is essentially a long walk. At the beginning and end are some nice buildings and gateways. Along the road you will come cross the animal and people statues. It is a nice walk in a park setting. Once we reached the exit, we called Didi again and headed back to Ming Tomb Station. 23RMB ride.

Again, do not waste your time unless you love the history stuff.
Written July 26, 2021
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André K
Uitenhage, South Africa173 contributions
Dec 2019
Interesting place to visit , lots of history. Nice scenery but not worth it to spend to much time here. A short visit is good enough.
Written December 20, 2019
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Mumbai, India709 contributions
Burial place for the emperors
Nov 2019 • Solo
Its a quite ,serene place surrounded by mountains at the outskirts of Beijing. Its the place where all the emperor's from the ming dynasty are buried.
Written December 11, 2019
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Newcastle, Australia253 contributions
Steeped in history but need guide
Dec 2019 • Friends
Went here as part of one day tour (Chinatour.net) and it was really worth going. Displays testimony to the Ming dynasty history but need a guide to explain them. As part of your we had an English speaking guide who brought to life the exhibits. To hear the stories behind each artefact, the people and the woods enriched the experience.
Written December 7, 2019
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Alisa D
Ellijay, GA542 contributions
A trip worth making
Dec 2019 • Family
An hour outside of the city makes for a nice ride away from the hustle. Not all of the tombs are open. We saw one called the Underground Palace. The artifacts on display are really cool.
Written December 2, 2019
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Kuwait City, Kuwait9,003 contributions
Nov 2019
We visited the Ming Dynasty Tombs on an afternoon tour. The Ming tombs attraction is a collection of mausoleums built by the emperors of the Ming dynasty of China. There are Thirteen Tombs of the Ming Dynasty. The siting of the tombs was carefully chosen according to Feng Shui (geomancy) principles. We had a soothing walk in cool weather along the way. It is surely revered but nothing special.

SEE photos.
Written December 1, 2019
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Singapore, Singapore7,488 contributions
1 day independent trip to Changling, Dingling & Sacred Way
Sep 2019
If you prefer convenience, there are many 1 day tour from Beijing to Badaling Great Wall and Ming Tombs (either Changling or Dingling tomb).

I prefered independent travel, hence my experience below. I did a separate trip to Badaling and dedicated 1 day to cover Changling, Dingling and Sacred Way. The transport is straightforward, only one bus 872 to take. I first headed to Deshengmen and took bus 872 to Changling tomb, which is the final destination. Bus frequency is very regular, fare 5rmb, about 1hr 45mins journey.

I bought the combo ticket 110rmb for the 3 places of attractions. Inside Changling tomb, there is an exhibition hall with a giant statue of Emperor Zhu Di (also known as Yongle) and displays of emperor and empress costumes, accessories & imperial treasures, with English explanations. Toilet facilities are available. I spent about 1hr 15mins exploring this quiet tomb compound.

From Changling to Dingling is only 1 bus stop apart. At the bus terminal, there are 2 buses, 314 or 872, going to Dingling tomb. While waiting for the bus, I was pleasantly surprised that a free shuttle bus came along.

At Dingling tomb entrance, there is a security check on bag and note no lighter is allowed. The above ground part of Dingling Tomb was spacious though there were hordes of tour groups. However, the underground palace was crowded and noisy, as I had to contend with the local tour groups. I spent about 1 hour 15mins there.

From Dingling, I took bus 872 to Sacred Way, less than 10mins ride. I was glad there were few visitors, hence I enjoyed the peaceful 1.5km walk. Along the pathway are lined with stone statues of various ministers, generals, animals, with English explanations of their significance. Toilet facilitates available. After visiting the Sacred Way, I took the same bus 872 back to Deshengmen. Fyi, bus 879 goes to Badaling Great Wall.

After trip tips: When I took the bus 872 from Sacred Way to Deshengmen, it was crowded. Fortunately, I got a seat after 20 mins and sat for the remaining 1 hour ride. Hence, my suggestion is to visit in this order, ie Sacred Way, Dingling and finally Changling. Since Changling is the bus terminal, you'll be able to have a seat for the entire return journey.

If you find this post helpful in planning your trip, kindly click "Helpful". Thanks so much.
Written November 9, 2019
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Eagle Bay, Australia227 contributions
Not spectacular but has quiet dignity
Oct 2019
Compared with say, the Forbidden City, Summer Palace or Terracotta Army this attraction is much more subdued. However for students of history it is worth visiting. Our guide gave us excellent information.
Written November 9, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia93 contributions
Ming Tombs Dingling Site
Nov 2019 • Family
We were told Ming Tombs = 13 sites where emperors rested. Only 2-3 are currently open to public. Our driver brought us to Dingling site @ 330pm, paid tickets RMB40 adults half for kids and were out at 430pm. Visit hall 1 on the left and proceed straight in, go underground and marvel at the emperor's tomb, coming out at the front building and visit the left hall and exit. Fascinating historical site.
Written November 5, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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