Fragrant Hills Park (Xiangshan Gongyuan)

Fragrant Hills Park (Xiangshan Gongyuan), Beijing: Tickets, Tours, Address, Phone Number, Fragrant Hills Park (Xiangshan Gongyuan) Reviews: 4/5

Fragrant Hills Park (Xiangshan Gongyuan)

Fragrant Hills Park (Xiangshan Gongyuan)
This lovely wooded park is a favourite of Beijingers, especially in autumn to see the maple trees with their striking red leaves ( it’s traditional to collect them). Walk thru the lower areas spotted with pavilions & temples and winding paths to wander around, or take the cable car up to the top for some views of the surrounding hilly countryside.
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2-3 hours
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Very good

Yekaterinburg, Russia64,030 contributions
Blooming flowers decorated with snow
Mar 2021
A little early to view the Imperial gardens, as the awesome beauty of spring is a few weeks away. Although we encountered chilly weather, we enjoyed the views and walk through the royal garden.
Written April 25, 2021
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Beijing, China260 contributions
Worth the effort
Nov 2020 • Family
Went here today for a walk which was probably more of a hike! We decided to go to the ‘peak’ which was supposed to be 2800m but our various apps measured it at well over 3k. It’s an inclined walk on well maintained paths and then the last section is steep stairs. The stairs are punctuated by brief spots where you are tempted to keep on going for the view. At the top the views of Beijing are stunning and worth the effort. We caught the ski lift back down after our tired legs said no more. The lift was 160RMB for 2 of us, quite expensive but worth it to save our knees. My only regret is not coming a few weeks earlier to catch the autumn colours as I’m sure it would be even more stunning then.
Written November 29, 2020
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Dean S
Beijing, China67 contributions
Nothing to do for the Afternoon and Up for a Little Cardio?
Oct 2019 • Couples
When I was last here there was no 4th ring road, only the two subway lines and the taxi ride took over an hour. Now the subway and tram line whisk visitors within 200 meters of the park entrance. Popularity has grown.

The are redeployed ski lift chairs to the summit (additional charge), but the hike (steep and moderately strenuous) is worth the effort for a great view of Beijing.

Plenty of dining options exist outside the park entrance plus some street food options in the park (hefty yang rou chuan er—lamb on a stick—just below the summit).

Best time to go is the Autumn. Plan on spending 5 hours getting to the park and climbing the hill. Senior Citizen discount!
Written December 17, 2019
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Yekaterinburg, Russia64,030 contributions
The brilliant colours of early winter
Nov 2019 • Business
The park is amazingly beautiful at this time of year. This year wintry weather has come early to Beijing, and created many very beautiful and brilliantly coloured leaves.
Written November 25, 2019
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Bobbi S
Lido Beach, NY4,360 contributions
A Great Climb Up!
Oct 2019
Came here on a whim on our first day in Beijing. Took the Line 5 from near the hutong we were staying in, then Line 10, then the above-ground train to the Fragrant Hills station. Walked up the town's hill (there are a number in this new-ish looking town where you can pick up fresh fruit, snacks, drinks, and check out the beautifully-clad bracelet lady), through the park's entrance, and up, up we climbed to the top. A little tiring seeing as we had just arrived at 4 AM, earlier that day, after a 13 hour flight, but worth the experience, the calories burned, and the view. There is what appears to be a few very old buildings at the top, one of which is nearly empty except for a stand inside where you can buy cold drinks and some small souvenirs. Many local people come here just for the exercise, (some putting many foreigners to shame!) The trail, asphalt, steps, cobblestones, etc are constantly maintained, there are a number of shrines and buildings to stop in and see in different parts of the park, including the wishing wall where people attached small red pennants to trees and fences with wishes for loves, lives, success, dreams, etc. There are also lovely plantings and shrubbery covering the park and I would say, for an English language speaker, the map wasn't as clear and helpful as it could be. There were a handful of red leaves visible, but not as many as the park is known for. Make this 1/2 day trip into the countryside part of your tour of Beijing
Written November 3, 2019
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Olsztyn, Poland14 contributions
Very beautiful at the beginning of November
Nov 2019 • Solo
I was there alone. Started from the east gate. It costs 10 yuan. Climbed to the mountain top - it is about 200m of climbing. During the climb ( which has many stairs) there are few temples and many trees with yellow and red leaves. The day was foggy so they could not tell if the cable car is working. Eventually it worked. Went down to the north lake and than to the East one. Highly recommended to arrive at that season not after 08:30 in the morning as there are many groups and people.
Written November 2, 2019
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Philippines106 contributions
A place of red maple trees
Oct 2019 • Family
This is one of the best places to see red maple trees during autumn season. Unfortunately, when I got there, trees were just starting to change their colors. Still, I loved the place. If you love being with nature, you will get to appreciate this place. You can even go hiking here and reach its highest peak. Every corner of the park is just spectacular.
Written November 1, 2019
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Beijing, China107 contributions
Red Leaves of Fragrant Hills
Oct 2019
One of the themes from the closing ceremony of the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing featured the "Red Leaves of Fragrant Hills"... however people have been flocking to see this sight long before the Olympics. Fragrant Hills park was built in the Liao Dynasty as an imperial garden for leisure and hunting. It is a beautiful place to escape the traffic and heat of Beijing - and if you are visiting during the months of October and November, then you are in for a treat: the red red leaves of the smoke tree covers half the mountain, and is a beautiful sight!

You can easily get to the park by subway, taking Line 10 and then transferring to the extension line which connects at BaGou 巴沟 Station. Take the extension line to Fragrant Hills Station, then just follow the crowds. It's a 10 minute walk through a short shopping street which sells street food, fruits and snacks and small souvenirs.

At the entrance to the park, you can buy your entry ticket for RMB 10 (adult). I suggest heading immediately towards Sun YatSen's memorial, which is towards the right when you enter. Meandering path will take you past small gardens, a pond and finally to the temple. Note - Sun Yatsen is now in Nanjing - but this is where his body was interned and where his family held his wake when he died in 1925. There is a small museum showing his life and travels, and you can see a silver and glass coffin that the Russians sent upon hearing of his passing. You will need to buy another RMB10 ticket to go into the Sun YatSen memorial.

Once you are done head back towards the entrance. Take the cable car only if you really have to... otherwise I recommend walking up to the top of the hill. Buy water from the concession shops before heading up. I guarantee it's worth the hike as you can stop along the way and see the view opening up. For the cable car - you are facing the mountain, so you don't get the view, while walking you can stop along the way and take pictures.

At the top, buy yourself a congratulatory snack from the concession stands (and more water) and find a spot among the trees to enjoy your meal, with Beijing spread out in front of you. It goes without saying, that you should plan this excursion for a clear day, otherwise you don't get much of a view. In terms of food, the concession stands will have all sorts of drinks and Chinese snacks. There are also instant noodles, Chinese pancakes (jianbing) and instant hot meals. If you've not seen the instant hot meals before - it's a plastic container with pre-cooked food inside. You pour water on a plastic pouch which then starts to heat up, and the steam (careful, very very hot!) heats up the rice and meal boxed lunch. My suggestion is to go for the LiangPi noodles, which is a Beijing classic. This tasty dish comes from Shaanxi province and features sheets of wheat or rice noodles in a mild chili, sesame paste, vinegar and garlic sauce topped with julienned cucumbers spongy wheat gluten. It's amazing, and you can control how much chili, garlic, vinegar, etc as they make it right then and there. But if that doesn't thrill you... bring your own lunch, the park allows food to be brought in.

Take the cable car (or rather, the ski lift) back down, RMB 80 for one way adult ticket. Walking down is bad for the knees anyway, and you deserve a treat after walking all those steps up. Keep camera handy, but don't drop it - as I mentioned this is really a ski lift like you would see in snow resorts, and the chairs don't stop or slow down, they just scoop you up and then you have to be ready for a quick dismount at the other end. There are attendants to help you, but older visitors and children should be careful and prepared.

And that's it. The subway stop for the Old Summer Palace is also on the way, so you can combine the two locations. Have fun!
Written October 9, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Beijing, China41 contributions
Decent, only if you're close
Mar 2019 • Solo
Visited 26/03/2019 - Nearly every site in the lower western half of the park is under construction. The fragrance comes from white and lodge pole pine, very similar to Yellowstone in the U.S. The chairlift looked a little scary, so I hiked up. AQI was around 130 and I could barely see the Summer Palace, leaving me with an overall meh. The view at the top would be great with a low AQI - factor that into your plans. This site would be jam packed during fall when the leaves turn red. If you're from somewhere where you see lots of fall colors, I recommend avoiding Fragrant Hills during the fall.
Written April 7, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia637 contributions
Autumn Leave
Feb 2019 • Couples
Famous for it autumn leave.
But fresh air and winter view is also very attractive. Good for a relaxing walk.
Written March 5, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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