Beijing Wildlife Park

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Beijing Wildlife Park
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Very good

Belfast, UK542 contributions
A zoo
Oct 2021
This is a wildlife park/zoo in China, obviously.

This is easily the nicest animal facility I have seen in China. Truly, parts of it are comparable to what you would see in the west. Other parts, not so much. Some exhibits have plenty of room for the animals, others are cramped and spartan. This is a for profit place, so animals are expected to draw visitors in. Zoos are not where we should see animals.

When you drive through the carnivore area, the bears, lions and tigers are all very fat. In one area the keeper throws food at the animals when the bus is close by so the animals all cluster around for the bus. In the area where you can feed them raw meat, the animals surround the bus and are fed meat from metal sticks by visitors.

The grounds are clean, the toilets spotless and restaurants/snacks expensive.

The guests have no idea about animal rights or what constitutes good living conditions for the animals. They pound on the glass and throw the animals food, even when the signs all clearly state not to. Workers don’t stop them or even say anything to them. There are people in China who understand and advocate for animal rights, but it is a small group, the rest of the population still views animals as food, entertainment and to be exploited by people.

If you absolutely must visit a zoo in China, make it this one.
Written October 21, 2021
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1 contribution
A Wonderful Trip
Nov 2018 • Friends
Our school organized a school trip in Beijing on 12th November,2018. It was cold but sunny. Our tour guide took us to the Beijing Wildlife Park. I and my classmates saw many animals that I only have seen on TV. In the park, we fed some ostrich with the carrots, saw some peacock flaunting their tails. The most interesting thing is that some baboons throw the sand to the tourists including us. We have a wonderful trip in the park.
Written March 10, 2019
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Beijing, China1,458 contributions
Don’t go during holidays it was more people to see than animals!!
Oct 2018 • Family
So we went during Golden Week holiday and it was super packed. There was more people than animals and it was more like a park. My friends told me the self driving part of the park during non peak times are pretty fun. Don’t buy veggies from outside venders since they won’t let you bring them in. You can buy veggies to feed the animals inside but it is about 35 RMB. Overall if it wasn’t packed it is a nice place to take the kids
Written October 5, 2018
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Beijing, China609 contributions
Good day out
Oct 2018 • Couples
I live here in Beijing and I didn't know this place existed until my girlfriend suggested it for Golden Week. I would advise not going during public holidays as the traffic gets gridlocked and takes about 2 hours to go the last 5Km (We got out and walked the last distance)

You do really need to take a taxi to get there due to the distance from Beijing proper. However since is only costs 150/200 Kuai (15 - 20 quid) it's not exactly a budget breaker. The entrance fee is reasonable too.

After having gone to the Beijing Zoo multiple times this place is much better, the animals seem better cared for.

It's not something I would say is a necessary visit for people coming short term but if you're here for an extended period it is well worth a visit.

Take cash though, one of the only places I've ever been in China where I couldn't use wechat or Alipay.
Written October 5, 2018
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East Sussex, UK70 contributions
An Excellent Day out
Apr 2018 • Friends
We visited this Wildlife Zoo on a national holiday, yes it was busy but such a good place to go. We drove through the safari area, seeing lots of amazing animals in natural habitats. We then experienced walking round a vey organised zoo, with a great map and clear to read. The food and drink is very reasonable for being in a tourist attraction.

The zoo is well kept, clean and the staff are friendly. The toilets were a little dirty, due to the amount of people using them, but there was soap to use at the sinks. Just remember your tissues for the toilet.

Overall a great attraction we will return another day outside of the national holiday.
Written April 30, 2018
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Beijing, China4 contributions
Enjoyable Experience
Sep 2017 • Business
I was in China for Business. The Wildlife Park was excellent. Animals seem to be well taken care of in the park. The Safari train and the Feeding Trucks were very good. Enjoyed the day.
Written October 1, 2017
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35 contributions
It was Fun!
May 2014 • Couples
Once you've seen all of the high priority tourist attractions in Beijing, the Beijing Wildlife Park is a fun way to unwind for a morning or longer visit. The park has your typical zoo animals, however the must see is the tour through the wildlife area on one of their cage trucks though the open areas. Bears, tigers, lions, giraffes and various other animals are sectioned into open areas which the cage trucks drive through, making stops in each one. The trucks have vegetables for you to feed the animals and the tour guide (mandarin only) had chicken parts to feed the tigers and lions. It's a few RMB more for this, but well worth it.

There's also an additional drive yourself, open electric cart rental to take a tour through an area with llamas, ostrich, goats, rabbits, etc. You can buy some more vegetables to feed them.

I strongly recommend going early in the morning to avoid any traffic and that's also when the animals are awake. The park opens at 8:30 AM, so you'll want to leave around 7:00 AM. Forget public transportation. Hire a taxi driver to take you, wait and take you back to your hotel. I think the total for driver, park entrance and additional tours was a little less than 600 RMB ($100) for two.
Written May 15, 2014
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Amy E
Beijing, China4 contributions
Don't go.
Apr 2014 • Family
I am a Kindergarten teacher at a Montessori school in Beijing, and am always trying to find ways to educate my (extremely sheltered) kids about the world around them. So many Chinese children (I want to say the majority actually) live a life completely seperated from natural world, and as a result their attitude and understanding of it can be pretty non-existent, and totally reliant on books, videos, etc. So when my school organised a trip to the Wildlife park, I was thrilled. I have visited Beijing Zoo before, and had already expressed that I did not want that to be my student's first experience of wild animals and how we treat them.

Unfortunately, the wildlife park is not much better than the zoo. The only difference is that some animals live in larger cages. Most of the animals were actually in poor condition, their were results of fighting between them (Cuts, lame animals, one ostrich in a small enclosure was practically bald from having all its feathers pulled out), the animals were stressed, all the big cats were 'pacing', just like the cats at the zoo. There is nowhere for the animals to hide from the public, and as a result many looked totally exhausted (the golden monkey enclosure is a good example of this).

We had lunch just outside the 'Animal Performance Area', and luckily we didn't take the kids inside. I did go take a look for myself though, and it was really distressing. About 4 or 5 lions were weaving in between some poles on a narrow ramp. They were all in very poor condition and one of the was lame. They were surrounded by about 6 men with metal prods. I didn't stay to see what went on next.

The audience in the Performance Area that day was all Chinese Primary and Middle school students. As I mentioned before, for pratically all these kids (and the adults with them), this will be one of their only experiences of these animals and the correct way to look after them. On the whole visit, I saw nothing to offer education about these animals, their natural habitats and how we impact it/ how to be responsible for our planet. Just a few boards with the name of the animals etc.

These places should be about educating people, especially young people about our planet, not abusing these beautiful animals for our own enjoyment (although quite what's enjoyable about it, I don't know.) There were grown adults throwing all sorts of plastic and rubbish into the animal enclosures, and laughing as the monkeys etc chowed down on trash. It's not really their fault, as they have no idea that this is the wrong way to treat an animal.

Something is desperataly wrong with animal husbandry/environmental awareness in China, please don't support these kind of places unless they aim to have a positive impact, which Beijing Wildlife park certainly does not.
Written April 19, 2014
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Amy W
Beijing, China2 contributions
You need to visit!
Aug 2013 • Family
Living in China right now, I can assure you that nowhere else in the region treats animals this well. In Beijing Zoo it's practically abuse, and even in supermarkets they put turtles in plastic boxes about as big as a thimble.

In Beijing Wildlife Park, they seem to genuinely take animal welfare seriously, and animals appear content and well looked after. They inhabit a vast expanse of land (green, surprisingly, versus Beijing's usual grey), including serene forests and a lake. It's immensely enjoyable, especially the safari ride.

It actually made me rather sad that there didn't appear to be very many visitors, and many attractions and shops were closed, despite it being the height of summer at the time. I'm afraid that the costs of employing the workers and maintaining the animals will get too much and they'll have to resort to not giving the animals such luxuries anymore or selling them off to the Zoo. The quiet does, however, make it a nicer experience than if it were crowded with people like the Zoo.

It's a great place to visit; you won't regret it!
Written February 24, 2014
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

New York City, NY8 contributions
Aug 2012 • Family
Way better than the zoo in downtown Beijing. Booked a private car to take me to and from this place (about 150RMB each way). Well worth it. So much fun. Getting caged up in the pickup in the back of the park and driving through the wild animals was insane. An only in China experience. Highly recommend if you have a little one with you in China.
Written December 21, 2012
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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