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Acrobats & gymnasts from throughout China perform at this theatre – breathtaking routines of flexibility involving chairs, bikes, jumping hoops,spinning plates & human strength. 2 performances daily.
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2-3 hours
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Very good

Oakland, CA26 contributions
May 2015 • Solo
In Beijing, there are three nightly acrobatics shows at different theaters: one at the Chaoyang Theater, one at the Tiandi Theater, and one at the Tianqiao Theater. On my most recent trip to Beijing, I saw the shows at the Chowyang and the Tiandi. In this review, I'll compare the two shows I saw, then provide more detail about the Chowyang show. (For those pressed for time, the upshot is that I recommend the Tiandi show over the Chowyang show.)

Similarities: Both the Tiandi and Chowyang shows are roughly an hour and twenty minutes, plus a ten-minute intermission. They each feature eight main acts, four before and four after intermission. Both shows are primarily attended by tour groups; I was unusual in that I was an individual attendee. Across the two shows, five of the eight acts use the same apparatuses and feature the same sorts of tricks. Both are appropriate for all ages. Both theaters are located near to metro stops on the east side of the city.

Differences: The shows have different themes. The Chowyang show is vaguely themed around Imperial China, while the Tiandi show is themed around a clown who recovers treasures from ancient temples, like Indiana Jones. The Chowyang show uses larger and more elaborate equipment for two of its acts: a giant spinning device with two rings and motorcycles driving inside a steel sphere. The Tiandi show does not use any large-scale or motorized equipment. The skill of the performers was a little greater at the Tiandi show, where the performance was smoother and the tricks were slightly more difficult. The Chowyang show plays three times per night, while the Tiandi show plays only once per night. Despite this, the Chowyang show was far more crowded. Lastly, the Chowyang show features numerous souvenir stands in the lobby, while the Tiandi show does not.

Here, I will list the acts at the Chowyang show (followed by an asterisk if a similar act was featured at the Tiandi show):

Gymnastic leaps through hoops*
One-arm handstand on a tall stack of chairs*
Contortion and balancing glasses*

-- Intermission --

Acrobatic partner dance
Riding a large, spinning, dual ring structure
Tricks on bicycles*
Motorcycles inside a large, steel sphere

Overall, the performers did a great job. The one-arm handstand on chairs was particularly well-done: the trick was performed flawlessly, and supporting cast members wearing royal guard uniforms gave it an interesting flavor. The large, spinning ring structure was one of the weaker acts: the intimidating structure itself stole the show, while the tricks (juggling and walking with a blindfold) were performed so fleetingly that it was easy to miss them.

The Chowyang show had a number of issues with its music, which would sometimes stutter or cut abruptly to a different part of the same song. There were also a couple instances of poor staging, where supporting cast members briefly blocked the view of the people performing tricks.

The crowdedness, souvenir stands, and "Imperial China" theme combined to make the Chowyang show feel more touristy. The Tiandi show felt a little more organic, particularly because of the inventiveness of its treasure hunter clown theme.

I think both shows are enjoyable and you cannot go wrong with either one. However, if I am to recommend one, I think the Tiandi show is the clear winner. Since five of the acts use the same apparatus and mostly the same tricks between the two shows, I generally would not recommend seeing both, unless you have a particular interest in circus arts or acrobatics.
Written May 16, 2015
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Bengaluru, India199 contributions
Nov 2011
We went to the acrobatic show during our Beijing visit in Nov.2011. We made advance bookings through for the 7.15pm show and chose the side-row (cheapest tickets). You don't need to pay while booking - you just pay while collecting the tickets. We reached the venue about 30 mins early, paid and collected our tickets. Our seats were right at the front - 2nd row on the right side and perfectly fine for viewing (maybe a tiny bit of the stage on the right extreme corner may not be visible, but that's an acceptable compromise since it does help sit so close to the action). The seats are numbered and maybe you can give your preference when you meet the contact at the Theater - they go to book the tickets only after you arrive.

The theater was almost full when the show started (big tour groups start trekking in during the last 10-15 mins). The show itself was terrific, have no doubts on that. As the show progressed, we found ourselves gradually slipping to the seat edges - completely charged and excited - repeatedly exclaiming under breath .. NO WAY .. OH, GOD .. IMPOSSIBLE .. OOOOHH ...

The last item - the motorcycle riders - take the cake. There are videos of the performance on youtube, but I would suggest that you should not watch them before going to the show. They sell DVDs of the show for CNY 50 - the quality is OK but not all the items were the same as what we watched.

Written December 8, 2011
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Beijing, China129 contributions
I had thought about attending this on previous trips to Beijing but had been a little reticent, thinking that it might just be a tourist trap. Well, it's certainly geared to tourists, but it doesn't take away from the fact that this is a fantastic show to attend and highly recommended.

We bought the cheapest tickets - I think around Y170 through our hotel though I think they were cheaper for the children - and the view was just fine. The Theatre's well located - just down the road from Sanlitun, the bar area of town.

As we arrived, we were met by someone with perfect English - have no idea how he worked out who we were, but he guided us to our seats, explained the format (pretty straightforward - two parts, short interval), and showed us where we could get cabs afterwards.

Each half comprised four or five acts, with alternating men and women. The show itself was just stunning and the stunts were original and breathtaking. The costumes were also fantastic - there is a final parade which is just mind boggling.

We took three generations - my parents, me and hubby and our kids (8 and 11) and it pleased us all.
My parents have very high standards, surviving in the UK on a diet of Royal Shakespeare Company, National Theatre, Covent Garden etc etc, and I was concerned they might find it of not a sufficiently high quality to satisfy their tastes - but they absolutely loved it.

Unlike other reviewers, I disagree that it's like Cirque de Soleil - personally, I find the Canadian version a little soulless and a bit too perfect/polished - you almost forget that the performers are human. Whereas the Chinese acrobats are much more personable - every now and then they make a little mistake - it actually reinforces just how difficult the feats are and you feel more involved, willing them on to succeed.

So, a definite thumbs up.
Written April 18, 2010
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Sunnyvale, CA44 contributions
Dec 2017 • Solo
I attended the acrobat show in December, so it was definitely low season for tourism. The theater was about 25% full, if that.

The acrobat show was amazing. There were all kinds of interesting acts I had never seen before, and I love going to this type of show. My favorite part was the ballerina contortionist. Just amazing. The show was well-performed, with very high skill levels, excellent costuming, very professional production.

The venue, however, left much to be desired. There are rules, as in most theaters, no photos, etc. But no one does anything about it. At one point in the show, a few performers moved through the aisles in the auditorium. A woman literally followed them around with her iPad. So even if you have good seats, you will be likely watching the show through the screen of someone else's camera/iPad. Then there were people talking the entire time. The theater was SO loud. I have no idea why you go to a theater with no intention of enjoying the show. It was just sad and detracted from the show and the ushers made zero effort to curb this problem.
Written January 18, 2018
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Antwerp, Belgium3,068 contributions
Oct 2017 • Couples
The show is just amazing, increasable how this extreme flexible people can bent themselves into the strangest positions. One of the best shows I ever have seen.
The seats are not really comfortable, if you have long legs you are happy that the show is over after 1 hour.
Booked this show online, this is advisable, much cheaper
We choose a seat at rows 9-10
Online: 69US$ +/- 454 RMB
Locally: 595 RMB
Easy accessible by metro, line 6 and 10 (exit C) “Hujalou”
Shows are available 3 times a day: 15h50, 17h30, 19h00
The show takes 1 hour
Written October 19, 2017
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Sydney, Australia22 contributions
Jul 2017 • Family
I saw this last week with my young adult daughter. As others have said, the cheap seats are fine. The show was non stop entertainment for an hour, with acrobatics, bikes and a chair balancing act. We enjoyed it very much and would definitely recommend going. The theatre was air conditioned and the seats comfortable albeit a little worn. The theatre is adjacent to a metro stop, so there is no need to buy the expensive transfer from your hotel tickets offered by some tour companies.
Written July 20, 2017
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Prosper, TX156 contributions
May 2017 • Family
This place was full of jaw-dropping stunts, one hour of greatness.

First let's talk about tickets and getting there. Go to their website and order your tickets, you get a discount. We were told tickets were first come first served. We thought that meant it was a free for all going for the seat you wanted, but what it means is you purchase a ticket valued at a certain amount, then the first ones to the ticket office get to choose where they sit in the appropriate section. We were shooting for row 15 but were assigned tow 4 which was great. We didn't realize until we were headed to row 15 that we had assigned seats.

Getting there, take the metro, line 6 or 10, get off at Hujialou station, take exit C, when you exit the station, TURN LEFT, I made the mistake of crossing the big street. Just TURN LEFT and it's right there 25 m away.

The show...super cool, amazing feats of flexibility, strength, balance and fearlessness.

Go and see this show, for $32 you won't be disappointed. It was so fun.
Written May 8, 2017
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Fort Worth, TX309 contributions
Apr 2017 • Friends
This review is about where to sit in the theatre. We sat on row 4 and, for me, it was a little too close. The first two rows would be really bad, as some of the performers are right over the seats. Not only would you be looking up, but also it would be scary having them perform perilous acts over your head. I actually think the best seats to choose are in row 15, because there is an isle in front of you, so no one blocks your view and it is far enough to have a good overall view. The photo I took of the theater is from my seat on row four.
Written April 12, 2017
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Papamoa, New Zealand1,883 contributions
Oct 2014 • Family
If you enjoy a good show, I definitely recommend the Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatic Show. It is really well done, and I doubt that there was anyone in the theatre that was disappointed. The sort of show that is great for the entire family.

The calibre of the acrobatic acts is the sort of thing you would see in Cirque du Soleil and similar. In fact in some of the acts, particularly the young contortionists, they exceeded what I have seen in Cirque shows.

There is a wide variety of acts, from balancing and tumbling, to stylish gymnastics, through to shows of physical strength and skill that will have you shaking your head in amazement.
On the show that I saw, there were remarkably few slip ups.

The 7/15pm start time is early enough to still go to dinner afterward, and the theatre is in a good location, only a short taxi ride to Sanlitun (many excellent restaurants).

The show makes full use of high tech computer visuals for the backdrops to each acrobatic piece, and the whole thing is done exceptionally professionally.

If you are pre-booking tickets, you will see that there is a really huge variation in ticket prices, but frankly the theatre isn't that large, and the central seats between rows 12-23 are easily as good as the far more expensive ones in the first 11 rows. Many of the side rows appeared to be filled with Chinese group tours.
Surprisingly, the ticket office for the theatre is actually outside the building on the roadside, not inside - where as well as drinks and icecreams, there are also numerous souvenirs on sale - most of them having nothing whatsoever to do with the acrobatic performance. There are good quality photo books for sale during and after the performance however, which include a DVD of the acts in the performance you will see.

There is a strict "no photography" rule while the show is performing, and anyone who dared pull out a camera or smartphone during the performance promptly had a discouraging laser pointer shone at them by a vigilant theatre attendant until they put the camera away.
Written November 2, 2014
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Boston, MA108 contributions
Oct 2013 • Couples
This show is about an hour long and we thought it was definitely worth checking out. Kids will love it as well. Here are a few tips:

- a quick google search reveals several 'agents" who can get you discounted tickets. Email one of them, then they wait for you outside the theater before the show holding your name. You give them the cash, and follow them to a special window around back of the ticket office where they buy your tickets at the lower price. Very simple. Get there early for the best seats in your price group.
- the cheap seats are just fine and you can see everything since the place is so small.
Written October 16, 2013
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