Longqing Gorge

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Longqing Gorge
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
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8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
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Brisbane, Australia285 contributions
Great Day Trip
Jul 2020 • Friends
There’s no doubt that this place has seen better days, but the boat ride along the gorge and the hike up to the viewpoint definitely make it worth the trip from Beijing.

The day I went the dragon escalator was working. The cable car and toboggan was not going. It was raining, so that might of been a factor. There is also a place to bungee jump, it was only 260RMB if you are feeling brave. We had lunch just outside the main gate, it was delicious and cheap.
Written July 10, 2020
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1 contribution
Beautiful scenery, worth a day trip out but not much to actually do
Jun 2019 • Friends
i went here june 2019
First, how we travelled from central beijing:
-Get off the metro at Jishuitian station
-Leave station via exit A and walk left for about 10 minutes until you reach a bus stop for bus 919 (bus was 16 yuan each way and takes about and hour and a half)
-Get off the bus at bus stop Chuan bei xiao nan men (you can ask the bus driver to tell you when to get off with a google translate screenshot if you need)
-cross road and walk left slightly until at opposite bus stop.
-get bus Y43 (2 yuan)
-Get off at Long Qing xia
-enter through car park next to bus stop.

My friend and I really enjoyed it here, it's a nice break from the city since it's relatively quiet compared to beijing. There is nothing to do other than look at the escalator, take a boat ride (HIGHLY recommend, beautiful scenery), weird ugly flower cave, and cable car ride up into the mountains (however this closed before 2pm when we were there). There is also hiking.
The views are honestly stunning especially if you're lucky enough to go on a sunny day like us.

You can not go on the escalator or toboggan, there appears to be more things catered to winter visitors that were not open in the summer.

The escalator, cable car and boat ride require walking up a very long relatively steep incline.
Written July 14, 2019
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Singapore17 contributions
Not worth the trip
Nov 2018
The Baihua Cave was closed when we went. The place needs some upkeep. There are other more beautiful gorges in China.
Written November 14, 2018
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20 contributions
Longqing Gorge
Oct 2018 • Family
Beautiful place. We hike up the mountain to see the beautiful scenery. A must if you have the time in Beijing. Cable car ride was short, cruise was great. Overall great visit.
Written October 21, 2018
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Leila H
Beijing, China27 contributions
A hidden treasure!
Apr 2018
I have been to Longqing Gorge 4 times, one of which being during the ice festival. Each time it is more fun amazing than the last. From the slide to summiting the mountain, to the world's longest escalator in the belly of a dragon to the boat ride through the "little three gorges," this is a great vacation destination any time of year!
Written September 18, 2018
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Beijing, China1 contribution
1-day Beijing Holiday Tour Company trip to Longqing Gorge & Guyaju Caves
May 2018 • Friends
Magnificent scenery --a very different world from Beijing only 2 hours away and off the beaten tourist track except for a few Chinese. Boat ride was the highlight. Food was plentiful and very good. Well worth the trip. Lillian, who organized the trip was helpful & flexible when we needed to change our date, and our driver + guide were friendly, helpful and competent.
Written May 3, 2018
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Matthew L
23 contributions
Not really worth the visit.
Apr 2018 • Friends
The transport here from Beijing city was around 3 hours, due to traffic, we stayed at grand hyatt beijing and booked a private car to longqing gorge deceived by the nice photos. After reaching the carpark there is a 15-18 mins walk to the entrance.

The famous dragon escalator was a joke.. It looks old and run down, there were no ventilation in the dragon, there is a weird smell, and the paint are all dropping. you cant see anything after you enter the dragon to get to the top, there were no view, nothing, the windows are dusty and blurry.

Upon reaching the top you have to purchase a boat ticket, which cost around 100 CNY, there is a queue to board the boat, and the place is crowded with China tourist,
the locals in beijing city are polite and nice, however these china tourist are rude and started to push and squeeze during the queue for the boat ride, they stand really close to you i could literally feel their breath on my back, it was really annoying.

The boat ride was alright, the views are the only reasons im giving this place 2 stars, it looks beautiful, as tho it was in the olden chinese kongfu drama. Cant take much photo as there are always boats/people in the frame. There are also bungee jumping and canoe area, the bungee jump was empty no one was on it. The Canoe on other hand was crowded, not really sure if its worth it. After 15 mins boat ride you arrive at another port to take a short hike up to the other side to take the boat back, in between is a temple (Jing Gang Shi), didnt manage to go in as its crazily crowded. Walked to the other side of the port to take the boat back to near the entrance.

Thought that was the end of the journey, but we notice a cable car ride up to the top and thought it would be an awesome view. Bought the cable car ticket for 50 CNY per pax. Board the cable car to the top, the view was alright not as impressive as we expected, hiked up 40mins to the peak of the mountain. Same thing nothing special only a sheltered area at the top. Not really worth the hike, the great wall of china had a better view.
Took the cable car down, and went home, jam another 3-4 hours back to beijing city and wasted the entire day on a "ok, not awesome" view.

Definitely will not recommend this to any of my friends. Not really worth the time.
Written May 3, 2018
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Calgary43 contributions
Spring time @ Longqing is not worth your time or money
Apr 2018 • Couples
My April visit was severely underwhelming, and I can't say that it was worth the trip to this hard to reach area. Judging by the ice and lantern festival decorations, it looks like Longqing Gorge might be quite nice in winter. However and unfortunately, I have nothing positive to say about my experience.


- none to speak of


- 40 rmb entrance fee only gets you access to the dragon elevator, and they nickel and dime you for everything else (e.g. getting down and around the area)

- the dragon elevator has faded, flaking paint and is in need of some desperate TLC

- the inside of the elevator is smelly and does not have an open air view from the inside

- Opening time of the park is 8:00am, but workers were just arriving at 8:00, the elevator didn't start until 8:30 and my group was told that the boats don't start until the first one is full (could be 9:00 or later if there are few visitors)

- Despite going four days after the official spring opening day, the ice and lantern festival decorations were littered around the park, things were being dismantled, and the place looked it was in the off season. Very sloppy that the park was not cleaned up and prepped before it opened for the following season.

- the row of shops leading up to the main entrance are vacant and in disrepair, which does not set a good tone for visitors

- the dam was dry and the river was murky. Considering mother nature, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for these two aspects, but its a waste of time to travel 90 minutes and make a special trip to see a dry dam and murky river
Written April 14, 2018
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Ali M
Northampton, UK89 contributions
Total waste of time and money!
Apr 2018 • Family
Where do I start?!

Firstly, this place is only open 6 months of the year apart from some sort of winter thing (Christmas decorations still up in mid-April = sloppy)

Secondly, we went by bus & successfully caught the buses to get there from central Beijing line 2 subway station (919 & Y15).
Note - when catching the 919, expect a fairly well signposted 6 minute walk from the subway to the bus stop AND expect the conductors to tell you you're on the wrong bus!
You can get off at any of the last 4 bus stops on the 919 route and pick up the Y15 from the same stop. Most stops have the name in English, so sit on the right of the bus!

We got off at stop 14 on the 919 route and were pestered and lied to by scamster taxi drivers from the second we got off the bus, telling us the place was closed, telling us the bus wasn't coming for 75 minutes (it turned up 10 minutes after we got off the 919!) And trying to convince us that they were doing us a favour and "only" charge us 40cny for a 3cny bus fare (12km from the centre of the town)!

Thirdly, when we got off the bus, we walked straight through the large carpark to what is labelled as a ticket office. We bought tickets for 5cny each, which appeared to not be entry, but for some sort of shuttle which is a glorified golf buggy (one way, no student/child/senior discount at all) which takes you around the corner to the next ticket office. It took us about 10 minutes saunter to get back!

Fourthly, when we got to the main ticket office, there were clear notice boards in Chinese and English. (See photo)
Entry 40cny
Boat 100cny
Something else (cave? Exhibition?) 10cny
Total 150cny
Students half price
Apparently, you are supposed to know this, from their ambiguous and misleading sign!!

I asked for one adult, 2 students/children.
I was sold 1 adult entry + boat and 2 child entry tickets (140+20+20) and told to buy the student boat tickets by the boat.

Fifthly, we went through the turnstyle and saw lots of closed shops and Christmas decorations about the place. There's a pretty Japanese style garden with a rockery, pond and bridge. There's nothing else going for the place! 80cny is a lot to look at closed shops fronts that are nothing special by any stretch of the imagination!

Sixthly, we followed along the path next to the dry river (literally, DRY, just a pile of snow in one corner!) to get to the large dragon which was once clean and grand, but now rather pathetic, filthy and tired looking.

We went up the 6 standard escalators inside (again, nothing special, just a standard length escalator, inside a dirty yellow tube with gunky windows you can't even see out of)!

At the top, the only place to go is yet another ticket office or the boats.
We confidently went to the window, armed with Google translate and I asked for two children's boat tickets and a 100cny note in my hand. The woman behind the window said 200, I said no students half price, so 100. This went on, back and forth for several minutes until she enlisted the help of two clueless girls that worked there (badge number 025 was on one of them, the other had her badge covered). They kept giggling with each other and using their version of Google translate to communicate with us. They said the sign was wrong, no student discount for the boat.
I demanded a refund for my ticket.
They said no problem to the refund, but the downstairs office would do it. And we walked back down.

When we got back to the ticket office, the rude woman kept pointing at the sign and saying no refunds, no student discount, I photographed the sign and showed her where it said students half price, she said it only related to the entrance fee.

Do yourselves a favour and give this place a miss.
It's shoddy, over priced, in need of general maintenance and underwhelming.
I can see why it's not mentioned in any guide books or websites!!
Written April 11, 2018
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Franca B
Beijing, China11 contributions
Amazing gorge
Oct 2017 • Friends
It is really a beautiful place!!! When we visited it was foggy but that did not matter. View from the boattrip is great! And even better the view from the top after a short hike: when leaving the boat, keep left were possible and after 30 min ascending you will reach the top with beautiful view. Better than when going up with the cable car. Only downside was the cave which is the most fake thing i ever seen. In total great day-trip from beijing!!
Written October 25, 2017
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