Sae Woon Electronics Department

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Sae Woon Electronics Department

Sae Woon Electronics Department
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Sypaiym S
South Korea53 contributions
Nov 2018 • Friends
Sewoon Electonics Department Store (세운전자상가(세운전자플라자). Sewoon Electonics Department Store was famous for electronic goods as the sole electronic shop before Yongsan Electronics Department Store was built, its location in the heart of downtown Seoul.
The department store is divided into two parts: Areas in Jongno (‘Ga’ dong; Hyeondae and Asea) and Euljiro (‘Na’ dong) are situated between Cheonggyecheon-ro Street. Also the main important thing is there’s rooftop where u can make amazing pics 😜#세운상가#세운상가갤러리#서울여행#추천곳#bestplaceinseoul#seoul#seoulgyeonggitour#visitkorea
Written November 21, 2018
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Seoul, South Korea76 contributions
Nov 2018 • Solo
For me, SeWoon Electronics Department was the best place I ever visited in Korea. For locals, maybe it seems like a place to buy electronic things, but that's not all!

You can find a bridge that connect Sewoon Building and Cheonggye Building. The bridge is constructed above Ceonggyecheon stream!. While the Cheonggye part is mainly the place for electronics stuffs, you can find a lot of cool things in the Sewoon part such as modern cafes, shops, etc

Advice :
1. Go visit the Museum of the Electronic and Audio Studio that located outside of the Sewoon Building (the same level as the bridge one) and you will find cool 60-70's stuffs.
2. Take the main elevator in the Sewoon Building and go to the 5th floor. There you can find a resident place that looklike a jail (LOL sorry)
3. Again, take the main elevator and go up to the toppest floor. Place to enjoy the view, take pictures (MUST DO)
Written November 17, 2018
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Seoul, South Korea7,828 contributions
Oct 2017 • Family
Sewoon Sangga was very famous electronics complex until 1990s. Now, it looks like to be forsaken with just few visitors. But, still worthy of visiting.

- The location is close from Jongmyo Shrine. Walkable distance from Jongno-3(sam)-ga metro station.
- The original functionality as shopping seems to be dead. Seemed like to regenerate as something. But, still yet to be prepared.
- There's a ruin on the basement floor. And robot statue on the second floor. But, the highlight is the amazing rooftop. It has a great atmosphere and the view of Jongmyo Shrine is nice.
Written July 22, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Tokyo Prefecture, Japan16 contributions
Jan 2016 • Solo
I'm a US expat living and working in Seoul. Seoul is a fun and safe place to shop for just about anything you can imagine, but the rule here is to be prepared to do some exploring, especially in the electronics districts of Yongsan and Cheounggyecheon. I've been to Yongsan's Electronics Market, and they have the look and polish of exactly what you'd expect - a large electronics emporium where you can buy finished products from computers to cell-phones in every variety - but I wanted to find the tiny little parts vendors, the grubby little shops packed with way too much of the obscure little magical things, new and old, that make up those finished products and where only veteran electronics hounds spend their time haggling over the prices of eighty-year-old vacuum tubes, radios and speakers from the 60s, memory chips for Ataris and Mac IIs, and all the chips, transistors and resistors that go in-between. I found it in Cheounggyecheon, a mouthful of a name that says to me it's the "Akihabara of Seoul", a place where you can buy cheap goods that have been off the main market for years, often decades. There is a much larger place called Techno Mart in eastern Seoul near Gangbyeon Station that I've not been to yet, and I hear it's well-lit, attractive and full of finished products, but it's also expensive. Cheonggyecheoun is different. I spent all day looking for it, this is not a place that's easy to find, especially if you don't have a guide (which I never do - I prefer to get lost as I learn more of the cities where I live that way). A young policeman pointed me in the general direction where it was and off I went. In retrospect it probably is easy to find if you get off the Euljiro-3(sam)-ga or Jongno-3(sam)-ga train stops and look for the Cheounggyecheoung River. There are all kinds of junk... ahem... "shops".... along both sides of the river (stream?) where you can find all kinds of LED lighting, hardware, piping, used power tools, hand tools, wiring, plastics fabrication shops, and similar stores in every variety - a handyman's dream come true or a housewife's nightmare depending on your point of view! I was searching for some electronics parts for a project I'm building, and I found them, but it took all day as I was winging it entirely on my own. Now that I know where to go, it won't be so difficult to find next time.
The Sae Woon Electronics Department is four floors of assorted electronics "stuff", not well organized or lit and often in a state of confusion as the shops renovate and re-renovate, but if you search and ask questions you can often find what you're looking for. I found everything from old ROMs and UARTs to Raspberry Pis there (only a geek would know what they are). If you can't find it there, nearby there are numerous hidden alleyways that have more stuff. I literally fell into one of them and found the banana plugs and binding posts I'd been looking for.
All in all it was an interesting Saturday afternoon, cold in January but that's par for the course. If you go, you might want to leave the wife and kids at the nearby Cheonggyecheon Museum, which I hear is quite nice and has numerous learning programs for children. Anguk Station is also not far away (10 minute walk) and not far from there is Insadong, one of the largest tourist shopping arcades in Seoul.
Written February 9, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
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