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Very good

Rio de Janeiro, RJ8,621 contributions
Sep 2019
According to legends, one day King Vakhtang Gorgasali was hunting in the forests of his Kingdom of Kartlis (Eastern Georgia), when his falcon chased a pheasant that fell from his beak into a hot water spring. The King and his servants were quite surprised when they saw steam, in such abundance, coming out of the spring. Immediately after, the King gave orders to build a city in this site and named it "Tbilisi" - the "site of warm springs"! Amazing legends of medieval times ... And these springs are obviously in todays "Abanotubani" area of Tbilisi! A nice new fountain displays a sculpture of a falcon and a pheasant, remembeing us of the famous legend. The quarter, at the Northern edge of Tbilisi's "Old Town", has been recently renovated and receives hundreds of visitors daily. All attracted by the public sulphur bath houses, the neighboring "Tbilisi Botanical Garden", the impressive "Gorge of Leghvtakhevi" and the beautiful 22m high waterfall of the "Tsavkisistskali River". And last but not least, the romantic little bridge with countless "love" padlocks attached to its bars. Unmissable! Enjoy!
Written May 8, 2020
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Cape Town, South Africa333 contributions
Dec 2019 • Solo
Keep it simple. My priority was to have a daily soak in the sulphur water while in Tbilisi. I stayed in Abanotubani 5 min walk from all the baths. For a short soak/swim bath 5 is best and cheapest; although old and rundown. Pay only GEL5 . No inhibitions; with the locals. Strip shower soak in the small pool sauna. An optional scrub and lather GEL 20. The other baths are good but offer private rooms: single couples groups.ss well as the scrub leather for the std GEL 20. Note it is not a massage. I took my daypack with towel slops etc so didn't need all the other paraphernalia. The water is hot so be careful and relax! Enjoy
Written January 2, 2020
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Tbilisi, Georgia17 contributions
Jul 2010
i've been going there, as a yearly summer visitor for many years, and it has been one of the most relaxing/invigorating experiences of my stays there.

enter, pay a couple laris, head upstairs, give your ticket to the attendants in the large, smoke-filled, locker room... get nude ... store your clothes/belongings in a locked locker (key held by trustworthy attendants), and enter the main bath.

it's a large, tiled, clean, well-lit space with a large skylight, about 10-15 open shower stalls, a scary WC, a couple stone massage tables, a nice, quiet, dim, relaxing pool with hot sulphur water (attendants drain it , and the cold-water pool, early some nights.

men invariably enter, shower very well, sometimes repeatedly, then find a place to chill. there are no clothes or towels allowed in the bath. everyone's naked. you may occasionally find someone in a speedo, but it's frowned upon and not necessary. you may bring your own soap (or purchase it at a nearby store or from the attendants) razor, shampoo, towel, etc. "towels" (sections of white bedsheeting to wrap around yourself after the bath) are provided by the attendants for a small price after the bath.

you can walk up the stairs from the main room and there are a couple marble lounging benches. great place to chill, or strike up conversations with friends, or strangers. the (very hot) sauna is up there too. spend as much time as you are comfortable in the sauna, then try to dive into the cool (not cold enough) bath.

repeat these steps repeatedely until completely relaxed, refreshed, and ultra-clean. a nice long extended bath is generally considered a ritual by many men before spending intimate time with someone.

note: please educate yourself on finnish/russian/turkish/georgian sauna culture (they are pretty similar) before enjoying the sauna. for instance, if you do not bring your own footwear, you can rent some from the attendants in the locker room. they are nasty...and everything that touches the floor is rightfully considered nasty. do NOT put your feet up in the places where people could sit. you are naked. everyone is naked and it's no big deal. relax, mind your own business and it is GUARANTEED that nobody will bother you. be a man, avoid excessive eye contact if you are uncomfortable around other naked guys.

another note: the 'massage guys' or mekises will give you a rough, smack around, stretching massage with ultra-soapy hot water, a scrub brush, hot water, repeat and rinse. these guys are not gentle...and yes, they can get uncomfortably close to your bathing suit area, just relax...nothing's going to happen...ever.
Written June 8, 2011
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates1 contribution
Jan 2020
Customer service is the act of taking care of the customer's needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful, high-quality service and assistance to the customers.

Forget it if you visit King Erekles Bath. As it tuned out, the staff of King Erekle's Bath do not care about their customers, even those who have been visiting them for years.

The staff is rude, the receptionists have no idea of what the customer service is and their responsibilities are, your booking means absolutely nothing, they just do not care about it. Their phone number 032 2752175 exists for nothing, they do no pick up your calls.

Overall, the experience is awful. If the owner wants to keep his customers, he should hire new staff knowing what the customer service is and take care of the booking system
Written January 4, 2020
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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia2,877 contributions
Jun 2019
This is the area of the Old Town where the famous Sulphur baths of Tbilisi are located. You cannot miss the many domes rising out of the low rise buildings. A gorge with a narrow stream runs through this area with most of the baths located to one side of the gorge. The gorge ends in a waterfall.

There are many Sulphur baths in the area. If you want to enjoy them, make sure to book in advance as most of the baths are always full.
Written March 22, 2020
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Melbourne, Australia32 contributions
Sep 2017
I went to one of the houses behind the main houses because I didn't have a booking and was told it would be easier to get in. The one I went to was not very upscale. I don't know what others look like inside, but this was pretty basic. First you rinse and then get in your sulfur bath for about 15 min. I had a private room. The scrubbing lady knocks on your door. I put on my towel and let her in. She looks more like a cleaning lady, coming in with a bucket and cleaning stuff and that is really what she is. Industrial. There is a tiled table of sorts and she tells me to lie down on it and makes gestures to get rid of my towel. I am confused and she grabs my towel off of me so it’s just naked me and her now. I lie down face down on the tiles and she throws buckets of sulfur water over me and then starts scrubbing me with god knows what cleanser and a big, rough hand brush of sorts. It is not gentle. When she has done me thoroughly from neck to foot, I turn over and she does the same on the front after throwing more buckets of water on me. Then some kind of cloth is blown up with air and soap and that balloon-like thing gets rubbed over me on both sides so I am covered in suds, and more buckets of water come raining down on me, and then she leaves. WTF!!! I meekly get back into my bath for another 15 minutes, rinse, dress and leave. Other reviews talk about topless women; this was not my experience and I would not have appreciated seeing her topless. It was not unlike when you may see a farm animal washed down and doused with water, and I was the farm animal. I can say I am thoroughly exfoliated and very clean and relaxed after the experience. I can also say that it was not comfortable laying there stark naked on something that seems like a mortuary slab while a stout old woman worked me over. Took a little getting used to. The town was founded on the natural baths originally, and there is good science behind the sulfur and mineral water. Go, but be prepared.
Written September 24, 2017
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Nimrod A
2 contributions
Sep 2016 • Couples
Awful. 40 minutes into our pre-ordered one hour session, we hear loud knocks on the door. The lady insists we leave, starts shouting at us "one hour finished". Obviously, my girlfriend and I are naked, except for small towels. I try to explain to the lady we paid for one hour, and only 40 minutes have passed. She doesn't want to hear. I try to go to the reception and clear this up - nope, a security guy shows up and apparently insists I can't go to the reception wearing only a towel. They both barely speak a word of English, and we don't know what to do.
OK, we give up, close the door, and try to get dressed as quickly as possible, without time to even dry up. A few minutes later, that same lady returns, after apparently having realized their mistake, and repeatedly says "I'm sorry, I'm sorry". At this point, we're both dressed, and just want to leave this awful experience behind us.
We go to the reception, and ask for our money back. They are unwilling to refund us, even though we didn't even get the full hour. Just an awful experience, being shouted at in a foreign language while naked. Would recommend avoiding this place.
Written September 25, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Andrew L
Tel Aviv, Israel247 contributions
Feb 2017 • Solo
So, from my estimation, there are 5 operating sulfur baths at the moment out of 6 total. Maybe there are more, but I explored the area and visited 4 of them.

Royal Baths
No. 5
Mosque sulfur baths (closed for refurbishment)

Royal baths - very nice.

24/24 - very basic room, had the hottest water, and the best scrub of them all. Not too hot.

Gulos. Most beautiful baths. I had the 100 lari room which had a sauna, cold bath, and hot bath, as well as two beds where the massages/scrubs happen. Highly recommend this one.

Orbeliani. Has the most baths I believe. Staff is a bit rude. Shako the guy speaks English well. Basic rooms, basic prices. Massage/scrub was ok. I visited twice.

Outside of Abanotubani there is Lisi Baths which is the best after visiting alll of the above.

If you want a bath at any of the places in the evening (aside from orbeliani) it's recommended to make a reservation.
Written February 3, 2017
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Houston, TX767 contributions
Jul 2018
Strange, isn’t it, that this has a 5 rating but most of the individual spas are rated 2 or 3. We kept looking for this place because it had the highest rating. We’d take the TripAdvisor page into each bath asking how to find this place and they’d say “yes, this is us”. Then we noticed that some of the photos on this TripAdvisor page were of the Moroccan style blue tiled bathhouse (Chreli Abano), while others were of the other domed brick bathhouses. Nevertheless TripAdvisor rates this entry “Abanorubani” as “#1 of 24 Spas and Wellness”. Well that doesn’t make sense. This is not an individual spa but the name of the whole neighborhood.

So ignore this
Written July 5, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Berlin, Germany308 contributions
Jul 2016 • Couples
You come to this area where you can enter different baths. You can distinguish them by different numbers they have.

We are a mid 20 couple. We didn't want to have a private room. We just wanted to visit a public bath. We asked around in the area and were told that bath number 5 was public. So we entered there.

Entrance fee was 3 lari each. You can borrow a towl for 1 lari per towl. Keep your receipt, you have to show it downstairs.

You go downstairs. To the left: entrance for men. To the right: ladies. We understood that for the public bath we were being separated. No problem. We entered separately and had each our own experience there. If you both want massage /scrub, make sure you both have cash.

I entered the ladies changing room. There are a couple of ladies working there. I was asked to show my receipt. Now is the time to tell the ladies what you want: body scrub (10 lari) , massage (10 lari) or both: scrub massage (20 lari). They speak russian and a little English. I took both: scrub massager. I played after.

A lady showed me which locker to use. When I was ready, she locked it with a lock. The ladies are there all the time, I felt safe to leave my stuff in there.
Get totally naked. Put everything to the locker except shampoo, slippers and stuff you want to take inside which can get wet. Everything will get wet. Don't take towls inside.

From the changing room you enter the bath. It is not a bath. It is just one room completely tiled with showers and benches so you can stand or sit under shower. No shower heads. Everyone is in that one room. Most women are naked. But one or two wear underwear panties. So, no swimwear needed. Nothing for shy people.

My boyfriend told me after, that in the guy's room there was a pool with super hot water and a sauna. I didn't see this in the ladies area, but I assume they also have it, I was just too stupid to see it. Sorry.

You take a shower and wash yourself. You can behave there like in your own shower. People took all kind of shampoo, lotion, gel, sponges and some even shaved there.
I felt it was generally clean. But was happy I had slippers. I saw hair on the floor.
The water smells, yes, but really just a little. No problem at all.

After I was clean, a lady waved at me to signalise it's time for the scrub massage. I layed down on one of those stone benches, still in that room. Everybody looking at my tattoo. But no problems with tattoo. This scrub massage took 10 minutes. Still naked. Woman that massaged me wore underwear. After, I showered again and went back to the changing room. Someone opened my locker.

I dried myself and was offered to drink Tea but I didn't accept, I felt too hot.

Then I gave 20 lari for the massage to a lady. I left, met my boyfriend outside and felt bad because I didn't see a pool or sauna but he did.

In total I spent 40 minutes inside.
Written July 10, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

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