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Royal Tank Museum
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10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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The Royal Tank Museum is a national museum with international standards, located in Amman, is considered the first specialized tank museum in the region, displaying more than 140 tanks within a 20,000 sqm. The museum offers a great family experience for Jordanians and visitors of Jordan where they can enjoy the visit and use our interactive story telling exhibition tools . The Royal Tank Museum’s mission is to collect, restore, preserve and exhibit military tanks and armored vehicles for the purpose of providing an educational and exploration experience for visitors to strengthen their understanding of the role played by tanks and vehicles of JAF in shaping modern Jordan, with the shadow of world conflicts.
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Mar 2022
The Royal Tank Museum is definitely worth a visit. It is one of the few tank museums in the world and has an extensive collection of tanks, armored vehicles, and machinery since 1915. The museum is relatively new as it opened in 2018. There is more than 20K sq m of exhibition space and 13 halls - impressively huge space. The museum is located in King Abdullah II Park Al Muqabalain Street so it's not in the main tourist areas of Amman. You may need a driver/Careem to get you there as you may get lost in Amman traffic. We went on a national holiday so we didn't have to pay the entrance fee. Not sure how much it usually is. Highly recommend a visit to this little known gem!
Written April 11, 2022
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Nick W
2 contributions
Apr 2022 • Solo
Much better than expected. This tank museum must be one of the best in the world. So many tanks, trucks, personnel carriers, jeeps and motorbikes it's unbelievable! Cost just 5JD for a tourist and is well worth the money.
The building architecture is fantastic and perfect for a tank museum.
Some very nice dioramas, lots of info and tanks from al around the world.
Highly recommended, and even better than the automobile museum.
Written April 3, 2022
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Darshana Ratnayake
Amman, Jordan1,852 contributions
Jan 2020 • Friends
must visit place in jordan amman. Entrance free is 2JD, located at king abdullah 2 park.
There are amazing war tanks can see. Most of them used in Ww2 or gulf war time.
Good description also there.
Huge number of collection. War tanks, cars few biks. Must take a cam to take1000 of memorable photos.
Written January 5, 2020
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Mike R
Melbourne, Australia367 contributions
Dec 2019
I dragged my wife to this museum, and then she wouldn't leave!! Housed in a huge architect-designed building that has created a magnificent display area, this is a fantastic museum and should be near the top of the list for any visit to Amman.
The displays are very professionally presented with dioramas and lots of information. Tanks from all major wars and countries are represented and in pristine condition.
Written December 23, 2019
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Nedal & Reem
47 contributions
Aug 2019 • Family
This is one of the best military museums we have been to , its really fantastic and, Small and huge tanks from all around the world , you can find a screen next to each tank that tells you more about it , and most of them has real videos which shows the tank during wars , the kids extremely liked it , its a must visit museum that costs only 6 $ per adult , kids under 12 are free .
Written August 14, 2019
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Rome, Italy831 contributions
Aug 2019
For anyone interested in military history or military hardware this is a must!

They have the most amazing collection, beautifully displayed with dioramas and other artefacts that really add to the atmosphere.

There is, naturally, a focus on the use of tanks in the Middle East and more specifically in the local conflicts, but they also have a good collection of tanks from the 1st World War up to recent research and development of armoured vehicles currently in use in Jordan. Also interesting to learn that many tanks used in European conflicts or produced by western nations then end up being sold on or modified for other countries.

The building itself is incredible - architecturally stunning, resembling a modern tank or a squatting spider spaceship - amazing.

The museum is located some distance from the centre - I wasn't sure what to expect, but now realise they needed a site that was big enough to house the collection. It is a very new museum so some of the outside space is still being finished off and organised, I can imagine in a few years it will be a major attraction.

It just needs a cafe! A few hours on your feet and you need a drink.
Written August 13, 2019
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Jodhpur, India434 contributions
Jan 2019 • Couples
This is a wonderful museum The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. free entry if u Jordan pass
Written March 5, 2019
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Nicosia, Cyprus984 contributions
May 2018 • Friends
It is one of the largest military museums in the world. The name refers to a tank Museum, but the exhibits cover a greater range than that of Tanks.
Although the Museum was officially opened in January 2018 by King Abdullah II of Jordan, is not yet open to the general public.
In Μay 2018 are still working beyond the 80 people, with various specialties to complete all the way to the evolution of the tanks, to present the military history of Jordan.
As the first exhibit shows a horseback Warrior (Medieval Horseman) in full armour and second, a war machine, a replica of '' The Da Vinci '' Tank '', a great construction, based on the designs of the Ιtalian painter, scientist, designer, Leonardo da Vinci, showing the complexity of the design of '' Tank '' with great potential for the time that the thought as an idea. It is made in physical dimensions from wood, and cutaways in construction, allow the visitor to understand the mechanical contrivances of Da Vinci.
I suggest that as you begin your tour counter-clockwise walk, starting from events of World War I, with a spectacular oversize painting, ‘’a Bedouin attack’’, against the Ottoman troops (1915). The main attraction in the centre of the scene on these events, is an armoured vehicle Rolls Royce, with Vickers machine gun.
The Museum has in excess of 100 Tanks-armoured cars and covers the development of the WWI, the WWII, continuing with the wars in the broader Middle East, in the Arab-Israeli Wars, reaching today, with the participation of Jordan on Peace Keeping Operations.
Special section presents the developments (tanks – armoured cars and special equipment) of the King Abdullah II Centre Design and Development Bureau (ΚADDB) with its products being already in use from the Jordanian army.
The Museum excite the visitor, due to its size, but also the many and various exhibits. The architectural design is based on that of a fortress of the beginning of the century with those of today.
Experts involved in the preparation of exhibits took the time, with the perfect results, maintenance and restoration of rare exhibits as you will see in my photos and this work, satisfies even the most discerning guest – scholar.
The arrangement of the exhibits to prepare for the sequel, spurring the interest in those details that only someone's experienced eye can grab and it seems that they were not replicas, but in researching and identifying original objects and not of Museum copies.
The technical and technological support of the exhibits is spectacular and offers visitors the best fit with the events to unfold in front of him.
For the visitor who is studying military history and aware of the consequences of each separate event, is an enjoyable ‘’ride’’ with the best conditions to be found from the sandy hills of the country, attacking with the Bedouin versus the Ottomans, among with the Edward Thomas (T.E.) Lawrence, known for his work in the Middle East, moved to WWI, marching in the muddy battlefields, this time in the Egyptian and Libyan desert along with British tanks and armed vehicles of SAS (Long Range Desert Patrol), fighting against Rommel, leaving for the battle of Normandy to meet with Allied troops with first, those of the Americans, fighting in France, receiving help from the allies via air supply, and leaving for awhile on Soviet fields, the battles against the German armies that were decimated due to the cold and snows, leaving then again in Northern Africa with vehicles that played an important role in the evolution of the current borders of the Middle East, keeping up the supply of Allied troops fighting at El Alamein, holding free these routes from the Iran-Iraq, intact, moving with mark up to support these devices during the war between Jordan and Israel in 1948, of events in Northern Ireland, the 1962 Sino-Indian War, between China and India in their borders, reaching out to the Arab-Israeli wars (1967-73), with strong representations with accurate depictions with the help of modern technology, living and development of events, culminating in today's tanks, tanks and vehicles that are in use by the Jordanian Armed Forces. Moving counter-clockwise, the visitor arrives at a large segment who left presented, Tanks and vehicles of Soviet-built, while on the right those of the Western coalition.
Closing the circle again, the visitor meets German tanks-vehicles- the German Anti Aircraft gun ( 88mm) of WWII, perfectly restored, many of them very rare.
In a separate room a rare construction, a M48 Tank cutaway, where the visitor passes through it, seeing all the instruments in full view, but deliberately in intersection for one can perceive, both the functioning of the moving parts of the Tank, and the size of each component. In front of this special structure, the visitor can see the view from periscopes in a screen opposite of the direction of moving.
Finally, visitors can study the modern types of Tanks and vehicles of Jordan armed forces that joined in Peacekeeping missions.
The tour ends with the entrance in the special section that presents the developments of Tanks-vehicles and military equipment, by the King Abdullah II Centre for Research Design and Development Bureau (KADDB).
In the central dome of the Museum is hanging from the dome, an Attack Helicopter (AH-1F COBRA), which is the main attack helicopter in Jordan Air force today.
In a special display are personal belongings of King Abdullah II of Jordan, which he used during his service in the armed forces (Air force).
The overall conclusion of the visit is that certain people who had vision to create one of the larger Museum of tanks in the world have succeeded!
Many congratulations for those who worked for the Museum, which displays the history of the country through conflicts/wars and sees ahead for the future, contributing to peacekeeping by participating in UN missions
I visited the Museum in an afternoon. I discovered, that someone need a whole day to study all exhibits and not simply pass from beside them.
There is a shop with several souvenirs in affordable prices.
I wish all the best in the final stage of details in the total work, and I considered that the Tank Museum is one of the main attractions of Amman - Jordan. Contact the museum for an appointment to visit it.
Written June 22, 2018
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Baton Rouge, LA41 contributions
Nov 2020 • Couples
We arrived there at 3:25pm they told us they close at 4pm
We checked the website and their facebook page and both showing they close at 6pm
We paid the entrance fee for 30 minutes only but after that a man keep coming to us and telling us we are about to close we need to hurry
Almost three men’s came to us and said that so we rush and left around 3:55pm and they all waiting for us at the door and they all left around 3:56pm
Written November 18, 2020
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Dear Mr. Loay, Thank you for visiting the Royal Tank Museum and for your note. We deeply apologize for this. According to the Museum's Coronavirus policy, we cut down the opening hours from 6:00pm to 4:00pm. It seems that you visited the Museum before we get the chance to publish the new opening hours on our social media platforms and website. We apologize for this again. May you please provide us with your contact number at ( ) so our team can contact you and arrange a free visit for you. Thank you for your understanding. See you!
Written November 23, 2020
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Amman, Jordan30 contributions
Feb 2020
The Royal Tank Museum Review

Cost? 2 JOD (if resident)/5 JOD (if tourist) per person. Children <12 yo free.
How long to allow? I'd suggest 2-4 hours to visit
Opening hours? 10 am-4 pm every day except closed Tuesdays

Not sure what I was expecting to see. But I know I wasn't expecting it to be as incredible as it turned out to be. After all, how good can a museum that's just about tanks, really be?!!

In the words of my 15 yo son, "Wow for 2 JOD, you could go to a lot more worse places in Jordan!!".

The place is clean, well designed, spacious and filled with more tanks than you could point a stick at! It was opened in 2018 and is still being worked on.
The displays have just enough information (in both Arabic and English) so that you don't get bored. It provides enough interesting facts so that you get the idea of their capabilities compared to each other e.g. Country of origin, weight, type of munition, number of people needed, horsepower, speed and range.
King Abdullah II is a military man and a bit of a tank buff (even though he is a helicopter pilot). Some of the tanks were gifts from other countries (there's a board detailing the countries who donated).

It's a very impressive place. It's better than the Automobile Museum IMHO (and I love cars).

It is broken up into several large areas, some of which feature quite good dioramas. There are plenty of tanks from the USA, Soviet Union, the UK and Germany (amongst other nations I have forgotten).

The tanks covered include World War I/II, the Arab-Israeli wars, modern Jordanian made tanks, peace keeping vehicles and even a diorama featuring the Ottoman army.
It features not only tanks, but also some of the armour the soldiers used, a Cobra attack helicopter, anti-aircraft guns, troop carriers, an interactive section where you can roleplay being in a conflict as president of other nations, a life sized replica of Leonardo da Vinci's theoretical tank and also transport vehicles from the past to the current era. Unfortunately, the 100% made in Jordan shop has nothing for sale....just yet. :(.
In terms of value for money, this should be on your list of things to do!
Written February 20, 2020
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