Qasr al-Yahud Baptismal Site

Qasr al-Yahud Baptismal Site, Jerusalem

Qasr al-Yahud Baptismal Site

Qasr al-Yahud Baptismal Site
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This Jordan Rive baptismal site is a special and sacred spot for Christianity. Here the Jordan River flows through the plains of Jericho, creating a thread life through the heart of the desert. Christian pilgrims come here to be baptized in the river, just as – according to tradition – John the Baptist baptized Jesus some two thousand years ago.
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saul g
Tel Aviv, Israel1,058 contributions
Apr 2021
Qasr-Al-Yahud is the second and lesser known place to be Baptized in Israel . The first and the famous one is Yardenit , near the Kineret (Sea of Galilee) , both sites on the banks of Jordan river.
Also , the site is considered to be the crossing place into the land of Israel , while the Israelites finished their 40 years voyage in the desert from Egypt to the promised land.
If you are staying in Jerusalem or on your way to see Massada - do pay this site a visit.
Written April 3, 2021
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Kim G
Pacific Grove, CA3,134 contributions
Dec 2019
My adult son and I were on a Christian Pilgrimage, with his baptism ultimately occurring here at the traditional location of the baptism of Jesus Christ, by John the Baptist. Having been closed for years due to conflict and land mines surrounding the area near Jericho in the West Bank, the road accessing Qasr al-Yahud has been cleared, yet the visitor is warned not to venture off the barbed-wire fenced road, which was a bit intimidating. We journeyed alone, but were relieved to find another Christian group from Africa performing baptismal rituals in the Jordan River. After purchasing a white baptismal robe from the small shop on-site, our son requested the Baptist Minister to baptize him, whereupon he readily agreed. We learned that this friendly and gracious African Minister had gone to seminary in the United States, and was overjoyed to perform yet another Christian baptism. Directly across the narrow Jordan River sits a more established site used for baptisms on Jordanian territory, but it is illegal to cross over the center of the River Jordan into the country of Jordan. Truly, our experience at Qasr al-Yahud was life-changing. On a previous journey to Israel, I had been baptized in the Jordan River at a more popular site, which felt far more congested and commercial. Tradition also dictates that this site is where the Jews crossed through the Jordan River into the Promised Land.
Written November 19, 2020
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Friendswood, TX690 contributions
Jul 2019
The site of Christ's baptism by St. John The Baptist on the River Jordan is very interesting and must be experienced on any trip to the Holy Land. At the site, both banks (on the Israeli side and on the opposite bank on the Jordanian side) facilities have been developed with steps leading down into the water. Both sides have shaded pavilions and the Israeli side has several small altars nearby. The Jordan River, however, is not how one might picture it: It is small, narrow (only about 15-20 feet wide), and very muddy with a strand of barbed wire running down the center to mark and guard the border. Other than at the built up and developed steps, both banks are very overgrown with weeds and shrubs.
Border guards sit at picnic tables on either side to guard the border between Jordan and Israel.
The site is located in the West Bank and has been a contested area for years. The approach to the site is down a narrow road with signs on either side warning of the danger of the minefields just beyond the fencing.
Written May 13, 2020
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Paranaque, Philippines2,801 contributions
Apr 2020
As to where exactly Jesus was baptized was still being debated today. My mother also had the opportunity to renew her baptism 15 years ago during their Holy Land pilgrimage in Yardenit, and they were issued a "baptismal certificate". Here in Qasr al-Yahud, we're not sure if our tour operator coordinated its issuance (coz we were issued a "Wedding Certificate" in Cana, a certificate for sailing on a Jesus Boat in Sea of Galilee and a Certificate of Appreciation issued by no less than the Tourism Minister of Israel.). It could have been great if we were also issued a Certificate of Baptism here.
Written April 28, 2020
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Woking, UK118 contributions
Mar 2020
We visited here on a coach day trip. We wandered down to the river and saw the baptism of a member of our party being carried out. It was and is a place of great significance for Christians although the Jordanians would claim that the true site is on their side. The site is well laid out with good facilities - however the muddy river looked quite uninviting.
What is quite sobering is the signs of conflict which still exist away in the desert.
Written April 2, 2020
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Sevenoaks, UK502 contributions
Dec 2019
There are other places purporting to be the site of jesus' baptism, especially Yardenit near Lake Galilee, but this is much the most likely. It is truly in the wilderness, with murky sandy waters these days. It is hard to apoproach, as it is right on the border between Israel and Jordan (and can be reached from either side) and on the edge of a minefield. Its simplicity makes it truly memorable.
Written March 29, 2020
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Linda Y
Frisco, TX4,471 contributions
Jan 2020
Qasr Al-Yahud is located on the Jordan River, on the border between Jordan and the West Bank. Jesus was baptized in the waters of the Jordan by Saint John the Baptist, thus beginning His public ministry. This site is administered by Israel and managed as a national park, complete with changing facilities (for those planning to enter the river), a gift shop and a small snack bar. There is a military presence here, and across the river, armed Jordanian soldiers watch their Israeli counterparts. Note that Jordan has their own baptism site officially known as “Bethany Beyond the Jordan" and recognized by UNESCO in 2015. Of course, it doesn’t really matter what country Jesus was baptized in (after all both the river and country borders have changed in 2,000 years). Somehow this isolated Israeli spot, surrounded by land mines and military, still manages to feel commercialized and touristy. But if you’re a pilgrim, it can be a moving experience when you reflect on the significance of what occurred here. When we visited in January, the river had overflowed due to heavy rain. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the renewal of own Baptism vows with a sprinkling of water from the Jordan River which had been blessed by the Pastor of our Texas church.
Written February 17, 2020
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Paul A
Pretoria, South Africa5 contributions
Jan 2020 • Couples
My wife and I had always wanted to visit Qasr Al-Yahud after being involved in numerous baptism sessions at the traditional site close to Tiberias and sometimes other beaches in the Galilee area. What makes Qasr unique is the other worldliness, barrenness of its location. As you enter you are exposed to destroyed church yards, the ever present land mine warnings, and a stark realisation of the political realities here between Israel and Jordan as they stand a few metres apart. I expected to sense something of the spiritual being a Christian and this is considered to be the site of Christ's baptism but what I felt was the thrill of the adventure of seeing this unique place. On the practical side it needs to be pointed out that during the heavy rainy season (we want in January) the Jordan is swollen and strong currents do not allow for baptism in the water so this is done via showers erected outside in courtyards. Someone offered us bread to share, which my wife and I appreciated. An interesting adventure if your tour allows you the time to visit.
Written January 20, 2020
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Les J
Murrieta, CA595 contributions
Oct 2019
We visited on a Saturday afternoon as part of a 3 bus tour group from the U.S. Having previously visited the beautiful Jordan River Village (where I erroneously thought Christ was baptized), this place pales by comparison. However, it is not without its interest. First, if this is in fact near the actual site where John the Baptist immersed Jesus, how cool is that? Secondly, Jordan is right across the river. Armed guards of both countries abound. Our group had many rebaptized at the aforementioned Jordan River Village. Why not here? Apparently other countries are dumping their raw sewage in the river. Might this account for the huge infestation of flies? Whatever their attraction for this site, they were massed. And hungry. I made the mistake of being attired in my typical So Cal shorts & sandals. And got bit.
Written November 11, 2019
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Leland, NC1,248 contributions
May 2019
Taking a tour of the Holy Land with a group, this was an important stop for us to discuss the meaning of the area. The actual area that is believed to be where John the Baptist baptized Jesus is in an area we did not visit because of its location but this gives you the experience. You are quite close to the Jordan border, there are still land mines here which they are working on removing so best to read and follow all the rules posted. You can witness baptisms going on here and put your feet in the river. Interesting stop but not necessary to spend excessive time here.
Written September 17, 2019
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