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Very good

Adam C
Blackpool, UK6 contributions
Jan 2022 • Family
I came with my wife and baby. From first view it looked very local and almost hidden away amongst the takeaways and small shops and thought we weren’t going to have a good experience.
On entering, it’s the male communal area and my wife and baby was quickly moved into the woman’s section whilst I had my own personal changing room which was lockable.
After getting undressed, I was taken into the sauna then had a body scrub, followed by a soapy wash/soap massage and a rinse. This all cost 150TL. It was all very clean and I felt very relaxed throughout. The staff spoke very little English but we managed though pointing and gestures.
After that, I was taken back into communal area and covered in dry towels and offered a drink (tea was 3TL). You are offered an oil massage for another 50TL but I declined. They weren’t pushy at all.
My wife came back in after she finished and said she had a great time and all the female staff looked after her baby so well and the baby a little hamam experience! The building itself looked soaked in history and for the cost it’s definitely worth it.
Written January 20, 2022
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Juliette S.
6 contributions
Aug 2022
Perfect for tourists looking for a traditional, local hammam. Clean place, nice staff (they don't speak English but we can understand each other with gestures), not crowded (we were the only ones). The prices are more expensive than those indicated on the website (160 the entrance fee, 220 if you want to add a scrub and a massage with foam), but still affordable. Cash only. At the end, you can buy some drinks (for example the tea is 5 lyras). The scrub is a bit rough, don't expect a relaxing moment! However, we felt very clean at the end. Highly appreciated!
Written August 20, 2022
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Portland, OR12 contributions
Feb 2020 • Solo
My first experience in a Turkish bath, so I can’t compare it to the “European standards” I have read about. I enjoyed my visit; very little English is spoken here so most of the communication is accomplished with gesture and example. Delicious feelings, a decent massage I wish had lasted longer, and a very fair price.
Written February 11, 2020
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Olga L
Kansas City, MO20 contributions
May 2022 • Friends
The Hamam by itself is fine, not as attractive as on the picture. It was dark and muggy. But what really does not make it a favor is the staff. Two women (taller young the massagist and shorter older giving scrub and foam).I am talking only about the women side.
We went there because it was right next to our hotel, no desire to walk on cold windy streets after bath. Two women showed us the price list written on a piece of scotched paper: 165 TL- scrub, foam, oil massage. For 50TL we were promised extended massage. We agreed (a mistake).
Scrub is made by one and the same scrubber. It was taken from a metal hook for me, and put back after.
Massage was done on an old unattractive divan, too short for my 179sm/5’9 height. Did not change the sheet for me after my friend. Makes you wander about the towels…
For the same exact cold weather reason we decided to try one more time…
With no extra payment for massage we did not get any. Plain and simple.
Also this time we noticed a steaming room inside, because the door was left ajar by another customer. It was not even shown to us before.
Bottom lune. Do not go. Either find a better place, or just skip it.
Written June 1, 2022
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Istanbul, Turkey1 contribution
Apr 2012 • Solo
Reading reviews has actually no point. I read all of them and thought this must be it. Inexpensive, historical, not far from all the sights... But I was wrong.

The guy who was giving me a massage had waited until I lost my eyes and then he tried to put his thing into my mouth.

Yes, this did happen. I promised the owner not to bring this story out as he agreed to give me a full refund but I can't let anyone else go through this humiliation. If you want to get raped, this is the place for you. If you don't, do not even think of going there.
Written April 11, 2012
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Zuerich1,886 contributions
Apr 2012 • Couples
We sought out this place on friends recommendation.
The building itself is a neighborhood historic hamam, it is well kept, but in no way ritzy or flashy like the others in the center.
The cost was half of the "touristy" hamams, and the place was actually being used by other Turks. For 40 Lira each we (me in the male side, my wife in the female side) got a full body scrub, foam massage, and a good soaking. My massage was hard (!) to the point of discomfort, but felt great afterwards. My wife's massage seems to have been less strenuous. No english was spoken, but somehow we all figured it out.
The place is a bit off the normal tourist path, but when compared to the other Hamams, where I have been before, this one just seemed to be authentic.
Recommended for the budget traveller, and those who want the real deal and not some touristy kitsch at double the cost.
Written April 15, 2012
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Singapore, Singapore89 contributions
This is a review of the women's baths. The experience of the men may be quite different.

What to bring - If my tale below doesn't put you off, then bring the following to improve your experience: hairbrush, spare undies (if you do not plan to go butt naked which is quite acceptable), hair conditioner, moisturiser (to apply afterwards), flip-flops (beach sandals - the ones available are very large and rather grubby), your own loofa mitt (available in the nearby artisan market).

Authentic doesn't always mean better.  Kardiga seems to be authentic.

Little to no English is spoken here. The hostess was a large naked woman who scrubbed and soaped us with industrial grade detergent. Despite that we were in a steam room, with water and soap all around, she had a pungent smell which was amplified when she pressed my head between her breasts as she shampooed my hair with what seemed to be dishwashing soap. 

There is a long wait before receiving her attention as she seems to be the only woman performing the scrubbing and soaping services. In the meantime you are set next to a large marble basin with hot and cold running water and encouraged to "wash". Wash means dousing yourself in water for 20 minutes or more. When I tired of this and went to lie on the marble washing slab in our otherwise empty chamber, I was scolded and told to return to my basin.

I brought my own exfoliating glove so perhaps it is my own fault that the result of the scrubbing was a abrasions on my arms and back (gloves come in varying degrees of roughness). But only inattention could be blamed on her scrubbing a friend's nipple rather raw. Ouch.

Soaping follows. The slab is very slick once the soap lathers up and at one point I was at risk of hydroplaning off the end of the podium. Plus it was not easy to breath face down in the foam and the stuff can get in your eyes. It was a soapy parody of water boarding. 

The service ends with a shampooing with a similar hearty soap. It made my hair dry and matted and without a hairbrush I left the place looking like a crazy woman.

On exit from the steam room you are towelled down by the same woman (admittedly this part was quite pleasant) and then offered a tea.

All in all it is worth the 50L for the right to tell the tale but otherwise seems to have no therapeutic value.  If I dare venture to a Turkish Bath again I will sure to choose something much less authentic.
Written April 25, 2012
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Portland, OR18 contributions
Aug 2014 • Solo
I researched hamami in Istanbul for hours on end.
Wanting the best experience ... Traditional but also a value
Let's face it . . . If you choose wrong at home, next time you go elsewhere. But here?

One is not going to keep trying hammani while on vacation.

I did not want to be herded in as a tourist nor did I care to over pay for a hyped up service.

After a lot of considerations, I chose kadirga. Recommended by Jennifer's harman shop, which has a great reputation. I should have known better just from the web site. But, because the site was not flashy etc, I decided it would be less western and more traditional.

I was very wrong.

1. I was the only one there....the entire time.
2. Hardly acknowledged when I entered ...
3. No kind person greeted me, etc. just pointed to a room to change in.
4. Marble was cold, room moldy... Old cheap plastic containers for water wash
5. Scrub was quite good as was a wash down with bubbles . . .I was massaged at the same time
6. Woman was sloppy, in a bra and red bikini underwear just non caring, matter of fact, no talk, nothing

And that was it . . . I had planned for a shampoo, head massage ... Asked for the works. Said I wanted to pay for a full service

Begrudgedly, she washed my head with horrid shampoo. Poured over water. The end. That was it.

No scents, lotions, comb out . . No nice pestemal, Nada.

I changed, walked out with the two women in there watching TV totally ignoring me.

I left with a tangled hair mess and in a big wonder about what that was all about. It was quite bizarre really.

I read a lot of reviews about women upset because they got soap in their eyes, or the woman doing the service didn't speak English... I couldn't care less about those things but this was so brusque and impersonal .... It wasn't worth the walk to get there

Yes, cheap....VERY... 50 lire.... but if I were to do it over, my first choice still seems a good one...sulyemanye hamman... But couples only:(

I spoke with people coming out of there... They all said it was wonderful and the smells were delightful.

Alas... I went and bought several beautiful pestemal to bring home instead:)
Written August 9, 2014
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Esteban V
Madrid, Spain22 contributions
It has been an outstanding experience. I'm extremly happy that we found this hammam through trip advisor.

First, the place is an authentic local hammam with Turkish clients, which happens to receive some tourists. This allows you to have a real experience in a place that knows how to "treat a tourist" (that is, a couple of basic English words and the knowledge that you are out of your confort zone and need some extra guidance).

Second, the place is in a non-touristic neighbourhood, but there are still a couple of hotels around and it seems safe even at night. The hammam has a front and a back entrance (this confused me when I checked in google maps) the back entrance is a bit more "rustic" but don't hesitate, the hammam itself is clean, big and beautiful, with white marble and nice ceilings.

About the process. The full treatment (50TL ~ 16€) includes entrance + exfoliation + massage. When you get to the reception they show you the prices and you choose. Then they send you to a private changing room where you can safely leave your stuff. They provide everything you need: flip-flops and a thin towel. You can use a bathing suit, your underwear or get naked, you will feel comfortable either way, although what Turkish do and I recommend is to get naked (with the special towel that they provide you around your waist) they didn't say anything about this, you just do what you feel more comfortable with.

They walk you inside the hammam, and tell you where the toilets and the sauna are. And you enter the sauna. After 30 minutes approximately they call you and lead you to the exfoliation place. After that, they walk you to the massage place. The massage combines some foam with a musle massage (both the exfoliation and the massage are intense but nothing extreme). When the massage is over you can come back to the sauna or have another shower. The total duration took around one and a half hour.

The whole process is carried out by some guys that have been doing that for a very long time. They know how to deal with you and some potentially delicate situations, but expect only basic English words and signs. They provide you with dry towels, water and tea.

I recommend you to drink water before you enter. We went around 6:30 pm after a long day of tourism and it was extremly relaxing, you leave the hammam clean and with your muscles stretched and less tired. It is not necessary to have a shower before going, even if you are really dirty after the whole day walking around, because you will sweat it out in the sauna+shower before they start the exfoliation. After leaving the hammam we were tired and a bit sleepy, so we looked for a place to have dinner. We found an inexpensive touristic restaurant (although there were also Turkish families) with a very variated menu and an outstanding location with an open air terrace. The food was just fine. The Restaurante is called "The local" you can look for it on trip advisor.

I highly recommend it, if you are looking for a real local hammam where you, as a tourist, won't feel uncomfortable, this is the place.
Written August 2, 2014
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.

Stockholm, Sweden152 contributions
Apr 2012 • Solo
I got many suggestions of good hamams before going to Istanbul but all kind of expensive. When I was at a bazaar I got a tip about a good and cheap hamam and since my money stream was kind of low I decided to go. And it was great - more treatment for less money!

Kadriga is a small old hamam and maybe not the fanciest in Istanbul but for me it was the best money spent. It has different areas for men and women and you get your own room to change in (although with glass doors) and you can lock it with your things in there. Then you get the full treatment in approx. an hour. I was all alone in the mens department and the marble interior with just ceiling lights makes it a beautiful place to be in.

I loved to lay at the hot marble bed but the sauna was a bit too hot and I'm Swedish so for a non-sauna experienced guy I say drink some water before and after.

They did not speak any English at all but I got it all. I think they are used to use body language for tourists.

Before you go, buy your own body scrub glove and bring it. If not they will use the hamam one used on all that does not bring their own. And don't choose a soft one, you want to fell it!

This place can be a bit tricky to find but I found help. At the Arasta Bazaar behind the Blue mosque there is a hamam towel shop called Jennifers that work together with Kadriga and they can give perfect directions (they also have a leaflet about the place that was really good cause it says what will happen at the hamam and that made it a bit easier to understand the body language). Most likely they can sell you scrub gloves too - I bought mine at another bazaar.

Me and my friends went on separate occasions and I think a good tip is to go when it's less people there (I went on a sunday afternoon and was all alone) cause I think you will get a better treatment then.

A n d yes you take of the underwear but you have a towel around your waist all the time and it was never uncomfortable ;)
Written April 3, 2012
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