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Kadirga Hamam
8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
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Thanos Bakos
4 contributions
Thanos bakos
Feb 2020 • Couples
Erdal is the man who made me feel very nice and calm. All the service of the place and of the massage was fantastic and I will be here soon.
Written February 17, 2020
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Portland, OR12 contributions
First-time bather, I would go back
Feb 2020 • Solo
My first experience in a Turkish bath, so I can’t compare it to the “European standards” I have read about. I enjoyed my visit; very little English is spoken here so most of the communication is accomplished with gesture and example. Delicious feelings, a decent massage I wish had lasted longer, and a very fair price.
Written February 11, 2020
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G. Ng
7 contributions
Authentic and Value for Money
Jan 2020
My friend and I came to Kadirga as we wanted to have an affordable experience for our first Turkish bath. It was 75 lira for the sauna, scrub bath and bubble massage. Communication in English was pretty limited but it was an awesome experience as we tried to figure what the steps were for the Turkish bath. Not too sure where the female entrance is but for us guys it is pretty straightforward. If you need more info, the whole experience goes something like this: (1) The changing room - where you would be required to strip down and cover yourself with a towel and change into slippers. It does get a bit awkward considering the bunch of guys sitting in the lounge can see you changing. Once done, lock the room and head to the sauna area. (2) The sauna - warm and dry so it is suggested to get some water from the bathing hall drench yourself and also pour into the sauna basin to humidify the place. (3) The scrub - We were led by a gentlemen each to a scrubbing area and asked to sit by the ledge. They would use a glove to exfoliate your skin. Imagine relegating yourself to a kid and having your grandfather scrub your body as he sings a song in a completely different language. You would then be rinsed with water and led to the marble slab for the bubble massage. (4) The bubble massage - We were asked to lie down on the marble slab faced up. Reminder to take off your slippers at this point or risk being nagged upon for 2 minutes. The bubble foam is created by stuffing a pillow case with bath soap and soaking in water. Massage does take away the aches from climbing the hills around Istanbul. (5) The final rinse - We sat by the ledge again and were soaped thoroughly. They even washed our hair which does dry out every bit of oil and moisture. Might want to use some conditioner and shampoo when you are back home to revive your hair. Then with a final pour of water over your whole body, the bath is complete. You are given a dry towel to change into. At this point, you can request to go back to the bath or sauna to spend more time. (6) The lounge - We sat on the sofa and the owner gave us a towel and hand-dried our hair. Tea was provided and we joined in the locals to observe the next group of tourists streaming in, seemingly as clueless as we first came in. Once done, you may head back to change and then make payment.
Written January 19, 2020
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35 contributions
I need Hamam in my Life! Affordable, Authentic
Oct 2019 • Solo
1st Experience at a Turkish Bath, those YouTube "Bubble Massages" intrigued me. There are separate entrances for Men's & Women's- no need to walk down the hill to the "Main Entrance" for Women. I opened the door to the Men's & the manager led me through a dim side hallway to then Women's Hamam. From TripAdvisor reviews, this sounded like the cleanest, most 'local,' & best priced compared to the more famous & busier hamams. It was 75 TRL for Sauna + Bubble Massage. Even with a language barrier, it was fine; the motherly lady at the front showed me their Service Pricing & urged me to go change. The main entrance/Lobby is dim & looked old & like no one went there. Couches are around he perimeter, TV on, vending machine on the side (don't think I'll get oranger sherbet at the end). I paid & after a few hand gestures, I went up to the 2nd floor to change into the red checked towel she gave me & my bathing suit bottoms. Each little changing room had padded seats, a mirror & key on a wrist band. Went downstairs, through a door, past a side sink & bathrooms; it opened up to an cooler all white marble area with sinks in the sides. A young woman washing her hair points me to go to the next room. 2 motherly ladies are giving Bubble treatments/Scrubs on a center marble area, with 2 similar sink/washing areas on both sides (about 8-12 total)- lots of running water sounds! They point me to a wooden door on the left & behind is a small dry sauna with 5 ladies waiting for their treatments. (2 European tourists, an older Turkish woman & 2 young Turkish ladies) Phew! It IS an active place & the quieter streets (compared to the metro area) are fine (you pass by hotels & tourists making their way down the steep cobblestone roads)- although I made sure to take the Main Street back. (& asked the Manager on my Translate App if it was safe) Stayed in the Sauna for 10-15 minutes, stepped out a bit to splash cold water on my face. Finally the lady comes to get me. FYI- all topless there (even masseuse), no judgement though. I'm told to lay face down in 1/2 of the marble table (person getting treatment in other side of table area). 1. Scrub back with a stiff mitt, my masseuse was the Lady singing! Sounds great there 2. Flip Over, raise your arms over your head, scrub more 3. Leads you to a sink & pours water on you 4. Lay face down, couldn't see but makes the bubbles with a bar soap & sack. Massages a little from legs up, but not that much; not great pressure. (Maybe she's not used to seeing a skinny person) 5. Flip Over, more bubbles on you 6. Sits you up on the side, scrubs & massages arms & neck 7. Leads you to a sink & pours water on you 8. Shampoo is there & tells you to wash your hair (I didn't). Rinsed off a bit & went to the first cooler marble room to adjust; 1 sauna visit was hot enough for me so I didn't go back in. Girls in the 1st room were just sitting, rinsing & chatting at the sinks. 9. There's a hair dryer at the front desk if needed. FYI- bathrooms didn't have toilet paper, bring your own. My 'masseuse' mama was back out at the Lobby, resting & watching TV; as everyone was wrapping up. So interesting to see her in modest clothing/ hijab, after the bath area. Gave her 18% tip. Overall, it's a very relaxed no-frills atmosphere, people are winding down from the day (although friend said that 19:00 is a bit late for hamam). Some girls brought in a bag with their own shampoos & pumice & bottle water. It's not a luxury spa experience, but a homely traditional daily routine one. Wish this was a 'self-care' part of mine... FYI- very hilly 15 minute cobblestone, winding walk down from the metro stop. But easier to get to than I thought.
Written January 4, 2020
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Florence, Italy53 contributions
The best Hospitality in Istanbul
Dec 2019
First of all, this is an only men Hamam. Here you're really received with all honours and people is very carefull for your healt and relax.
Written December 30, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Maggie L
New York City, NY10 contributions
Enjoyable but Strange? Also made me wash my friends hair
Dec 2019 • Friends
Background: I don't get many massages done in general. It was also my first hamam experience. I came with one friend. I chose it based on price and trip advisor reviews stating authenticity. I do think the price is the best deal you'll get. I'm not sure on authenticity? It likely is. I accidentally entered the men's hamam section and had to be redirected to the women's area. (Please note, the women's entrance is on the side of the building up the adjacent street!) The people on the men's side appeared to be locals. When I first entered a lady greeted me with a short printed out price list. The workers don't speak much English but can get their point across sufficiently. 75 lira for a full package. Each patron/group appears to get a separate changing room where they can store their items. The door locks, the patron can keep the key on their person until they're ready to get dressed again. I recommend coming with a bikini ready, a change of underwear and bra, or embracing nudity. It starts off with a sauna portion. It was very relaxing, a nice time to just talk with your friend or just think by yourself. When you're ready you exit the sauna and wait on a marble slab in the connected bathing room. One masseuse was half naked, one had her underwear on. Mine pressured me into taking my bra off before splashing buckets of lukewarm water on me. My friend managed to keep her bra on. It was followed by the most thorough scrubbing of my life. I have a lot of dead skin apparently. After that was a soapy massage. It was relaxing once I got past the culture shock. My masseuse has a very nice singing voice. The odd portion is what came after. They told my friend to wash my hair and left. I had to wash my friends hair after. It was a nice bonding moment but not what we signed up for. I personally put this place at a 3.5, gave it a 3 for my friend who enjoyed it a lot less due to her masseuse's bare bosom. It's not any worse than what you would see at a public locker room honestly. It makes more sense given their professions. I accidentally undertipped them. I returned the next morning due to my own guilt complexes with more lira to make up for it. I'm not sure the lady cleaning the steps their understood? Overall a positive experience but one better entered with a bit of research beforehand.
Written December 24, 2019
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rozerin E
Istanbul, Turkey7 contributions
Very good
Dec 2019 • Friends
It ıs a Best experince in MY LİFE traditionel turkish bath we enjoy It a lot and good price to 75 lira recommended higly higly
Written December 20, 2019
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Katie T
9 contributions
The money is worth the laugh you will have here!!
Dec 2019 • Friends
Really this place was one of a kind experience. You won’t experience anything like this again! Me and my friend looked into where to go and noticed the great reviews and cheap price. So when you first walk in there are a couple of large farmer type ladies sitting around. Little conversation as they speak no English. But you’re sent to a room to get undressed then taken to the sauna to ‘relax’ It could well be the setting scene for a movie where 2 girls get locked away to die. We were then greeted by an old lady singing and dancing towards us in knickers and a bra, then another lady walked in naked and they told us to stand up. Unsure of what was happening next she then launched a bucket of water at me, and really we couldn’t stop laughing and this was how the rest of the experience went down. The ladies are really old school, this isn’t nice nice sensual take care of you kind of place. It is like you walked back in time and your grandma is scubbing you before bed. When it came to the massage I sat and waited for the woman to finish eating and she literally did that, ate her last piece of food then was massaging my feet! And wow she clearly didn’t know how to massage I kind of wanted to pay her to stop! I wouldn’t go to this place again no. But I definitely am glad I went just because it was such a funny experience and really made us laugh for the rest of the day. Plus it’s cheap.
Written December 20, 2019
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Piraeus, Greece104 contributions
100% authentic experience
Dec 2019 • Friends
I have been in a lot of hamams in Turkey,Morocco,Tunish and Egypt.This is an AUTHENTIC hamam with the positive and negative elements. Don't buy oil massage since real hamams do not specialise in this. Take the hammam,kiese and bath package. They do not speak English and the hamam needs some renovation. But you will not find such a cheap hamam with that quality in Istanbul. If you want a luxury hamam pay 10 times more and go to Aya Sofia hamam or Cagaloglu. Avoid Ceberlitas hamam since the last years has become a huge turist trap.
Written December 14, 2019
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San Salvador Department, El Salvador2 contributions
Oct 2019
I went an authentic Hamam in Bursa several years ago and the experience was amazing. In this occassion at Kadirga Hamam it was disappointing. When I first arrived to the building I was very excited believing that I had been able to avoid the tourist traps that charge hundreds for a touristy Hamam experience and that I was going to get the real experience a common Turk gets. All the customers at the moment I visited were foreigners and as such, it seems that the staff did not bother to provide the real services a Hamam traditionally provides. They did not provide the very strong scrubbing that characterizes this type of bath, and neither did they give the oil massage. My girlfriend tells me that in the women's section they supposedly had ran out of oil. My overall sensation was that, given that we were all foreigners, the staff could get away with any substandard service as we would not be able to know better.
Written November 22, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

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