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Veasna in the Kitchen
Cooking classes, food tours and private dining experiences in the heart of Phnom Penh. Experience authentic Khmer cuisine, and learn about Cambodian culture from local chef Veasna Kay. Veasna in the Kitchen doesn’t offer your average Cambodian food tour. Our private dining experiences are the perfect opportunity to treat your taste buds to the true flavours of Cambodia. Or, if you’d like a more ‘hands-on’ experience, we offer a cooking class and food tour where you can learn to prepare simple, healthy Khmer dishes that are, most importantly, delicious! Cooking classes and dining experiences are typically held in our spacious, air-conditioned apartment overlooking the Tonle Sap River in the center of Phnom Penh. We want you to feel like you’re visiting friends, not going on a tour. Or, if you have a special venue in mind, we can come to you. Veasna is a trained, professional chef with a passion for great food, and for sharing that food with visitors to Cambodia. This is your chance to have dinner cooked by a skilled chef, specifically tailored to meet your tastes. You won’t find a friendlier chef, offering a more tailored private dining menu or cooking class!
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13 reviews
Very good

Phnom Penh, Cambodia11 contributions
A lovely afternoon in Phnom Penh
May 2017 • Solo
As an expat in Phnom Penh, I wanted to gain some insider cooking knowledge after eating so much delicious local food. Veasna's cooking class seemed like the ideal fit, versus the bigger, less personal and more routine-seeming options in the city. As promised, Veasna is a great guide to Cambodian cuisine and a lovely human being to just spend a few hours with. Even though I've lived here for a few months, he introduced me to a bunch of new treats at the market, and his fish amok during the lesson was definitely the most delicious I've tasted yet! I look forward to cooking more of his recipes via his online video series soon.
Written May 28, 2017
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Alan G
9 contributions
Fantastic cooking lesson
May 2017 • Couples
We really enjoyed our cooking class with Veasna. He started by taking us through a nearby market to get all the ingredients we would need to make fish amok, banana leaf wrapped fish, and ginger frog legs. He was an excellent guide in the market, answering all our questions about unknown produce. Often when we'd ask about things, he would buy some for us on the spot, or else get some for us to try later like some local fruits.

Next we went to his lovely apartment with a balcony overlooking the river. Here he guided us through the steps which were often surprisingly simple when you have the right ingredients like fresh galanga and turmeric.

The whole time we were having some nice conversations about Khmer cooking, history, our personal lives, you name it. Vaesna is very personable and easy going and interesting, not to mention a wonderful cook and teacher.

Before long it was time to feast on what we'd created. It was the best fish amok we'd had in Cambodia, the banana leaf wrapped fish had amazing flavor and texture, and even though we were somewhat unsure of the frog legs, they turned out succulent and juicy like nice dark meat chicken with a lot of ginger flavor.

We highly and without reservation recommended everyone partake of this unique experience. We can't wait to get home and try out all the recipes, which have already been sent to us by the excellent communication of Veasna's Kitchen.
Written May 23, 2017
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Phnom Penh, Cambodia2 contributions
Best location and great food!
Jul 2016 • Family
It's located along riverside in the heart of Phnom Penh and surrounded by several local markets which you can shortly walk there to buy all fresh vegetables and ingredients. Veasna can show you how to make your own curry or Amok paste that Cambodian people also use for many different kinds of Khmer dishes. Last visit in July, hot fry chicken and Khmer Sour Soup were my favorites.
Written April 11, 2017
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Su R
Gilroy, CA20 contributions
Great Cooking Class
Mar 2017 • Family
As others have mentioned, Veasna was very accommodating. We had a group of 6 of whom only 3 wanted to cook. We went to the market, bought the ingredients and when we pointed or asked questions he threw in those items to taste. We cooked, and the fish amok was better than any we later had in restaurants in Siem Reap. Our party of 6 gathered to eat together, and all had a wonderful time. The apartment itself is gorgeous and overlooks the river.
Written March 19, 2017
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New York City, NY26 contributions
Jan 2017 • Friends
Veasna is a master chef! Cooking and learning authentic Khmer dishes with him in his lovely home is a great experience I would recommend for anyone wanting to do something fun and unique while they are visiting Phnom Penh. The location is just off the Riverside and the kitchen is very spacious and modern. The best part was getting to eat the food you make after the class :) Thanks Veasna!
Written March 19, 2017
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Danny W
1 contribution
Jan 2017 • Friends
A few friends and I participated in Veasna in the kitchen with Veasna and it was a complete blast! It's difficult to find truly authentic but good Khmer food if you're a dopey tourist like myself - but Veasna makes it super chill, easy and fun. Lovely folks who can teach you so much about Cambodia, the culture and their own experiences there. Also just cool to hang out and eat some tasty food with your friends and family. If you're in Phnom Penh and don't do this --- then I just feel bad for you.
Written March 16, 2017
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France13 contributions
Fantastic experience and very rewarding!
Feb 2017 • Couples
We had a great time trying our hands at cooking some authentic food and then getting to eat it! Veasna is a charming master chef and we feel like we learnt so much not only about Cambodian cooking but also about Cambodia in general as Veasna is a really interesting guy. Highly recomend to try whilst in Phnom Penh to do something different from usual tours whilst in great company
Written February 10, 2017
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Melbourne, Australia3 contributions
Fantastic Khmer cooking!
Aug 2016 • Friends
If you want to learn how to cook some of the amazing Cambodian food you're tasting during your holiday, Veasna is the person to ask. A trained chef with amazing skills in the kitchen and a very charming, relaxed communication style, Veasna can show you how to master any dish - whether you're interested in traditional Khmer cuisine, South-East Asian street food or fusion-style international dishes.
Veasna's cooking classes are practical, hands on and fun and you're guaranteed delicious results. I first experienced Veasna's lovely cooking when he was training as a chef many years ago, and I always make sure that I get an opportunity to sample his latest dishes whenever I return to Phnom Penh. Veasna's cooking is a highlight of my visits! Check out Veasna in the Kitchen for a truly memorable Cambodian experience.
Written February 9, 2017
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Bangkok, Thailand49 contributions
Custom Cambodian Cooking Course.
Jan 2017 • Solo
I did a one-on-one cooking course with Veasna. Typically, he teaches groups of at least two, but if you're the type who prefers one-on-one tutoring he'll oblige.
I wanted a hands-on, immersive experience, and very much got what I signed up for. If you'd prefer to just have Veasna cook for you and tell you about Cambodian foodways, you can do that. He will gladly adapt, so don't be shy about telling him what you want.

I chose to learn to make fish amok,a Cambodian dish that would typically be for large holiday gatherings, and is really pretty spectacular. I'd been interested in this dish since my first trip to Siem Reap (Angkor Wat) about ten years ago.

I also learned to make a vegetarian version of char kreung. I don't plan on ever being vegetarian, but I have vegetarian friends. It uses a very similar blend of spices and herbs and so harmonizes well with the fish amok.

The day starts with a trip to the fresh market. The market is chock full of fresh local produce, high-quality, pastured local meats, fresh water and ocean fish, and all sorts of things you may never have seen before. I highly recommend asking a lot of questions and taking the time to poke around. We went in the afternoon, but only because I flew in on a morning flight. I'd recommend going in the morning when the fresh meats are available (unless your'e a vegetarian).

Next up, we cooked in Veasna's kitchen. Veasna offered me beer, which I gratefully accepted. However, don't drink too much or you'll miss something. These are very detailed dishes.

We alternated between Veasna demonstrating techniques and my attempting them. I had him finish each step, as he's obviously the expert in knowing when it's right.

The lesson ends, as it should, with eating. Veasna had already eaten, so I faced the formidable task of eating two dishes meant to be shared at table all by myself. The food was superb, so I had no problem eating well past the point where I was full.
Now I'm back in Bangkok, practicing my fish amok. Veasna's website has a recipe and video, but there are details that you can only get live and in person, such as the flavor balance of the mashed-together ingredients before cooking.

After the inevitable training montage, I will return to Phnom Penh in a couple of months and cook with Veasna again. This time I'll do most of the cooking and have him intervene only when I'm going off the tracks. If my fish amok isn't graduation-worthy I trust him to let me know, and help me to get better.

If you like to cook, or just like to eat, I highly recommend Veasna.
Written January 22, 2017
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12 contributions
magic in the kitchen!
Oct 2016 • Couples
Really wonderful tastes and flavours from the simplest of ingredients. Unique Cambodian style delicious food dishes with easy to follow steps to cook at home later. So quick to get savoury meals cooked. My friends are impressed with my new skills.
Veasna you are a magician thank you for a very happy few hours.
Written December 17, 2016
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