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We are currently the only location in the town centre providing comprehensive tourist information services - free unbiased travel advice, maps, info booklets, brochures, and more. Where desired, we also cater for tours and travel services. We specialise in rainforest tours based from our very own Sumbiling Eco Village in the Temburong District, as well as numerous other culture, history and general interest tours in and around Brunei. We are also appointed distributors of bus tickets for Kota Kinabalu and Miri in East Malaysia. We also handle full arrangements for those who prefer the peace of mind, including hotel bookings, transfers and activities.
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam

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74 reviews
Very good

Moscow, Russia13 contributions
Jan 2015 • Solo
I was only in Brunei for 3 days. I was short on time, so I decided to do a tour. I am usually very against tours because I always feel I can do them on my own, but this tour doesn't disappoint. In retrospect, it would be very difficult to plan this type of excursion on your own considering boat transportation, timeframes, actually locations of these tourist sites, etc.

It was pricey but I wanted to see the highlights with the limited amount of time that I had. If I remember correctly, it was $125 Bruneian dollars (approx $90USD) for the Ulu Temburong National Park day trip. The day trip was from 730am to 230pm. There were several boat rides, a visit to some villages, a nice trek to the canopy walkway (385m), and a stop at the waterfall for the "free fish spa." The scenery along the way was very rich, diverse, and beautiful to say the least.

Fizah was my guide and she was amazing! Very friendly, knowledgeable, funny, and took very good care of our group. You won't be disappointed with her!

If you are short on time, then I recommend this tour. This was the highlight of my visit to Brunei, and it left a wonderful impression on me.

A couple last remarks: make sure you brings sandals or a second pair of shoes because your feet will get wet when walking towards the waterfall. The canopy walk climb isn't so strenuous, but if you are afraid of heights it might be a problem once you get to the top (the structure shook a bit). Bring insect repellant!
Written February 12, 2015
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Ikran A
London, UK2 contributions
Aug 2014 • Friends
The highlight of my trip in Brunei happened during my tours with Borneo guides especially the visiting the Berambong Island. Surprisingly, this is a hike which is not advertised often on other tour packages. I had no idea what it entailed initially but be warned it is a very exerting hike lasting at least 3 hours. The hike is definitely worth it when you see the view at the peak which is spectacular. During the hike we had the chance of seeing bats. Remember to bring plenty of water and insect repellent. Nazri, our guide was very patient and was very knowledgeable about the area. My second tour was visiting tasek merimbun, which involved being given a tour around the grounds as well as the museum. Avoid doing the tour on a Friday since they close the premises early. Narzi introduced us to a local man he know, who actually had a collection of wildlife for us to see. Our last trip was to Ulu temburong, which I actually thought couldn't trump the trip to Berambong island, however I was proven wrong. I did the day trip, which proved enough time for me lasting until 4pm. Lunch was provided. I enjoyed the canopy but the highlight was visiting the waterfall. Again, our tour was Nazri who was very friendly and helpful. He had many interesting stories, which allowed time to fly by. In comparison to the other tour group, I found it to be much cheaper. As there were only two of us, we ended up with a private tour for the majority of the trips. This suited us well, since we could hike at a pace which we felt comfortable with.
Written September 10, 2014
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119 contributions
Nov 2017 • Solo
I did the one day Temburong rainforest tour with Borneo Guide.
Communication prior to arriving in Brunei was not always the quickest, but worked out after all.
The tour as such is an unforgettable experience, and in the day spent in Temburong National Park was the best day when in Brunei.
The boat ride over there already is great, then we went by jeep to Sumbiling eco village, then with a small boat up the river. Wonderful experience.

The walk into the jungle is nice, though may be disappointing for some at first, because it is a prepared trail. But the truth is: This is primary forest. With all plants and density that come with it. Logically that you just cannot walk in such primary forest as you may be able in forests in the Alps or the Rockies, but need some kind of prepared path. And it is well prepared.

The canopy walk is great, high (really high!) and gives fantastic view over ontouched jungle.
Then another highlight: We stopped the boat at the river, and walked up a creek. Bring shoes that can get wet, or just use your sneakers and then they will need to dry later... That walk was fantastic!
Good lunch at the eco village on the way back.
Unique experience, do not miss it!
Written September 20, 2018
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates447 contributions
Sep 2016 • Solo
I just returned from 2 day / 1 night trip to Sumbiling Ecolodge Village from On this trip, the owners (husband wife team Leslie and Julia) tried to rip me off. Read on for the details and the context. Sorry it will be a long review.

I believe because my trip starts on the afternoon of Day 1 due to my request, they charged me lower for one person (fewer meals). My trip is actually 1.5 days/1 night, however, even during this 1.5 days trip, I had much down times as the owners either fail to deliver or deliver it half heartedly.

The things described on their website of the Rainforest Discovery trip does not really reflect reality. I was, however, arranging the trip at the last minute. I read quickly, booked, and flew out to Brunei the next morning, and with no internet at the lodge, I could only re-read the description upon my return to the city.

The Offenses:
Upon arrival, the husband, Leslie, picked my guide and I up at Bangar jetty station. He took me to a long house on the way to the lodge during a Saturday afternoon - when obviously no one would be there to chat with me or give me a proper visit. I could not even visit the Iban longhouse properly. He runs this program for many years, and he does not know the habits of the locals???? I am very disappointed to not being able to have a meaningful visit.

They did not properly supply the kitchen. I requested coffee and the caretaker had to take some from his own house! Quality of breakfast was pathetic. Most of dinner is free (the villagers picked wild ferns and sweet potato leaves). The rice served is bad quality.

Then the owners tried to blatantly rip me off.

They marketed the package to include both rainforest discovery and a boat ride to Ulu Temburung Natural Park and a chance to explore the Canopy Walk with a return trip on the longboat.

On my trip, they scheduled only the rainforest walk. I did not realize at the time because I did not think to print the description from the website. Upon arrival at the lodge, he mentioned about three ladies doing the canopy walk the following day as a day trip. Of course then I realized it was supposed to be included in my package. When I mentioned about the canopy walk, Leslie told me that that is only for fit people. Anyways, from his mannerism and speech, I could tell it was pure bull and he was just trying to manipulate me to decide not pursuing my canopy walk excursion.

After not letting the subject go (yes I am stubborn and bullheaded to get what I want), the real issue came up. The water level is too shallow and he would probably need to hire an extra boat for me. He did not want to spend that money even though the canopy walk is described as part of the trip! He then he quoted me B$120 for the boat ride, if I insisted on going. It is an offense that he tried to charge for what is included in their package. Then, he had the gall to overcharge me. Upon checking with the locals (I walked around the area and asked around as I speak Malay), the going rate for the boat is actually B$100. Not only he tried to shortchange me on the full package he offered, he tried to overcharge me on the boat!

I have traveled too many places and engaged many tour companies, but I had never met unethical owners like Leslie and Julia. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Engage them at your own risk.

Written September 27, 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
Dear Pamela, Thank you for taking the time in writing, indeed a very long review, of your experience with your package tour booking SEV 03 with our company. Our apologies for the late response as we have to investigate your personal attacks, allegations and claims which is obviously based on your own opinions regarding the experience. It is fact that you have booked the package SEV 03 which was clearly detailed, including its pricing. If you had booked that particular package tour, we have delivered THAT package tour. It is upon your onus, to understand, to book and to accept your own choice of package. If you had not taken the time to study it in detail and booked no matter how rush it maybe, that would not be our responsibility. We delivered what we advertised. In our WhatsApp conversation, we had even shown a picture of the rainforest trek and you expressed “Wow…woohoo……Beautiful” and added on that that you were excited for the trip and that you want to go stay away from typical tourist area. In addition to that, we have also emailed the detailed Itinerary with a list of things to bring. Your statement that things described on our website of the Rainforest Discovery does not reflect reality; once again it is your own opinion, and your definition of ‘reality’. Our package tour which you’ve booked is as real as it comes, no frills, it is as described. Our Eco-Village is the reality of life as lived among Iban community. Our pristine nature of Rainforest in Brunei is as real and natural as it comes. It is not manmade, artificial or ‘Disneyworld’ finished. We know it must be quite difficult for city dwellers to understand how basic and simple the indigenous people lifestyle is like. It must have been beyond your comprehension. That’s the reality of our tour. The offenses which you highlighted – Had you have read the package tour you booked, you would have known that a visit to the longhouse means it’s a visit to the longhouse. It does not include a tour within the longhouse which is occupied by the Iban residents. It is their home, hence intrusion inside their home is forbidden. We have shown you the longhouse. The Iban people are not tourist guides who chatted with tourists who came, nor are they obliged to entertain tourists and do not wait for tourists to arrive. They have their own daily routine, work, lifestyle. Should they not be around when we take tourists to visit their longhouse, that is up to them to carry on and do what they want with their time. Lets now draw our attention to your complaints about our kitchen supplies; how we run our kitchen is our business. We served what is readily available as how the locals and Iban people look at as basic needs that’s affordable and mostly of fresh edibles grown wildly in the jungle. The rice being locally grown (not imported like city dwellers purchased from fancy supermarkets). This is the highlight of our Eco Village, the experience of living as they do. We do not serve 5 star hotel Gourmet breakfast, lunch or dinner. We find your comments rather derogatory and offensive to the local people and the Iban community. It is their daily foods and you said pathetic! How uncouth is that? It shows that you are not appreciative or understand what Eco Village is all about, what community based tourism is all about, what the real experience of jungle life is all about. That’s the reality. Next, we shall address your claims that we tried to rip you off regarding the ‘longboat trip and Canopy Walk’ which you have heard from your friends and wanted to go. That trip is not included in the package you booked. We gave you our standard price like we do for everyone who wish to go. Trying to rip you off? Just because some local mentioned a lower price? You should have gone with the local boatman with that lower price! Lets have some truth please with your statements. We know that you had not booked with us or any local boatman to the Canopy Walk. Instead, you have barged into the boat that was specifically booked and registered by three other fully paid tourists for the Canopy Walk and had not even bothered to inform the management. For sure, since you have taken the illegal way of taking the longboat booked by some other people, thinking you save $120.00 for the trip, and you complained about the trip and you said we have cheated you? Please be wise with your words and statements. You didn’t pay a single cent additional for the Canopy Trip and you said we ripped you off. Much as we like to elaborate more on your reviews, we feel that we have set the record straight through the above. We bear no malice to you, and we thank you for visiting our rainforest. We would like to say though, that money does not buy eloquence, class or common sense.
Written October 21, 2016
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Jan T
Leidschendam, The Netherlands1,047 contributions
Jun 2012 • Couples
We booked the trip by (Sumbiling Eco Village) in April and made an appointment on 18 june 2012 at there office in BSB. At the office the office was closed because a national holiday. Half past 10 in the evening they called our hotel to tell us they will pick us up the next morning at 7:15.
The next morning (15 minutes before department of the jetty) BorneoGuides told us the canopy was closed and there was no waterfall because of the dry weather. They offered the Rainforest Discovery tour instead for the same price of 80 euro per person. Too late to arrange something else we did accept. The tour, 2 times 45 minute's walk in low forest, 30 minutes in a little higher forest and a nice lunch, was boring. A waste of money.
BorneoGuides could not say why they did not mail me about the closed canopy. The canopy was closed more than one month ago and will be closed the rest of June. If the canopy is open again you can find out minutes before departure.
Written July 14, 2012
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Canada127 contributions
Apr 2016 • Solo
I don't think this company is any better than the rest. They run essentially the same tours for the same prices. Like most companies in the service industry, they will tell you what you want to hear in order to get your business. I planned a tour and was told I'd have to pay the single supplement as there was no one else booked on the tour, but IF others joined the group, THEN I would be reimbursed the supplement. Well, in the end, three others joined the tour and did I get the single supplement refunded. Definitely not! I was told they didn't do the exact same package as I did and so it was still a single tour regardless of the fact that we traveled together and stayed at the same place.
Written November 11, 2016
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London, UK12 contributions
Jan 2014 • Couples
We stayed in Brunei for four nights on the way from Australia to the UK.

We used Borneo guide for all our excursions and would recommend them and recommend travellers to stop over for a couple days.

The people are all incredibly friendly, and helpful, and nearly everyone can speak a bit of English.

Through Borneo Guide we did a few tours....
Sumbling Eco village (very, very rustic) with the Night forest walk (amazing) and the long boat up to the forest canopy walk was a joy. Even though it was monsoon season and it rained constantly, we still enjoyed our time at Sumbling immensely.

In Bandar Seri Bagawan (Capital City) we did an all day tour of the water village, having lunch there. We visited two of the most Oppulent mosques, and the night market for food.
We also did a mangrove tour and saw proboscis monkeys, water lizards and a baby crocodile.

But, what made the expeirence enjoyable and memorable were our two guides, Nazri and Qeelah. They were jovial, fun and very knowledgable. Full of stories, facts and information about everything around us.

We learnt so much, and had a fun time doing it. Nazri and Qeelah made sure we left Brunei with a great memories of a lovely holiday.

Brunei is such a small country, that stopping over for a few days means you can see so much of it. Use Borneo Guide to help make your stay there full of excursions and to see the best on offer.
Written March 25, 2014
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Hong Kong, China44 contributions
Oct 2018 • Solo
I didn't really know what to expect of my short visit to Brunei. I signed up for the 5 hour tour with, and my guide for the day (Faisal), was excellent.

He provided me with loads of information, his English was great, and he was very open to answering questions. I obviously have no experience with the other companies, but would highly recommend this guide. He was early showing up the hotel, great at spotting wildlife during the mangrove tour, and genuinely friendly and wanted to ensure I enjoyed. He also seemed to know everyone in Brunei, and would stop and chat and say hello.

Great experience.

I was on my own, so had to book a solo tour, and it was expensive however.
Written October 25, 2018
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Roedding, Denmark47 contributions
Nov 2015 • Family
Nice employees. 45 min. boat taxi trip on jungle rivers decreasing sizes, also with nice view to mangroove. 20 min. car ride. Delicious fried banana snack in the eco village. Beautiful 20 min. long boat drive with very skilled driver and nice guide to Ulu ulu. Amazing canopy tree top walking, breath taking view, walk up tiny river to waterfall and lake with foot nursing fishes, swim and waterfall shower, delicious lunch in eco village, tea i river view cottage with hammocks, exploring eco village plants :-)
To be recommended :-)
Written November 7, 2015
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Kisumu, Kenya26 contributions
Nov 2010 • Solo
I used Borneo Guide services to help organize a multi-day camping trip into Ulu Temburong National Park reserves, diving as well as some cultural day trips. I dealt with Rudy Chong, who was very efficient and professional. The camping was led by an Iban guide who also shared some of his knowledge in jungle survival. I was pleasantly surprised by the diving. The trip into Ulu National Park proper was beautiful and thoroughly enjoyable. The sight seeing trips in and around Darussalam were also pleasant and interesting. All in all my week in Brunei was excellent thanks to Borneo Guide.
Written October 25, 2011
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