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Bach Ma National Park
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Beata F
Bratislava, Slovakia8 contributions
Feb 2020 • Friends
This nature definitely worth your visit. We decided go to the national park without guide, because really love hiking and we had some in our country. And trust me - it was really great choice, you don’t need guide there, every trails are with greatly labeled! After that when you buy ticket in ticket office ( you have to stop on first parking area) you can continue with car along the road and visit three hiking. If you come with motobike, you have to leave your motobike here and take shuttle (in our time wasen’t there we had take taxi and pay 750k for car - road to the top is 18km and rider still waited for us) Just stop on the spot and make short hike - the observatory with view, 5 lake with great adventure trail (here if you can you can swim there) and huge waterfall. Enjoy trip!
Written March 7, 2020
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia34 contributions
Jan 2020
Bach Ma National Park is a must-see. The view on top of the mountain is simply stunning. A beautiful, interesting hike but not an easy climb. There are steep, rocky and slippery paths as you pass through five beautiful lakes. Part of the journey involves using ropes which are quite flimsily constructed. You need good hiking shoes and some medical aid in case you fall. I travelled with TNT Travel which had an excellent guide named Le who was professional and took very good care of all of us. Being a short person, it was challenging but the people on my tour were most wonderful. So many people helped me and I would not have made it without their help, A big THANK YOU to Le and to all who helped me on the 7th January 2020 trip. TNT also provided a delicious packed lunch. NOTE: This mountain is dangerous if it should rain and no one should attempt to hike it, for precaution's sake.
Written January 16, 2020
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Hertfordshire, UK30 contributions
Jan 2020 • Family
An adventurous trip into the National park. Choose the adventurous trek if able to. Swim in the icy cold lake u derby the waterfalls, trek through the rocky formations and cross streams. Would do it again..
Written March 6, 2020
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11 contributions
Jan 2020
We had a great time trekking and swiming in BAch Ma NAtional PArk, although not easy hiking. Tour guide was professional although with big group, but he took very good care of people. This made our day super interesting!
Written January 24, 2020
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Olivie Dumblton
1 contribution
Jan 2020
You're competent to escape the high temperature of the mid 12 months. Wonderful the natural world however unblemished. On the off chance you've to buy a dinner right here, you'll be inspired to reserve a spot, they don't normally get an eatery up here. Be that since it might, it's justified no matter the visit of yours.
Written January 8, 2020
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Wylie R
1 contribution
Feb 2020
It's a jungle trek across channels and also the tops and bottoms of waterfalls. Whenever we went it was aproximatelly 20 degrees, wet and misty very. Thus, waterproofs, layers, shorts, as well as waterproof walking sandals/shoes. We're in our 60' s and like walking though we're not hikers so it's perfectly' do-able' for several. Highly suggest this specific journey. It is should have if you contact Central Vietnam. Simply discover a terrific guide and be ready to hike a tremendous amount to find out probably the most amazing places.
Written April 10, 2020
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Johannah G
Da Nang, Vietnam1 contribution
Feb 2020
Should you like hiking and the natural world, this particular park is a requirement to do. Not overly intense, but gorgeous and unique. The cable ropes help make the hike really fun! Outstanding swimming holes as well as waterfalls, along with lots of special wildlife and bugs. Don't bypass the! This really is a fantastic area for excursions, hiking, stunning. Air flow which is new, if you wish to quietness worried Bach Ma National Park, it's likely to take you exhilarating things that you call for.
Written April 7, 2020
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18 contributions
Sep 2014 • Couples
The park is located between Da Nang and Hue. All buses between the two towns stop at Cau Hai, the village at the foot of the Bach Ma. The tourist buses (Sinh Tourist, Hanh Cafe, etc.) will drop you there for 80,000VND and will stop at the bottom of Bach Ma Road which leads you right up to the park's entrance. You can walk from the road to the park entrance (3km) or take a moto-taxi for 20,000VND, several drivers met us off the bus to offer their services. Local buses will drop you at Cau Hai market for 60,000VND and you will have to continue along the road for 200m or so. It's well worth paying the extra dollar for the AC and the comfort of the tourist bus. A taxi from Hue will cost in excess of $40 and a moto-taxi will cost aprox. $30.

At the park entrance the visitor center you pay the 40,000VND entrance fee and get a map. It's not a great map for hiking but it will just about do. From there you can take the park's own transport up to the summit, no other transport (taxi, etc.) is permitted and the car costs an extortionate 600,000VND ($30) each way. If you are lucky to find other people taking a car up you can share the cost.

It is possible to hike to the summit but it is NOT RECOMMENDABLE! The winding concrete road is made for cars, not hikers, and there is almost no shade for the 17km ascent. The first 6km are the worst, with zero shade, making it extremely difficult in the tropical heat. We are frequent hikers with above average fitness but we did not enjoy this hike; the constant incline of the road and the unbearable heat left us exhausted and very achy.

Water can be bought at the park entrance, otherwise the only water available on the climb up is from a couple of trickling waterfalls after about 10-11km. Water, drinks and food can be bought from the guest houses at the top, the first one is 14km from the park entrance, 17km from the Cau Hai road.

It is possible to camp at the top of the mountain. There is a designated campsite in an overgrown patch of forest but we opted to camp outside one of the guest houses where we were able to use the bathrooms (including shower), electricity and even kitchen! The guest house (Bo Quyen, the first one you reach) did not charge us to camp on their land, we just bought a couple of cans from the restaurant and they were extremely helpful and friendly.

Once you reach the guest houses at the top of the mountain there are several nature trails that take you off the horrible concrete road. One takes you up to the summit (quicker than the road) but this is not marked on the sign for the trail and you have to walk around the back of a green house to find the start of the trail! It's not very clear.

We took our own food as food at the restaurants and guest houses near the top is very expensive and not particularly good quality.

The view from the summit was wonderful at sunrise, almost worth the 21.5km walk up!

Having walked up and down to the summit I would recommend (in hindsight) that walkers take the over-priced car up to the top in order to conserve energy for the wonderful trails at the top. Then stay overnight and walk down the mountain in the morning as early as possible; the sun doesn't reach the road until about 9.30am.

Towards the bottom of the road there is a trail off to 'Pheasant Falls' (about 5km from the park entrance). 1.5km off the road the path ends at a fantastic waterfall and huge, deep pool perfect for a refreshing dip and a shaded lunch spot.

Back at the visitor center the staff cashed in on our exhaustion and charged us 50,000VND each for a ride to the main road from where we could catch the bus. A bit steep considering on our way to the park the moto-taxi drivers were only charging 20,000VND, but we didn't have much bargaining power at that point.

All in all I don't understand why the park has priced out so many visitors; the car, the guest houses and the food is ridiculously overpriced, meaning most budget travelers like my partner and I won't visit the park. Fortunately we are extremely stubborn and lucky enough to be carrying our own tent. The ought to charge more for the entrance fee and make the transport to the summit more affordable. Bit of a rip off really.
Written September 12, 2014
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Vienna, Austria19 contributions
Jul 2019 • Family
After reading through the reviews I wasn't quite sure what to expect at Bach Ma so I thought I'd drop a line for others in doubt of how accessible/hikable the tours are. We are a family with two kids 8/11 and, living in Austria, have some decent hiking experience. We went to the reserve in July with not much previous rain. We decided to go to Bach Ma with a private car as we wanted to avoid crowds. First question answered: yes you can take your car but no motorcycles or bikes. Park entrance is about 50k per person. You need some knowledge of driving mountains/steep roads or else your car/breaks will overheat (or get a local driver). We took the main road straight to the summit... It will take about 15-20 minutes by car, allow some time for the spectacular views on the way. There is free parking at the end of the road. Walk some 8-10 minutes from the parking lot to the peak which will grant you a breathtaking view of the forest an the costal region. No hiking experience needed for this. Easily accessible, cobbled walkway all the way to the top, a few stairs to reach the outlook. There is a cave/tunnel entrace some 2-3 minutes walk from the parking lot built during the war. There are a ton of bats and spiders inside, so have fun if you are on the adventurous side but please remember not to disturb the animals!!!! (Keep quiet, only soft lights , do not stay too long). After our summit walk we planned on taking the five lakes trail. We came prepared for the worst ( leech proof clothing, basic mountaineering equipment like a set of snap links and some 2m of spare rope, rock climbing helmets).
At the end of the day we wouldn't have needed any of the above.
Do wear good, solid hiking boots (over ankle) though, you will need the grip or, if you are an avid hiker good hiking sandles with a decent grip will work too. For anybody in really excellent physical condition that has mountaineering experience you can do the trails with sports shoes, too. Wear appropriate clothing!!!! Yes you can hike in shorts and a t-shirt but only do so if you can deal with bruises, scratches insect bites and the occasional leech. Better to wear long sleeved cotton shirt (keeps bugs, creepy crawlies and other unwanted stuff out and gives at least some protection against accidental scrapes on the rocks/by branches etc). Wear long hiking trousers!! Wear tightly woven socks (keeps leeches out). (We were lucky and I only saw one of the critters but after rains the area will probably have more of them). We had a ton of obnoxious wasps follow us around so we were happy to have those long sleeved shirts.

The five lakes trail starts at the restaurant (the only one you will find between the entrance and the summit.) You will see a signpost there showing directions to rhododendron falls and five lakes. Walk past the restaurant.. keep going straight for about 250 meters... You will pass a delapidated building (right hand side) just keep going straight and you will reach the start of the trail with another signpost to let you know you are on track. You will find a beautiful path through the forrest made from natural stone with bamboo on either side.. you might want to pick up one of the bamboo canes lying around and use it as a walking stick for extra support. The steps - as they are natural- do have different heights and yes, they will be slippery after rain. Follow the trail and after the steps you will find a natural walk path through the forest with stones/roots/mud but safe and well trodden. You will then reach an intersection after approximately 300m from the beginning of the trail with one of the lakes already in view down to your left.. one pointing up saying five lakes and one pointing down named "adventure trail" . Surprise surprise the upper one is the easier one (we ended up doing both in the end). The regular trail will take you some way above the stream with some parts being narrow and you should watch your step but nothing you couldn't do with at least some hiking experience. Definitely safe even for children if they have some form of sports experience. There are some little bridges approximately 4m long with handrail and a 20 cm wide walkway to cross.. again nothing dangerous it just requires decent shoes and watching your step. There are some parts of the trail that require taking larger/irregular steps that only have a path width of about 20-30 cm but all these parts have secured steel ropes on the side for extra support. (Experienced hikers won't need the extra support). After reaching the last lake we decided to take the adventure trail back up ... Our 8 year old managed just fine. The tricky parts are all secured with ropes for extra grip. BUT: do NOT do the adventure trail after rain or when the stream is high!! It WILL be slippery and you should have some form of climbing experience under such conditions (if you have some form of climbing experience it will be easy enough though even after rains).
We took adventure trail down again and followed signs to rhododendron falls. Now you will have to cross the streams (if you don't want to do this, just back track an hike back up to the restaurant.. it will only be like 1,6km. Crossing the streams is not much of an issue if you have A. Hiking experience or B. Don't mind getting your feet wet. DO NOT cross the stream in floods! You should be able to see at least a few stones either above or just below the waterline (with enough experience and physical strength you can basically just monkey-grapple across with no need to touch either water or stone) There is a rope for you to grip on crossing the stream. Good hikers will not need it. It is there for extra comfort and security. If you are uncertain just bring some extra rope/a bag strap and you can throw it over the rope allowing you to hold on with both hands while walking naturally. I did that for the second crossing as my 8 year old was just a little too short to reach the rope at ease. (Although even that would not have been a problem without any extra gear). The worst that can happen if you have the extra rope safley attached is getting wet. Not nice but not really dangerous. After the two stream crossings ist's a fairly easy walk, well signed out, to rhododendron falls. Spectacular view and wonderful location. From the falls walk back to the intersection, one leading back to the five likes trail, one pointing to the main road.. approx. 1,7 km leasurly walk back to main road. Exit onto the main road some 2km down the road from where the restaurant is and the trail started. There are some toilets here and you can't miss the spot as you can see the parking area when traveling up the road on your right hand side.... For the less adventurous, start and end here for rhododendron falls hike. It is very safe, very easy. If taking your own car, either park here or at the restaurant and then simply back track your path to starting point. (I would not recommend hiking on the road as it is fairly narrow and there is hardly any shade). We did like 5km with 300m altitude on all 3 trails and it took us 2h45mins with enough time for swimming, taking Fotos and generally having fun. For those of you using wikiloc there are some trails online for download but beware app drains battery fast...

All in all a most wonderful reserve for hiking, very picturesque, very well maintained.
In the past weeks we have seen so many ignorant people attempting hikes that can only end in desaster. Flipflops and mountains do not go well! No sun screen/hats and 37 degrees will give you a problem. Not bringing enough water might give you kidney damage. (No a 0,5l bottle of of drinking water will NOT get you through a day of hiking) Please be sensible. Safe hiking means decent shoes and clothing. Wear insect repellent. Bring enough water!!!! No, there is no place to get water ON the hike. Allow at least 1,5l per person for 2h . Yes you will have to carry it, so bring a decent backpack. Bring a waterproof bag for your camera or mobile phone just in case you slip and get wet. Bring extra socks an maybe a dry shirt, just in case you get drenched. When hiking in the rainy season bring some idoine and some blood stilling wound dressing just in case you get some leeches. Gently pry them off by pushing fingers under them on both ends.... The bites look a LOT worse than they are as they secrete anti blood clotting enzymes. Disinfect with iodine or similar, and dress with blood stilling bandages.
If you are not a routined hiker, get one of the well trained great guides at the entrance to Bach Ma. They will gladly show you some great trails.
And a last tip : if ever you are uncertain on a hike and something looks like " not a good idea"- STOP and go back the way you came if possible. That is usually the safer option.

Have a great trip to Bach Ma!
Written July 25, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Benjamin S
Vienna, Austria10 contributions
Apr 2019 • Couples
In April we had a lot of sunny days (up to 39°C). This means: no slippery stones, no leeches, no mosquitos, high humidity and therefore only misty panorama view.
So, compared to most of the other experience reports here complaining about leeches, this is quite different. Leeches are only a problem after rainy days.

We were also quite surprised about the climate: Up there you can have up to 12° less than on the sea level which makes it perfect climate for us.

We organized the trip privatly, so not via hotel or travel agency but asking around who can help us here. After comparing some prizes, we found an attractive offer:
- taxi from our Hotel (30 min ride) to the tourist information at the bottom of the mountain
- second taxi to the summit (it needs experienced drivers)
- guide that accompanies us (must have! otherwise you will get lost)
- entrance for three adults (two travelers and the guide)
for all in all 2,300,000 V-Dong (= 90 Euro).

This price is only possible if you don't go over a tourist agency or a hotel. Reading the prices indicated here on tripadvisor, it is very likely that you pay normaly more for it.

Which route?
We could not find sufficient information on travel guides or the internet which combination of routes work. That's why I want to share this information with you.
Attached you find a map which you can find in the park.
It shows:
The route from the Visitor Center to the Summit (=19 km) is always a "must". After enjoying the panorama view up there, you get back in the car, drive down for some more minutes and you enter the lake route. You can now choose to do the adventure trip (all 5 lakes trail) or do the easy trail (only see lake 4 and 5 and heading directly to Rhododendron Waterfall).
We chose the adventure trail and walked next the the river (building 5 lakes with small nice waterfalls). This path is adventurous because you need to climb on sometimes difficult spots. All dangerous situations are equipped with ropes to give you secure guidance (see attached pictures). This is very helpful. Nevertheless, it affords body balance and is nothing for anxious people or kids.
I only recommend this path to teenagers and adults with some fitness. For kids this is simply not the right trail (rope is not built to support their body size).
We were also swimming in one lake and enjoying the crystal clear water (so bring your swimming suits with you).

When you are walking the easy trail (passing the most of the lakes through a trail in the forest) you will see lake no. 5 and maybe also no. 4 (these are the biggest ones). With this trail you skip the difficult climbing part and head directly to the Rhododendron Waterfall (highlight of the park). This waterfall is 60m high and you see it from the top. If you have time, you can also walk down to see its full size and beauty (if you have been at the 5 lakes route, it is likely that you skip this part).

For us, this trip (5 hours) was a big highlight in our Vietnam tour. Definetly a must-see for people who enjoy nature and jungle feeling.
I hope that this is information is helpful for your decision-making!
Written April 25, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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