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Vietnam Amazing Trip ‑ CLOSED

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
About Vietnam Amazing Trip
We provide safe travel for women and families traveling to Vietnam. Our Vietnam tour packages will bring you a fantastic experience of the beautiful Vietnam in a short period of time. Our services include: 1. Customized Vietnam tour packages 2. English tour guide 3. Private car rental with a driver
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Vietnam Amazing Trip
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Boon wrote a review Jun 2019
4 contributions7 helpful votes
Our trip from Hanoi- Ban Gioc - Halong bay was indeed a very exciting one for us. We were so much into nature especially the journey from Hanoi through Bac Kan city to Cao Bang. The incense village, the Nguom Ngao limestone cave, Ban Gioc waterfall were just magnificent and enriching. Halong bay and Bai tu long bay really captivate us especially visiting the fishing village and limestone cave with such beautiful sandy beach. The 1 night on the cruise was fantastic with delicious food. I love the cooking demo on making spring rolls. All in all big TQ to Conical Travels and Oriental Sails.
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Date of experience: June 2019
1 Helpful vote
london293984 wrote a review Aug 2016
Tel Aviv, Israel8 contributions26 helpful votes
Vietnam Trip - Summer 2016 Tips and advice for a trip to Vietnam We walked in Vietnam in July 2016 for 15 days, we enjoyed this trip and we wanted to share with travelers arriving for some of our insights into this trip, we hope that these will also be useful where other travelers. Independently organized tour - three ways are traveling to the East, an organized tour, a trip completely independent, and independent organized tour, We chose the last option because we like to travel alone, and because we are limited in time, and we wanted to save the occupation in all the logistics in place. This option is more expensive than its own planning and execution of the trip. However, since the country is almost no possibility to rent a car and drive themselves, so it is necessary to rely on public transportation or taking a trip organized by a travel bureau there are many around the country, or car rentals and a local driver to take you to the destination that you wish (or an organized tour) . As stated in order to save all so we chose this option even though it was more expensive. Size of the country - Vietnam is a land of long, narrow, south Vietnam north distance is 3500 miles, consider the travel time and the longest trip planning. Asking include a trip to all parts of the country, it is recommended to do part of the way domestic flight or night trains or sleep buses. as a big country also have different weather zones and should be taken into account. Vietnam living about 90 million people and that many, many people seem anywhere. A communist country - Vietnam has still a communist regime. This regime determined together with the people who won the US Army in 1974-5 and returned the unity of Vietnam and turned it into one state. Looking back we can say that the Minister of history some laughs up there, because now the American and Western influence there ever larger and without firing a single bullet. Since the mid-80s of the 20th century, the communist government began extensive economic reforms and privatization of the economy, Vietnam's economy today is much more socialist capitalism, private enterprise space is high. As a result, economic growth in Vietnam is quite high and visible results on the ground. English is the second language in Vietnam it also taught in my home school, all public spaces second language is English. World news broadcast there are network C.N.N., there can be used almost anywhere (except for payments to government authorities) in the dollar, the latest mobile phones are there, young people dress and look like the West and Hoitnamim similar music and more. But if you try to ask the locals for their opinions regarding the current communist regime, you will realize that in most cases they will smile and evade an answer on the subject, everyone will interpret it in his own way. Visa Vietnam - it is necessary to arrive with a permit to enter the country and who was before you arrive Vietnam (via their travel agents), also you need two recent photographs and $ 25 per person. When you arrive on an international flight Vietnam, look for the immigration counter, take a number of queue where immigration officials have to fill out a statement and personal details. The passport must be submitted together with the entry confirmation letter and declaration form, and after 20 minutes will declare your name over the loudspeaker, go to the counter and pay the money you will receive your passport with the visa, hence the open road trip in Vietnam. Experience in human culture - there are beautiful landscapes in Vietnam especially in the north and the mountainous regions of Vietnam, the intensive farming spread over the whole country, rice and lots of rice (Vietnam is one rice exporter in the world's largest), there are also tropical fruits and vegetables different and unique and delicious and trading industry anywhere and a city and there are beautiful beaches and unique. Haven there that most of us the first time and the last will visit the country, so it is important to pay attention to views and passing on we turned our places. Each connects to the scene and scenery that is like, so instead of enjoying the more you should slow down, breathe and experience the place more, spend a little more time to place (considering the time you have available and the length of the track) and try to maximize the experience away. Beyond landscapes special trip, should also be given special emphasis to human culture unique to this country, nations and tribes, many unique to that country (especially in the north), the history of this country particularly the near future, the diligence lot of residents of Vietnam, the dynamic women there that deal almost every possible trade (agriculture, construction, trade, etc.), the structure of the family name, weddings, but, on the traditional professions, local art, culture extensive water there, and more, each according to his preferences. Weather - Several people warned us that the summer is a good time to travel mainly in the northern part of Vietnam. Yet we chose to go to the beginning of July, much to our relief the weather smiled on us, despite the concerns of the rainy season, only the area Canto (South Vietnam, the Delta area of the Mekong River) were twice rainstorms of an hour and a half in the afternoon and evening, but are not disturbed at all during the trip. Was quite warm (33-36 ° C) and very high humidity close to 90% but it has been an integral part Moitnam. Radiation in these areas is very strong, you better stock up on sun cream good, broad-brimmed hat for sun protection, and of course, sunglasses. Please note that the mountainous region of Sapa (North Vietnam) and the high mountains favorable weather and the humidity is much lower. Local Currency - The local currency is the dong, probably because of past great inflation of currency depreciation. Currently (Summer 2016) US $ 1 = 22,500 dong. This means that all the money Converting millions of dong wallet entry. Those unaccustomed to using these notes, can easily become confused and instead of 20,000 dong to 200,000 dong and the like. So when you pay a glimpse of owning give more money before payment. If you do not have or you run out of money locally, in a significant number of retailers can pay either in dollars (not related state institutions), but remember that you get conversion ratio. Agriculture - Vietnam is a country where agriculture is very present in all regions of the country, Vietnam hardworking farmers and processors almost every piece of cultivable land, and if it does not exist, they will train even terraces where the mountains and grow more vegetables and rice. This unique country that has a lot of water and just about anywhere. As is well known rice fields are flooded with water grows almost throughout the tumor, rice is the main growth (and a big rice exporter Vietnam) and every season you can see it a little differently though the bright green color is very noticeable to the eye. The length of the entire growth cycle of growing rice is 4-5 months. The cold north than one year cycle towers, the center of the state twice and places them succeed southern raise three growth cycles in one year. Corn is also a major growth in the country as cassava (a root starch-rich tuber - a bit like sweetpotato), sweet potato, other vegetables and a variety of towers there, but smaller scale. Unique Fruit - Vietnam like in countries in Southeast Asia are growing various types of fruits and specialties, will bring only some of them: coconut, papaya, annuity, lychee, pineapple, longan, Jack Fruit, Star Apple, Pitaya, Guava, Mango, Durian, Sapodilla , persimmon, pomelo, mangosteen, and more. You should be caving, see how they grow there, taste and enjoy them. A change of clothes - as a result of the weather in this country, one must consider the type of clothes you take there. It is recommended to take comfortable clothing and suitable weather it (a lot of sweat). Must be considered once a day have a change of clothes as a result of the high humidity and the considerable sweat. Therefore, each according to his abilities to do: wash the clothes in the evening or take more clothes or buy more clothes instead (the price is not high). Purchasing clothes - almost every town there are clothing stores or markets where you can find comfortable clothes for a walk or to. Clothes price is not high, but not free, it is important to carefully choose the right clothes and you should try to bargain with sellers for more than one traveler is 'pocketbook Wallet on legs'. Confidence, security - we were warned before we left Vietnam that sometimes in big cities there are pickpockets and criminals. Fortunately, we did not feel it at all, at all times they were walking in town and country, we felt the full confidence and never felt threatened, was pleasant and sympathetic to walk the streets at night even in stores as well as the trip routes. Pleasant people - we were told that residents of Vietnam is quite indifferent to rotate them and it is also the attitude to tourists. During the trip we found the local residents are nice people, despite language difficulties are quite easy communication, sometimes they initiate communication with tourists, we found quite a few smiles and pleasant human touch. This makes it easier and adds to the experience of the trip there. Service awareness - a good service awareness in Vietnam, this is true particularly in hotels of three stars and above, large stores, service taxis, restaurants and eateries and more. Can use it quite a bit, but you should do so only where necessary. Service providers should give a tip (according to possibility, level of service and satisfaction) we have this small change is often a livelihood and life. Public W.C. - Unlike some other Eastern countries found that for the most part Public W.C. deployed in various sites fairly clean, you can enter them without concerns both men and women. Sometimes have to pay a little money at the entrance. Candy, gum - During the trip, especially in rural areas encountered boys and girls many language difficulties do not allow creating a direct connection with them, but the smile occupying their invites contact, we found that when we handed out candy and chewing gum for children they were glad it very much, and what a good smile of a girl or a boy – recommended! Written in Latin - the language Hoitnamit is difficult to learn a language, there are many synonyms which are written in similar but different meaning, only their form pronunciation explains why going to the desert. You can easily learn a number of basic words such as thank you, please, where, how much it costs and more, facilitating communication with the locals. It should be noted that most of the places we found someone who knows English and with him was easy connection. Unlike than in many East Asian countries, the correspondent of Hoitnamit language written in the Latin alphabet, so that the residents of the West easier to read the words that are written everywhere, even if you do not understand them all. Indexes cities and inhabited places easy to read and understand. Transport and scooters - the main mode of transportation in Vietnam ubiquitous is the most remote and scooter (especially of the companies' hudna '' and Yamaha). Vietnam is home to approximately 90 million people, the country's estimated that around 60 million scooters and much much less vehicles. This huge amount of scooters. This transport vehicles used by most people in the country. Scooter traveling with a family, nearly all scooter carrying cargo of any size and shape, it's amazing but it works. No one will find that cross a city street this very difficult task and the need to develop a special skill do so and caution. State average speed is about 60 mph (outside the city). Despite the very large number of motor scooters, the number of road accidents is relatively low, partly because the drivers skill and because speed is not so high. There is public transport almost everywhere, not always is convenient. long trips usually have a line drive with the option to sleep, who could do that it's a reasonable solution. in tourism can also rent scooters for a few hours or a full day. taxis have almost everywhere, but it is important to keep up to date before traveling the distance it has to go through what Featured are driving prices, so as not to pay sometimes exorbitant price. Travel speed - average speed inter-city roads is 60 mph or so, due to the route of the road quality and quantity of scooters on the road. So to calculate the travel time from place to place. Bike - the flat area of Vietnam there are many places you can rent bikes and scooters as well as day trips (Hoi An, Saigon, Mekong delta, etc.). This is a good option and fairly inexpensive to visit the villages (city cycling problematic because of the large amount of scooters everywhere), to get to know the life of the inhabitants and their culture - highly recommended! We walked in the villages around the town of Hoi An and had a great time despite the heat and humidity. You can stop anywhere to look ask and visit and travel relatively easy and pleasant. Street Food - Vietnam there is a street food culture and popular restaurants (of course there are also high-class restaurants and pay for the food accordingly), eating different types and each one can choose his food which it connects. There are fresh fruit juices of various types is quite tasty. It should be noted that the cost of street food and popular restaurants is not high. Vegetables and fruits - those who are interested to buy fruits and vegetables to local parking spaces has disappointed since there may be relatively few of these, if such there are known mainly various types of fruits, vegetables, much less. Diet drink - are hardly available. Perhaps the reason that almost no obese men and women in this country, these hardworking people working long hours. And perhaps lifestyle and eating rice brings Liitor type of beverage for now. Care gardening public and private space - private space of the residents of Vietnam for the most well-kept and clean. Almost everywhere you can see courtyards and shops potted plants and flowers that adorn them in the entrance area and beyond, even in some cities, public space is quite well maintained. Cleanliness in the net almost always private, public space is treated but not always clean. Supermarkets and large shopping centers - It does not look at a lot of shopping centers and modern air-conditioned closed where you can buy different types of stores (except maybe the city of Saigon - Ho Chi Minh), although the process is also time these shopping centers will all major cities. Market shopping: Sapa, Bac Ha, Ann Hui, Ho Chi Minh - Saigon (the Chinese market), Cantu and others - Vietnam has a lot of shops where you can buy almost everything locally produced and relatively cheap. The same applies to works of art of the local residents in a variety of fields: sculpture, embroidery, painting, wood carving, metalwork and more difficult to say where the most affordable, although the city is the largest Ho Chi Minh where the greatest diversity. It is important to learn the prices compare and buy the most appropriate place. In the north (border with China), where there are many products made crafts mainly traditional embroidery (It should be noted that there are a lot of art and a little less creativity). Large markets and interest found in the city of Sapa especially on Friday Saturday, the town of Bac Ha North Vietnam (Sundays), the city of Hoi An, the city of Ho Chi Minh (markets night and day, in the Chinese market, etc.) as well as in the delta of the Mekong (Cantu, etc). Prices and bargaining - prices can vary from city to city, even the same product, one reason that local citizens see tourist 'pocketbook Wallet on legs' and is trying to get him to the maximum, so one should not compare prices. Is quite possible to bargain (to some extent) and get a good price. If that is important to remember that no one bargaining for us is small and for them it is a source of livelihood for them and their families, and therefore have to know where you can relax and make them fair trade. Sometimes stick on you recognized who wants to sell you something, though sometimes there is nothing to do with it, but a brief look to make it clear that he needed the money badly, it seems by the time you can buy something for reasons of assistance to a person in need. Poverty - economic development that encourages the government of Vietnam gives him evident that improving the road system construction in cities expanding, new businesses opening and more. While we have not examined this issue very thoroughly but poverty is evident in the streets, the number of beggars is relatively low, and we have not seen homeless. This situation also has positive effects when it comes to personal safety in the streets, the number of offenders and treatment of residents to tourists to visit their country. Massage - enthusiasts massage (and beyond), almost all the cities of Vietnam near the hotel or within them there are many places where you can do massage, the price per hour of massage is about $ 10, the amount of the price depends on the quality and professionalism of the therapists and where do therapy. You should do a little test before a decision where to go. Sometimes the place looks empty and only after that sit on the sofa with a massage or a place you call the man or woman doing the massage, to come and take a few minutes of waiting. Caregivers often crowded places \ therapists are readily available and you can see the quality and workmanship. Mineral water - Vietnam should not drink the tap water to stock up on water and minerals which can be obtained anywhere. If you find any super market where price which is lower than the small shops scattered throughout the city. Please note that there are several companies providing mineral water, some of which provide mineral water tastes bitter. Select the Company on behalf of its water is best. Local Guide - major cities to obtain local guide her one tourist agencies scattered around the city. Safa area can hire a guide or a local guide (northern mountain tribes) directly in the mornings near the hotel, they know English at a reasonable level and be understood. It is important to know where you want to go and what you want to see and directing for the guide. The cost of a direct order guide is $ 10 per day, it is important to give the directory \ so fine tip, is grateful to them and the considerable financial assistance for people living in poverty is not a life. Air – Conditioner - effective instrument in this room still not well in this country. Except for the hotel most of the large and small buildings are not air-conditioned, they have fans that help a little, but not to relieve the heat and humidity. Tips track excursion in Vietnam Trip to Hanoi - City of Southeast Asia a typical touch of French, the city is not particularly impressive except perhaps to the Hmozolaom Palace muddy gender and environment, lake, puppet theater Water (language theater is Vietnam, but certainly can feel where the atmosphere, the music and local culture). Worth your city and these sites until a few hours, but not much more. Sapa culture, landscape and terraced rice - Sapa in the northern border of China and Vietnam and Laos. Safa subscription can be reached in several ways: bus, taxi and train ornamental night. The train was going about 8 hours to Lao Cai city and then continue by car or bus to Sapa for another hour up the mountain. Sapa is one of the areas most beautiful and impressive in Vietnam, mountains and valleys, terraced rice and corn. The farmers are taking advantage of almost every piece of land for agriculture, equal to linger in the area for a few days, travel between villages in the area to know the local culture mainly agricultural rice terraces of the most impressive way for making and water descending from terrace to terrace and farms in the rice fields. Girls tribes of the region engage in embroidery free moments, there is a lot of artistic works. There are beautiful hiking trails between villages, should go some poor leisurely open. Do not give up on the nearby village of Safa cat cat, an impressive landscape where a lot of water and a beautiful waterfall and you can even swim in the water on a hot day. It is worth noting the different tribes in this region each with a different outfit and cultural life a little different can ask the locals about their way of life. Beautiful rice terraces reach heights equal to linger there to see, ask and learn, and absorb the clean air temperature and relative humidity comfort zone lower this high. Street in the southern city of facing the big valley and charming landscape, there are quite a few hotels (you should rent hotel in this street), many of them waiting at the entrance in the morning, roads and a local guide who for about 10 dollars or a little more, will be ready to take you on a day trip or a trip to some hours across the region. Saigon - Ho Chi Minh - This modern city by almost any standard, city center and commercial quarters including compliance beautiful and well maintained landscaping around. All this combined with exceptionally beautiful buildings remaining from the French Government in Vietnam Cathedral, post office and more. There are two sites that guide almost compulsory committed to bring you there: the government building where as the government of South Vietnam until 1975. Those of you who remember or read about the war between the North and the South, would be a living reminder of all the things we read or heard on the radio at that time. Another site is the museum of the war and perpetuating a pretty difficult the events of war and acts of warriors to defeat the Americans in Vietnam. In the evening you should leave the main street of the city, thousands of young people and tourists revolve there, the music fountains and restaurants, young and lively atmosphere slightly illustrates the direction in which young people seek to go to him. Halong Bay - Bay Some say that this is one of the most beautiful sights in Vietnam. We found that indeed is a beautiful bay and impressive with thousands of islands rising out of the sea and the greenery them. We we went on an organized tour Subscription Gulf and returned the same day. Subscription Gulf trip takes up to 4 hours including a half hour parking This great gift shop also on the way back, it was left to cruise in the Gulf of 3-4 hours. We do not recommend this method, we felt that clowning the Gulf region, and worthy to this area and calmly longer. it may be that you should stay Bhlong and out of an expanded missile beautiful bay. The tour included drive bay boat which is also a floating restaurant, the tour itself served a full meal and generous, all those who love and can eat these foods I suppose enjoy. You can go to the top deck and watch the bay. Usually the temperature is quite high in this area and the humidity is close to 100%. On the voyage reach the small bay and enter the park where karstic cave, lighting it a bit flamboyant. Low temperature and cool it is a great bonus. We found that the fun part of this cruise is the option to go on a cruise boat kayak myself coupe, a very nice walk with the inlets and the water passages under rocks. The water itself is quite hot and hard to understand how come seawater temperature such. Not far from the dock patrol boats out there are some nice beaches where you can swim. Mekong Delta - This is a very large region in southern Vietnam's largest city south of Ho Chi Minh. This area actually flows into the sea Great Mekong River. This river length is approximately -4350 kilometers out of the Himalayas in China, runs through Myanmar, Thailand, Laos Cambodia and Vietnam. Delta region is split into about 9 extra-large tributaries and spills the South China Sea. River this extensive activity occurs almost every kind, transport of goods, boating transfer passengers, tourism, floating markets, fishing, restaurants and more. all this occurrence is very interesting for those not used to it. this took place throughout the day and sometimes at night. You should see the floating market in the canto (it is possible that there is another places), the fishermen, the markets are along the river (all animals eaten there), the many goods are transferred on the river. alongside the river there are also courtyards open to farmers which shows how to prepare a paste of rice and how to prepare it Nodls- rice. farmers towers bees, growing specialty fruit trees and more. should linger go in and see, ask and feel things up close it's very interesting. If during the trip or special event will look different Stop and Go watch closely. We We attended a wedding locally (usually part of the wedding is done for all guests and is done in a shed big enough that coated fabrics in white and red, or white and purple), we asked to come in and watch the wedding experience local, welcomed us so nicely that it was an enchanting experience. Details of the trip in Vietnam A. We went to Hanoi via Bangkok, the first day we walked in Hanoi which is the political center of Vietnam. The city can be seen: the presidential palace, pagodas, Temple quan thanh Ethnic Museum, Temple of Literature, and more. Bmozolaom can view the body of Ho Chi Minh and Vietnam leader of modern times, we can see the statues in every city in the country. The lake in the city center and near the water puppet theater (theater should be noted that the presented stories with heritage Hoitnamit if that language is theater and Itnamit). B. From there we went on a night train north of the city of Lao - Cai and Sapa town car there (Sapa) mountain ranges located in northwest Vietnam not far from the border of China and Laos. Region live about seventy mountain tribes, who have until now their way of life in the spirit of different traditions. Tribesmen dressed in colorful special, in addition to this human wealth, the landscape where life mountain peoples of Vietnam is beautiful: narrow valleys, agricultural terraces, winding mountain passes, clear rivers and forests. We offer to rent a hotel room in the southern part of the city facing views over the great valley south of the city, from which you can watch many rice terraces at the surroundings and the high mountain ranges around the city. We left a day tour accompanied by a local guide to walk between villages and colorful ethnic groups, between the rice terraces and in the spectacular views. C. The next day we walked on foot to the village CAT CAT, CINCHAI belonging to the group HMONG, where mountainous landscape Beautiful big river flowing waterfalls mall with beautiful water rides, and hot day can also swim several pools in the river. Please note that on Fridays, Saturdays, there is a market in downtown Sapa, which are shown in embroidery and art, and various types of bags and clothing, and more. The market starts in the afternoon and continues until the late hours of the night. D. Town Bac- Ha, a Sapa far about 3 hours away there is a large market on Sundays, the market starts early in the morning and ends at noon. Tribal region come to market and demonstrating en masse to the astonishingly colored their best clothes. The market can purchase a variety of products including handicrafts and embroidery, Bavaria Buffalo, agricultural machinery, household goods and embroidery of various kinds. The market is interesting and varied. We ended the day by taking a cruise on the River CHAY. We went back on the train overnight in Hanoi. E. The next day we went on a day trip to Halong Bay. Travel time including a large craft store parking is about 4 hours. On our arrival, we need a boat and we sail the magical landscape of the bay. Anyone dreaming of a pastoral bay with clear blue water will dissolve in view of Halong Bay. This is a beautiful bay studded with thousands of small islands, surrounded by rocky cliffs and caverns. Sailing through the islands, and some stalactites caves we visited, the ship served lunch, and the upper deck were chairs to rest. During the cruise disembarked Cake and stomach as the most beautiful cliffs in the area. It is important to note that the temperature in the high radiation strong enough and humidity control, and the need to prepare for it. At the end of boating (about 3-4 hours) we got back trip of about 4 hours to Hanoi. We would like to note that this is a day trip to default, many driving hours before and after, and we felt that we really experience the beautiful Gulf. Also, we felt that the tour was a bit commercialized and we were able to really feel the beautiful natural bay in all its glory. We recommend staying another day in the area, or at least extend the sailing a lot more hours to touch the beautiful nature there. F. The next morning we flew an urban Dong – Hui. From there we went to visit the National Park NHA-KE BANG PHONG containing habitats terrestrial and aquatic, forest primary and secondary sites of natural regeneration, forests with dense tropical savannah, the area is rich in caves Crest big and spectacular, underground rivers making it one of the ecosystems most prominent in the world. The area is considered the largest karst area and the oldest in Asia. We visited a very large karstic cave and cave is particularly impressive way the park is undergoing a dense tropical forest (jungle) we got to the parking lot and from there you can get to the cave electric vehicle or on foot about 1.5 km, as well as back, walking for an interesting and difficult. Their return towards the end of the walking trail to the cave, we went to visit the springs NUOC MOOC which are underground cave. We toured the cave, went on a bamboo bridge, me and ponds area. Riverbed has a large natural pool deep enough, you may want to swim there (for a fee) although there is little water sweeping, there is even a lifeguard and life jackets. From there we went south and about half an hour later we crossed a stream and then allowed to sail on the river we went to the Cave PHONG NHA. Nice and pleasant sailing (there are a lot of boats transporting paying tourists to the cave). The riverbed is impressive, during the cruise should see the fishermen wide river, the gatherers grass special growing on the bottom of the river, the fish farms there, the fishing villages and of course the entrance sailing into the Cave Crest largest and most impressive only share open to visitors are boating and hiking on foot. The night we Dong Hoi. G. The next day we went traveling with a visit Hue city Hue served as the capital of Vietnam (Hanoi ago) and is considered the capital of Vietnam royal kings and emperors city and hence stardom. Peak flowering of the city was under the reign of the Nguyen Dynasty emperors became the Hua centering governmental and cultural. They set up her palaces, pagodas and temples there also are buried many important emperors of the dynasty. Hua parts of the city were destroyed during heavy distributions of the Vietnam War, and what remains suggests the magnificence were a thing of the fortified city wall. In 1993 UNESCO declared World Heritage Site the area is worth preserving world. After the tour we visited the Old City Thien Mu Pagoda Perfume River and we sailed Overnight in Hue. . H. The next day we left the city traveling through Ann Hui-famous port city Danag. Mountain road impressively during travel several miles before city of Danang road comes to a peak level, there are restaurants and shops selling souvenirs. From this point with beautiful views of the Blue Coast bays and green mountains are north and south. You should stop there for rest and a beautiful view of the whole area, you can see where remains of bunkers Vietnam War ended in 1975. Bdnanag visited Mount marble caves sacred to Buddhists. Then we visited the Cham Museum in Danang (not very impressive). After another 40-minute drive we arrived at the city of Hoi-An is a small town and ancient that it seemed time stood still. In the old quarter of the town can feel special historical atmosphere, the past was an important port town Boyan and now scattered in the old quarter of its more than 800 ancient buildings aged 200 years. The buildings look like huge gallery and walking tour of the Old City on the day and in the evening while watching Chinese lanterns adorn it an enjoyable experience. We went sightseeing in the city - the Japanese bridge 400 years old, the local museum, visiting local homes, walk the alleys of the city and the galleries and the city market. It should be noted that the city is very commercialized Like tamales Lkooasan Kathmandu and Bangkok. Day will be enough to town, try sailing toward the river outlet target on which the city finds the sea. I. The next day we went to the countryside bike tour accompanied by a local guide through the villages and fields surrounding Hoi An. We went to the village agricultural methods which combine traditional methods of promoting growth than was interesting to see and learn about the interesting crops there and you can have lunch in the countryside. Later we sailed (with bike) to the village boat builders and carpenters, we went on a bike tour through the villages and we experienced the local lifestyle in a direct and very enjoyable. After the tour, we returned to the hotel in Hoi An. J. Sabbath, and walked the alleys of the Old City along the river Bojana and beautiful. K. On Sunday morning we flew Mdanag Ho Chi Minh City – Saigon. Ho Chi Minh was the capital of South Vietnam until 1974, is now around - 8 million people, a vibrant modern city and business center of Vietnam. Upon arrival to the city we went out of town to holes that served as a chai Hoitkong fighters during the war against the Americans for some - 10 years. An impressive network of tunnels over 200 km, which indicates the nature of life and methods of warfare that had been applied against US military (who has seen films from the war between north and south, will be able to experience up close what happened there and how and what methods have fought against the US Army) . You can see how the locals take advantage of the mysteries of the jungle war against the foreign occupier. in the afternoon we returned to Ho Chi Minh. L. The next morning we went on tour in the city of Ho Chi Minh - pagodas, markets, Notre Dame Cathedral, the central post office, administration building beautiful was the government of South Vietnam, the War Museum with helicopters and tanks and guns seized by Mba North, the museum is quite difficult to watch, of course it shows injustices of war from the Vietnamese, and others. M. The next day we went traveling south to the Mekong Delta, expect domestic enterprises to create puffed rice sweets, porcelain and more. The delta of the Mekong has nine tributaries very large and hundreds of tributaries matter of the longest river (4350 km). The place is vibrant, towns on the water, as the recession and Cantu (Mytho, Cantho), villages surrounded by padi fields, plantations and tropical gardens, many fruit trees, interesting and different from the familiar, floating markets, and the constant movement of cars, wagons, animals, bicycles and people. We toured both cities between farms and tasting their products, and more. this experience is quite interesting to see the countryside and learn about their way of life very closely. Accommodation in town Cantu. N. Early the next morning we went to watch the market floating cruise ships engaged in trade between the water. Ships loaded with fruits and vegetables and these are passed around in small boats ships, interesting sail comfortably sons and soak up the atmosphere of trading on the water. We continued to explore the villages and went into one of the courtyards where we learned about the production of rice dough on baking his (kind of thin bread) and how to make them after baking rice noodles and occupation. From there they built a fleet traveling to Ho Minh in the afternoon, straight to the airport. Back home the next morning.
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Date of experience: July 2016
Jennica M wrote a review Mar 2016
Sacramento, California4 contributions
I was lucky to be invited to a trip to Vietnam with a friend's family organized by Trang. She did an absolutely amazing job planning, we would not have enjoyed our trip even a fraction as much as we did if it weren't for her. Almost immediately she felt like another friend joining us on our trip, not just a planner. She was very knowledgeable and beyond competent, I couldn't recommend her enough. She will plan the trip around what YOU want to do, and customize it to your preferences. We had an amazing time thanks to Trang!
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Date of experience: December 2015
Rudy Shaffer S S wrote a review Mar 2016
San Diego5 contributions
WOW, where do I begin, me and my 2 daughters and another friend was met by Trang at he airport right on schedule with a large, comfortable van and from there our 2 weeks with Trang just kept getting more magical. I do a lot of traveling all over the world distributing our water filters to the poor and mixing this with being a tourist. No exaggeration, when I say that Trang was the best guide I have ever worked with and my daughters feel in love with her. One of the most important things you should know is that she plans your trip in great detail, giving you a ton of options what you can enjoy each day and is transparent in all costs, so you know exactly what you are paying for and how much. But what I really loved was her personality, she has a beautiful heart and always kept us laughing...our time with her was truly magical...rudysayshello@aol.com Please feel free to contact me!
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Date of experience: April 2015
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