Tasty Inc. Private Cooking Classes

Tasty Inc. Private Cooking Classes, Ho Chi Minh City: Tickets, Tours, Address, Phone Number, Tasty Inc. Private Cooking Classes Reviews: 4.5/5

Tasty Inc. Private Cooking Classes

Tasty Inc. Private Cooking Classes
Lessons & Workshops
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Back of the Bike Tours presents Tasty Inc. Cooking classes focused on small class sizes and teaching techniques.
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5 reviews
Very good

Hong Kong, China3 contributions
Needs improvement, but great concept
May 2013 • Couples
My girlfriend and I recently went on the Perfect Day tour, which included (and started with) the tour of the local food market followed by a cooking class, massage, and a tour of the city (and its wonderful food) on the backs of scooters.

I’ll start by saying that I love this concept and think that it has a tremendous amount of potential. It’s a great way to learn about a city and its people, so I can see why it’s so appealing to visitors who don’t have a lot of time in the city.

The tour started by having us meet Chef Frederick (there were 4 people in the tour, plus Chef Fred) at a local market. It was easy enough to find – no issue there. It is clear that Chef Frederick is passionate about the classes and about Vietnam in general. However, I think the primary job of any tour company is safety. Unfortunately, I don’t think Tasty, Inc. was well prepared in that regard.

We found out pretty quickly that the morning market is in a part of town that is well known among locals for petty theft and where foreigners definitely stand out as targets. There was no mention of this by Chef Fred and no warning or guidance on how to proceed in that area ahead of arrival. Within 5 minutes of meeting the group and Chef Fred, I had a chain (tucked underneath my shirt) ripped off of me by thieves on a motorbike. I certainly do not think this is Chef Fred’s fault, and unfortunately these things do happen, but that this was a known risk (it’s apparently very common) and wasn’t mentioned at all beforehand by anyone at Tasty, Inc. is disappointing, particularly by a tour group who should be aware of and take precautions against such risks. It turns out that 5 foreigners on a street corner in a local market attracts a lot of unwanted attention – something Tasty, Inc. should know. After the incident, no offer of help was made and things proceeded as if it had never happened. Not a great start.

The market itself was very interesting and a good way to learn about the foods unique to the region and the cuisine. The chief complaint was that any deviation from discussion of the ingredient list got a lot of “I don’t knows” – it would have been great had our guide had a bit more local knowledge with regard to the food.

After the market, we proceeded via taxi back to the kitchen studio, which was spacious and comfortable. The class itself was fun with our group, but felt very rushed and with little or no time to spend on actual cooking techniques. The staff seemed incredibly overwhelmed and a lot of the time was spent playing catch up and doing work that I think should have been prepped prior to the class beginning. The dishes themselves turned out quite nicely, but I think overall there is a lot of room for improvement. It will certainly get better over time, but for our experience it felt like the staff, while passionate and well-intentioned, was a bit out of their depth and ill-prepared to handle the shopping/cooking portion for even a small group of 4.

The afternoon portion of the tour, which included the massage and the back of the bike tour, was absolutely incredible and, in my view, the saving grace of the day. The group of drivers we had were attentive, knowledgeable, and so much fun. They took the time to show off their city, answer all of the curious questions the group could pose, and make it feel like you were being shown around by family. Above all, they were aware of our surroundings and took precautions to make everyone feel safe and ensure we weren’t targets.

Pros: Great concept, back of the bike portion of the tour was incredible

Cons: Lack of attention to security/safety, inexperienced morning staff, very high price point given the location and what’s involved.

Bottom line - if we could do it all over again, we’d skip the morning and just do the back of the bike portion of the tour until the market portion is safer, the class is better developed, and the price comes down significantly.
Written June 11, 2013
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Hello, We would like to express our apologies for what happened during our morning tour. Normally all of our guests have arrived in taxi cabs and we are able to assess their attire and any valuables right after meeting them. I believe that since you had walked their was an extra chance for you to be noticed and targeted. The incident happened so quickly after our meeting that there wasn't a chance for me to assess that you were wearing noticeable values. We truly do have the utmost care for our customers safety and will be sure to include more notice about wearing and carrying valuables to our market tour in the future. It is well said that we do stand out at the market we attend. This is the reason we enjoy this market. It is not a tourist market and still has much local charm. We feel that this is something that our customers want to see when they come to Vietnam but have a hard time finding it. In response to the market tour and feeling rushed during our class. My business partner had to attend to a family emergency and could not take a part in your class or tour. He normally leads our market tour and I did my best to answer all the questions that deviated out of the ingredients that I have worked with in the past. Having my business partner missing during your class was the reason that it might have felt a bit rushed. I was trying my best to do the work of two people in one class. The reason we do not have a lot of our ingredients prepared ahead of time is because we are focused on working with customers who really enjoy cooking food from start to finish. Actually most of the ingredients that we cooked that day were bought in the market in the morning. We feel that this is also part of the charm and experience of what we do. We could have canceled your tour since we were missing a staff member but we felt that we could provide a great and enjoyable service still to your group. I am sorry that I missed that mark. We take great consideration before canceling any tour because people have a very limited time here when traveling. It is always difficult to have your planned schedule changed at the last minute when you were expecting to be shown a destination you are only visiting for a short amount of time. We really do appreciate your feedback. If you are ever back in Saigon please let us know and we would love to make your bad experience up to you, on us. Kindest Regards, Fredrick Wilson
Written June 24, 2013
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Singapore9 contributions
Informative and Fun!!!!!
May 2013 • Couples
My husband and I took the Tasty Inc. cooking class as part of the Perfect Day Tour with Back of the Bike Tours. We love food and cooking so this was the perfect experience for us. It was fantastic from the minute we arrived at the market. Chef Fred did a wonderful job introducing us to the market and sharing his knowledge of local food and customs. He purchased so many unique foods for us to try and really did his best to make sure we had a wonderful time. The class itself was very hand-on, the food was absolutely delicious, and we learned some interesting new techniques that we can't wait to try in our every day cooking. This class was the highlight of our trip to HCMC! Highly recommended!!!! Thanks Chef Fred and Tasty Inc.!!!!!!
Written May 20, 2013
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helene b
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam1 contribution
Wonderful experience and food!
Mar 2013 • Solo
I went to this cooking class, and I was amazed!
The 2 guys teaching are fun, knowledgable and very professional!
You will start with a very informative market's tour... then you will have your own little cooking station just for you, so you will do the work, and eat it all!
It's fun, educative, professional, interactive, and super good!
Go for it, have fun and Bon Appétit !
Written April 20, 2013
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Heather L
Saint Louis, MO4 contributions
Don't miss out on this experience
Apr 2013 • Couples
My boyfriend and I decided to take the Perfect Day tour with Tasty Inc. and we could not have been more satisfied.

We started in the morning with a tour through the market with Chad and Fred. They showed us lots of different ingredients that were really interesting.

The people of the market were really sweet to us and made us feel welcome and were happy to let me take the many pictures I now have to remember this special day.

The cooking class was organized, fun, and tasty. My boyfriend doesn't even know how to hold a knife, but that didn't matter because the chefs helped with even the most basic of things.

The lunch was amazing, but the best part is that I now have the skills to make the same one for my friends at home. After the class we had an amazing full body massage and got to stick our feet into the pool with the fish. It was crazy...and exactly what I needed.

Our motorbike tour at night after the massage was blissful. We got to see lots of different parts of the city I would never have known about without this tour. We stopped for some snacks and drinks along the way, which was really nice. The large meal we had at the end was delicious, as well as relaxing. The view of the lake was great for more pictures. :)

Needless to say, we were exhausted by the time we were dropped off at our hotel. This is exactly how we wanted to spend our limited time in Vietnam. I recommend this perfect day tour to anyone who wants to get the most out of their stay.
Written April 18, 2013
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Los Angeles, CA21 contributions
Terrific cooking & eating experience
Mar 2013 • Solo
I took a Tasty Inc. cooking class a couple of weeks ago. I met the chefs at a local market. While they bought the ingredients for the dishes we would make, they pointed out all sorts of exotic and interesting veggies and live seafood. The boys were excellent teachers and, with considerable help from them, we cooked and then ate a delicious meal. For anyone interested in learning more about Vietnamese food, not to mention having a terrific lunch, I'd highly recommend this tour!
Written April 15, 2013
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