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Spa Authentic
"Relaxation means releasing all concern and tension and letting the natural order of life flow through one's being." ~ Donald Curtis. Spa Authentic has been created so that you can leave behind the pressure of everyday life. Engulfed in a haven of luxurious surroundings, soothing sounds and rippling waters. Our 20 beautiful treatment rooms are designed to welcome and unwind our guests. With soft ambient lighting, and aromatic scent we aim to help you capture the therapeutic energy inherent in the treatments we offer. Whether your focus is on facial, bodily or sensory indulgence. Catch up with friends or indulge in some precious ‘me’ time. A day at our sanctuary offers the perfect spa retreat. Whether you come in for a full day of treatments or just relax by the pool. Drawing on traditional healing art with modern day touches, the spa menu merges old with new to create treatments that recharge your body's essential energies and envelop you in a world of new discovery.
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75 reviews
Very good

Hoso H
Vietnam6 contributions
Not worth the visit
Feb 2018 • Business
This is my 2nd time to visit the place. The first time was very good. However, it seems the place has a new owner. They change the style and also the venue. The pool is much smaller. The room now is not exclusive but you have to share with other 2 people. NO SAUNA!!!!
The price is not worth the service you receive. Since there were no welcome drink, no sauna, no careful service whatsoever. To say it’s pretty disappointed to me.
Written April 22, 2018
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andrew c
26 contributions
Demolished but spa next door
Jan 2018 • Couples
The lovely tranquil spa and pool complex when arrived was demolished. So the Thao Dien Village spa buildings no longer exist. A small building at the corner of the construction site houses a remnant of the spa massage service. Despite the now somewhat less than tranquill surroundings, the massage price was unrealistically expensive with a laughable 20% discount for what is still just a very an average massage next to a noisy construction site. The price was still double the average but the setting that kind of justified that has been destroyed. Now just fond memories. Won't be back.
Written January 7, 2018
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Carol Tran
12 contributions
Was not impressed. Too expensive.
Nov 2016 • Solo
I was so eager to try this place out because I think it's located in Thao Dien, where a lot of foreigners live near by, so it has to be good and up to par. But I was wrong. What I'm talking about are the packages they offer and how good their staff are.

I only do facial massage so I can't speak for body and everything else. The lady who was in charge of me was nice, but she was not as skillful as she would be. I already told her I did not like she massaged neither my neck nor my shoulder, but she did not listen to me and decided on her own in order to 'help' me experience the new thing. NO. I don't like it. In the middle of section, she just walked away, and by that I meant out of the room, with an opened door. While I lied there, on a bed, with my eyes all covered. I felt very insecure and just wanna go home right away.

When I asked her what kind of product they are using, she just pretended not to hear the question and said something else. That made me feel extremely uncomfortable, and be ware of what products they have in this spa. You can't just tell your employees repeat "organic and natural products" to make customers feel safe. Prove it. At least by the name.

The price was super expensive. I don't mind to pay extra bucks for these kind of services, but it has to match with the quality they provided. To sum up, unprofessional service and questionable facial spa products. Prob not coming back.
Written April 5, 2017
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Linda N
Guayaquil, Ecuador16 contributions
Expensive- but good
May 2016 • Solo
I was a little disappointed they didn't have your typical 90 min variety of massages. And the 60 min were expensive compared to other spas in HCMC. I ended up doing a package- as that seemed the best in terms of what you got for the price. It was a 60 min facial and 60 min massage. I think I would have preferred a 30 min facial and 90 min massage. Anyway, both services were very good. I was offered a steam bath and a shower beforehand- which was kind of nice, actually. That was new for me. The staff was friendly, and I called only an hour before I wanted to come- which was no problem. The place is super nice and high end. Probably explains the price. I do like how they add in service charge so there is no worry about tipping. Overall, I am very pleased with my visit, and when I feel like splurging again, I will definitely go back.
Written May 8, 2016
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peta d
Melbourne, Australia24 contributions
luxury and serene
Aug 2015 • Friends
Went with a friend booked 3 hr package loved it. Beautiful treatment rooms, full ambience. We booked for a swim at the pool first with cocktails and then our treatments full day activity , excellent friendly staff. Completely pampered and never rushed . Best day spa.
Written October 11, 2015
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Sorrento, Italy39 contributions
was quite disappointed with this place as we didnt have a proper welcoming and the staff left us standing for awhile when they said they were ready. massage was alright but the masseur didnt ask me once about the massage. was given a tea in the massage room
which was a bit odd. the location is great though facing the saigon river, but it is probably better just to go next door for a drink at the restaurant and enjoy the view.
overall, this place is over rated and should really improve their services for being a "spa resort"
Written February 18, 2015
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Hong Kong, China64 contributions
Poor management. Avoid
Feb 2015 • Friends
I already had low expectations of this place as I saw the two prior reviews before my visit. I thought I'd still have a try (for the view and also because I planned to visit the neighbor Villa for an afternoon drink) --- WRONG DECISION.

OK. It is true that the first view of this place is beautiful. However, this feeling didn't last long. I made reservations via email prior to visit, stating extremely clearly what kinds of treatment me and my 2 friends will have. All went fine during the booking/reservation process, but when we actually arrived there, the staff still had to discuss in vietnamese, in front in us, apparently about the arrangement. I don't mind the wait, but they could have offered us a seat or a welcome drink (even just water). But they didn't and I thought that wasn't professional.

Next, we were led to our rooms. There are no individual bathrooms, that means we are to move to the bathrooms for a shower just with our towels on (which again would be fine if they didn't have the entrance door open). The staff first thrown me into the sauna, but then another girl come in and say "no, no" and I was thrown out again - another sign of poor organization. The standard of the bathrooms are "ok", mid-level cleanliness, but dim and slighty aged.

Back in the room, the staff ask me to lay face-down on the bed, but I had to point out to her that my room's door is still wide open after she came in! Where is my privacy?! I didn't feel safe at all.

The actual massage was alright (although my friend had other thoughts, I think it is down to the masseur you get).

All-in-all, I think the management of this place is extremely disorganized and not worth the price.
Written February 18, 2015
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Hobart, Australia182 contributions
It just doesn't make you feel welcomed
Sep 2014 • Family
I had been their member for around three years, and I mostly attend their yoga sessions, use their pool as well as the bathroom. Firstly, I have to say their yoga teachers are all friendly and they will never force you for any action that you cannot complete, they will only encourage you and help you. For those who go for spa and for those who go for yoga, there is a separate bathroom and washroom, I have been to the bathroom and washroom for spa before, it is a total contrast compared to the one for yoga and gym users.

For those who use the spa bathroom, they have complete shampoo, hair conditioner, bathing soap, everything is basically complete, the whole atmosphere just feels better. For the one used by yoga and gym users, they have all in one shampoo and body liquid, sometimes they are not refilled at all, the same goes to their cotton buds. The hair dryer is a bit broken, the back cover is loose and fell off when I used it, so later they threw the back cover off and let us continue using it. What I mean is that what is the difference between customers using spa service and customers using their yoga/gym facilities? Why it has such a huge contrast? We do not pay any lesser than those who chooses the spa services.

When it rains heavily, the receptionists will just sit there and will not offer you an umbrella unless you go over and ask for one (walking from the reception area to the entrance has no rooftop). Receptionists have a cold attitude, they do their own stuffs and surf the internet on the computer.

The thing that attracts me to this place is probably the view and the enthusiasm of the yoga teachers, the yoga teachers are really great and professional.

I tried their foot massage before, it is not that special but the masseuses are okay.
Written September 1, 2014
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

4 contributions
You don't get what you pay for.高いだけでやる気なしのスタッフ。
Mar 2014 • Friends
The only special thing here is the interior design, No smile, no greeting, no explanation at the reception.
The masseur was terrible too. The way he was giving massage was really bad.He was really in hurry and no motivation at all.When I asked him to give me stronger pressure, he looked grumpy. He tried to do it stronger for only 2 minutes and lost the concentration.I asked him for stronger pressure again, and suddenly he started giving me incredibly strong pressure and it hurt so much.He seemed like angry.
When he rubbed my shoulder he pulled my neck too much and I was choked and almost throwing up.I got bruises after the treatment.
You could have much better treatment somewhere else with half price.
It's so typical in Vietnam they charge really high international price for poor local service .

You should be careful when you have spa treatment in Vietnam.It's hard to have special service even if you pay special price.Start with the cheapest treatment, and if you like it you should ask the name of the person who gave you massage, then come back to the same place and ask the same person for more expensive treatment.
I have so many nightmare at Vietnamese Spas. Well, not only spas, actually most of the places inn Vietnam...

Written March 16, 2014
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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam198 contributions
Good Traditional Thai Massage
Dec 2013 • Couples
Yesterday we went to Spa Authentic for a traditional Thai Massage for 2 (75 minutes). It was a good massage. Not the best we ever had, but a good one. We paid 970.000 dong for each massage and we thought it was worth it.
Written December 15, 2013
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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