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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam12 contributions
Train trip from HCMC to Quang Ngai
Feb 2021 • Family
I was a little skeptical about taking a train trip after reading all the bad reviews online, but my 4 year had been asking to ride the train so we gave it a try. This was our first overnight trip on a train with our 2 small boys (3 and 4 years old). I came prepared with toilet paper, bug spray, air freshener, and everything else I thought I’d need. We booked a 4 berth sleeper car and had a good experience. Pros: cheap tickets, clean room, decent mattresses, decent washroom. Cons: trains are noisy of course so if you’re a light sleeper it’s not the best idea, also the workers smoke at stops and the air filters into the room a bit (this wasn’t unbearable for us. Lastly we saw 2 roaches that we eliminated with Raid and didn’t have a problem after that. Overall I give it 4 stars because of the cigarette smoke and the 2 roaches but it was not as bad as I expected from previous reviews. This is Vietnam and I think some people have higher standards because they are comparing these railway with those in other countries. I feel like we definitely got what we paid for and are happy with the experience.
Written February 18, 2021
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James N
29 contributions
Vietnam rail definitely not worth it
Nov 2020 • Couples
So looking forward to a trip to HCMC. Was assured of a vip 2 berth cabin. Turned out to be a 4 birth cabin. Was charged for a vip cabin but of course when we showed up, it was not as described. So sorry we have not updated our website. The service is just poor from the get go. We opted to not get on the train as it truly was a dump and not as advertised. Be very wary when dealing with the train service in Vietnam
Written November 30, 2020
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4 contributions
hanoi to da nang sleeper train was incredibly disgusting
Nov 2020
I took train SE1 first class soft sleeper Hanoi to Da Nang, left 10:15 Monday night and arrived 2:30pm (about an hour late) Tuesday.

- SMOKING: staff and customers smoking the entire time, and local cigarettes are particularly vile. the windows on the train don't open, and the tops of the first class cabins are open to the common hallway, so you can't escape the smoke and you can't let it out. the no smoking signs and rules mean absolutely nothing! no one bothers to smoke in between the trains or at a stop, where it is permitted. i woke up 5 times in the night because i literally couldn't breathe. walking to the toilet at 3am, 4 men were smoking in their bunks. i ended up dousing my face mask with perfume multiple times and wearing it the whole time just to endure. this alone was completely hellish and a total dealbreaker.
- HUMAN EXCREMENT: the bathrooms are truly disgusting, and there is no place for parents of small children to attend them. local families with lots of small children ride the train instead of flying to save money (they buy one sleeping bunk for them AND their 2 kids). so, they will simply make your cabin into a bathroom for the kids! the mom in the bunk opposite me changed caca diapers and had her 5 year old kid urinate into diapers and water bottles all day and all night, in clear view of the rest of us, and threw the dirty diapers and bottles under her bed. again, this was a 15 HOUR TRIP WITH NO OPEN WINDOWS.
-ROACHES: they serve hot food in the morning and people are constantly snacking with no way to clean up properly, especially the kids. it started out fine, but after a few hours roaches were everywhere.
- NO PEACE AND QUIET: most smartphone users in vietnam don't use headphones, they just blast their facebook videos, tiktok and noxious music louder than the next person, all the time. the walls are obviously very thin, so even with my own headphones and earplugs it was a constant annoyance.
- WHAT VIEWS? the views are not good except the last hour between hue and da nang! and those views are not visible from the cabin, only the hall. and parents blocked said views by crowding the hall and holding their kids up to the windows, even blocking the hall to prop the kids up on luggage.

-NO ID REQUIRED: i took the train because extending my visa during covid means leaving my passport with a visa agent in hanoi for 3 weeks. i was unwilling to sacrifice 3 weeks of travel, but also unable to board a plane without a passport. local trains and buses are just as lax with security as they are with all the other rules.

TLDR; so disgusting i still feel contempt a week later. i will never take the train in Vietnam again. 100x more disgusting than the sleeper bus, 1000x more annoying than the plane.
Written November 6, 2020
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2 contributions
Not go with this anymore
Jul 2020 • Friends
VNR Train / Sleep cabin

1. Staff smoking along the trip from Nha Trang to HCM which take 10hr.
The bad smell came into passenger room (air condition) every 1-2hr.
2. Staff came on the free bed cabin to charge mobile battery and play on it until he sleep. During he sleep he had bad snore with very lound that really bother passenger as i could not sleep well as expected before because i paid 820,000VND ($36) for this ticket.
3. Toilet, do not expect to use it on this train. You have to prepare yourself and drink less water...better not to use at all
Written July 25, 2020
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Cherie H
Roumazieres-Loubert, France317 contributions
Rustic, rocking and rolling Jaunt through a gorgeous country
Dec 2019 • Couples
Everything, we expected basic and so were mentally ready for basic that is was. So we had a fabulous time! Staff friendly, cabin was great we booked a 4 birth cabin for the 2 off us, this was well worth the bit extra cost. We then had 2 mattresses on each bed ( well worth it as they are thin) we had great sleep dozed off listening to the carriage rock and roll along. There wer a number of stops along the way but each time we went back to sleep easily. The views and the coutryside and coast was incredible! What a gorgeous country!!! Food cart is available and they bring both hot and cold typical Vietnamese food. We are Vegan and dont eat processed foods either so took our own food on the trip. The trip took about 33 hours and as we rolled through this stunning country we were able to chill, read, and doze as having our own cabin made it all so easy. If you are happy with rustic and basic facilities this is such a great trip. The bathroom facilities are shared and bring earplugs incase your cabin is next to the loo if flushing through the night bothers you as the walls are thin. One of the highlights of our 10 days in Vietnam.
Written July 15, 2020
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c a
5 contributions
SE3 Hanoi to Hue Sleeper train
Mar 2020 • Solo
This was our first sleeper train experience and we weren’t expecting much, and good thing. The train was not very clean, the toilet was disgusting and there was no soap to wash hands with. Within 10 minutes on the train we had spotted multiple cockroaches in our cabin and on the beds...
Written March 13, 2020
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Irina P
37 contributions
SE2 Saigon to Nha Trang
Feb 2020 • Couples
We booked with 12goAsia.
We have got a Voucher per Mail. At the Saigon Train Station we have got the real train tickets printed out showing the voucher at the Information booth.
The train started in time.
We have got two low beds, numbers 9 and 10. The water in bottles and cleaning tissues were served.
The air conditioner is a bit cold. The beds are clean, but the toilet was broken (water cleaning), but is possible to go to the next
waggon. There is a possibility to take a
quick shower over the toilet.
I wanted to go with a train, so I liked it.
Written February 25, 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

London, UK20 contributions
Worst experience ever. Do not travel on this train!
Feb 2020 • Couples
I have been travelling all around the world for ages and taking a night train from Da Nang to Nha Trang was the worst experience I’ve ever had.

We booked 2 beds in sleeper 4-berth compartment Vietnam Railways SE7 and the pictures we saw on the website are absolutely fake.

The train has never been cleaned , the toilets are disgusting, they smell horribly and there’s no liquid soap to wash your hands. The only soap offered is a consumed dirty soap bar which is shared by hundreds (dirty) people which travel on this train. Given the condition of the train, I decided I wouldn’t sleep in the bed I booked in order to avoid bed bugs, so I spent the whole night sitting on a chair in the corridor to avoid any contact with the dirty train, which is also populated with cockroaches running up and down the train. My boyfriend, who was brave enough to sleep in the bed, woke up in the morning with a weird irritation in his eyes.

Please avoid this crap and book a flight!
Written February 20, 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Kate C
Chelmsford, UK77 contributions
Interesting journey, but not very comfortable.
Jan 2020
I have recently undertaken the rail journey in sections from Hanoi to Saigon.
There was water and snacks in the cabin for us.
We had a sleeper cabin for 4 but paid for only 2 person occupancy. The luggage we had with us was heavy and we managed to fit it under the table but had their been 4 people we would never have been able to get it up to the luggage space.
The bedding was clean on leaving Hanoi. When we got on again at another station for an overnight trip the bedding was the same that had been on their before and the cabins where full of the rubbish that the previous occupants had used. We had the liner bags to sleep in so wasn't a problem but recommend these.
The guard slept in the corridor and I believe sold his cabin to locals, sometimes as many as 8 locals in a 2 berth cabin.The toilets left a lot to be desired, often swimming in water and not clean, and had to step around guard etc to get there.
The food that was being offered looked awful, but not what I would eat so maybe ok for some.There was a service for drinks beer etc that came to carriage.
It was very high to get on and off the train except at Hanoi.
The train is very slow and is very noisy making sleeping impossible.
It was an experience and good to see the scenery, but I will fly next time.
Written February 17, 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Ben & Jazz
Palmerston, Australia28 contributions
Sleeper train Vietnam
Feb 2020 • Couples
Me and my partner traveled from Danang to Ninh Binh on the sleeper train (the journey was 14 hours). We paid a little more and got the 4 person soft bed cabin (first class).
We had read a lot of reviews (mostly bad) but this was the best for money, time and comfort.

The train was on time, numbers are on the doors of the carriages. Got into our cabin and it was clean and big free (may have been because it was the first departure).
We had the cabin to ourselves the whole way!!
A man walked around who walked on the bus and tried to persuade and bargain with us to move to a privet cabin (NOPE from us).
The train was very loud and bumpy...not sure why you would expect anything else from and train and especially one in Vietnam! but I slept like a baby. My partner did not.

The toilets were fine the whole night.
You can smoke in between the carriages (doors shut each side so smoke shouldn’t get into carriages).

We only had someone come round twice in the 14 hours with a food/drink cart. Very minimal stuff on it. Was very hard to get a bottle of water, so make sure you bring your own food and drink. There was a hot water dispenser so you could bring your own tea/coffee/noodle ect.

We had someone come to our cabin Ana’s make sure we was awake and tell us when we need to get off.

All in all it was fine. Bit noisy, but bumpy but it’s Vietnam people all part of the experience.
Written February 16, 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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