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Ngoc Hien Silk
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15 reviews
Very good

Luang Prabang, Laos7 contributions
Avoid. Nasty rude terrible
Feb 2020 • Solo
I unfortunately did not read the reviews on this place like so many others. The owner is a nasty rude incompetent horrible human being. Ordered a shirt, gave her photos of exactly what I wanted. But when I got the shirt, it was not done to the specifications I had given her. She got nasty and rude and tried to tell me that I need to give her more specific instructions. I gave her photos and instructions, but her mind is somewhere else or she just doesn't understand English well enough, but most of all she just doesn't seem to care. She rushed me out of the store and didn't give me time to give her proper instructions after the first fitting, complaining about how expensive it would be to change it. I left the store, realized that there was another detail missing from my original design, rushed right back and she had locked the doors. That was last night. I am on my way to Halong Bay today and can't get to her store to give her the proper instructions that she didn't allow me to give her. From what I've read from other reviews, I may end up not taking the shirt and losing my 500,000 dong ($20) deposit. She is just so nasty to deal with, I don't feel I would ever feel any pleasure in wearing it. Word to the wise.. Do not shop here. I would not have done business with her only that she had the fabric and color that I wanted.
Written February 24, 2020
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Janice R
Adelaide, Australia14 contributions
Don’t have clothes tailored here!!! Appalled and wasted my money
Oct 2019 • Friends
I see from other reviews I’m not the only unhappy customer!
Full of promises of what she can do I’m so disappointed with the results.
I’m a ladies size 14 so didn’t expect much off the rack in Vietnam to fit. There was a lovely cream silk shirt cut on the bias. Thien (not sure of spelling) took my measurements and said they could make it for me. So pretty I picked four different fabrics. Did find one pretty dress that needed taking up at the shoulder. All good when making the order.
Foolish foolish me I paid.

Went back two days later- three of the four fabrics not available. Chose some alternatives...available ones not as nice. Arranged to come back the next day.

So disappointing. Shoulders of dress half an inch off symmetrical! Shirts fastened way way below my modesty point, and with a visible press-stud. A couple of wonky seams. Cream fabric was a poor substitute for display. There was even lining showing below the hem of the outer layer.

I insisted the shirts fasten higher, dress shoulders fixed, wonky seam to be fixed, and lining. I was very disappointed and tried to resign myself to having wasted my money. Arranged to return 2 days later.

The shoulders of the dress look lovely and fit nicely BUT the neckline is now asymmetrical. Thien has moved the shirt press-studs higher but they’re still visible. Shirt gapes below top press-stud. I thought I’d be happier if the front of the shirt was sewn shut (it’s somewhat concealed by a draped tie) she refused to. I wasn’t able to convince Thien to fix these problems. Not one of 5 pieces of clothing is wearable as is.

Her final comments were in the line of “I’m not fixing anymore for you go home and fix it yourself anyway you like”.
Written October 4, 2019
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Buenos Aires, Argentina1 contribution
To avoid
Jul 2019 • Family
As I see I made the same mistake as many people. I ordered a suit without checking the reviews on Internet.
The saleswoman plays stupid games on her phone while taking measures and discussing about the details so I shouldn't be surprised that the suit doesn't fit.
By luck I was in town for a while so I had the opportunity to make some modifications as I came back. However it still doesn't fit perfectly and her seamstress wasn't there that day to make the last modifications, so obsiously the 24h promise is a lie.
We also saw a rock for 35$ that we bought in another shop for 6$ so I don't trust the quality of her products.
I payed 100$ for each Suit after having negotiated (the start price was 200$) and I am not sure about the quality of the textile that she said is Cashmere.
The saleswoman is unpleasant and dishonest. There is plenty of taylor in Hanoi were you should go rather than this one.
Written July 29, 2019
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6 contributions
Good Tailor only with specific instruction
Apr 2019 • Couples
I was on a 9 day holiday at Hanoi and visited many tailors to see what the experiences and interactions are like. Without a doubt, the highly ranked tailors deliver great experiences and pleasant interactions to ensure that the final clothing has reached your expectations.

On a walk along Hang Gai, I managed to see Ngoc Hien and thought it would be interesting to pop in to take a look. I would say the prices are slightly better, maybe USD 20 cheaper. The proprietress is experienced in the trade and was able to offer her views on the possibilities of the expected clothing. I would like to confirm that the blue blazer and trousers I made were up to my expectations and am pleased with the work done by Ngoc Hien.

There are specific areas in our conversations in which I think a buyer should be more careful with:
- always explain in full detail about what you want
- always enquire in full detail if you opting for what the seller advised
- never ever assume the tailor understood you perfectly
- full payment upfront is desireable to the seller but please don't do that unless they have your full trust
- deposit is fine with remainder payment on final receipt of the goods
- always arrange for first fitting so that you can ask for further alteration if the original plan and execution did not work out
- if you opt for no fitting and collect just before your Hanoi departure, the odds are good that the item is not to your satisfaction

With that, Ngoc Hien is ok for Men's stuff since they are not as complicated, cheers!
Written May 5, 2019
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Liz - Wanderlust
Charleston, SC13 contributions
Apr 2019 • Solo
Do NOT go with any tailor who wants all the money upfront!! That should have been my sign. Also should have read the reviews before going with them. If I could have given them a negative 3 star I would.

Here were my issues:

1. OVERCHARGED. Price charged was $100 more than price quoted. But they were talking super fast disracting me with questions of what I wanted and had my card charged and me out the door before I really looked at their charges. Was told I would be charged 10% of anything put on the credit card. Instead I was charged 20% of the entire bill.

2. MISQUOTED. Gave me a total for all my items but charged me what she wanted anyway. Again, distracted so I didn't get a chance to really look at the itemized charges until I got to my hotel.

3. 24 HR TAILOR MADE READY. Not true. I am 4 days into it. Thankfully I have time otherwise it would be an issue. Sense they pushed me back for those that needed their suit in 24 hrs.

4. BATE & SWITCH. I picked out a thick raw silk fabric for a clean cut white dress shirt for my suit. Went for the first fitting and got some cheap see-through fabric. ($50 throw away). I asked for a high collar and french cuffs. She said she knew what I want was the Versace collar and french cuff. I came back and the collar not only was tiny, but no french cuff and the sleeves were too short. What happen to knowing I wanted a Versace collar?!! Then shocked me when she asked me to show her what a french cuff was because she didn't know. Had to take a picture of it off of my phone to keep for the changes to the shirt. What tailor does not know a french cuff??!!!!

Also I picked out a cashmere fabric for the suit but I really sense it is polyster.

5. USED RUINED FABRIC. So not only was the dress shirt not raw silk but I have a feeling the dress I ordered is most likely just cheap rayon or polyster shine. I showed her a picture of the dress which is a grecian style with a little drape to the waistline. Went into the fitting and the waistline was under my boobs and not around my waist. The stitching was done with white instead of trying to match it to the silver/tan fabric so it was noticeable. Also waaayyyyy too long. She said she cut it so I could wear heels but I would have to wear 10" heels to keep it from dragging behind me but I figure and easy fix. The worst part was right at front and center of the dress, is a fabric burn. She swore it was a stain and she would clean it but both my fiance and I know that was not a stain. ($100 throw away).

6. NO ROOM. I was in there for my first fitting. Came out to show my husband and have things marked to be taken in. Was shocked when another gentleman was in my dressing room changing into his suit. It wouldn't bother me but my purse, phone, bra & underwear and purchases were left in the room. When I went back in to change I could see that he was a bit uncomfortable with having to share the same dressing room with me also. It wouldn't be a big deal had she let me know, I would have grabbed my things and had my husband hold them for me.

My husband felt so bad for me since his tailor Duc Minh did such a wonderful job at only $150 per suit. I just wish they did women's suits too.

So 1 suit, 2 pants, 1 dress shirt and 1 dress later. I would gain 1 suit and 2 pants and lost 1 dress shirt and 1 dress $150 loss.

I agree with everyone. They are dishonest, pushy, aggressive and full of false promises.
Written April 30, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Stratford, Canada79 contributions
Avoid, avoid, avoid
Mar 2019 • Business
Should have read the reviews before making a purchase filled with all false promises. Such a horrible experience. Rookie mistake by not reading the other reviews before engaging. Ms Hien is the owner. The exterior sign suggests they are professional. You enter the shop and they have nice fabrics and are so reassuring they can make anything in 24 hours. Just show Ms Hien a photo and she can have it made the next day, or so we were told. Paid her the entire amount upfront at her request. After payment she said the garment was more difficult for her “factory” to make but we were departing and needed to stick to the 24 hour promise. When we arrived for the fitting the next day she explained that she personally spent 2 hours in the market looking for the buttons and it wouldn’t be ready for 2 more hours so zero time for error. We arrived back at the promised time. She kept telling us how beautiful the dress was and it was exactly the opposite for my wife. She said she would fix it and send to us in Canada but we now knew she couldn’t be trusted. Everything she said was untrue. Fortunately she refunded our money and we went down the block and purchased a beautiful off the rack silk dress. Please exit this store ASAP.
Written March 15, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Singapore, Singapore80 contributions
Terrible experience to be avoided
Dec 2018 • Friends
We had a terrible experience with this shop. The sales lady was pushy and aggressive, and kept pressurising us to make an outfit. While we eventually did as we found a cloth we like, the end product was average and wasn’t good value for money at US$55. The pockets did not sit well and we wanted her to alter it. She was initially insistent it was perfect, but eventually agreed grudgingly. We were also made to wait more than half an hour for the pants as it was being made elsewhere. While we didn’t mind waiting, she rushed us to accept the pants once it came as she was trying to close the shop at 7pm, and was really unhappy when we insisted it need altering and kept shouting that it was nicely done. As we were changing out of the outfit, she started switching off the lights and trying to get us out quickly. I would def give this shop a miss if you are considering tailoring in Hanoi.
Written January 15, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Dublin16 contributions
Avoid 1000%... Dishonest, rude and terrible tailor
Dec 2018 • Solo
Please do yourself a favour and go elsewhere, this place does not represent true Vietnamese people or quality tailoring! Ignorant, rude and terrible quality - go anywhere else, they do not understand quality, material, design or basic customer service!!
Written December 25, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Tairua, New Zealand76 contributions
Very rude dishonest young lady runs this shop - worst experience ever in Vietnam
Sep 2018 • Couples
We called in here to buy some linen pants for my husband. After trying a pair on that were too big the young lady who said she had 21 years experience as a tailer said she could alter them in half an hour. After we paid 300000 deposit it suddenly became 5 hours later that she could do it. We came back at 5pm that evening as advised. Pants weren’t there and she said she had sent them to her factory. We had another engagement and were leaving early the next morning. We waited half hour and she kept saying they would be there in 5 minutes. We advised her of our situation but she refused to refund our deposit or offer any solution. We had to leave without deposit and didn’t get trousers. On top of this the young lady was extremely rude. We now see there are previous negative comments on TA so obviously we should have checked first. Our advise is don’t go near this tailer. Worst experience in Vietnam ever.
Written September 22, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Javier G
Madrid, Spain3 contributions
Great job! My wife and mi mother love the two suits they made me in 24h
Nov 2017 • Business
Last November I was in Hanoi for business and last day of my trip I found by chance this little shop after three other 'bespoken' tailors said they could not deliver a suit in 24h.

I came in looking mainly silk shirts, scarfs and this stuff for my wife and my mother and do not remind how but I ended ordering two suits to be delivered the day after. One linen and other silk. When coming back to the hotel I was frightened and imagined all kind of problems that could happen and was thinking that I was too naïf having trusted the sales lady that my suits would be in 24h.

All my fear were solved the day after when the sales lady gave me my two suits, each with two trousers and with the excess of cloth which I asked in case I needed to enlarge them or to repair the trousers - I use to tear them quickly-

Back in Paris I was even more satisfied as my wife found both very elegant and fitting me well.

I write this note whîle waiting my wife dressed with the silk one, which is comfortable, fits me perfectly and is very fresh, which is so neccesary in Paris in summer. Tomorrow I will dress the linen one, as comfortable as the former.

So I keep this adress for next time and hopefully will be able to bring my wife and have a dress for her.
Written August 16, 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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