Hong Mau Don Foot Massage

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Hong Mau Don Foot Massage

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Very good

Simon E-J
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Sep 2019
I stopped in here for a foot massage and got virtually a body massage; legs, arms, shoulders and back as well as the feet. I felt reinvigorated afterwards. was only 240k for 60min. I gave them 300k and left feeling great.
Written October 3, 2019
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Not worth the money
Sep 2019
My family of three went in to this massage place. Ladies were sitting outside and I asked if we could use our credit card to pay as we were running out of dong. They showed us the price for massage and we chose a 60' foot massage for 260,000 dong. So we went in and got our massage. The lady who massaged my feet was not really happy doing what she was doing, she picked up one of my legs and dropped it on the cushion. She was the last one to start but the first to finish the massage. After they finished, the lady who spoke English said that I had to pay the 200,000 dong each for tip and that we had to pay the tip before leaving the room. I said I could not because I did not have the money. The owners were there when we were paying but the owners did not speak English so he and his wife were relying on the masseuse to interpret. My husband stepped in and said we were not going to give them that amount for tip. As we left, that same masseuse gave me a bad look as we walked out.
Written September 7, 2019
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Apple Valley624 contributions
Worse I’ve had in Vietnam
Jan 2019 • Couples
Overpriced compared to massages in Saigon, Hoi An and Hue. They demanded bigger tip than I was offering (I was giving 20 percent, they wanted 50 percent). Not relaxing at all, as there was lots of yelling going on between workers, front desk. Glad to leave!
Written January 20, 2019
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Hanoi, Vietnam31 contributions
Best Real Affordable Massage in Hanoi
Feb 2017 • Friends
It's a good place to have a relaxing foot massage after long hours walking or flight.
I really feel like "reborn" after 90min! Fantastic!
Written February 13, 2017
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Hanoi, Vietnam31 contributions
Best footmassage in town I believe
Oct 2016 • Solo
This is a massage outlet just opposite of the "Obama Bun Cha", this outlet opened more than 5 years ago and gained reputation from locals who want really to have a relaxation massage either foot or body.
Personally, I have a foot massage here twice a month and each time I think foot massage in Hanoi I think about this shop.
Ask to have your massage in small room instead of large room because sometime people still smoke or talk loudly just beside you and it's not very nice.
Written October 17, 2016
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Su M
San Francisco, CA64 contributions
Good Massage but Scammers
Feb 2013 • Couples
I walked down the street and saw a neon light flashing Spa & Foot Massage. I didn't realize this place was Hong Mau Don until after we left, or I would not have gone here based on others' correct reviews.

They offered a 60 min massage for 280,000 (less than $14), or a 90 minute massage with Sauna and Jacuzzi for 400,000 ($20). I decided to do a massage, no sauna or jacuzzi, and my husband wanted a sauna/jacuzzi, no massage.

We enjoyed our services. My massage therapist was named Lil and she gave a very good massage. My husband enjoyed his sauna (tho they put some bad smelling perfumed oils, not pure essential oils in there, and they made it so hot he was unable to stay in there for very long. We take a lot of saunas and he can take a long hot sauna but this one seemed made to get him out quickly.) and his jacuzzi - where he spent most of his time.

We finished our services, and I, thinking my massage was 200,000, gave Lili a 40,000 tip, which I thought was very generous, but she was good so I was happy to do that. She took the 40,000, put her head in her hands, gave a big sigh, then told me I had to tip her 100,000. I took the 40,000 back and said I would ask downstairs.

When we got downstairs, we found out that my husband's services were 230,000. Just to review, 280,000 for a 60 minute massage requiring skill, and 230,000 for a quick sauna and tub. That was a shocker, as it was now 530,000 (about $25), plus Lili was demanding another 100,000. She was standing close to me, upset, and cracking her knuckles while the people at the front desk (owners? pimps?) fumbled for a long time running our credit card. They seemed to not know how to do it, so my husband helped them.

Of course, realizing it was 280,000 and not 200,000, I would have given Lili another 20,000, for a total of 60,000.

I talked with my husband, and we decided to give Lili her 100,000 so that she wouldn't cause a scene, and to give the bath attendant 50,000, because we are awesome.

We had the money out, and the people behind the front desk looked at us and said - tips! tips!

We gave Lili her 100,000, and she changed from upset to relaxed. We gave the attendant 50,000 and she seemed quite happy.

We left having paid around $35 in total. For us, the fee for the massage was ok, but the bath and sauna was overpriced, but that was out fault for not asking first. We figured it would be around 120,000, but it was double that.

While Lili got her extra 40,000 ($2), and while we still felt we got good services, we will never go back again because, as other reviewers have noticed, they have a vibe of scamming.
Had this not happened, and had Lili graciously accepted her 60,000 tip, she and the spa would have had me and my husband as repeat clients. So instead of an extra $2, they would have received and extra $50. Their behavior created a loss for everyone.

If they expect us to pay 100,000 as a tip, that should be clearly stated before the service begins, That way, it is consensual. The way they do it feels like extortion.
Written February 7, 2013
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Brendan T
Melbourne, Australia1 contribution
BEWARE - scammers
Dec 2012 • Solo
Beware of this place. i went in today for a foot masage having been told yesterday it would cost $8 for 1 hour. when I arrived they couldn't get me in the room fast enough ! almost like they didnt want me to have second thoughts. They tactfully avoided my question to reconfirm $8. eventually i pointed to my feet and said "foot massage" and what i got was a nodded "yes, yes no problem".
i went into a dingey dark room where a local man was having his feet massaged also. the lady asked me to take off my pants. not wanting to be the star exhibition for the pleasure of her and the other person presumably having his feet done (by another dude) I pointed to the changing screen and made hand gesture for pants. she went out and brought the usual complimentary pants for me to get changed first. the massage lasted for about an hour (50 mins) and included a few minutes back and arms which i didnt really want but had anyway cause i couldnt spend the time explaining i only wanted a foot massage.
every 15 minutes i got a "you're handsome man" or "where are you from?". i rated the massage in the lower quartile of any i have had before. the word unimpressed comes to mind.
afterwards i got changed, the other man and his massuer had left by now by the way, and she shut the door and kept saying "ditch" and pointing to the floor or foot stool I couldn't really tell. she then whispered something in english to me like "ít different here in Vietnam" and asked for 200,000 VND for the bill. this was $10 but i just wanted to leave after the unimpressed massage i just gave her the money. then after i was "allowed" out of the room she directed me to the pay desk where an elderly lady demanded 140,000 VND. i realised i had been scammed and the 200,000 VND was her tip !
beware the scammers at this place it is not what you think.
Written December 12, 2012
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8 contributions
It's in a central location, that's all it's got going for it. We walked in off the street and requested an hour long full body massage, we got charged $16 each. The facilities were basic. We were in a room which had about 6 couches; no privacy here. Our masseuses kept chatting to each other and I did not feel comfortable enough to relax and enjoy the massage. The body massage was perfunctory, they spent most of their time on my feet and legs. After the massage they demanded a tip which I was loath to give as I was disappointed in the quality of the service. Go for a quickie foot massage if you must but if you're after a quality relaxing massage steer clear.
Written July 26, 2012
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