Royal Cemetery (Wat Ratchabopit)

Royal Cemetery (Wat Ratchabopit), Bangkok

Royal Cemetery (Wat Ratchabopit)

Royal Cemetery (Wat Ratchabopit)
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Very good

The Wordless Traveler
Singapore, Singapore224 contributions
Very peaceful place to visit
Nov 2017 • Solo
While walking to Wat Pho I happen to come across Wat Ratchabopit Sathit Mahasimaram. Some parts of the place is under renovation but the garden area is really well taken care of. But it's a peaceful place to visit.
Written December 5, 2017
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Auckland Central, New Zealand31 contributions
Interesting Royal Tombs of different styles, peaceful and pretty gardens. Beautiful temple next door.
Jun 2017 • Friends
A member of the Royal Family showed us around this intriguing cemetery where different Tomb styles are chosen by the different branches of the Royal Family for their ashes to be kept. No problems were encountered maybe because we had a local with us but it was of genuine interest and I'm very glad we went there. The adjoining temple is beautiful with gorgeous European tile work on the exterior and the school on the property had neatly dressed children sitting outside or playing table tennis. There is some restoration going on within the temple so we couldn't enter.
Written June 7, 2017
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Kirsty M
Paisley, UK60 contributions
Apr 2017 • Family
This place was completely empty when we found it, so very peaceful and no queues! We were walking past and were lured in by the beautiful, lush gardens. Entry was free. The temple and gardens are fairly small, it only takes about 20 minutes to explore, but well worth it.
Written May 23, 2017
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Los Angeles, CA1 contribution
Same experience like payton c. Beware!!!!
Feb 2017 • Couples
Same as payton c's experience. We were on our way to Won Pat from the grand palace and an " over friendly police "told us that the place is closed for a few hours - prayer time for the king who passed away.. he then will suggest the royal cmetery and will give you a map, help you get a tuk tuk where you,pay 50 B and the rest is like what payton c. Mentioned.
The architect got us a cab outside the cemetery and gave direction to the driver to take us to color gem . we told the driver to take us to china town and he said he cant take us there becuase of traffic so he dropped us off in a corner and we paid him 35B.

Nice temple and cemetery but beware of this scam.there were no other tourist except us. It makes you wonder.
My husband already felt it was a scam and i don't believe him. BUT He was right !!!!
Written February 28, 2017
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😊Aii Burstein 🍀🌸
Vienna, Austria2,853 contributions
Royal Cemetery !
Feb 2017 • Couples
Wat Ratchabopit "The Royal Cemetery" Buddhist temple located on the Atsadang Road middle area in the Bangkok city, built during the reign King Chulalongkorn, The beautiful golden Chedi is 43 meter high, not far away from "Wat Suthat" just a few minutes walk.
Written January 31, 2017
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Angie A
Singapore, Singapore215 contributions
Special tour
Feb 2016 • Couples
Recommended by local for the place is open once a year. The architec gave a personal tour of the place and some history.
Written February 10, 2016
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Payton C
3 contributions
be very wary of this place, a con artist staging area
Dec 2014 • Family
This is a real place and does have a beautiful temple and tombs. However, the real reason this place is recommended by often "over helpful locals" is because it is a perfect spot for highly sophisticated con operation.

1. the place is quiet and away from the major tourist spots. This is important so they can set up "co-incidents". You may meet a variety of cast, depending on the progress and situation.
2. good place to start with religion & culture and ease into architecture and most importantly, the Ruby or other gems that decorated the temple. A lot of hinting and mind manipulation techniques used in the process.

I experienced it myself with my family today and verified that after came back to hotel and read about similar experiences from others.

The end goal is to get you to believe that 1. ruby is cheap in Thailand. 2. there is some once in a decade good opportunity such as government tax free day going on that will end very soon. 3. there are many foreigners in similar background as you who are profiting from buying rubies.

Just remember that pretty much from the moment you met the "nice" local, everyone you met by occasion is part of the con group. The local (e.g. a self claimed "tourist police"), tuck tuck driver, the "manager" type you met at the temple are all part of the play. You may overhear other tourist with similar background as yours (western, asian and etc) talking, you may ask other locals or tourists to verify the information you received, they are all part of the con to make you believe some special Ruby event is going on, the government tax free day is on or whatever. Once you believe that and visit the ruby shop, the con is 80% done.

The alarming part is that the scam is well organized with a large and diverse cast members. It also has multiple hook mechanisms to ease your doubt or try to lure a walking away sheep (YOU) back into the herd.

Anyone who initiate conversation with you proactively is likely a con. Even if (especially) he dresses respectfully and claims he is the "manager" or some type of semi authoritative/expert figure. Anyone who is surprised by your visit to a non tourist spot is almost 100% con.

I will not elaborate too much on the con process because it is dynamic. You can google keyword "ruby bangkok scam" yourself.

Enjoy the temple if you happen to be there, but I would not recommend it. It is just not worth it especially if you believed some "local" tourist policy's false unavailability claim and turned to this place instead.
Written December 24, 2014
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Phuket, Thailand187 contributions
Fascinating and off the main tourist trail
May 2014 • Couples
This is a beautiful temple which has the advantage of having a perfectly maintained garden containing very interesting mausoleums of the royal family. There are no tourists there and it is very interesting place as are the gardens across the road. If you are interested in Bangkok's wats this is a must see place.
Written May 21, 2014
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Torreon, Mexico182 contributions
Peaceful temple and tombs of the Royal Family, con artists in the cemetery.
Jan 2014 • Friends
The Thai Royals tombs and a peaceful temple are in this cemetery by Saranrom park (which is a beautiful walk by itself) the tombs of the King's ancestors and the temple make this destination an interesting one and there is no entrance fee.

Beware though, when you first arrive the you might be directed by the temple guards to go to the cemetery first, before the temple, that's when the con man appears talking about the temple and the tombs, this one posed as an architect working in the restoration of the temple, he almost had me (and I've been around) except when the conversation turned to gems and how an expo was only for one day...

Anyway, enjoy the visit, enjoy the walk, visit the park in front of the cemetery/temple complex. This is a tourist free, entrance free location, worth the visit if you are close by.
Written January 22, 2014
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Greater Adelaide, Australia31 contributions
Royal Cemetery at Wat Ratchabophit
Mar 2013 • Solo
This was recommended by a local. It's 30฿ (1USD) from Pier 9 ( the Grand Temple). No tourists were there when I arrived in late afternoon. The street in front was very peaceful. No hawkers, no tour buses, nothing on both sides. I walked through the gates and the guard appeared worried. Shortly a man appeared and asked how I knew of this place and explained it was not a tourist place. I explained a local introduced it as I was interested in Thai culture.

Eventually he let me wander the grounds where the memorials were. Some statues of English bobbies "guarded" some monuments holding royal ashes. There are a variety of architecture present, English style street lamps, stained glass windows, Gothic styles and Indo-Chinese etc.

From this front part I could see large ornate temple structures behind an inner wall. I insisted (respectfully) to see the inside. Huge temples in Bhuddhist style hand built and decorated with gold leaf, shards of shells, blue and red stones. I saw monks tutoring disciples to be. there were large bonsai plants and gardens inside and an inner temple with European styling on one of the roofs.

DON'T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. They may tell you the inner temple portion is not open to outsiders. If ladies go, be sure to wear long pants and non-revealing clothes to increase the chance of being admitted.

Students of Bhuddhist anthropology or ancient Asian architecture will find this place very interesting. This is a quiet place. Not for screaming kids. When the monks are praying you may be asked to wait until they are finished. If they ARE partying you will be able to hear that from the outside so I would wait respectfully.

I have just included photos of the inner part of this area. There is no admission fee. There is nothing here to show that it is fore tourists. No pamphlets, no hawkers, no souvenirs. It's like stepping back in time. It's shoes off in the inner temple but don't worry about dirt- the inside has a deep lush red carpet and its v clean. I spent 3 hrs here.
Written March 21, 2013
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